Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thursday, Sept. 18

Did I say we were cat/kitten overloadeth a few days ago?  Hmmmm, well, we are really overloadeth now.  We took in 6 more kittens last night. This was a situation I felt we really needed to help the person. She has promised to spay two female cats, which we will also offer her help with. There's times when you just have to stretch the limits and we are definitely there. The boat is full. These 6 kittens are 5 boys and 1 girl. They are all a blend of whites, greys and tiger markings.  A tad shy but we can help with that. 

We had BOXES last night and actually didn't get to open quite all of them. The reason is because of the arrival of the 6 kittens.  They needed baths (overloaded with fleas), vaccinations, wormings and capstars. They are now squeaky clean. We will probably move them soon to Cat's Corner Room so they have room to stretch. They are about 6-7 weeks old.

Many thanks for the items that we received last night!
Vicki B--donation for FFRC, to be used as needed
Nona--3 cases KMR, bottle of flea/tick shampoo for cats
Lauren/Clydsdale & Andy from CO--2 bags of Purina One Kitten
Cessna Z--1 big case of paper towels!
Vicki B--6 wonderful bags of Royal Canin baby dry
Mich S--for the "outside the Center" spay and neuters that we help with!
Deb C--for the "outside FFRC" spay and neuter fund!
Nancy/Purple--a donation to FFRC in honor of Dawn E (vol)
Nancy/Purple--a donation to FFRC in honor of Pat (visitor at Catstock)
Nancy/Purple--a donation to FFRC in honor of Beth
Nancy/Purple--a donation to FFRC in honor of svcathy and Scott

Yeah to Ustream!  They just paid to PayPal $1,847.66 for the ad times on our site. It's a wonderful thing! 

Samara had her surgery yesterday. Kelly R (our visitor) was kind enough to transport her there and back. When I put her in her pen to rest upon arriving home, she looked like she was rearing to go! She was convinced to stay in the pen and take a nap. Then she was out and about!  CathyKay is one wonderful mama. Oh my goodness, those babies are chunks (don't know how to say that politely!). But, they are round! I just checked the sex on these 4 and I am tentatively saying there are 3 girls/1 boy.  Why tentatively? How do I say this politely too? There are rolls of chubbiness around their tails that folds the skin up. Hard to get a good visual. Well, anyhow, they sure are cute! 

We have rescheduled Gusti for her surgery for next Weds.  I just felt that we need her weight boosted a bit more for this eye surgery. It's a rather lengthy surgery and we want to play on the side of caution. This morning when I picked her up, she seemed like she gained over night--she's letting us know she's about ready to get this done! 

Short blog--have lots of treatments to do today! Go hug your pet or send hug waves to the FFRC cats thru the cam! They can also feel it!