Friday, May 6, 2016

Friday, May 6

We had an adoption yesterday! Glory, the beautiful half Persian black/white cat was adopted by my daughter Dawn and her family. I'm not sure who was happier--Glory or Dawn! I've seen a few videos of Glory already in her new home and it's very obvious that Glory is very happy. That makes me very happy. Placing these cats in homes where they are much loved and cared for is top on our list (along with spaying and neutering!).

The kittens that are being fostered by Peggy, were here yesterday. They are doing very well and are growing. Will be named soon!

We had BOXES last night. Many, many thanks to you all.
Pat, our Thurs. vol--3 legged tunnel, 6 dish cloths, 50 jingle balls
SonJa for her nephew Vern!--4 boxes of Bondi Licks
Keiko & Penn, Teller & Pixel--Catathon: Family Feud, Game of Life, bird feeder, 6 lb bird seed
Pat's friend--donation in memory of FiFi
Anonymous Friend--Catathon: 2 kids Kindle Fire's--one pink, one blue!
Billie K--Catathon: beautiful beach wreath handcrafted
Kenneth A--donation in memory of Blanche (Becky L's mom)
Connie & Hannah with Tookie & Pasha--Mothers Day Card
Donna--5 sheets of Forever Postage stamps
Conii & her 2 kitties: Catathon--18 pieces of boy, girl and unisex clothes! Just gorgeous!
Miss Pixie with Milo, Pixie & Jeofry--Catathon or wherever needed: 3 Pet stages purring toys, kitty watch, handpainted teapot, deep kitty bed (Samson Wolf loves it!), kitty plaque, 3 ball toys, mylar balls, Catitude sign, bag of Baby Cat dry food
KimKost--Catathon: Baby boy: sweater & shorts set, sun suit, Humpty Dumpty with 3 books inside, 3 other book, 3 sippy cups. Also 4 kitty face saucers
Judi Sp--3 bags of Precious cat litter
Gusti--donation in honor of Joline--Happy Birthday!
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC

Janessa is back at FFRC. This is one of those returns that is hard for the cat and hard for the mom.  She was well loved. Janessa loved to twine around her mom's feet, which has caused several falls for the mom. For safety, Janessa had to be returned.  She has been checked over and is back in the Main Area already. There may be a little hissing as she reacquaints herself here, but all will be just fine. 

Things will be going out in today's mail from the Flash Sale yesterday. Many thanks to Lynnette and LJ for doing the sale, to all the folks that purchased items and to those that provided the items! A huge teamwork of help!

We can now say..........Catathon is next month! Wow---time sure goes quickly. I am utterly and deeply grateful for the items that have been sent in for the various Baskets, Big Ticket Items and the Catathon Raffle.  If you're still interested in topping off any baskets, we are hoping to have all items in by May 23, 24. The reason is that Jenni will be taking a week off of work just to be able to get all the pictures taken! These pictures are then put in our website for your viewing and consideration of bidding on. Many thanks to Jenni for doing this---she also writes up a detailed list of each Basket. 

It's happened--we knew it would soon. The kittens are just starting to "get mixed up" in the back Thumper's Room! And the mamas don't mind. If one wanders by and needs a milk meal, it's given to whichever kitten needs it! Never have I seen 3 mamas so wonderful as these. All babies are doing great.  We do have a cam on this group during the day. Enjoy! 

Today the 3 small boards go up by the door that the dogs go out to their outside run. These boards have the names of the cats that are allowed to go out and visit and enjoy their time outside. The fence is perfectly safe. We prefer they go out on dry, warm, sunny days. When one of these selected cats goes out, their magnet will be moved from OUT to the IN slot. That way we know at a glance where these cats are.