Saturday, June 11, 2016

Saturday, July 11

Wow---lots of "stuff" going on!  Last night, today (twice) and tomorrow afternoon we have our concessions going on for the annual Dance Recital. Lots of work but it's a fundraiser which we are grateful to have! We'll go thru probably 30 cases of bottled water and many candy bars, sandwiches, chips, cheese, crackers, peanuts, etc!  

Here's a few of the happenings for this week:
Saturday--2 concession times at the Dance Recital
Sunday--1 concession time at the Dance Recital and Catathon Raffle begins!
Weds.--Catathon Raffle ends, 2 dental surgeries & 1 tail amputation
Thurs.--Arthur phone company comes and works on phone lines for Catathon,
Friday--Werlor comes to do an extra pick up, double check pizza order for Sunday PM, 
Saturday--big TV comes for Catathon, rearranging of furniture begins, set up for Catathon

And during all of this, treatments for the cats continue, visitors arrive, people coming to look at the cats, making sure the farmyard is tidy, etc.---lots of things happening! 

Big thanks to give:
Gusti--donation to help with Brayer's neutering & meds.
Kris M from MN--donation for Derecho, Nathaniel and Bruno
Kelly I--donation for FFRC
Nikki M--visitor --3-48 pk paper plates, PT, 3 pk Lysol wipes, 2 vinegars, 2 bleach, case of kitty wipes, dz. can cat food, 44 cans cat food, kitchen bags
Lostgirl/Debbie--3 bags lg. foam plates and 4 cases Arnold Palmer Tea

We have also had more donations made in memory of our friend, Betz--Twitch Account, Louise C from IL, Lynda S from MN and Kikimycat.  Thank you. 

Tomorrow morning the Catathon Raffle begins. Wow--the items are just fantastic. All it takes is ONE ticket to win! You can go thru PayPal or if you'd like to send a check, that is fine---we just need to have it here by or on Weds.  You can also email if mailing in a check! We will also have 6 really nice consolation prizes: 2 Bago bear cat pads & spider toy, Larissa Treasure Box, LJ's flat cat Yawn, Oxford Purple Cat Carrier (Beth), Biggiedew/leggydew/pillowcase set and  Coffee/cream Afghan by Rosemary. These consolation prizes will be announced in Round 7. 

Brayer is doing better. His bite wounds are healing. It's amazing how antibiotics can make such a huge difference. Charles also continues his treatments--seems to be a gentle boy. We are continuing our watch on his mouth growth.

The routine for the babies is now "in their head". They know they spend the night in the back Thumper's Room and then after breakfast, they come spilling out!Such smart kitties. Coralie is right now here by my desk, up on a Kuranda Tower overlooking 5 kittens playing below her!

We got the flea prevention applied to all the Covies, Porchies and Barnies over the last 2 days. Still working on the FireCats. It's quite a "job" getting them all done---takes lots of coaxing, chicken and snackers. The second we open the packet of flea prevention---they know and off they go! 

Have a terrific weekend.  Blogs may be fewer/shorter next week! Catathon preparation  in full gear now!