Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday, May 30

If you're looking for FFRC, you may not find us. We are being buried in cottonwood still.  This may last another week.  Pretty but very hard to keep things clean. It gets inside everything. Fabio was napping in the sun yesterday and woke up to a white body of fuzzies! Water bowls are coated with cotton.  It keeps the cats entertained watching it out the windows, especially when a gust of wind picks up a pile of it and blows it around! 

Work continues on the Catathon! Jenni was here most of yesterday taking pictures! Thanks, Jenni! Here's some more info for the Baskets in Round 1 and 2:
Round 1
BAS 100     Adult Coloring Fun & more fun coloring items!
BAS 101     Books!
BAS 102     Cat for Owner #1
BAS 103     Crafts
BAS 104     Hello Kitty
BAS 105     Peacock

Round 2
BAS 107     Baby Boy
BAS 108     Boy Fun
BAS 109     Camping Fun #1
BAS 110     Crochet/Knitting
BAS 111      Sewing
BAS 112     Wizard of Oz

We had BOXES on Saturday evening!  Big thanks to you!
Deb11111 & Jatcat--iPad Air for the Tech Raffle (in July)
Selma & Scott--visitors--Bunch of Stuff (bunch of thanks to you!)
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 1st Birthday to Gustave & the chicken $5
Beth/eaglewatcher--was here for the week!  Air Compressor & power washer (both needed and much appreciated!)
Janet M--donation to FFRC

I have some sad news to pass on. We have lost our little precious Mimi. She is the little black CH sister to Nathaniel. She was brought to us because she wasn't very healthy. We were able to get her to eat again but she never really was 100%. She was so tiny compared to Nathaniel. She passed quietly and peacefully--warm and knowing she was loved. Nathaniel, I feel, misses her. Starting today, I will put him in the back Thumper's Room for short periods for the company of the other kittens. At this point, I would have to say that his CH is heavy moderate or severe. He rolls alot and also falls over frequently. But.......this little baby has determination galore. He will learn as he gets bigger how to do things that benefit his mobility. And just maybe, he'll have a talk with Derecho and Alma. 

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are doing terrific now. Whew---that was a tough one. They are eating with a desire to catch up on the ounces that they lost! And their activity level is wonderful. Nap, eat and play---that is their life right now and they are enjoying it! Chloe is the ultimate mama--she loves them all. But not so much does she care for Poppy anymore. So, most of the time, Chloe is with the babies. Poppy LOVES it here in the Main Area where you may frequently see her on the cam. She's a superr sweet girl. She goes back sometimes to check the babies out and then comes back up front. 

Sea Turtle is doing great. She loves all the Mail Room/PawMart visitors. She's also been out in Bella's Place a few times too. Pippi continues to be a play-your-heart-out girl! She loves every toy and anything that moves. She is tolerating the other cats much better---that gets better every day. Meow, who came from here a couple years ago and is now boarding for a couple months is doing wonderful. She looks like Farrah, but no collar. She has adjusted to being here just fine but I know she will be so happy to have her mom/dad back home. Vivienne is doing wonderful--she is playing and acting like a kitten! Another sweet cat! Her fur is growing back and her hip is healing from her surgery. 

Two of our cats went to the vets last Weds. for their dentals.  Olaf (Porchie) 5 teeth extractions. Paddy Cake had 2 teeth removed. He continues to have a 4 out of 6 heart murmur but with showing no symptoms of it. This is something we watch and will continue to have frequent checks on his heart. Both are doing great.