Thursday, June 16, 2016

Thursday, June 16

Hensley is having his morning nap on my desk. Magic is curled up here too and Kiara  and Paddy Purr are on other cushies on the far part of the desk. Very peaceful!

The Catathon Raffle is now over! You folks are awesome and really made us work, which is wonderful!! I am grateful for each and every vote. We will do the drawings for each item during the Catathon. During Round 6 we will announce the winners of the pie people which will then happen after Round 7 while we are waiting for totals. So......stick around for the fun! 

We had BOXES last night---ever so grateful for your help!
Nona S from NY--silvadine ointment, l-lysine, 2 cans clams, 3 cans salmon, 4 cans chicken, Human vitamins for vols. 
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies
Anne-in-UK--card made by Anne with Trucker!  4-37 x 74 cat scarves--so beautiful. A bunch of her wonderful key chains!
Eaglewatcher--6 mega tubs of Lysol Wipes
Victoria & Carlos with Abbey, their 19 yr. old cat--32 case of Friskies and a 24 case of Fancy Feast
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby Cat dry
Nancy S from Defiance--donation in memory of Becky M's mom
Alan, Elaine & LittleKat--card with photo of pretty LittleKat & 2 chicken $5's. From Little Kat--her allowance given as a donation to FFRC
MLS--4 pairs of good sharp sissors!
Taylor, Jessie & Shawn--visitors, PT, plates, washcloths, toys, cat bed, kitty food, clorox wipes
JustMe/Kathy, mod--stuff opened off cam as requested! 

We also need to catch up on our thanks from Monday's BOXES! 
Mary from Arch, vol--5 bags Trader Joe's popcorn, 4 rugs, 4 cans 9-Lives, 10 cans Sheba
Joco--12 lg. cans salmon
Napa/Donna, our mod--CCTV Solar Indoor/Outdoor cam
Julie & David from UK--Happy 2nd Birthday to Vernon with his chicken $5
Melissa L from NY--donation to FFRC
Eaglewater/Beth--3 filters for shop vacs
Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Happy 4th BD to Coral, HB to Vern & Bruno and HB to PB--all with their $5 to spend on chicken! 

And we're not done yet! Many thanks--
Shannon S  from IL--donation to be used for the spay/neuter program to cover costs that owners may not be able to!
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Kathy/justme--good "stuff"!
SonJa M/mod--donation to the Chickie Fund in honor of Vern's birthday! (he has to share!)
Alan & Elaine--visitors here from FL for Catathon--they brought a trunk load of "stuff"--many different categories of goodies for us! 

Yesterday we had 3 cats go to the vet's for the day. Oliver, our Covie, had a dental. We had his teeth checked a few weeks ago and knew that he needed some attention. Oliver had 10 teeth pulled and is he ever happy! I can see a difference already! He spent the night inside but will rejoin his friends today. He has a long acting antibiotic in him and this morning was given a 24 hour soreness meds.  Come and visit and he will smile for you!

Then we had little Friedricha had some work done. We were aware that she didn't weigh enough and still didn't yesterday morning, but we wanted Dr. Darcy to see her so she went too! They clipped more of the "dead" tail off. The stub that is left is bandaged temporarily. We've got a plan! We will alternate treatment meds for her tail in hopes of achieving more healthy tissue.  We'll keep track of her weight too.

Charles also went up for a visit. He's a bit worrisome.  His lymph glands are very swollen. His growth in his mouth doesn't look good.  His lab work does not indicate FIP, which is a huge relief.  We want to run a second FIV/Leuk test even though it hasn't been 4 weeks yet.  Will keep you posted.

You still have time to pre-register! You can go to our website  for the directions! It's easy and will make bidding at the Catathon faster!

The kittens have now spent a few nights in the Main Area and they've passed with flying colors. They are all doing super good. And yes....Chloe is sporting a sock.  Those kittens just will not stop nursing so once again I had to raid Steve's sock drawer! That Pippi--wow, she is a little firecracker. She and Elsie have no bounds on their energy level! Two very busy cats.

Oliver just went back to his beloved Cove.  He gladly walked out of the crate and joined his friends! The Covies are doing great. This morning, we had quite a few of the grey barn cats come up for breakfast. It's interesting how they are migrating up for a meal. Annabelle was there, along with Bibby and Middy. And Blake let me do a back scratch on him!

Come join us for the fun of Catathon. This is our main fundraiser for FFRC. This year we will not take on a large building project.  For 2016, we will focus on repairs and maintenance and other needs. 
Here are a few things we hope to raise funds for:

A permanent electric line for the FireCat's FireHouse     $800
A permanent heating system for THTJB. (a gas tank, l;ine into THTJB, the furnace)     $4,000
Replacement windows for Kitty Campus Room & another window in Main Area     $1,200
New shed for FFRC     $2,000
Repair of roof by awning and sunporch     $1250
Picnic Table     $150
Freezer  (ours is at least 25 years old)     $800
A Kuranda Tower for Bella's Place  $215
Maintenance check on generator     $255
Our current vet bill      $3,664  (we don't want to drain our Feliz Navidad Fund all the way)
Load of stones for around Shelter House/stone lane  $625
Replacement for heavy duty wagon   $225

This comes to a total of $15,184. 

If we are able to meet these needs and have excess funds, we truly need to apply it to our operational weekly needs.  Our week to week needs normally amount to $3,000.  This covers a huge assortment of needs. 

You all have a wonderful day!  The cats and I are grateful for your support and friendship!