Sunday, September 28, 2014

September 28, Sunday

Surgeries are over! All have recovered beautifully and were already eating and running around last night. Here's the official list:
Males were: Mathias, Caleb, Vernon, Jambrew, Triumph, Mogo, T.A.B. and Bear Bear
Females were: Gusti, Esmee, Niffie, Murphy, Anne Shirley, Bunny

We also did 3 other castrations of tom cats to help with the population problem.

You may notice some names that are not familiar.  The white/tiger litter has been named!
Jambrew--male, mostly white, tiger tail, left ear 1/2 white 1/2 tiger
Triumph--male, white, black tiger  tail 1/2 tiger 1/2 white
Mogo--male, br tiger/white, black nose, 1 tiger spot on back of neck
T.A.B.--known simply as Tab, male, grey tiger with 4 white feet
Anne Shirley--female, mostly white, has 2 tiger dots on back, ears both 1/2 white 1/2 tiger

Bunny is the name of the white/black female cat that was left in the parking lot earlier in the week. When you see her, check out her face---just beautiful.  She did end up already being spayed, but it was tricky to discover this!

Now, to catch you up on a few things.

Mudjie:  This will be hard.  Yesterday, a very sad thing happened. Little Mudjie had to be put to sleep. Most people don't know the whole story.  Remember the gold mama and the 4 golden kittens that we all found, literally scattered all over the neighborhood?  They were all the same---gold, most of fur missing, so so covered in fleas, skin and bones and just so sad. My heart broke on this.  Well, Mudjie was found first, on a car in the parking lot.  Took her in, did her test, negative and started working on her. My heart was taken by her.  Then in the next 3 days, we found the mama and kittens.  They must've been dropped in the parking lot and just ran everywhere.  All were within 2 houses of FFRC.  As these kittens and mama came in, we tested them. All positive for leukemia. I KNEW in my heart that Mudjie was one of the siblings---they were completely the same in every way--the horrible condition, the age, their demeanor, etc.  I KNOW she was a sibling. But, she tested first.  Yesterday, I explained the whole situation to Dr. Darcy.  I told her even though it wasn't 4 weeks yet to retest, I felt we should retest before her surgery. And of course, by then, the antibodies had built up enough to show up on the test. She was positive as well.  Broke my heart--I had become attached deeply. She had actually gained weight and had no fleas and slowly was accepting love. But, her family history caught up with her. She was so loved for the time she was here. 

Ada Jane:  she usually has a physical each time now that Dr. Darcy comes. About the same, although we know she's lost weight. She drinks a lot and continues to have some kidney failure. We know all this already. We will continue to love her, give her anything she wants and turn that faucet on for her anytime. She's a good oldster who is much loved. 

Trucker:  He was rechecked again. The surgery game plan is still the same. We will do a mid-femur amputation on one leg, then do the second one later. His legs continue to "grow". Not really any more than any other cat, but because they are completely stiff, they appear very long. He is having some issues because of that---it's difficult to get in the litterbox because his legs get caught on everything. Oh my goodness, this is a happy boy! He loves us all (and the cammers too---he told me so!). We even rank above his chicken! He now weighs 3.06. We'd like him to be 4 pounds and to be over his eye virus problem. We're working on both things.

Caleb: what a sweet boy. As you know, he was retrieved with a bit of difficulty from the motor of a car. Somehow he injured his front paw. Dr. Darcy confirmed yesterday that it's a fracture. Because he was a wee baby when he came, surgery was not an option. Now that it's been a few weeks, the bone is already healing. I am glad that it's in fairly good alignment. He will be fine!

Dashielle: This little baby also arrived with a very bad fractured rear leg. What a wonderful kitten he is. He was found on a road, so we assume it was a HBC. His leg, while it's trying to heal, is not in good alignment at all and is causing problems. He's dragging the foot which is causing a fairly big friction site. Also where the bone went thru the skin is a worry. He is on antibiotics. As soon as he is bigger, that leg will have to be amputated. There is no working with these severe fractures in his leg.

We also had a return yesterday. Vaun, the manx kitten, is back. She looks good, was well loved and the family is sad about the return. She will be back in the Main Area soon.

Derecho, the Director of Cats, was most upset last night. For real. He came to me with a problem. He had been watching two of the cats---you know he is the overseerer of the Rescue Center. He observed that they were picking at each other. Things were not happy and there was discord. The other cats felt it too. And so they too were a bit grumpy and picky. I actually noticed it too--a few swipes here, a snarl there, where usually there isn't any of that. Normally they are a big happy family. But, these two particular cats let it get the best of them and there was a big bickering argument. Not a pretty sight. Well, Derecho stepped in, and stopped that right then and there.  We are a place of peace--that's what he told them. And why do that in the first place? Well, their answer was such a minor simple little thing. One didn't share a piece of chicken with the other. And instead of meowing about it (the equivalent of a discussion), they let it build until it was a mountain of tension. All over something so little. Derecho reminded them:

This Rescue Center is a place of JOY!
Please....only bring peace, friendship and a good heart without our walls.
And so it is.  Peace was restored, chicken was shared and a sense of family came over the group again. Derecho wanted you all to know his story and that he takes his "job" seriously. 

Sometimes I get a bit discouraged. We try our hardest and bestest with the care that our cats receive. My goal is to adopt out a perfectly healthy cat or kitten. Well, I know in my head that that is impossible. There is always something that can happen. Take parasites--external parasites are easy to fight. For cats--the main ones are fleas, ticks, lice, maggots and even ear mites. We can take care of these problems. But, those pesky internal parasites are another story. There are many, many parasites that a cat can harbor. We declare war on these things, but we don't always win. There's roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, tapeworms, heartworms, giardia, coccidia, tritrichomonas, cryptosporidium--such a lovely group of worms that can invade cats. Many of these have to have a specific medicine to take care of business, sometimes for days of treatments. Some of these are easy to detect, some are difficult. Some are simple tests, some are expensive tests that have to be sent away. Some require special compounding of meds that need to be used.  I feel we do a good job on parasite control. But, it's almost impossible to catch it all. But, our intentions are good in trying our best. Thanks for listening---I feel better! 

Well, Derecho is calling. He wants to talk again. I think this time it's about treats! I also have to have a word with Merri. She did a great thing today--she was able to get up on the princess bed by herself. And there, she is staying! No other cats allowed. She's claimed it and it's her. I think we need to have a talk on sharing! What a girl! So proud of her though for this accomplishment! 

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday, September 27

It's surgery day! But this one is different. Instead of starting in the morning, it won't be until this afternoon. We should be able to start physicals around 1:15.  As you may know, all physicals are done first, followed by the boy surgeries then the girl surgeries. Here is our list for today:

Females:  Esmee, Mudjie, Niffie, Murphy and possibly the female of the white/tiger group
Males: Mathias, Vernon, and possibly 4 of the white/tiger group

We have also taken on 2 more cats in the last few days.  One is a very pretty white/black female. We will do a surgical shave on her tummy and see if she is spayed already. She was left in the driveway on Tuesday night, in a crate. She appears to be healthy and is tested negative. 

The other one is a big boy tom cat. An all brown tiger that is a bit thin, but still a large cat. He is all-boy and will be relieved of his "parts" today also, so he is added to our surgery list. He's a handsome boy that loves to talk. His name is Bear-Bear (a Name a Cat name). 

I am sad to tell you that we lost one of the 6 white/tiger kittens. It was the grey tiger/white that had mild American Short Hair markings. She just never grew. Her weight stayed at 1.07 while her siblings are all at or close to 2.00. Within 5 minutes of displaying signs that she was in trouble, she was gone. I'm so sorry to have to tell you this. Will talk to Dr. Darcy about this today. The rest of the litter appears to be great. 

Big thanks to Joni for making her awesome FFRC cat tiles and then doing the announced Flash Sales of them too. I so appreciate you!  We've been already packing and shipping! 

