Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday, June 13

We are now in Catathon Week! 6 more days!  The Catathon Raffle started yesterday and will end on Weds. morning at 9:00 am.  Check out the cam for the video, FB FFRC pages or FFRCNation for info! It's an exciting Raffle! The drawings will be during the Cathon. Here's the schedule for that:
Round 1     Item A and B
Round 2     Item C and D
Round 3     Item E and F
Round 4     Item G and H
Round 5     Item I and J
Round 6     Item K--announce names of 3 pie people! (the people selected are excited!)
Round 7     Consolation Prizes
After Round 7--Pie Time!

The past 3 days we have been involved with the Concessions for the Defiance Dance Recital. It's now over and we are happy with the results. We profited approximately $800!!! Wonderful!  Many thanks to the following for giving hours of their time to make this successful:  Steve, Tabby, Tween, Gem, Bill, Angie, Kathy R, Jocie, Anthony and Dawn E. A good weekend!

Many thanks too to Tabby and Tween for their donation this weekend (they stayed the whole weekend to help with the concessions!!)--15 gal. vinegar, 15 broths, 1 ream paper, Blue Buffalo dog food, 3 litters. 
Alex and Heidi--Alex donated some service hours for 4-H--snackers, case of 9-Lives.

I would like to let you know, with a very heavy heart, that our Nathaniel has passed away. I knew he wasn't the best on Friday night. Saturday during the day showed that he was failing. He passed away late Saturday night while being held and given kisses.  I know beyond a doubt that he knew he was loved. I just miss this little one. I had such high hopes for his future here. Thank you all for caring about him.  He will be greatly missed. Sadly too, all 4 kittens in that litter has passed. 

If you're ever here and need a pick-me-up---just reach for a cat. Their purring will soothe you and cause good feelings again.  

We have a "new" kitten! Friedrich is now Friedricha.  Yes, he is a she. I can hear it now---oh no---a mistake!!  lol  In my defense, his, er.....I mean, her hiney was so utterly swollen from his accident, that "parts" looked different than now. The swelling is much better and parts are now visible. And besides, she likes that name--makes her smile and meow!  Friedricha it is!  Her surgery is scheduled for Weds. I will admit I have some worry. The injury extends above the base of the tail. To do a tail amputation, it's important to go beyond the injury site. I'm thankful we have such awesome vets to work on her. Keep her in your good thoughts and prayers for her surgery please. 

We have kitties on hold! As you know, they have to wait until after their spays/neuters to go to their new homes. The kittens that are spoken for already are: Wendell, Ozzie, Thumper, Theron, Thandi, Helen and Bellissima.  Happy, loving homes coming up!

Here's two of our sayings that we have on one of our doors:

"There are potentially wonderful friends all over the world, just waiting to be met".

"This Rescue Center is a place of JOY!  Please..only bring peace, friendship and a good heart within our Rescue Center". 

Take care, everyone! Remember the Raffle! And please add your vote today at    We surely do appreciate that! Have a wonderful day!