Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21, Saturday

FOUR adoptions so far! 
Mendy went to her new home yesterday! So happy for her---she went into a wonderful home where they were so ready to have her!  
Veronica---we had success! Took some phone calls but we found a home for her. She's been staying in my upstairs bedroom and has been ever so sweet. Such a beauty. She's in a home all by herself so I'm sure she will be very happy! The queen of the house!  
Phineus--this morning, our handsome Phineus go to his new home. We knew he wouldn't be here very long. His new mama knew as soon as she held him that he was the one! 
Kieffer--he also left this morning. He went with Dawn E, our Monday volunteer. He joins Nance who was adopted a few years ago.  A happy home!

We had wonderful BOXES last night!
Great Aunt Julie - IA   CATATHON:  Cat point markers, Cast Iron Cooking Book   For FFRC:  1,000 safety pins, a Gazillion Sale tags!
Gusti --2 metal non-skid bowls, 2 cases Fancy Feast, 3 Temptation Snackers, bag of Doggie snackers
Jim & Debbie - GA   14 pkts of potty bags, pop tabs for Kellen, 6 bags of Temptation snackers,
  3 bags of Ring toys, crocheted kitty toys
CATATHON: 2 zippered Kitty pouches,  2 Puzzles  850 piece Art Poster & 1000 piece Chat Noir poster
Tinker Bell & Tasha--Happy Birthday Derecho - Donation for Chicken to share with friends
Little Kat w/Elaine & Allen/Alan- Card with note & Joke   Donation of Little Cats allowance
Eaglewatcher/Beth - IL  CATATHON:  3 Kids Books: No Matter What, Are You My Baby, Sheep Go to Sleep
  Pink Sweater & hat for baby girl & 2 pr of booties white & blue, made by Beth,  1 Puzzles 1000 piece Quilt & 1000 piece Socks & Kittens, Lavender salve for Jacci.
Bagobear/Vixanna - Peacock card, 16 rolls 2" packing tape, 12 Cotton Crate Pads, 3 - Totes - 1 Mickey Mouse and 2 Kitty ones with fabric from Mayumi,  2 Hello Kitty Quilts37x52 an 2 sets of Hello Kitty pillowcases
MLS - Note   32 count Frito Lays chips variety, whiskers from Snickie, Box Tops for Caryn,  7 cans Sheba & Fancy Feast, 2 boxes of Orville Redenbacher popcorn
Ferole - OH   CATATHON: 11x14 on canvas Peaceful Pathways, 8x10:  Double Tulip, Magnolia, Sunlite Tulips, 12x18 on canvas Tulips, slate 5x7 African violets,  Framed 10x12 Water scene, 12 " square acrylic yellow rhododendrium,  2 boxes of Note Cards, Slat & 2 sets of coasters with nature scenes, FFRC Tote.. All with photos taken by Ferole and FFRC Bottle opener
Leggygal/Peggy - CA   Adoption blankets donated by Clark, Jesse &* Bedheadsdad , 15 leggies for adoptions   Pillowcase sets, Biggies, Blankets--lots of great items!  CATATHON:  Laurel Burch Blanket & Peacock Blanket
Conii - CATATHON - 2' - 4' & 6' Garden Peacepoles   6 ft--Garden pole, 4 ft pole--Healing Garden and the 3 ft is the Plant Happiness pole  These will be with the Catathon!

Are your feet tired?  If you're a ResQwalker, they should be! We have walked enough miles that it would equal the distance around the earth at the equator! That's a lot of miles and I thank you for each one! We are right now in 12th place. We have raised $391.17 cents for FFRC, just by walking, jogging and riding a bike! It's free, good for the cats and good for YOU! 

MKmouse picked up our Bonni cat in NJ yesterday. MK is keeping her at her home for the weekend and will be leaving on Monday morning to get to Defiance. Estimated time of arrival is approximately 7-8 pm.  MK gave a report--she loves to play, is sweet and is exploring the house. She has lots of energy and is eating good.  Because we already have another Bonnie, her new name is Pippi, a Name a Cat name. We're all excited to meet Pippi!

We have names for our 2 new CH babies--they are Name a Cat names! The orange one is now Nathaniel. The black one is Cagney. A wonderful thing happened this morning for their meals. Little Cagney who is so much tinier than Nathaniel ate as good as his big brother! Not once, but twice! Won't be long until he catches up. It's hard to determine the level of their CH yet---we will wait until they are a bit bigger. 

A fun way to start the day---go cattle rustling! Yep--SonJa and I went and helped a farmer neighbor down the road get his 8 young cows back in their pasture. They escaped thru a break in the fence and had to be walked quite a distance back to a gate. Something fun to add to a list of adventures! 

Another Volunteer Profile:
Bill L
How long have you been at FFRC?  Involved for about 16 years
How did you find FFRC? Jacci found me before FFRC started to look at a fox when she was a wildlife rescurer
How many pets do you have at home? We have 6 cats, all from FFRC & Elizabeth has 2 cats
Do you have a hobby?  Backpacking and watching sports
What are some of the best things you like about helping at FFRC? Making the cats feel better and petting the cats.
Can you mention an experience here at FFRC that was extra funny or special meaning?  Connie D--need I say more?!  Special meaning--Catathon 1--I could not believe the support we got that day, then I realized the power of the FFRCNation.