We also had a quickie auction yesterday with two of Joni's 4-piece sets of tiles. One small set/one large set. Set #1 went for $150, by Marilyn Sau.   Set #2 went for $110, by Hull286.   I appreciate each and every bid. You all are wonderful! 

Big happy news! We had FOUR adoptions yesterday! First, Cameron went to his new home. His new mama had been waiting for him. It's nice when we do adoptions on Fridays and the new family is home for the weekend to help with the newness. I know Cameron will be so happy! Next it was Karena's turn! Her new mama came in with the thought of adopting a different cat, but Karena made her intentions known. SHE was to be the one and so it was! The third one to go was our awesome Jatcat. Jatcat was acting like a sweet baby in her new mama's arms. It was so nice to see. I'm happy for her. Last, Integrity went home. His new mama was thrilled. She too had been waiting all week to pick him up. He's a purr boy for her! 

We are expecting possibly 3 more adoptions this weekend, probably on Sunday. Will keep you posted. 

I know it bothers people when other people leave cats on the sly here at FFRC. To be honest, it would be nice if we were able to obtain information about the cats that are left here. We are literally clueless if they've had any previous medical care, if there's a current medical problem, etc.  But, at least the cats are safe, hopefully within a crate. We are full here, so we always hope for not many drop-offs. But when it happens, we try our best to do right by these cats. And to be thankful they weren't just dropped off in a woods, in a trash container or tossed out of a car. There's always something good that can be thought of each situation. 

We also remind every person who adopts from us--"If you are no longer able to keep or take care of your FFRC cat, we take back 100% of our cats. It doesn't matter how much time has gone by or for what reason. Just call and we will gladly set up a time for you to bring back your pet. We always hope every adoption is for the lifetime of the cat, but we also understand that things happen."  

We also put on our information that goes home with an adoption---"The volunteers and I love what we do here at FFRC. Our intentions are to only adopt out healthy cats and kittens--their best interest is truly the highest priority for us. We realize that occasionally a cat may become ill after adoption. From the minute a cat arrives at FFRC to the moment they are adopted, we work very hard on their health and happiness. Our intentions are true, in that we really do care about every cat that comes our way, never intending any harm." 

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your family and pets! And thank you for loving our cats and enjoying them! 

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday, September 25

Yeah for Gusti! She was so kind and gave up her surgery slot to allow our vets to have time to see our Thomas.  Gusti now weighs 2.11 and we will remake her surgery appt. very soon. But, it was Thomas that needed to go for a vet visit. He's done this once before and it cleared up quickly with treatment---bloody urine. This time it didn't want to be controlled. So, off to the vets for an ultrasound. Our problem was how Thomas would handle this. Stress does weird things to our Thomas boy--either can send him to where a seizure is imminent or makes him frazzled and unworkable. So, to keep him calm, we gave him an injection as we loaded him up (to help keep calm).  And then upon arrival, they took him straight in, gave a mild sedative and did his ultrasound. If he needed surgery, they were prepared to do immediately. But this was not the case. No bladder stones. So, he was immediately put back in his crate and was driven straight back to FFRC. Thanks to Donna and Larry for their transport in this. 

So this morning, Thomas' symptoms progressed to where he was not urinating. I talked to our vet several times this morning. A combination of meds was given, he took a good long nap and then he got up and peed a big puddle!  And peed blood-free too! Where else can we be so thrilled for pottying as we are here?!! Hopefully, now Thomas is on his way to recovery. We know his bladder is extremely thickened and that he has crystals too. A urine culture will tell us more when it's done.

CathyKay's babies are growing, and growing and growing! For their age, they are quite large. Lots of rolls (or more politely said, extra tissue!), they've opened their eyes 3-6 days early and their ears are already up and listening! They are incredible. CathyKay is a wonderful mama. So sweet and laid back.

Joni is here and is planning an announced Flash Sale this evening at 5:00.  She has a lot of her wonderful tiles. Some are current cats, some past cats, even Einstein--lots of different tiles! The regular size is $6 a piece, or if you buy 3 you get the 4th free! The big ones are $10, straight out. All are wonderful and a great reminder of our FFRC cats. Thanks to Joni for all of her hard work. Check it out, starting at 5:00.  

We are planning on an AUCTION tomorrow (not a raffle). It will be on a 4-set regular size tile and a 4-set of the large tile. Each are one of a kind. The small tiles are of: Albert, Tonio, Doce and Twinkle.  The large tiles are of: Emaline & Putter together, Bravo, Paul holding Adora and Badu. Keep an eye open on the Chatters FB Page! 

We had BOXES last night. So very grateful!
Gill H from UK--4 cat scarves, so beautiful
Diana/South America--a beautiful cake for our 12 million views!, 4 chicken pieces for the kittys
Aunty Fi from UK--for baby Cita, Gusti and friends--case of kitten fancy feast, 40 lb. bag of Precious kitty litter
DonnaJB--2 of the 40 lb bags of Precious kitty litter, 2 cases KMR, 2 cases Wellness canned cat food
Mimi and Buddy from FL--pop tabs for Kellen, coupons and newspaper article
Faithy MD and Bobby--PJ bottoms, pop tabs for Kellen, vanilla wafers and coupons
Susan G--for the Porchies: box of Temptation snackers, 4 Gerber baby rice cereal
Anonymous Friend--for Slick, case of baby food (which he ate some of this morning!)
Deb11111--3 cases Friskies Pate variety packs, 3 cases Friskies chicken flavor
Rebecca H from UK--card, quen Bella book mark
Betz from PA--card and donation to help buy chicken for the cats
Margaret S/Pauline--donation for FFRC
Donna JB--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Kathy L--donation for FFRC
Marilyn H from FL--donation for FFRC
Carmel D from France--donation for FFRC
Aimee R from UK--donation for FFRC

Luigi's feet are growing so so big! He's learning how to strut and play! Derecho just got done bathing two kittens--Caleb and Veora.  Nobbin is laying in the window sill watching the birds at the feeders---one of his favorite pasttimes. Kerri Kat--what a beauty. She's watching the kittens playing. Milo does his gallop-prance style walking when he's playing with the kitties. Such a very nice boy. This morning, Columbus growled at one of the adult cats, took a bite of her food and walked off--such a brave baby!

We have it figured out....finally! The Porchies will be well cared for this winter and many winters to come. After doing much price comparing and searching, we've decided to purchase a Porchie Shed. It will easily house all 16 Porchies if they so desire. Remember---they can also go in the Sunporch. This Porchie Shed will have multiple beds in it--enough to be comfortable. And it'll be easy to clean too. We're looking for it to be delivered this next week. It will have just one door but will have 2 windows. That will let the light in and the breeze too in the warmer months. The cats were part of our planning committee! 

We have a few cats possibly spoken for: Aubie,  Cameron, Hillsborough, Integrity, Kerri Kat, Mahoganey and Mich. Happy adoption days ahead! 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tuesday, September 23

12 million and counting!  Wow---we went over the 12,000,000 mark yesterday evening of total views on our webcam. Simply amazing to me. I am so grateful for what you all do for this Rescue Center. Not only are you all supporters in one way or another, you have becomes friends with us and with each other. Pretty neat FFRCNation!

Because of our 12 million views, we at FFRC wanted to say thank you.  So....we had a special name drawing for various gifts and items from our store! We drew 26 names out! I so enjoyed that! Lynnette and I spent the afternoon gathering up all the names---many, many of them--a huge pile of names!  We gathered up the mods, the admins, volunteers, chatters and the lurkers that we knew of. What fun! Congrats! But, please know that I am sincerely thankful for each and every one of you. 

