Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday, July 30

We now have a camouflaged cat---maybe the kitties won't see her!  Thanks  to our friend, Beth for the wonderful Suitical recovery suit.  It resembles the "Milk Bar is Closed" sock that Chloe has been wearing, but with no holes and it fits her perfectly. No way will those rascally kittens find that milk bar now!

We had BOXES last night--love those boxes and we love to give thanks!
Ann & Sean from PA--visitors (Penn/Teller/Pixel)--lighted ceramic pumpkin with kitty on top for Flash Sale. 20 jars baby food, canned kitty food, Fancy Feast, cans of chicken, salmon. Kitty toys, doggie treats, towels, wash cloths, PT, lysol wipes, lint rollers, Tide & Mr. Clean & a box of Goldfish crackers
Cindy from PA/Ann/s friend--glazed ceremic kitty bank for Flash Sale
Eaglewatcher/Beth--Recovery suit/Suitical for mama's & cooling scarves for outside vols.
Faithy MD--4 bags Virbec hygiene chews for the cats (Derecho's favorite!)
Anonymous Friend--Chief tapes
Ronald C--Pet Shop Train/Lionel Train Pet Shop for a raffle
Susan C from OH--donation for FFRC
James H from OH--donation for FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy 1st birthday Elsie with chicken $5
Courtney T/calicomom--note and a donation to FFRC
Neil, our wonderful friend (Sarah's dad)--donation for FFRC
Craig M & family from MI--donation to FFRC
RoseSF6cats--donation to FFRC
Kerswill & Tom--kitty scratchers and bunches of wonderful things
Kay T from Georgia--a beautiful needlepoint of Jacci & daughter Dawn.  Stunning. & I love it!

We have more thanks to give too! 
Donna B from GA--donation for Coralie and in memory of little Nathaniel
Janet M--donation to FFRC
BIllie K--donation to help with Bonnie's medical bills. 
Keiko from CA--donation for FFRC, in memory of Queen Bella
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC

We've heard from Sharon who adopted Ozzie. She said it didn't take him long to acclimate to our home and his family! He purrs and plays all the time and they love him. 

Little Woody and Chuckie, Cagney and Livingston are here in the Main Area. We've been bringing them up for several hours a day.  Today though they are up to stay, I hope! We'd like to have them stay in the Main Area and go in Cat's Corner room for night time. That way we can close up the back Thumper's Room for the holiday weekend!  They're all doing good.  Woody and Chuckie are still so small but love to play and eat. Cagney is getting braver. Livingston bottom we are still working on. He's such a sweet boy and is trying very hard to have a healed bum.

Bonnie continues to do better! Still is seizure free since late Monday. She is still a bit foggy-brained but each day seems a bit clearer. Her appetite is good. She's not really playing yet but is content. She's a toughie and we're hoping for a full recovery.

Jones is also in the Main Area and is doing good! What a joy he is. I really think his "cluminess" is diminishing a little bit. He's a hard boy to explain how he moves----you just have to watch him! But the joy "in" him is big. He loves to be loved on and is a happy cat!

We had 2 more adoptions Tuesday evening! Bellissima and Helen went to their new home--to Connie S and Hannah's home! I've seen pictures and they all look ever so happy! That's what it's all about--happy families, happy cats! 

"Real friends are those who, when you've made a fool of yourself, don't believe you've done a permanent job!!   Words from Derecho!