Thursday, May 26, 2016

Friday, May 26

This place has been hopping busy! Wonderful visitors!  Getting much done on Catathon. Feeding the two baby Ch kittens. Taking care of the babies in the back Thumper's Room.  Getting ready for the Dance Recital Concessions. 

I saw a picture of Phineus in his new home--looks happy! Kieffer is doing awesome in his new home too--playing a lot! Veronica is settled in and purrs easily. 

We had BOXES on Monday, 5/23.   YOU are appreciated! 

Anony #12  - CATATHON:  Book: Devoted, Doggie treats, and Squirrel toy
Susan 345 - a wonderful book!
Annette B - CATATHON: 5 Movies & some great family games 
Bouddicea - CATATHON: Kitty postie note holder, paw print measuring spoons, Kitty tape dispenser, Kitty postie note pointers, Cat Hiney magnet
Napa/Donna Mod - 2 computer cables and an Microsoft HD webcam for FFRC
Bianca/Mod - Catathon Mod Basket: Seattle Starbucks: 1 bags coffee, Seattle mug, Starbucks Tumbler
Herta--Catathon: 2 framed original signed prints by Drew Struble Living the High Life & Nap Time
Darkcat - CA  CATATHON Mod Basket: Banana the Slug T-Shirt from UC Santa Cruz 
(here's the scoop on Sammy--Sammy the Slugs is UC Santa Cruz’s biggest, and slimmest, fan! You can spot this Mighty Mollusk cheering the UCSC Athletics programs at home events & UCSC event. He is very active for charities and has helped raise funds for the Santa Cruz Veterans Center.) Also---2 bags Ghiardelli Chocolates, California Stuffed Crab, Starbucks California Mug with Santa Cruz and other  special Cali places.
Vickie/Clarksmom:  CATATHON: Wizard of Oz - magnets, 3 Plates, Tinman, Scarcrow & Dorothy Plates
Mike & Gwen R/patchesmommy - FL  - Box tops, pop tabs and box tops, Milk rings for cats, 3 cans Sardines, Lots of microwave bowls.
Frank & Michelle - Saturday visitors   13 gals Water
Dewitty - 6 cans Hills Science Diet IBS, Hills Science Diet Dry IBS, 4 bags doggie treats     CATATHON:  2 puzzles, 4 Boarder Collie prints, heart and angels Christmas ornament, Books: Cup of Christmas Tea, Feeling Good, 
  Rescue, Painting by Dan Campbell - Stray Cats--beautiful! Day Sale--cat on a fence purse by Wendylin,  Pop tabs for Kellen,  Angel windchimes for the garden
Joco/JoAnn - 100 bags of her famously delicious Puff Corn
Joyce - OH   Painting of 3 kittys & flowers by Joyce
MKmouse Mod - 2 bags Fruit Gems, 40 lb Precious Litter, 16 lb bag Purina One
Pippi's other mom Allison - 2 cat carriers, paper towels, cat litter, paper plates, and some Fancy Feast
Jatcat - CA    2 Safety Cutters
Plee--coupons & paw points
LJ323 - 16 Flat cats variety of colors and all with names,  Rainbow stripey blanket
Lostgirl--Catathon:  4 placemats & folding tray for Breakfast Basket

We also have more thanks to give!
Brenda R from VA--donation to be used as needed. 
Kathy L--donation to FFRC
Ju-in-ji--donation to help with little Djak
Pat/beadheadsdad--donation to cover the wonderful adoption blankies!

Nathaniel and Mimi are doing good.  Mimi still shows some "off-ness" at times where it causes concern. But, she is eating fairly good--much better than when she first arrived.  Just from observing at this young age, it appears that both are moderate CH kittens, with Mimi having a bit better control. Both are sweet and love attention.

Big thanks to Peggy for taking care of our foster kittens. Unfortunately, we did lose one of the kittens. We now have names for them.
Bellissima--calico, 4 white paws, female
Kevin--brown tiger with white, male
Amelia--black tiger, no white, female
Schinn--light orange, no white, male
Hamilton--darker orange, no white, stripe down back, male
Sarge--dark orange, 4 white feet, male

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are just such a sweet load of kittens. Mamas Chloe and Poppy are wonderful and so kind. There are a few kittens that we are worried about--have lost a few ounces. We have been syringe feeding some of them. It's always an extra worry about 5-6 weeks of age--their immunities that they have received from mama quickly drop at this age. We are keeping close tabs on them.

The Cove, The House that Jonah Built and the Playground all look nice. At any time cats can be seen running about and enjoying their great space.  It's been a year now since we did the Playground and THTJB.  It's been a wonderful addition for the Covies. So much safer! 

Pippi, the white CH cat that MKmouse brought from New Jersey is now here and doing wonderful. We got her vaccines caught up while she adjusted to the Cat's Corner Room. She is a busy girl--loves to play and run. She made it clear she was ready to come out into the Main Area---sticking her paws under the door clear up to her armpits!  Before the door was latched open, she was out and about! Her CH shows in her head bobs and "jittery" body muscle twitches.  Her mobility is great. What a sweet girl. She absolutely loves to play!

We are thrilled beyond thrilled to have our new surgical monitor. The other one we had was great but unfortunately we could not get accurate readings on it. It will be used at a clinic where the bigger pets (dogs) can use it accurately.  The new monitor is wonderful, easy to use and is a touch screen.  I'm so thankful this was possible to have here at FFRC.

Our area called Bella's Place/dog kennel for Janie and Cammie is being well received by the cats that are allowed out there. It's safe, sunny and fun.  There's been several times when there's 5 cats out there at a time! 

Just to help you with the June calendar!
June 6--Transport Spay/Neuter Event with HumaneOhio
June 10, 11 and 12--Dance Recital (we do the concessions!)
June 12-15--Catathon Raffle
June 15--2 dentals at vet's office
June 19--CATATHON!!
June 22--2 dentals at vet's office
June 25--FFRC's surgery date

That should keep us busy for a while!

We also had an adoption this morning. Tryphosa is on her way to her new home with Dewitty! So happy for both Chris and Tryphosa.  They should arrive early evening. I know Chris will keep us updated!