We have lots of thank yous to give---straight from our heart!
Scott & Cathy D--a donation to FFRC to continue our work
Phil & Judy (Sunday visitors)--misc. paper, paper towels, case Fancy Feast, Lysol and Clorox wipes, Clorox cleaner bottle
Jennifer/jwilli667--eye glass cleaner & wipes (for computer screens and cam lens), laundry HE soap
Meredith M from WA--donation to FFRC, in honor of WarpedinMN/Connie's generous rug donations.
Aunty Fi--donation to help with Trucker's medical bills
Kathy K/justme--donation to help celebrate the 12 M views!!
Robotman--stickers for our Ft. Wayne Hannah, and stamps for FFRC
Anonymous Friend--stone for Pablo te queremos (we love you)
Susan M/macncheesemom--note with donation
Elaine, Allan and LittleKat--card and pictures, gift card for KFC and donation
Tom & Linda C from IL--donation
Anonymous Friend--coupons
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Brody M from PA--feathers
Anonymous Friend--Chief tapes
Nona from NY--coupons and itty bitty feathers!

We had another adoption later on Sunday. Samara went to her new home. Her mom/dad frequently visited her and so she probably had an easy adjustment. She has a cat friend at home. We're thrilled with her healing capabilities!

Slick, also known as Slickerish, is at the vet's office right now for a much needed dental. Our friends, Donna and Larry transported him there and will also bring him home later today. Tomorrow is Gusti's important day.  She is an amazing kitten! Please send good thoughts and prayers for both of these special surgery cats.

The 6 litter of kittens are doing great. Each day they are friendlier and sweeter! Yvette spent a lot of time with them--babying them and sweet talking them. Little Columbus, who came here acting like he didn't like those other cats and kittens, now is a sweetie with them and naps with his new families. Caleb and Dashielle will both have their little legs looked at on Saturday, the day of our surgery. 

Veora is one of the loviest kittens ever. Such a beauty too. Nuffie's tail is healing, although she still has some soreness there. Luige is growing by leaps and bounds. His feet and front legs are quite big. He's going to be a big boy! Mudjie is filling out already and her fur is so much softer. It's amazing what can happen when the fleas are gone. Her hundreds of scabs are also healing and going away. Today is the day that Tim will be arriving at his new home in Washington with Teva and Purrza. So far, so good, on this very long trip. 

Take care, yeah for 12 million, thank you for your friendship and keep on loving those cats! 

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21, Sunday

We had 2 adoptions on Friday. Tim, a webcam friend adopted Teva and Purrza. He is a young man traveling to his new home in the state of Washington. His dad is along to help with getting his new home set up. And along with them are our 2 wonderful cats. I've heard from Tim a couple times now--sounds like the traveling is going pretty good. Tim has a heart full of love for cats!

I am in need of telling you about Sadie, with a heavy heart. Sadie has had a very rough week--her behavior episodes have grown worse and worse. We've been trying so hard to work with her--using meds, keeping her calm, etc., to no avail. It hit me hard towards the end of the week that Sadie is not living a quality life. She is just existing in a tormented state. With sadness, Sadie was released from her life on Saturday morning. On this particular cat, I feel a sense of relief for Sadie. I feel her life now is more peaceful than she's been here. Thank you all for caring about this special girl.

Oh dear---what a hard time we've been having with Ustream. Our admin Rita/Canton said it way better than I could, so here goes, from Canton:

"Ustream, Iscream, we all scream at Ustream….but for now, it is what it is. We’ve expressed our concern to them, hopefully everyone will enter a support ticket with them and express your frustration.
We all want to watch the cats and chat (unless we are lurkers and we just want to watch the cats!) Well meaning people have provided different links to ways to ‘get around’ ustream. These links are to “back doors” where FFRC does not get any ad revenue, cannot promote as it is a violation of ustream rules, putting FFRC in a very difficult position. As a result, until further notice:
Please do not post to other means to access the cam. Please fill out a support ticket with ustream so we can put pressure on them to resolve the difficulties.
Posts with additional links to non-authorized sites will be removed.
The only authorized site is or thru ustream itself:
As always, we will get through this (we’ve had this happen in the past and come through stronger than ever!)
Thank you for supporting FFRC, we know it’s frustrating and we know we are all here to watch and support our beloved cats. As Sevaun always says “sometimes the litterbox is full and sometimes it isn’t.” We really don’t know what she means by that, but hey, let’s focus on it for a while!"

Thank you, Canton.  And the following is from me!: 
There is a lot of hub-bub about our Petfinders and Ustream. And our chatters are finding ways to access it in different ways. The fact is, right now, we cannot change the chat. We're stuck with whatever Ustream gives us unless, because of complaints filed, they change it. When you access other sites, even though there may be ads, FFRC does not get the revenue from the ads.  Monthly, we normally receive about $2,000 from UStream for the ads. That figure for this month, is already down.  And on some of these sites, we do NOT have permission to use that person's pictures that may be on it.  That happened before and it was not a pleasant experience for FFRC.  Of course, we cannot control this or what our viewers do, but I'd; like you to encourage folks to use the regular chat. Thank you for your help with this. Hopefully, soon, things will straighten out.  So.......let's just deal with it, keep a smile on, hang onto your patience and just enjoy the cats! Yep, that's what Anony and Derecho want you to do too! 

We have lots of thanks to give! You all are just awesome, caring people!
PSW--a donation to help with FFRC's "Helping Hand" Spay & Neuter Fund (this is for spays/neuters OUTSIDE of FFRC
Conii--donation to FFRC
PSW--sends a special thanks to you all for the feathers she's been receiving. Project underway! 
Mary H from Archbold--3 towels, soft and big!
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 4 boxes Purrfectly Fish, big bag of Purina One
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--note, 8 bags of Party Mix snackers with bacon for Cita and friends
Christine P--case of 9-Lives
LJ323--note, large pck scrubbie sponges, ziploc bags, 8 cans Chicken, pre-cooked bacon for Cita/friends, kitty snackers, 2 bags Sunkist Gems, 4 bags Nutter Butter Bites
Pat our Thursday Vol--set of handwarmers/scarf
Christine & David with Yuki, Anya & Miyu--3 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 2 cases Iams kitten, case of Friskies adult
Vagabond Village--donation from their 50/50 drawing at their Car Show
Shawn--made a very nice BD for all the Covies!
Ellen E--donation to helpwith the "Helping Hand" spay/neuter Fund

We had our RAFFLE Friday night.  What a lot of fun. And I have tons of appreciation for you all--whether you bought a ticket, won, lost, watched---you are all appreciated! Our raffle was worth $3,400. Isn't that just amazing! Many thanks to you. I promise to always use every single penny wisely.
A--afghan and certificate (2 winners)  Aimee R from London & Linda V from USA
B--Candy Stripe Rug--Rainyday28
C--Brocade Afghan--Dava M
D--Laurel Burch bags--Ladydoc
E--Mink soft blanket--Oilsandsgirl
F--Kitty Goard light--JustMe
Donnajb bumped the $3285 by $115 to make it $3,400! Thank you.
Our consolation prizes were won by: Nigel W, Linda V, Ellen, Susan B, Debra M, Pamela T, June K and Carol O.  

FFRCNation=One Nation, One Heart=One group of people who have tremendous hearts for each other and for the FFRC cats. I am beholden to you all. 

Our new 6 kittens have a little friend. His name is Columbus and was rescued by our own volunteer, Julie. He's a dandy--so cute and sweet. He's about 6 weeks old, silver, white and black, long hair. And he loves to be held. 

Our little Dashielle will have to have his rear leg looked at soon. He's way too small for surgical repair, so we will have to get the advise of our vets. Doesn't stop him though--he scampers everywhere! I talked to the man that was involved with his rescue yesterday, sounds like he too was stuck in a car motor, like Caleb. Caleb's front leg is involved. We'll see what is recommended for him too.

Saturday is our next surgical date. It's different in that it will be in the afternoon, instead of morning. Will make for a long day, but it's important. We'll get as many spayed/neutered as time permits. 

