Saturday, May 28, 2016

Saturday, May 28

It's a beautiful day! Sun is shining, although it's snowing here! lol  The cottonwood trees are once again blowing millions of cottonwood "thingiies" in the air. Looks like it's going to be inches deep soon! The beauty of having our cottonwood grove of trees!

And it's Trucker's birthday! He is now 2 years old! That sweet boy has taught me alot in his 2 years. He is a boy with pure determination. And with that determination, fun and great things can happen. He is a happy boy and he KNOWS that he is well loved by many, especially by his mama! 

And Tabitha just had a birthday too--she is now 4 years old. She still loves her papertowels and jumping thru the open door of June's Room to spend some alone time in there. It's her private get-away! A real sweetie girl.

Eagle Rare Life begins again on 5/31.  This year we'd like to participate from the beginning, although FFRC came in, in the top 30 overall last year.  There's already a story and picture ready to be submitted.  We'll keep you posted more about this soon. 

This next Friday, Saturday, Sunday is our Dance Recital Concession dates. FFRC does all of the concessions for this 3 day event. We have the shopping done and just about ready!

We had BOXES on Thursday evening! Super big thanks to you all!

Boudicca - CATATHON - kitty paper clips
Anony Friend-- FFRC: crinkle tunnel for babies, 2 lamb chop toys, Kitty note cards, 2 pkg pipe cleaners, measuring tape for FFRC & Mich  4 magnetic frames for whatever you want.   CATHATHON:  Boys: Spiderman trunks and t-shirt  Girls: bathing suit, Tutu with tank top, 4 movies, Crystal fabric paints with 2 t-shirts, Kitty key chain & 2 kitty key blanks, 1 dog key blank, Book on Crocheting, tape measure
Mudjie/Mod  TX - Catstock bus!  CATATHON:  3 movies, Baby Boy shirt, shorts and a foo foo holder, Baby Girls: Sweatshirt, shorts & a foo foo holder  For Mods: 2 jars spicy pickles, Peach Habanero jam, jerky, Best Little *** House in Texas, Willie Nelson CD
Scott & Cathy/svcathy - CA  FFRC: Variety of K-cups, cat butt magnets, popcorn chewing gum for Jacci   CATATHON Mod:  Sharkie the Sharks mascot, book: Men with Cats, Kitten tea infuser, Sonoma Coounty Goodies: teas, orange, cherry & cabernet preserves, 3 jars of different suaces, Taylor Made organic coffee, High Voltage coffee & Sonoma Roast, Coffee knee socks     Any Basket:Fuzzy Wuzzy kitty coin bank.
Chery L - CATATHON Girls: pink ballerina jammies, 3 pr socks, crib blanket, 2 burp cloths, T-shirt & Kitty pants, flower T-shirt & pants  Kitty shirt & Pants.  Boys - Crib blanket, 2 burp cloths, Dinosaur sweatshirt, monkey jammies, plaid shirt, t-shirt and 2 pr. pants
Widdletigger/Elizabeth - Admin  24 rolls of paper Towels  Happy Birthday Tabitha! 
David & JUlie from UK- Happy 2nd Birthday Trucker!  his own personal scratcher couch & tower scratcher
Sara S - Donation in the name of Ronald R of CT
Mike/Sophieandlucysdad - MI  Coupons
James G - Defiance - Donation in memory of Ada A
Dorothy C - MD - Donation
Clark, Jesee and the Rest - FL  Happy 4th Birthday Tabitha (May 26)  Chicken $5 & Paper Towels $5   Happy 2nd Birthday Trucker (May 28)  Chicken $5
Pat C Tursday Vol - 6 crocheted dish cloths, Jingle Balls, Doggie snackers, Baby food
Dave S - 3 lg. bags Purina One
Dew & Joco - 4 cases Friskies, 10 gal Vinegar , kitty snackers, lots of baby food, Appetizers, tuna and chicken cans,4 cases Friskies---great visitors!
Debbie/LostGirl--12 cans of Salmon

We have these thanks to give too!  
Yaiza-moon, Sonia-paws--donation in honor of Trucker's Birthday
Fran D from FL--donation for HB Trucker, use donation however needed
Gusti--donation in honor of Edna and Trucker's HB!
Nona from NY--donation for the spay/neuter fund, in honor of Peggy S, our fosterer and in memory of Charles

And another BIG, GIANT thanks to Brent and Jenny from Canada. They loaded up Brent's car for SonJa to bring here to FFRC. Wow--lots of wonderful things! For the Catathon: charcoal BBQ grill & also a Smoker.  For the 2 camping baskets--a table top grill for each.  Plus, many things for FFRC including bleach, 2 wonderful First Aid Kits, volunteer snackers, cleaning supplies, disposable gloves, lysol wipes, paper towels---so many wonderful items! Thanks, Brent and Jenny.  Hugs to your FFRC cats! 

Update on Pippi--she is a playing cat machine! Everything is a cat toy to her. She especially loves to play with the mop head (as it is being used) and also the sweeper wand. And those Ming-Strings--she can play with 4 of them at one time. What a nut! 

Many of you may know that our little kittens in the back Thumper's Room has had a rough week.  They picked up a virus--some were only slightly sick while others were very sick.  I believe I can safely say though that they are all doing much much better the last 2 days. Starting on Thursday, we gave fluids to those that were dehydrated, soreness meds to all of them and also antibiotics to all, including the mamas.  We were also syringe feeding all that needed it. I am thrilled to say that all are eating on their own now and with gusto!  That is so so nice to see! And today they are playing hard again. Love these babies!

Peggy's foster kittens are here today. They are doing great--busy kittens--eating good, playing lots! 

Hensley had a rough day yesterday---he had another major seizure. This makes 2 of them now in 10 days. So.........per our vet, he is now on PB's along with Farrah.  We are on high alert to observe him.  He's napping right now beside me---such a great boy. 

We had an adoption!  Tryphosa found herself a new mama--Dewitty from our chat. Tryphosa seems to be adjusting very well and is starting to make friends with her new house cat friend. She "worked" Dewitty ever so sweetly! 

We are working hard on Catathon. Jenni was here all day yesterday taking pictures of the different baskets. This is a week long project for her. We are very grateful for her taking a week off of work to do this for Catathon. 

Here's some Catathon tidbits!

We have 3 BIG BIG TICKET ITEMS that will stay up on the block starting Round 1 thru 6.  They are:
Afghan---Well, Hello There!  (black/white)
2,4,6 ft Peace Poles--a Garden pole, Healing Garden pole and a Plant Happiness pole
Harlequin Cats--set of 3 artworks

Here's the Big Ticket Items for Rounds 1 and 2:

BT 200:  "Stray Cats" picture 16 x 13
BT 201:   Cooking with Lodge Cookware
Silicone hot handle holder, purple
Glass cover, 10 1/4
Glass cover, 10 1/2 square
Logic 5-qt double dutch over
Logic square grill pan,10 1/2
Logic Chef Skillet 10 
BT202: Afghan - Purple Cat on the Fence 84x58
BT203: American Girl Doll (Lea Clark) and lots of accessories
BT204: Putter Plaque 12x12

We'll keep giving you information on the Catathon.  It's only 22 days away now!  As it gets closer too, we will have videos for you to see all the items in Catathon. And info will also be put on the facebook pages. 

Take care everyone and have a wonderful holiday weekend. This is a holiday to remember those who have died while serving our country.