Thursday, September 25, 2014

Thursday, September 25

Yeah for Gusti! She was so kind and gave up her surgery slot to allow our vets to have time to see our Thomas.  Gusti now weighs 2.11 and we will remake her surgery appt. very soon. But, it was Thomas that needed to go for a vet visit. He's done this once before and it cleared up quickly with treatment---bloody urine. This time it didn't want to be controlled. So, off to the vets for an ultrasound. Our problem was how Thomas would handle this. Stress does weird things to our Thomas boy--either can send him to where a seizure is imminent or makes him frazzled and unworkable. So, to keep him calm, we gave him an injection as we loaded him up (to help keep calm).  And then upon arrival, they took him straight in, gave a mild sedative and did his ultrasound. If he needed surgery, they were prepared to do immediately. But this was not the case. No bladder stones. So, he was immediately put back in his crate and was driven straight back to FFRC. Thanks to Donna and Larry for their transport in this. 

So this morning, Thomas' symptoms progressed to where he was not urinating. I talked to our vet several times this morning. A combination of meds was given, he took a good long nap and then he got up and peed a big puddle!  And peed blood-free too! Where else can we be so thrilled for pottying as we are here?!! Hopefully, now Thomas is on his way to recovery. We know his bladder is extremely thickened and that he has crystals too. A urine culture will tell us more when it's done.

CathyKay's babies are growing, and growing and growing! For their age, they are quite large. Lots of rolls (or more politely said, extra tissue!), they've opened their eyes 3-6 days early and their ears are already up and listening! They are incredible. CathyKay is a wonderful mama. So sweet and laid back.

Joni is here and is planning an announced Flash Sale this evening at 5:00.  She has a lot of her wonderful tiles. Some are current cats, some past cats, even Einstein--lots of different tiles! The regular size is $6 a piece, or if you buy 3 you get the 4th free! The big ones are $10, straight out. All are wonderful and a great reminder of our FFRC cats. Thanks to Joni for all of her hard work. Check it out, starting at 5:00.  

We are planning on an AUCTION tomorrow (not a raffle). It will be on a 4-set regular size tile and a 4-set of the large tile. Each are one of a kind. The small tiles are of: Albert, Tonio, Doce and Twinkle.  The large tiles are of: Emaline & Putter together, Bravo, Paul holding Adora and Badu. Keep an eye open on the Chatters FB Page! 

We had BOXES last night. So very grateful!
Gill H from UK--4 cat scarves, so beautiful
Diana/South America--a beautiful cake for our 12 million views!, 4 chicken pieces for the kittys
Aunty Fi from UK--for baby Cita, Gusti and friends--case of kitten fancy feast, 40 lb. bag of Precious kitty litter
DonnaJB--2 of the 40 lb bags of Precious kitty litter, 2 cases KMR, 2 cases Wellness canned cat food
Mimi and Buddy from FL--pop tabs for Kellen, coupons and newspaper article
Faithy MD and Bobby--PJ bottoms, pop tabs for Kellen, vanilla wafers and coupons
Susan G--for the Porchies: box of Temptation snackers, 4 Gerber baby rice cereal
Anonymous Friend--for Slick, case of baby food (which he ate some of this morning!)
Deb11111--3 cases Friskies Pate variety packs, 3 cases Friskies chicken flavor
Rebecca H from UK--card, quen Bella book mark
Betz from PA--card and donation to help buy chicken for the cats
Margaret S/Pauline--donation for FFRC
Donna JB--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Kathy L--donation for FFRC
Marilyn H from FL--donation for FFRC
Carmel D from France--donation for FFRC
Aimee R from UK--donation for FFRC

Luigi's feet are growing so so big! He's learning how to strut and play! Derecho just got done bathing two kittens--Caleb and Veora.  Nobbin is laying in the window sill watching the birds at the feeders---one of his favorite pasttimes. Kerri Kat--what a beauty. She's watching the kittens playing. Milo does his gallop-prance style walking when he's playing with the kitties. Such a very nice boy. This morning, Columbus growled at one of the adult cats, took a bite of her food and walked off--such a brave baby!

We have it figured out....finally! The Porchies will be well cared for this winter and many winters to come. After doing much price comparing and searching, we've decided to purchase a Porchie Shed. It will easily house all 16 Porchies if they so desire. Remember---they can also go in the Sunporch. This Porchie Shed will have multiple beds in it--enough to be comfortable. And it'll be easy to clean too. We're looking for it to be delivered this next week. It will have just one door but will have 2 windows. That will let the light in and the breeze too in the warmer months. The cats were part of our planning committee! 

We have a few cats possibly spoken for: Aubie,  Cameron, Hillsborough, Integrity, Kerri Kat, Mahoganey and Mich. Happy adoption days ahead!