Do you know who was the first Covie? Jonah. What Porchie cat is it that was named for what he did the first five days he was here? Mew--all he did was talk to us--had a big long story to tell us! What kitten was found on the road, injured and brought in by our carpenter friend? Bella. WHo is the last kitten left of the Werlor kittens? Punita. Who is Karena's sister? Ratchet. Which cat was found between a store outside wall and a cement wall, stuck? Zelda!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday, Sept. 18

Did I say we were cat/kitten overloadeth a few days ago?  Hmmmm, well, we are really overloadeth now.  We took in 6 more kittens last night. This was a situation I felt we really needed to help the person. She has promised to spay two female cats, which we will also offer her help with. There's times when you just have to stretch the limits and we are definitely there. The boat is full. These 6 kittens are 5 boys and 1 girl. They are all a blend of whites, greys and tiger markings.  A tad shy but we can help with that. 

We had BOXES last night and actually didn't get to open quite all of them. The reason is because of the arrival of the 6 kittens.  They needed baths (overloaded with fleas), vaccinations, wormings and capstars. They are now squeaky clean. We will probably move them soon to Cat's Corner Room so they have room to stretch. They are about 6-7 weeks old.

Many thanks for the items that we received last night!
Vicki B--donation for FFRC, to be used as needed
Nona--3 cases KMR, bottle of flea/tick shampoo for cats
Lauren/Clydsdale & Andy from CO--2 bags of Purina One Kitten
Cessna Z--1 big case of paper towels!
Vicki B--6 wonderful bags of Royal Canin baby dry
Mich S--for the "outside the Center" spay and neuters that we help with!
Deb C--for the "outside FFRC" spay and neuter fund!
Nancy/Purple--a donation to FFRC in honor of Dawn E (vol)
Nancy/Purple--a donation to FFRC in honor of Pat (visitor at Catstock)
Nancy/Purple--a donation to FFRC in honor of Beth
Nancy/Purple--a donation to FFRC in honor of svcathy and Scott

Yeah to Ustream!  They just paid to PayPal $1,847.66 for the ad times on our site. It's a wonderful thing! 

Samara had her surgery yesterday. Kelly R (our visitor) was kind enough to transport her there and back. When I put her in her pen to rest upon arriving home, she looked like she was rearing to go! She was convinced to stay in the pen and take a nap. Then she was out and about!  CathyKay is one wonderful mama. Oh my goodness, those babies are chunks (don't know how to say that politely!). But, they are round! I just checked the sex on these 4 and I am tentatively saying there are 3 girls/1 boy.  Why tentatively? How do I say this politely too? There are rolls of chubbiness around their tails that folds the skin up. Hard to get a good visual. Well, anyhow, they sure are cute! 

We have rescheduled Gusti for her surgery for next Weds.  I just felt that we need her weight boosted a bit more for this eye surgery. It's a rather lengthy surgery and we want to play on the side of caution. This morning when I picked her up, she seemed like she gained over night--she's letting us know she's about ready to get this done! 

Short blog--have lots of treatments to do today! Go hug your pet or send hug waves to the FFRC cats thru the cam! They can also feel it! 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weds., September 17

The raffle is on! This is an extra wonderful raffle.  Tickets are $5 a piece. You can still put in your ticket desires till midnight Thursday night.  The raffle drawing will be at 6:00 Friday and BOXES will be at 5:30 pm.

Wow--we had 3 adoptions yesterday! Sweet Holiday went to her new home. We delivered her to her new home. When we left, she was already sitting on the gentleman's lap---just what we wanted for her! The other two cats----hmmmm, wonder who they are?! Yes, Steve and I have adopted 2 more cats. I wasn't sure if I would pass the adoption process, but I must've! Zertle is now a Moss. Another Z cat that fits right in. She's another bump under all the blankies that are lying around in the house for the Z's! I love it when she takes her forehead and just holds it on my face. It's her "thing"!  The other cat we adopted is Slick. He just kinda slicked his way right into our hearts. I asked Steve about us officially adopting both of these cats and the answer was yes. Slick already told he he wasn't budging from being inside anyway! He's an awesome boy. Yes, he's FIV, but he has such an extreme mellow personality here, he is trustworthy. He is not going to bite (the way that FIV is spread). I feel confident and he is welcome in our home. He's a major leg wrapper--as soon as I go in the house, there he is.....doing figure 8's around my legs!

Remember we want to put together a collection of Catstock pictures.  Feel free to send them to my email address!

CathyKay is dong wonderful. Her weight is good and the 4 babies are little pudgy pies! I don't think I've seen babies with such bellies as they have.  Mudjie, our half bald gold kitten is doing wonderful. Her personality is shining and she craves being petted. Already her skin is improving and fur is coming back. All due to not having fleas now and having good food. Caleb and Cita, the two buddies, are happy kittens. Caleb's leg is still limpy but able to put weight on it. It seems to be in fairly good alignment. He's way too small for a surgical fix, so time will be his treatment. Niffie, the new grey tiger/slight torti has fit right in. Her tail wound is healing and her dressing is now off of her tail. She was so hungry that she's making up for lost time---always eating! Dashielle's leg is also improving. We will have this looked at on the surgery day, but he too is way too small for any surgical fix.

Esmee, Joanne Ellen and Mathias are still good friends. They like everyone, but come naptime they are frequently cuddled in the same round ball of sleep.  Hillsborough is one ornery boy---love it! He's here, there and everywhere, just playing his heart out. Jarvis and Luige have become good playmates. Liberti is sleeping soundly beside me on the desk.

We have some thank you!
Jacqueline NR--kitty litter box & scoop, water/food bowl, fun tunnel, dry cat food (a new chatter, moved to our road Power Dam!)
Zelda Belda and friend!--lots of nuts, cashews, pistachios, Russel Stovers chocolate, BBQ pork jerky, many cans of salmon, sardines, clams and chicken.  All the cats say thanks!
TomP from NJ and Buddy & Ashley--Halloween kitty card, pop tabs for Kellen, box tops for Caryn
Lauren/Clydsdale & Andy from CO (found Holiday)--6 cases of Fancy Feast variety
Joann C/Joco--bag of Old Dutch Puffed Corn Caramel corn---yum
Anonymous Friend--kick toys for Pania, Joey, doggie snackers, 6 blankies, pillow cases, band-aids, triple antibiotic ointment, wall charger surge protector with USB ports, duct tape, 2 boxes K-cup teas, 2 bags Jelly Belly popcorn flavor, chocolate & popcorn candy bar
Carla C/beachcat with kitties--card with donation and feathers
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday cards with $5 for snackers for LeLe, LaDonna, Honey, Fabio
Jwilli--eye glass cleaner and wipes for cam screen, HE laundry soap
Jean and Neil S from OH--donation for kitty care
Marcia S--donation to be used where most needed
Julie & David P from UK--donation for chicken for Trucker and friends

Just another reminder---if I have not used your Name a Cat name and you paid for one, please let me know.  Remember--we had an "accident" with the name paper (yes, I can honestly blame it on a cat!).

Samara's spay is today. She is expected to be adopted this Monday. Her mom/dad comes frequently to visit her which is so nice. Samara already loves them. Cameron is now on hold! He will go later next week!

Who is the only cat that can go outside in the dog kennel?  Bella. Who is our oldest cat here?  Ada Jane (bd 1995)  What cat came to us because of our friend cgcry? Asha. What cat came with Solee, from Columbus, OH?  Cozarelii.  What cat is actually adopted by Gregg by stays here at FFRC? Cutie. Who is our seizure cat that was found in the woods? Farrah.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 15

Happy Birthday! Wow--today is a big birthday day.  And they are all Covies. They will get an extra special treat for the whole Covie gang and the Porchies too since they're all friends. LaDonna (torti) is now 7 (she arrived 9/08),  LeLe (torti) is now 10 (she arrived the summer of 2005). Honey (black/white) is now 11 years old (she arrived 6/24/04). Charlie (brown tiger) is now 7 years old (he arrived 3/08). A tuna/chicken feast is going to happen! 

