Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Weds., June 1

Happy June..........a very very busy month for FFRC. But, we are ready and willing and ready to tackle things!

Our little Nathaniel has been spending some fun things in the back Thumper's Room with his new friends. It's good for him to have this socialization time with other kittens. He's eating good and he's a happy boy. Has a good set of lungs too--very loud when he's hungry!

Our sweet Cleo has passed over to The Rainbow Bridge. Her time here was so precious and she was loved deeply. It's a balancing act to know when to "let them go" but yesterday, Cleo showed that she was ready. She was held, kissed and told that we would see her again. Thank you all for caring about this extra sweet girl. She was so comfortable here and always gave her love. She will be missed.

Big thanks to these folks!
Brenda L--from Corby (our FFRC)--sends a donation to be used wherever needed. 
Shannon S from IL--For Victor, Jackson 2, Leonard and all of their friends. 
Janice & Don H--visitors--lg. jug litter, 9 inch paper plates, 3 packages toys, 2 bags dry cat food, 15 cans Friskies. 
Rita/wiscat--visitor--4 cases water, 4 cases paper towels
SonJa--week visitor--sm/lg plates, kitty toys, goodies for vols, case water, 9 cases Whiskas pouches, 12 cans salmon. SonJa also gave a donation in honor of Montana & Crew/family and the Lorenz family.
Mary & Bill from Minnesota/lurkers--visitor--cake for Seymour's birthday!, 13 cans salmon, 40 cans tuna, 11 sardines, lots of Fancy Feast can, Catathon: 2 books, TP, vinegar, bleach, lg. plates, hand lotion

Today is Seymour's birthday! He is now 3 years old. He came from MN when he was just 6 months old. What a great boy who zips around like he has 6 workable legs! 

Remember last year when we voted for the Eagle Rare Life event?  It's on again and FFRC would greatly appreciate your daily votes. The site is:
The cats thank you! 

At the end of voting, the top 5 finalists to receive the most votes in each separate category will be considered for the category prize, while the top 30 nominees to receive the most votes overall, regardless of category, will be considered for Grand Prize and the 2016 Eagle Rare Life Award.  $50,000 donated by Eagle Rare in his/her name to the charity of his/her choice (thanks to Jenni C for submitting FFRC). Eagle Rare will also award $5,000 to each of the six category winner's charity of choice, to be donated in his/her name.  A vote a day will greatly help FFRC!

The kittens in the back Thumper's Room continue to improve, except for Genevieve. She is still struggling. I am syringe feeding her but so far we haven't made much headway with her. We don't give up easy and are still hoping for a recovery for her.  Soon Reeves, Keanu and Keana will be coming up to play in the Main Area. 

We have 2 weeks off of doing dentals. A phone call will go in today though to see if we can get Pippi spayed (sooner is better than later!).  She is in heat and would greatly appreciate being spayed. What a sweet girl she is--truly a cat that enjoys playing!

18 days to Catathon! Oh my---that sounds really close!  Check out our website at for the information on how to pre-register and to view the Baskets, Big Ticket items and the Big Big Ticket items! It's all coming together! Many thanks to so many already who have helped with this. 

Here's more info on items for the Catathon:
ROUNDS 3 & 4 Big Ticket Items
BT 207    Warped Rugs--7 total!
BT 208     Stain-Glass Kitty lamp-Tiffany Type
BT 209     Artsie Farts Treasures
BT 210     Derecho Plaque  12 x 12
BT 211     Great Wolf Lodge Amusement Park & Accessories

ROUND 3 Baskets
BAS 113     Baby Girl
BAS 114     Cat Desk Accessories
BAS 115     Dog Fun
BAS 116     Kitty Hineys
BAS 117     Laurel Burch #1
BAS 118     Snoopy

If you'd like to see the article that was in our local Crescent-News yesterday, here is the link (sorry--it's a long one!).  It's about visitors coming to FFRC!  We love our visitors!  Can just copy & paste it!

All is going good on the farmyard. The horses, goat, donkey love the green grass. The ducks and geese are so loud and talkative! The rooster is always crowing and the peacocks strut all over the place! The Barnies and Firecats are enjoying chasing the cottonwood fuzzies! 

Take care, everyone. I love seeing the friendships formed between you all. You ALL are important to FFRC. The cats tell me that every single day!