Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday September 4

Selfies! Selfies! We want Selfies!  If you can't come to Catstock, but will "garbed up" in Catstock style, please take a picture of yourself and post on our facebook page!  We want to see!

The Goat Poo Bingo is now done. We have the board updated. The temporary bingo corral is made. The chalk bingo (safe for animals) will be put on the ground Friday or Saturday. The goats have already demanded extra food Saturday morning in trade for this "job"! 

The two giant tents will be here Friday morning, as will the porta pots. Werlors will come and empty our dumpster again tomorrow. We are also borrowing two golf carts to help transport people around. The grounds is getting its last raking and fussing over. The rocks are ready (well, I don't have flowers, so the rocks have to look pretty!  Just kidding!). The cats have been groomed, toenails trimmed, ears cleaned and they've been practicing their smiles! Games are ready. Food is ready to be prepared. We have lots of peace decor to put up! The band is ready. Campfire wood is piled and waiting to be used Friday and Saturday nights. Come join the fun! 

Today is a big day for people starting to arrive for Catstock. As you can imagine, the next few days will not be normal, so be patient! Cats will be cared for. Little Gusti will spend some time in the house. Snappy will be told he MUST stay in (and this will be enforced!). 

We had BOXES last night. I have big time thanks to give. You are awesome friends!
Woolywhiskers/Rebecca H--case of Fancy Feast
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat--gift for Hannah, Book for Pat
Jatcat--ink cartridges for the printer
Anna C--feathers
I.M./Ineke from Ontario--feathers (raises parrots)
Aunty Fi--turbo refills for Alma, bag of bell balls, bag of Purina One, gift for Hannah
Laura P/Emmie--groovy napkins for catstock!
Jan H (Beths friend) 12 beautiful kitty mats for the Kuranda towers
Zoltan L--case of 32 Friskies
Wayne B from CA--48 cans of chicken
Zoolove--3 pack lysol wipes, case of Fancy Feast, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, case Friskies and bag of Precious litter
Megan, our volunteer--donation in honor of Ellen's birthday
Widdletigger--2 cases of Friskies, bag of snackers
Timothy M-XBox for a nice gift for an upcoming raffle
Vixanna/Bagobear--mylar blankies for Covies, 24 crocheted kitty blankies--very pretty
Timbrwolfpup/Kelly J--Teddy Grahms for vols
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--happy birthday cards and $5 each for Bella, Zavatar, Jemima, Ming and Solee.  Also a crown bank with bling for Bella
Donna B from TN--thank you card 
Carolyn E/pckrbckr--Jemima birthday card with donation for chicken
Karen T from NJ--kitty card with 3 sheets bird stamps
Norma B from IA--Note with donation
Susan C--donation to FFRC
Elaine B from FL--owl card with note and donation
Alan & Little Kap--stamps and feathers and chicken gift card for Trucker, Penelope & friends
Lillian M from IL--kitty card with donation
Kelly R from CA--donation in Hannahs name for a plaque in honor of Pasha
Brody M from PA--feathers
Ron & Barbara W/phlebldy from VA---donation for chicken for Derecho, Trucker & friends
Wendilin (day visitor)--afghan--beautiful, ripple design, cups, color paper, candy, tapes, slippers
Judy & Phil L (day visitor)--cat snackers, lysol wipes, appetizers, toys, post-it notes, sheba/fancy feast can food, 1,0000 paper plates, RC kitten food, scratchers for turbo toy, cat toys, paper punch, cat dancers, 6 large cans of cat food
Nona S--DVD's & CD's for volunteers, set of Nature Sounds (beautiful), 2 jars of Silvadene, salmon, babyfood jar for Bella, milk rings, coupons & feathers.  Also Nuts! (almonds, brazil and pecans--yum!) and 2 big bags of chocolate covered sunflower seeds!

We also have some PayPal thanks to give!
Billie K from TX--donation for baby food or chicken for Bella's birthday
Patrick C--donation from Jessie for birthday chicken dinner for Jemima and friends
Shannan W--donation
Sarah/romeomom--donation for a little something for Gusti
Eugenia S from Russia--donation
Carol N--donation 
Janet M--donation
Ingrid S from Netherlands--donation for Ming's birthday

This Sunday Seymour will be leaving us. As sad as that is to know he won't be here, we need to be gloriously happy too---he has his very own home with a human mama that already loves him and his cat mama will be there too!  Also on Sunday, another wonderful adoption will happen. Jatcat will be going to her new home. Harry and Michelle have been visiting Jatcat frequently and are excited about having her join their family. Jatcat really likes them already! 

Takara was adopted yesterday. She went into a home where there's a young boy that has been very excited about having her! 

We took in 3 new kittens this week.  2 females/1 male.  No names yet. The boy is a grey tiger. The two females are a torti and a brown tiger/torti mix.  They are about 6 weeks old. The boy is not related. He was actually physically removed from a storm drain here in Defiance. It was a group effort--from a volunteer, friend, football player and another mom. Thanks to our volunteer Kathy R for making this happen. He literally had hundreds of fleas--makes me so very sad to think of them needlessly on a tiny kitten body. But, they're gone now and he's purring with his new friends!

Little Gusti has a tentative surgery appointment set up for the 17th to have that eye removed. Samara has been given her slow-walking papers by Dr. P. She is out of her pen a couple hours a day. She will go to the vet's office this coming Monday to have her pin removed. Her rear leg fractures are healing nicely. 

That's all for now! Busy days ahead. Peace to you all. Enjoy the Catstock from here, near or afar. Just enjoy, relish the friendships that we have here with you all.