I have some sad news to share. Our little Pablo has gone on to our heavens. He had another "episode" this weekend. That made 3, each progressively worse. In between he would improve but never made it back all the way. After many conversations with our vets, his diagnosis is the Dry form of FIP.  He has the classical symptoms. Remember--the tests for FIP is very complex and never 100% definitive. This last episode this weekend added more confirmation of this diagnosis.  Remember, whether it's the wet or dry form of FIP--it's unpredictable, unpreventable and untreatable. Pablo is in a much better place now, as he was no longer enjoying life. These decisions are extremely hard for me. But, I promise every cat and kitten that comes here a good quality of life--we don't want suffering, We rarely euthanize but when life is in the process of passing, I feel "right" in helping them pass in peace and surrounded by compassion. Please also be assured that what Pablo had is not contagious to the other cats. 

We are in the process of thinking ahead to winter. We want to make sure that all is ready, especially for the Covies and Porchies and Barnies.  The Barnies are pretty easy--they have heater boxes/beds that keep them toasty and they love the hay bale piles. The Covies will go to Kitty City where they are protected against the rains, winds and snows. We usually move them in late November/early December and take them back to Cat's Cove in early April. It all depends on the weather. Now, the Porchies are another matter.  Their sunporch (hence their name) is nice, but Kuranda towers don't offer much snuggle places for winter. Last winter was ok as we only had 6 Porchies and we were able to do heated beds. This year we now have 16 Porchies. Steve and I are hoping to be looking at a different "system" of keeping them warm this winter. More on this later when we have it figured out. 

Do you know all of the Porchie names?  Here they are: Fabio, Cliff, Mew, Hank, Big Al, Olaf, Azar, Zavatar, Whiskers, Shamballie, Jimmy James (JJ), Defi, Austin, Blake, Grady and PB. Notice they are all boys!

We have some thanks to give for donations to FFRC: Sheila/oilsandsgirl, Renee C, Arden & Charmaine, Andrea F, Joanne V and Elskates. You are appreciated! 

Our webmaster, Clay, would like to do something fun in memory of Catstock. If you have pictures of Catstock, feel free to send them to this email:  He will then take them and put them together. When he's done, everyone will be able to view them! If you are sending pics, I won't be taking those specific emails, so don't send anything but pictures (like if you have questions, etc.).  Label them CATSTOCK PICTURES. 

We are going to have a quick Raffle. We're in the process of putting it together right now. Diana is still here for her visit from S. America. She has kindly donated a certificate for a portrait from Wanda. We'd like to have this raffle while Diana is still here.  It will start Tuesday and end Thursday at midnight. The drawing will be Friday evening at 6:00.  BOXES will be at 5:30 that evening.  Come join the fun! 

Which Porchie has a clipped left ear? Grady.  Which Porchie is the only long hair cat? Fabio.  Which Covie is the only long hair cat? Oliver. Which Covie is Connie's favorite (shhh, don't tell the others)? Charlie. Which cat in the Rescue Center use to get "stuck" in a corner and couldn't find his way out? Ming (but he's much better now!). Which cat loves dogs? Camvie 

Remember--each and every one of us can make an impact in this world. Choose your "thing" and do something positive for it. No matter how small of an impact you may think you're making, it's still an impact--and that can grow and grow! Makes for a good feeling! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday, September 14

Lucy Ann has arrived. from BENCHES in Minnesota.  She is the girl that became sad and depressed being in a cage. The wonderful thing is that I got to meet Katherine, the director. She herself drove the many hours to bring Lucy Ann here to FFRC.  It was a joy to "talk shop" with her--a real genuinely caring person. Lucy Ann decided on the trip here, that being out of the pen was what she wanted and needed and became at ease. She is already out of her pen in the back Thumper's Room and seems relaxed. She loves head rubs! What a joy! 

The babies of CathyKay are doing great. I love their little fuzzy fur. They are already round!

We have a returned cat. Jatcat is back, but all is well.  Her mom/dad are wonderful and terrific cat owners. In this situation, they realized that they had a resident cat that has been unhappy about another cat in the house and made things uncomfortable for Jatcat.  While they have much love for Jatcat, they have put the needs of Jatcat above their own wants of having her. A very unselfish act for which I am grateful. I thank them for caring so much about Jatcat.

We have some thanks to give! 
Frances J--donation for FFRC
Jack & Tomi--donation for FFRC
Diane D/ruffle--case of Iams chicken kitten can

Let's talk about cat food! I love walking thru the rescue center and petting these cats. You can tell the difference of a newly arrived cat to one that's been here for a while. They are shiny---as they should be! Here's what we do here that I think works just fine. We take the dry cat food that we receive and mix it together. The quality is good, nutritional food. Also remember, Iams is kind enough to donate to us. There may be 4-6 different kinds, but all of good quality. Then when a cat is adopted, a bag of this is sent home with them. Normally, the dry food that the new family has bought is one of the foods that's already in the bag. It's an easy transition with no tummy troubles! The same goes with the dry kitten food. 

There's two things that are especially hard for me. One is never having enough room for all the cats and kittens that want to come here. It's simply impossible. The need far outweighs the number of homes that are out there. I worry. What happens to these cats or kittens? Are they ok? Are they hungry? I have to keep re-focusing myself to the task at hand and continue to encourage spaying and neutering. Such an easy solution--but one that meets with much resistance. The second is the health of the cats and kittens that are here. Oh my goodness---that is a constant worry. We clean, we vaccinate, we worm, we observe, we wash hands, we check and check ourselves--what can we do to help them be and stay healthy. This year we added the Bordetella vaccine which has helped immensely. But, like with any large group of cats, things still happens sometimes. When it does, we tackle it head on. The health of our cats is very important to us.

Let's talk about our adoption fee! Our adoption fee is $90. But, what that includes far outweighs that $90! In using our discounted prices, we still have at least $350 in each cat. What does that cover?! Let me list the ways--a capstar and bath upon arrival, 2-3 distemper vaccinations, 2 leukemia vaccinations, vet physical, 4-5 wormings, a leukemia/fiv/heartworm test upon arrival with a repeat of this test about a month after arrival, the spay/neuter, Bordatella vaccination, monthly flea prevention, ear cleanings. Anything else needed medically is then on top of that. We feel that if we take on the responsibility of a cat or kitten, then we are committed to good medical care. 

Who zips, zooms and goes like the wind? Cayden. Who has the thickest front legs here? Nobbin. Who loves the hammock in Dodger's Pen the best? Teva. Who waits above the door of the purple office each morning for breakfast? Mahogany. Who loves to step on as many breakfast plates as possible? Emma Jo. Who just ate my zucchini muffin that I was saving for breakfast?Jarvis--yes, Jarvis and I just told him he's in trouble, but he just grumbled and kept on eating it. Oh well--I'll have my cereal! 

Have a great day.'s still officially summer. Reach out and grab a kitten or cat and hustle to a vet's office for a spay/neuter. Remember....those kittens that were born in March and April are possible baby-makers this fall. Please help...spay and neuter. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Saturday, Sept. 13

We are cat and kitten over-runneth. Somehow we've had a bit of a cat population explosion here this week. Here's an explanation:
Holiday--long hair gold torti/tiger. Some folks driving to Colorado was at a Holiday Inn near Bryan. . Holiday had been there for a week and was hungry. A real nice cat! She arrived 9/7.

Annette--a short hair black female, 3 years old. She has a big white splotch on her tummy. She was left in a crate by our dumpster on 9/12.  Her crate had a message on it that her owners died, the family put her out and neighbors brought her here. She weighs 11.04.

