Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Weds. 5/4

The peacocks are calling. The morning birds are singing. The grass is super green. Trees are leafing out! Love this time of year!

Monday was our Transport Spay/Neuter day.  It was wonderful. We sent 21 females and 11 males to HumaneOhio! All the surgeries went just fine and were quickly picked up by their owners at the end of the day, back here at FFRC.  We have also had a few more Voucher spays/neuters.

Our new count for the spays/neuters that we have done:  109 females and 98 males. That comes to 207! I'm thrilled and want to do more and more. Our next Transport Day is June 6th, another Monday. We are so happy to be able to offer these surgeries to our community and surrounding area.

We have thanks to give:
Sandra from Puerto Rico--donation for Polly. Sandra was her foster mama. Thank you;
Shannon S from IL--donation for the care of Victor, Leonard, Jackson II & all their friends

We have also taken on 10, yes TEN more kittens.  One little orangie baby was found all by himself. The other 9 came from a family that we wanted to help. We told them if they would get their 7 adults spayed/neutered that were in their house, we would take the kittens. They had their 7 cats spayed/neutered on Monday with our Transport event.  So....9 kittens came to us on Monday.  We have various colors--calico, orangies, tigers--all so cute.

The smallest litter of 6 and the small orangie by himself, went to Peggy, our foster mama. She will care for them and help them grow and be healthy! The other 3 are here at FFRC. 

Those 3 kittens have names! The light brown tiger is a female and is called Keana. The darker brown tiger is a male and is Keanu. The gold tiger, a boy, is Reeves. Little Keana has a terribly injured tail that is bent back upon itself. This will be removed at the time she is spayed. These 3 appear very healthy and are running at top speed ahead! We have them now in the back Thumper's Room with the rest of the kitty families. The 4 kittens of Veronica's are starting to play with them.

Are you ready for more names? The babies in the back Thumper's Room are now named!  
Veronica's kittens:
Genevieve, grey ASH, female
Ozzie, grey/white, male
Terry, brown tiger ASH, male
Dominic, black/white, male

Chloe's kittens:
Bonnie, grey, female
Djak, black, male
Sanford, orange, male
Wendell, orange/white, male
The above names were taken from Name a Cat names.

Poppy's kittens:
white, male, Frilly
white, male, Thumper
white, female, Violet
white, female, Milly
white, female, Blossom
The above names are the names of the 5 bunnies in Bambi. 

The older 3 kittens are doing wonderful. Dakota, Helen and Kiefer are either in deep sleep mode, or zipping around here like they have 8 legs! So so fast. They sure like to climb too!

We had an adoption yesterday! Our sweet wonderful Mittens went to his new home. I've already heard from his mom/dad and they so love him. His new mom is the person who had found Farrah in the woods as a wee kitten and brought her here. She enjoyed visiting with Farrah.