Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday, June 3

Vivienne is running so fast--her leg is healing nicely. She and Magic love to chase those sparkly balls. Hensley is in my lap.  Asha is close by all curled up in a sleepy ball.  Kiara is stretched out in a sun beam. Trucker is napping with his chin on my foot! Franklin is trying to figure out what toy in the pile he wants. Life is good!

We had BOXES Weds. evening. We are grateful for you!
Boudicca--ceramic kitty measuring cups
Kris M--for Nathaniel, a purring Purple Cuddle Pillow & a Snuggle mama (uses these at night) 
Cita & Scotty--Catathon: Mod Basket--cheese round & Stroopwaffles in a Dutch tin. For Moss family--stroopwaffles, cheese round & meat roll
WiddleTigger/admin for fb--for Poppi & Friends--bag of 100 mylar balls, box of mice, spring toys, balls with bells. Now Poppi has lots of toys! 
Billypogo/mod & Bonnie, Gallant & the other Pogos--Catathon: Mod Basket--flip flop sign, Virginia peanuts, Sea Shell candles, Peacock magnet, kitty magnet, 2 kitty travel mugs, 2 books, Cardinal garden spinner
Great Aunt Julie from IA--Reese white PB cups, Lindt candy, rice cereal, greeting cards, Knitting machine for Catathon
Aunt of Clark, Jessie & the Rest--Memorial day card with Chicken $5, in memory of Kenneth, Jimmie, Kurtis and Charles
Dan and Joy D--card and donation to FFRC, with hugs to Joyful, Asha & all!

Also thanks to:
Donna B from GA--donation for Coralie
Kathy M from MN--donation in memory of our beautiful, brave, loving Cleo
fMaryAnn from SC--donation in honor of Seymour's BD and in memory of sweet Cleo
Helina/Pilvi--donation in memory of sweet Cleo

Check out the website and keep a close eye on it!  Catathon info by the truckload is coming in! You can already pre-register. The purpose of pre-registering is so when you call in for a bid, all you have to do is give your name. If not pre-registered, lots more info will be needed. Much quicker if you are pre-registered. It doesn't mean you have to bid, just means you might make a bid!  Just go to our website, click on the gold bar on Catathon 2016 and then click on the "Click here to preregister online now"!  Also, very very soon you will be able to see close up and personal--all the baskets, big ticket items and the big big ticket items. Plus a detailed list of what is in each basket. Plus you'll be able to click on the pics for a close up view!  Many thanks to Jenni, Vaun and Clay for making this be possible. 

We took in 2 cats on Weds.  On that evening, we took in a cat and a kitten, both in need. The first is a young cat, 10 months old, grey tiger with white. He came in thin and had many ticks--at least 30 full ticks on him.  Those were removed. A scrubbing bath felt good to him. He was started on special antibiotics because of a tick-causing disease, just as a precaution. He also has a growth in his mouth that we have already talked to our vet about. We are hoping it's a flammatory response and not a mouth cancer.  His birthday is 8/2/15 and his name is Charles (a Name a Cat name).

The second one is a 7 week old kitten. His birthday is 4/13/16. He weighs just 1.09. His tail has been degloved (where skin/fur has been stripped off), probably from a tire or something heavy on his tail. Kitty went one way, tail didn't follow and so was degloved. It's very painful and red. He is on antibiotics and soreness meds. His injury extends to the very base of his tail which is a worry but he is aware when he has to poo or pee---that is good.  His surgery to remove the remaining bony tail is June 15. His name is Friedrich (a Name a Cat name). 

Pippi is at the vets office today for her spay. She will be coming back late afternoon. The kittens in the back Thumper's Room are lively and ornery. They are raring to come out of that room!  I'd like to try and keep them in there until the first of the week---that gets us thru the weekend and a few more days post-illness to be sure all are good. If their huge appetites and high energy level is an indicator, then all is good!

We did lose one of the 16 babies though in the back Thumper's Room yesterday. It's Genevieve. She just never recovered from that illness.  Her littermate, Ozzie was also very sick but he recovered just fine. It was too hard for Genevieve. Her body just couldn't recover. She was held, kissed a bunch and was told it was ok to let go.  She was a beauty and much loved. I thank you for caring for her. 

You know, this rescue work is sure hard on the heart. We love with a deep passion. We have to have patience and an open heart and a drive to do this. These loses are hard.  But........that is the really neat thing about love.  It's a renewable resource! Love can always be replaced or replenished--love is abundant!  That word love can cover so many things--devotion, unselfish loyalty, affection, acceptance among a few things. I always tell people--rescue work is not easy, but I do know for a fact that it's worth it, despite the hard things that happen. on!

More Catathon info:
Rounds 5 & 6
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BT 215     Frozen Ice Castle  
BT 216     Vintage Book of Cats 
BT 217     Cat Needlepoint--2 beautiful pictures
BT 218     Past Friends, FFRC Plaque  
BT 219     Hello Kitty Quilt & 2 matching pillowcases

Round 4
BAS 119     Bathroom Goodies
BAS 120     Cat for Cat
BAS 121     Ferole Arts
BAS 122     Kitchen
BAS 123     Mickey Mouse
BAS 124     Vera Bradley