Mudjie--a gold/buff female, about 1 year old.  She only weighs 5.05 and was completely covered in fleas to the point that she probably only has 50% of her fur. She was on the hood of Peggy S's car, trying to stay warm. She's now flea free and cannot get enough pettings. 

Caleb--a grey tiger/white kitten, about 5 weeks old. Arrived 9/12. My daughter in law, Dina was at Verizon when she kept hearing a lion size meow. After some searching, she realized it was coming from inside the motor of a car parked there. Beth came upon the scene too and helped. When the hood was opened, it was realized they needed help. A fella with long arms came along and was able to extract Caleb. He has a very sore front left leg that we will be keeping track of. He weighs 1.03.

Cita--a muted calico, about 4 weeks old. She was found along some woods, by a road by 2 men who were very worried that she may be eaten by coyotes. She only weighs 14 ounces. She is gorgeous and has become friends with Caleb. She was meowing so so loud, that's how the guys found her. She has a bit of a raspy throat.                                                                                                                                 
CathyKay--a grey tiger/white cat about 11 months old, arrived very pregnant on 9/6. Yesterday she weighed 9.06. It was noted that her abdomen was a bit hard and babies were asquirmin'. This morning at 2;00 am, Mary H from Arch knocked on the door to tell me we had kittens! I moved her to a pen where she is quite content. We have 4 babies and they are big! They weigh 4 ounces each and appear to have some fuzzy fur. One is grey tiger/white and three are black with white toes/feet, chins and tummies. CathyKay and babies are doing great. 
                                                                                                                                                                    Our Lina Precious cat is now with our Toledo friend who is babying Lina up big time! Lina needs lots of TLC and self-confidence building. She's not happy with the other cats here at all so it was hard to convince her that she was ok. I'm keeping in touch with the situation. This is the cat that our friend Xenomolina asked us to take. Rita from Wisconsin brought her with her when she came for Catstock. 

Zertyle is still visiting in the house with my other Z's.  See the real story is.....she was lonesome for some naked cats and found out that I have some in the house. She had a need to cuddle with them. So, when she's done cuddling, she'll probably make her way out here to the Rescue Center! 

Slick is doing awesome. Oh my goodness, there couldn't be very many cats nicer than him. He's symptom free of FIV right now, is eating good, his fur is growing and I swear he knows how to smile! 

The 3 kittens that came in close together are doing wonderful. They are Joanne Ellen, Esmee and Mathias. They seem to find each other for play and nap time. They are up in main area during the day but still go in the back Thumper's Room for night time. I had a talk with Joanne Ellen and she's quite happy with her full name being used---so Joanne Ellen it is! 

Gusti--our little sweetie girl is in the main area also during the day. Her bad eye has shrunk a little bit. I weighed her this morning and she weighs 2.01. I am hoping that she will gain a few more ounces before Weds. when her eye removal is scheduled.  If not, then her surgery will be postponed. 

 I am so happy when someone has a question about a cat or kitten of FFRC's and they ask me! I would rather be asked, then to speculate or to wonder about it or to get wrong information.  The question was: is it really necessary to amputate Trucker's rear legs?  Please know that this is always a last resort. If we can save a leg, we are happy to do so. But, in Trucker's case, those legs are truly a hindrance to him. As his body grows, so do the legs. They are completely stiff and now project clear up to his ears when he lays them up over his body. His legs cannot go behind him. This makes it hard to get up on things and to get around and over things. Those stiff sticks push against him many times a day. The other real concern is the thinness of the skin on the legs where he rubs on the floor. His skin is thinner and thinner and has had a few red marks at times. We do not want a lesion to form. When he has his surgery, the tiny tiny bit of muscle that he has on his legs will be used to build a pad. His surgery will be similar to Coralie's--midshaft femur. I have a feeling that as fast as he can go now, he will be flying later! We will do one leg, wait a couple weeks and then do the other. That is the tentative plan right now. He weighs 3.01 this morning. We'd love to get him closer to 4 pounds if his skin holds up on his legs. Thank you for caring about this amazing boy. 

We have thanks to give! We had BOXES Thursday evening!
SVCathy and Scott--Trader Joe's products, so the yumminess factor is high! 4 bags popcorn, 1 bag Africa chips, 6 chocolate covered pretzels, 4 bags Cowgirl Bark, 8 bags Chocolate Potato Chips, Chocolate Chip Dunkers, 2 boxes Kona Coffee Shortbread, 24 bags trail mix, 4 bags salted peanuts, 2 JoJo's chocolate vanilla cream cookies, Reeses PB cups, 2 dozen jars babyfood, 2 boxes Kurig, 6 bags gummie goodies, 6 boxes cookie things, lemon & buttered almond, 28 bags kitty snackers
Pat, our Thursday volunteer--white afghan with yellow flowers, 2 sets handwarmers
Conii--2 boxes purrfectly chicken, bag of Royal Canin dry food
Andrea F from CA--48 skeins of yarn--blues, purples, yellows, pinks, beiges to be given to people who help make yarn items for us!
Nona--a veteran, a 3 x 5 US flag (thank you)
Wanda--2 garden Memorial stones of Magenta & Putter--just beautiful
Kelly R--coffee, coffee cups, paper plates, 2 bags Purina One dry food
Linda C from Iowa--7 cases  of Wellness large can cat food (the cats love this!)
Margaret/eartheyes & Shamballie--4 cases Fancy Feast, 1 bag Purina One, 1 bag Precious kitty litter
Arden & CHarmaine--7 cases Fancy Feast kitten food
Trudy S from Bryan--card & donation
Ann S from NJ--card and donation
Carolyn B from Defiance--card and donation
Melissa L from NY--card and donation
Hannah, Jennifer & Andy from IN--card, newspaper article about Hannah & donation
Independence Education Center/Dr. Joel S--letter and school newspaper about ffrc project
Mike G from MI--coupons
Montana & crew from Canada (!)--a card and an Air iPad for raffle--what an awesome gift! All you kitties get an extra big hug from your mom and dad!
Catlvr14/Gina--4 beautiful handmade Shawls that we will use for a raffle or day sale
Alison B from NY--donation in memory of Payton's Aunt Maryann from her friend Elsa on Payton's birthday
Wanda, our portrait maker--donation thru PayPal for orders she has done!

I'd also like to say a special thanks to Lisa K who provided FFRC with some really nice deserts for our Catstock. She brought over a good supply of colorful cakes and also brownies. Thanks, Lisa. 

Also thanks to the following for their donations to FFRC: Judy & Phil L, Ju-in-ji, SKcatmomma, Wobblybobsmamma, Andrea F, Yarnlover, Aunty Fi. 

Please remember, in the hub-bub of busy-iness that happens here, sometimes I may forget to put in a thank you or I may have an error. Please never hesitate to send an email to let me know! 

Want to smile? Just think about Alma. She is sheer pleasure, the way she gets around now and thoroughly enjoys her life! Think about Camvi--as soon as the dogs come out of their room, she's at their side! Think about Derecho--how he is friends with all his little buddies. Think about Joey--he's out and about now! Life is great--enjoy each day and have a wonderful weekend. 


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weds., September 10

Wow---what a lot has happened in this last week.  Catstock was an absolute blast! I so enjoyed it. We had tons of children here, enjoying all 24 carnival games. We also had the extras of tattoos, face painting, movie popcorn, etc.  The Strawberry Hill band was terrific. I think I could listen to them for a whole week! The attendance was fantastic. We actually had to close down the horse rides so we could open up a panel of fencing so people could park in the big corral! Never thought I'd see that happen! At one point alone, there was over 130 cars here. Many Defiance and surrounding people were here.

Another great part of Catstock was meeting so many people from our webcam. We had moderators here, lots of family, many volunteers, neighbors, and lots of webcam friends from all over. Yvette was here from the Netherlands! We had lots of places represented: Canada, California, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois--oh, just lots of places! And it was wonderful to meet and chat with so many. Lots of good friendships. We still have visitors/friends here! It's been great to put a face with the names of people we've talked to for so long!

