Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday, May 20--30 days till Catathon!

The sun was shining most of the day yesterday. Grass and trees are green and so pretty! And no rain.  This weekend, Steve and I will get things set up down at the backwater. No flooding this year! We're excited about this.

I have to apologize---I've gotten terribly behind in giving thanks. Just been an extra busy week. So, we will do major catch up here because it's very important to give thanks.  Until Catathon, we will do BOXES at 5:30 to help with getting me in the house a tad bit early.  Also, if you notice errors, don't hesitate to let me know!  

BOXES Weds. evening:

Gusti --2 small metal no slip bowls, case of baby food, 3 pk of clorox wipes
Romeosmom/Sarah & Rob P - CATATHON:  Peacock Basket:  pillow, watering can, crystal necklace, set of 4 - 17 oz wine glasses scarf with peacock colors  Party Mix Snackers
Zoolove/Pam T  - Case of Nellies laundry soap
Victoria & Carlos & kitty Abby-- 6 cases Fancy Feast
Josh & Ilana w/Ally & Smudge - GA   Donation
Tippy, Traylor & Ashley Too--Happy 7th Birthday Card for Farrah & Tuna!
Annette L - MI with kitties--Donation in memory of Honey, Buddy, Otis & Sassy
Straycatlady/Sandra E - CATATHON  Movie
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL - Kindle paperwhite/Tech Raffle  250 6 inch foam plates
Gemini_angel Mod: CATATHON: Plush Blanket
LJ323 - 3 cases 24 ct. Friskies   2 cases 32 ct Friskies
Vickie B - 6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat
Anonymous Friend- 4 - 40 lb bags of Precious Litter
Anonymous Friend--79 piece studeo art set, lots of colored sand for art projects

BOXES Thurs. evening:

 Kathy M/MinnKitty w/photos of Misha, Chauncey, Freya and Zoe the Dog  CATATHON:  Doggie basket: Lamb Chop toy, 2 Tennis balls, 4 bags variety snackers, Bentoball for treats  Folders for FFRC
Vickie B --Bunches of CIAO Chicken & Tuna Filets and Creamy Cat Bondi Licks 
Gusti --3 cans Lysol Wipers, 2 cases baby food
ScooterKitty/Janet B - w/ Sadie & Gracie   CATATHON:  5 sleeves Kitty Buttons, Crochet ring, Suet Bird Feeder, 2 note pads, Kitty frame, 2 Kitchen towels
Pat C Thursday Vol  - 6 crocheted dish cloths
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL    Kindle Paperwhite for Tech Raffle
Lorcat/Lori & sister Kattpurrson - a hand made Book of Cats with some FFRC kitties in it!   Awesome!  For Catathon.
Zoolove/Pam T - CATATHON  Games: Pay Day &  Connect 4 Puzzles:  Wysocki, Peaceful slumber, Country Autumn,   12 piece wood puzzle for small child.
Friday Mary from Archabold - 12 spatulas & 2 large bath towels
MsnSnowy -CATATHON: Rolling Backpack, Gardeners Bucket Bag with tools, Tailgate/Picknic insulated bag with utinsils,  Book: I Love You All The Same
Lostgirl - 7 gals Odoban
Anonymous Friend - Chief Tapes
Sophieandlucysdad/Mike - MI  - coupons
Macncheesemom - Card with Donation
Bill & Audrey G - NC  Card with Donation to the Feliz Navidad Fund in memory of their mom Blanche FFRC watcher

And more thanks!
Gusti--for the spay/neuter program in memory of Big Al's birthday.
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Pilvi--donation in honor of Derecho and his birthday.
Ellen H/ABQcat/Jeromy H from NM--donation in memory of their cat, Alex who recently passed. He would have been 20 on his next birthday this month.

Finally.....the weather cooperated and Ashlyn was able to blast the Cove clean from the winter's dirt!  It looks wonderful. It took just minutes of the door being open for the cats to go in and reclaim their beloved Cove. Their playground looks good.  New stone was put around the entire hundreds of feet of fencing---they like to run on this! They sure do love their jungle gym too!

We took in a new kitten two days ago --he's medium to long hair grey tiger, cute as a cuddle bug and about  8 1/2 weeks old. His name is Thandi (name a cat name), pronounced Tan-dee. He is a sweetie and is now in the main area.  He is right now napping under a cushie. I'm sure he will make friends with Helen and Kieffer.

Yesterday, we took in 2 kittens (4 weeks old). They do have a mama and owner IS getting her spayed ASAP. She had a litter of 4, 1 died at birth, 1 shortly later. The 2 left appear to be CH babies. One is gold tiger, one is black. Gold is maybe mild-mod. Not sure yet on the black one. But....the owners checked us out, which I loved. They wanted to be sure these kittens would be cared for. They brought the kittens here for care. I think the 2 babies were a bit much for them to care for as the mama didn't continue their care. A bit worried about the little black one---very small. They've been tested, wormed and capstarred.  Each day will help as we help them get stronger and bigger. 

Today is the day that our moderator and friend, MKMouse will be picking up our new incoming CH cat.  Her name is Bonni (for now).  MK will keep her over this weekend at her home and then make the journey here on Monday.  I'm sure she'll send us pics and give Bonni kisses from us all! 

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing good.  Veronica is doing much better now that she is separated from Cleo and Poppy.  The kittens are playing, climbing and learning to run. All tummies are round and full! They are doing really good eating on their own. They are using Poppy and Cleo as "foo-foo" mamas as their milk is pretty much dried up. All is good in their world!