Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Weds., June 22

We have blossomed!  Our Grand Total for the 2016 Catathon is now at $37,692!! Isn't that just amazing and ever so wonderful!  We are already working on our goals. The new shed is now paid for. The picnic table is here and is being enjoyed by visitors. The load of stones is in place and now paid for. We're working on the replacement sign for the front yard. The new heavy duty yard wagon is put together and is in use. More things will be accomplished as we have time! 

We are keeping Goin' Postal mighty busy. As promised, we started on Monday with packing things up and getting them sent out to the correct homes! Keep an eye on the mail--things are going out the door quickly!

We are still soaking in the wonderfulness of Catathon! It was an absolutely wonderful day, filled with much friendship and great people, both here and you folks "out there"! 

I understand we may have some rough weather coming in this evening. No worries---we have our wonderful Jena Radar/generator ready to kick in! We've also spent some of today making sure things are secure and that the Barnies, Porchies, Firecats and Covies are extra safe. 

Today, we have two cats at the vets for their dentals. Both Mew (a Porchie) and Rowland (a Covie) are there right now. Mew is done and Rowland soon will be. And then we'll bring them home to spend a night inside before returning them to their home areas. 

Saturday is our big spay/neuter day here at FFRC. When these kittens are neutered/spayed, we will then be able to get some of them into their new homes that are waiting for them! We have one public spay coming in, but otherwise we have kept it to FFRC as we have many to do ourselves.  Here is the list along with their weights:: 
Boys: Djak (2.02), Sanford (2.02), Wendell (2.03), Ozzie (2.05), Terry (2.09), Dominic (3.07), Thumper (2.08), Frilly (2.06), Keanu (3.04), Reeves (3.01) Thandi (2.07), Hamilton (2.10), Sarge (3.00), Kevin (3.05).

Girls: Vivienne (6.01), Bonnie (2.03), Milly (2.02), Keana (3.01), Belissima (2.10) and Friedricha (2.02).   We also have two more waiting "in the wings" because of their weight.  They are Violet who weighed 1.14 and Blossom who weighed 1.15.  We will reweigh them Friday.  Keana will also have her tail removed where it is severely fractured at.  Dr. Darcy will make a decision on Friedricha's tail. 

We also will have Dr. Darcy do a few physicals: Vivienne, Jones, Soy Boy, Gustave, Hensley, Jessie, Paddy Cake, Polly and Sea Turtle. Some of these are because they are due for their yearly physicals.  

Soy Boy has had a bit of a rough time. He is a Covie. This is his second incident of having Nystagmus--this is an involuntary, rapid and repetitive movement of the eyes. He also has had trouble standing on his feet but that has much improved. There can be many reasons for this. Right now he is doing better and back in the Cove with daily meds being given.

We have several new cats! We'll do a refresher on the last few and 2 introductions! 
Livingston arrived on 6/13 with that very awful swollen hiney where he couldn't potty.  He has gained weight, is a super playful boy and can potty just fine now--the swelling is gone! His birthday is 5/12/16. He is even done with all his medications.

Chuckie and Woody--these two wee babies also arrived on 6/13. They were under a pool in a tunnel that was dug by a woodchuck (hence their names!). Their birthday is 5/20/16. Both are ASH brown tigers--so sweet and both purr so big. Woody is a bit bigger than Chuckie. 

Cagney arrived 6/20/16. His birthday is 4/25/16. This little guy was found 5 days before coming here all alone. A person picked him up and cared for him before bringing him here. He's a black tiger/white. A little shy but likes to purr! He is making friends with Livingston, Chuckie and Woody.  

And then there is Jones. Remember that cat that we were to get a week or so ago that didn't come on that Monday? He's here. Connie D, our vol, went and picked him up on Tuesday.  Well, this boy has us wrapped right around his bushy tail. He's a year old, his birthday is 5/26/15 and he's a long hair gold boy, already neutered. We have him current on his vaccines, tests, etc.  But, he definitely is "different".  I say that in all kindness, but not quite sure how to describe him. He was given to a kind lady when he was 6 months old, being told he was "special". And he is! She had him for 6 months and then relinquished him to FFRC because she knew he needed some medical help. He was thought to be a CH cat, but I don't believe that is true. He possibly may have seizures? We're not sure. He is not an FIP cat. But he definitely has some neurological issues. He sometimes wobbles on his back end. He sometimes flips over and waves his paws in the air. He sometimes stretches way way out and then topples over. He's very unique. Dr. Darcy has seen him already. We have him on meds in case there's a cranial infection or toxo or ???  He does actually seem to be a bit better--time will tell. In the meantime, if you need a cat to hold and hug, he's your boy! He's crazy about being loved on! Such a super sweet cat. 

All of the above mentioned will soon be in the Main Area, including Jones. And, with all this, I think we are caught up!  Steve and I will be gone for the whole day tomorrow--he will have some procedures done. Good thoughts and prayers are welcome.  My daughter Caryn will come and be here to care for my mom the whole day! Sure appreciate this! Have a happy day to you all!