We had bonfires both Friday and Saturday night. Many pudgie pies, roasted marshmellows and hot dogs and s'mores were made and enjoyed. The friendships made there at the backwater were many. We rented a couple golf carts to make sure everyone get could back to the backwater. Have to watch out for Peggy S's driving though!

We also had our Goat Poo Bingo.  #6 won!  I have not caught up yet, but will be contacting those who I have not been able to email, about their winnings. Each person won $64.  It was great! This year poo happened within 10 minutes! Jimmy also met the challenge of wearing a new blue tu-tu, which he graciously did! Somehow or another, Diana (from S. America) and I got talked into wearing the red and purple tu-tus.  All in the name of fun!

The tractor ride was fun. Anthony toted around many people, taking them clear down to the backwater. Food was great and shared with many. We served food for lunch and the entire afternoon.  Pizza supper was provided Saturday evening to our volunteers and visitors. The cats also had many visitors here in the Rescue Center as did the Covies. The Porchies ate up all the pets that was given to them.

We also had a peaceful march during the Catstock! What fun! 17 of us marched around to that great 60's music from the band, displaying signs, all decked out for Catstock. All were related to giving pets a home, spaying/neutering, be kind to animals, adopt from a rescue, etc.

It was indeed a wonderful day. I thank you all for the support you have given to make this happen.

During the weekend too, Mich and Vern did a surprise flash sale on Saturday evening for our webcam friends. Then on Sunday, Deb 1x5 and Warped did a sale with svCathy and

We also had 2 adoptions on Sunday. Our dear Seymour went to his new home. He is back with his real 4 legged mama and he has a new 2 legged mama, Rita. Jatcat was also adopted. She is doing great!

Monday, Samara had her pin removed from her front left leg. She's doing great, although still has a bit of a limp to that leg and her rear right leg where 2 fractures were. She was on cage-rest for 6 weeks and is free to be out now. Her spay is scheduled for next Weds. Also next Weds., we have Gusti scheduled for her eye removal surgery, IF her weight is sufficient.

I have so many thanks to give, that I think it's impossible to tell you how grateful I am for all the items that were given to FFRC during this past week.  It's been tremendous and has helped to fill our shelves back up. I am deeply beholden and thankful to you all.  I do have to apologize. In all the excitement of the weekend, not everything was written down. For that, I am very sorry.  The best I can do is write down what was given to me.  If I have missed you, please don't hesitate to let me know by email. It's always easy to add on later! I am one very happy and thankful person!
Denise & Christopher--5 cases water & 6 gallons of bleach
Shelly, Val Hunter and their Mom--2 bags Purina One, 5 cases Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, cat snackers and some awesome mousepads to sell with FFRC cats on them! It was wonderful to see them and their mom too!
Lewbeth and Betsy--Friskies, 9-Lives, Fancy Feast, kitty snackers, scratcher/assorted toys, baby food, turkey from the Deli, dog can food and 3 bags dog snackers. For Volunteers: 3 cases Capri Drinks and a whole watermelon (which is already gone!), tabs for Kellen.
Jane, who is Leweth's sister--electric clippers, toys, treats, donut bed and a travel litterbox.
Rascalboots/Heather H from Cinci, OH--3 cases Fancy Feast, 10 cases Sheba, 3 cases appetizers, 6 trays baby food, spring toys and some corn/seed for the squirrels and birds
Billypogo and Bonnie from FL--2 paw prints stepping stones which are beautiful. One for Magenta and one for Putter
Rich & Rose F--a donation to FFRC and a very nice card
Diana from S. America--many personal items which was so very kind, a gift certificate for a raffle for a drawing by Wanda,
Widdletigger--2 cases Friskies Pate
Zsa Zsa and her mama Kathy--12 gallons vinegar, 10 gallons bleach and 3 cases baby food
Roberta S from FIndlay--plastic silverware, napkins, pipe cleaners, Clorox wipes, roll of cat paw wrapping paper, 2 cases of water, PT, and a box of Cat's Meow buildings for raffle later!
Brent & Jenny from Canada--awesome load of items, completely filled their vehicle. There was everything, by the case, from our want list. Absolutely fun and wonderful. We set up a brigade of people to unload. My deep thanks and for being the kind of kitty owners you are.

We also had some PayPals that came in that I would love to send out a big thank you for:
Domingo F, Shari L from CA, Julie B from CA,  Billypogo & Bonnie, Itnujrse/Dava, Tommy L from GA, Coralie P (for the other 2 legged Coralie), Mary Elizabeth I from AZ, Pat & Ellen for Farrah,

We also have a donation to FFRC from Just Me/Kathy, in honor of Pat & Ellen.

I have also missed 2 BOXES of thank yous. (wow--talk about being behind!)
From last Thursday evening:
Connie/warped and Joe from MN--3 packages of much needed mop heads, 100 single chips. Joe made 2 beautiful stained glass windows for a future Raffle (a tulip and a kitty)--just beautiful.
Bianca D/TokTuB--lots of Catstock shirts, different sizes/designs, cat snackers, baby food for Bella & friends, box of 13 gal garbage bags, 2 rolls peace sign tape, trimmers for the cats and kitty toys
Carolyn/pckrbckr--note, 6 bottles Tide HE, peace sign shaped pasta, gift for Bill
David & Christine and their 3 cats--4 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 2 cases kitten Fancy Feast.
Conii with her 2 cats--6 bottles Dawn soap, 4 cases appetizers,
Linda C--note, donation dedicated to Emaline, 2 bags Purina One
Yvette from Netherlands--heart shaped rock for Jacci's garden (I LOVE this!), 3-d pic of tiger cat
Wolfpatch from his Wolf Batch Bakery--cookies, cookies, cookies. 5 different kinds (and they're almost all already gone!)
Justme/Kathy K--logitech globe cam--awesome!

From Monday night:
Angelicat20--3 very comfy kitty beds
Svcathy--2 boxes of yummy See's chocolates, 2 bags See's Butterscotch Chews, 2 bags Brittle and 2 bags Peppermint twists--we love our snackers!
Heather H/rascalboots from OH--3 cases Fancy Feast, 10 cases Shea, 3 cases Appetizers, 6 trays baby food, spring toys, squirrel corn & bird seed
Michlynn & Vern from MI--kleenex, towel, Christmas cards, tuna cans and appetizers
Linda C/angelface52--2 cases babyfood
Linda S/mls9690--4 cases Fancy Feast Kitten. 

We weighed Trucker--he is fluctuating betweem 2.15 and 3 pounds! Gusti is so active--absolutely a play machine! Cayden and Vernon are still best buds and both growing like weeds! 

Our 3 new ones are such busy kittens. The grey tiger boy is now called Mathias (meaning Gift of God). The torti is Esmee (pronounced Ez-may & means love). The torti/tiger is Joanne Ellen. All are Name a Cat names. We have also taken on a couple new cats--more on that in the next blog or on the cam. 

Wow--I have been overwhelmed with the items that have come in, but even more so, with the friendships made. I have also so enjoyed scanning thru Facebook and seeing all of your Selfies, stories, pics and good times. Thanks to you all for being a part of our Catstock! Now.....go....spay and neuter all you can! Hugs to you all!

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday September 4

Selfies! Selfies! We want Selfies!  If you can't come to Catstock, but will "garbed up" in Catstock style, please take a picture of yourself and post on our facebook page!  We want to see!

The Goat Poo Bingo is now done. We have the board updated. The temporary bingo corral is made. The chalk bingo (safe for animals) will be put on the ground Friday or Saturday. The goats have already demanded extra food Saturday morning in trade for this "job"! 

