Monday, June 20, 2016

Monday, June 20

Catathon 2016--our 6th Catathon is now over.  What a whole lot of fun, much friendship, and funds raised for the Rescue Center. This blog is about my thankfulness.

This event took many people to pull it together. I thank all those who were here physically to help make yesterday run smoothly!     

Round 1:  This is a much family affair to me today! I have my husband Steve here, my mom, sister, all 3 daughters and son and many grandchildren. It does my heart good to know I have their support. For Round 1: $2,185

Round 2: We have over 40 people who are volunteering their time to make the Catathon possible. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.     For Round 2: Grand total--$6,835

Round 3: Big thanks to all the people that have beeninvolved in promoting the Catathon to all our viewers. From Jenni taking the pictures and organizing them, to MK and SonJa doing the descriptions, to Dawnstar for all his awesome Catathon videos, to Canton for helping with the Raffle and promoting in FB, to VRS1cats and Clay for all the major hard work coordinating the website, to Dawnstar, Jim & JustMe for making sure all the computer systems work perfectly, to Pat P and Jocelyn for doing the Raffle tickets and to all the mods and admins for promoting it to our web friends.  Grand total:   $9,655

Round 4: On friendship: "When you come to another with love in your heart, asking nothing, only offering that love, you create miraculous relationships!"  Just think of the friendships we have formed thru our webcam with one another---it's just amazing!   Grand total:  $16,575

Round 5: A super special thanks to all the people who made this Catathon possible by providing all the items that are in the Baskets, Big Ticket Items, the Big Big Ticket items and for the Catathon Raffle.  95% of the items were provided by you folks out there in camland. YOU are appreicated! 
Grand total: $22,190

Round 6: Mother Teresa said: "It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing".  Grand total:  $30,240

Round 7:  This is what we are:   FFRCNation/Many Countries/One Heart/One Mission/One Nation. And big thanks for all hte Catribution donations!  Grand total: $34,442

Updates this morning went to $36,822 and then to $37,522 !!!!!

Our goals for the 2016 Catathon---
A permanent electric line for the FireCat’s  FireHouse    $800
A permanent heating system for THTJB                        $4,000
     (includes the new tank, line into THTJB, the furnace)
Replacement window for Kitty Campus Room & little window    $ 1,200
New shed for FFRC                                                                         $2,000
Repair on roof by awning and sunporch                                   $1,250
Picnic Table                                                                                $150
Freezer (ours is 25 yrs old & is thawing)                                   $800
A Kuranda Tower for Bella’s Place                                           $215
Maintenance check on generator                                               $255
Our current vet bill $3,664  (we don’t want to drain Feliz Navidad Fund all the way.
Load of stones for around Shelter House/stone lane            $625
Replacement for 1 of the heavy duty wagons             $225
a replacement FFRC yard sign                                    $700
Cement slab in Bella’s Place, outside of door             $400
 TOTAL   $16,284

IF we are able to meet these needs and have excess funds, we truly need to apply it to our operational weekly needs. Our week to week needs normally amount to $4800.  This covers a huge assortment of needs.    

We had a lot of fun with the Pie in the Face---all good, clean (or not so clean!!) fun. The winning participants were Catopractor, BillyPogo and Connie D. Thanks for being such good sports!  And who was that very strange older lady who kept coming in???!!  And then we had visits from an Antonio too!  All fun times!

These were my thoughts:
To my family, chatters, lurkers, viewers, supporters, friends, mods, admins---all who are involved with FFRC.  This has been the hardest part of this Catathon---knowing how to thank you all properly.  I am a big believer in making sure folks know how grateful we are for the support shown to this Rescue Center.  My parents taught me that long ago and I shall always honor that.

But, how to fully say thanks is difficult. There are not enough words. When we first started our 24/7 cam, people were numbers to us at first, as we didn't know you. As time went on and we could communicate thru the chat and audio, we were able to really talk to you and become friends. Wow--those numbers out there turned into real people who really love our cats. We have now become attached--we know each other even though many we have not met. We hear your voices in your chat and on fb.  We feel the love you give--yes, it comes right thru that cam. I know it may seem weird, but we can"feel" you--your friendship, your love, your compassion. It's quite amazable.

You share your time with us, your boxes, your gifts, your votes, your thoughts, your friendships---your very selves. And we love it. While we do the work-part here at FFRC and can physically be here in person, we know that you too KNOW these cats and kittens and the volunteers. We have become woven together in this great FFRCNation that we have. We truly have become a Nation that not only shares the love of cats but have encompassed so many friendships. It does my heart good when I see the closeness so many of you have with one another and here with us. We have become like a family.

This is so important to this Rescue Center. You have helped us accomplish things I never thought was possible. It relieves me of the great worry of how can we do this, how can we financially do that, how can we afford to feed these cats---the list goes on and on. Your help and support is superb and so very gratefully received.

I know I may be partial, but I doubt there's another rescue out there with the bestest friends like yourselves, our great mods and admins. And I KNOW the cats here are loved so much, not only by us that are here but by you.....our friends. Never ever doubt that one person can make a difference, as each one of you is important to me and the cats of FFRC.  You and the volunteers are my heroes.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of what we do here.  We are indeed all FFRCNation, interwoven with love, compassion and friendship and I am so blessed to be a part of this.  Thank you.