The two giant tents will be here Friday morning, as will the porta pots. Werlors will come and empty our dumpster again tomorrow. We are also borrowing two golf carts to help transport people around. The grounds is getting its last raking and fussing over. The rocks are ready (well, I don't have flowers, so the rocks have to look pretty!  Just kidding!). The cats have been groomed, toenails trimmed, ears cleaned and they've been practicing their smiles! Games are ready. Food is ready to be prepared. We have lots of peace decor to put up! The band is ready. Campfire wood is piled and waiting to be used Friday and Saturday nights. Come join the fun! 

Today is a big day for people starting to arrive for Catstock. As you can imagine, the next few days will not be normal, so be patient! Cats will be cared for. Little Gusti will spend some time in the house. Snappy will be told he MUST stay in (and this will be enforced!). 

We had BOXES last night. I have big time thanks to give. You are awesome friends!
Woolywhiskers/Rebecca H--case of Fancy Feast
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--gift for Hannah, Book for Pat
Jatcat--ink cartridges for the printer
Anna C--feathers
I.M./Ineke from Ontario--feathers (raises parrots)
Aunty Fi--turbo refills for Alma, bag of bell balls, bag of Purina One, gift for Hannah
Laura P/Emmie--groovy napkins for catstock!
Jan H (Beths friend) 12 beautiful kitty mats for the Kuranda towers
Zoltan L--case of 32 Friskies
Wayne B from CA--48 cans of chicken
Zoolove--3 pack lysol wipes, case of Fancy Feast, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, case Friskies and bag of Precious litter
Megan, our volunteer--donation in honor of Ellen's birthday
Widdletigger--2 cases of Friskies, bag of snackers
Timothy M-XBox for a nice gift for an upcoming raffle
Vixanna/Bagobear--mylar blankies for Covies, 24 crocheted kitty blankies--very pretty
Timbrwolfpup/Kelly J--Teddy Grahms for vols
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--happy birthday cards and $5 each for Bella, Zavatar, Jemima, Ming and Solee.  Also a crown bank with bling for Bella
Donna B from TN--thank you card 
Carolyn E/pckrbckr--Jemima birthday card with donation for chicken
Karen T from NJ--kitty card with 3 sheets bird stamps
Norma B from IA--Note with donation
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Elaine B from FL--owl card with note and donation
Alan & Little Kap--stamps and feathers and chicken gift card for Trucker, Penelope & friends
Lillian M from IL--kitty card with donation
Kelly R from CA--donation in Hannahs name for a plaque in honor of Pasha
Brody M from PA--feathers
Ron & Barbara W/phlebldy from VA---donation for chicken for Derecho, Trucker & friends
Wendilin (day visitor)--afghan--beautiful, ripple design, cups, color paper, candy, tapes, slippers
Judy & Phil L (day visitor)--cat snackers, lysol wipes, appetizers, toys, post-it notes, sheba/fancy feast can food, 1,0000 paper plates, RC kitten food, scratchers for turbo toy, cat toys, paper punch, cat dancers, 6 large cans of cat food
Nona S--DVD's & CD's for volunteers, set of Nature Sounds (beautiful), 2 jars of Silvadene, salmon, babyfood jar for Bella, milk rings, coupons & feathers.  Also Nuts! (almonds, brazil and pecans--yum!) and 2 big bags of chocolate covered sunflower seeds!

We also have some PayPal thanks to give!
Billie K from TX--donation for baby food or chicken for Bella's birthday
Patrick C--donation from Jessie for birthday chicken dinner for Jemima and friends
Shannan W--donation
Sarah/romeomom--donation for a little something for Gusti
Eugenia S from Russia--donation
Carol N--donation 
Janet M--donation
Ingrid S from Netherlands--donation for Ming's birthday

This Sunday Seymour will be leaving us. As sad as that is to know he won't be here, we need to be gloriously happy too---he has his very own home with a human mama that already loves him and his cat mama will be there too!  Also on Sunday, another wonderful adoption will happen. Jatcat will be going to her new home. Harry and Michelle have been visiting Jatcat frequently and are excited about having her join their family. Jatcat really likes them already! 

Takara was adopted yesterday. She went into a home where there's a young boy that has been very excited about having her! 

We took in 3 new kittens this week.  2 females/1 male.  No names yet. The boy is a grey tiger. The two females are a torti and a brown tiger/torti mix.  They are about 6 weeks old. The boy is not related. He was actually physically removed from a storm drain here in Defiance. It was a group effort--from a volunteer, friend, football player and another mom. Thanks to our volunteer Kathy R for making this happen. He literally had hundreds of fleas--makes me so very sad to think of them needlessly on a tiny kitten body. But, they're gone now and he's purring with his new friends!

Little Gusti has a tentative surgery appointment set up for the 17th to have that eye removed. Samara has been given her slow-walking papers by Dr. P. She is out of her pen a couple hours a day. She will go to the vet's office this coming Monday to have her pin removed. Her rear leg fractures are healing nicely. 

That's all for now! Busy days ahead. Peace to you all. Enjoy the Catstock from here, near or afar. Just enjoy, relish the friendships that we have here with you all.  

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday, September 2

Just for fun...but in all seriousness too. 

THINGS YOU DON'T SAY TO A CAT RESCUER:  (I truly have heard every single one of these here at Friends of Felines' Rescue Center), by Jacci Moss

Do you have any unspayed cats I can adopt? My kids want to see babies born.

I have mice---I need a cat.

Can I give you my unspayed cat and take one of yours that's already fixed?

Why on earth would you spend money on a health test for a cat? I just put them all together anyway in my barn.

You don't have an adoption process, do you?  That's dumb. 

I want to adopt a cat but want to make sure he will like my cat I have at home. I brought him with me and just put him in your office with those other cats.  (when told to get his cat picked up, he said why?  when asked if his cat has fleas...yes, he does)

My cat is peeing everywhere. Will you take it?  I'll take one of yours that knows how to use the litterbox.

Will you take these kittens that my mama cat had? I still have some of her first litter from spring time.

My cat is really old and not any fun anymore. Will you take it?

My cat has a huge sore on it's stomach and I don't believe in having vet bills. 

All cats are the same. Can I just come in and take one and go without anyone bothering me with questions?

I don't worry about how many litterboxes I have---they can go outside to potty.

I really want a cat but can't afford one.  Will you just give me one?

Why do you want to know about my other cats?  They died---they just died. I don't know why and I didn't take them to the vet.

It's always better to have a litter before spaying a girl cat.

I only want a female cause they won't spray.

I want a cat for my aunt's cousin's friend.  No, they don't know I'm here.  No, I'm not positive they want a cat.  If they don't, I have a friend who might take it. 

I have allergies and can't hardly tolerate them. I don't even like cats. But my girlfriend does. So, if I have a cat, she might like me better. 

I will NOT neuter my tomcat. Then he won't be able to hunt or defend himself.

I want a cat that is orange.  Don't care about anything else, as long as it's orange.  And with a white front paw. 

I have a new boyfriend and he doesn't like cats, so I'm wondering if you'll take my 3 cats. I don't want them anymore. 

I can hide the kitten in the closet upstairs until my daughter's birthday, it's only 3 days away.

So my other cats aren't neutered that I have in the house---what does that have to do with this one that I want to adopt? I promise I will take it to the vet if it gets hurt.

Do you have any 3-4 week old kittens that I can have?  I just want to bond with it when it's tiny. You want a vet reference too?  Why? I don't have a vet. 

You might want to check that grey tiger white cat by the door.  I just hit it with the door when I walked it and he fell over. He's still down. 

Sure I have vet references. I spent $650 on my last cat--it's collar was so tight it needed surgery to fix his neck. 

Yes I have vet references. Last year I paid my vet over $200 to try and save my cat. He died though. Vet said he was so dehydrated and had too many fleas, so he died. 

And yet people still ask me................Why do you have an adoption procedure? I will turn down anyone that questions our adoption procedure.