Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Weds., September 17

The raffle is on! This is an extra wonderful raffle.  Tickets are $5 a piece. You can still put in your ticket desires till midnight Thursday night.  The raffle drawing will be at 6:00 Friday and BOXES will be at 5:30 pm.

Wow--we had 3 adoptions yesterday! Sweet Holiday went to her new home. We delivered her to her new home. When we left, she was already sitting on the gentleman's lap---just what we wanted for her! The other two cats----hmmmm, wonder who they are?! Yes, Steve and I have adopted 2 more cats. I wasn't sure if I would pass the adoption process, but I must've! Zertle is now a Moss. Another Z cat that fits right in. She's another bump under all the blankies that are lying around in the house for the Z's! I love it when she takes her forehead and just holds it on my face. It's her "thing"!  The other cat we adopted is Slick. He just kinda slicked his way right into our hearts. I asked Steve about us officially adopting both of these cats and the answer was yes. Slick already told he he wasn't budging from being inside anyway! He's an awesome boy. Yes, he's FIV, but he has such an extreme mellow personality here, he is trustworthy. He is not going to bite (the way that FIV is spread). I feel confident and he is welcome in our home. He's a major leg wrapper--as soon as I go in the house, there he is.....doing figure 8's around my legs!

Remember we want to put together a collection of Catstock pictures.  Feel free to send them to my email address!

CathyKay is dong wonderful. Her weight is good and the 4 babies are little pudgy pies! I don't think I've seen babies with such bellies as they have.  Mudjie, our half bald gold kitten is doing wonderful. Her personality is shining and she craves being petted. Already her skin is improving and fur is coming back. All due to not having fleas now and having good food. Caleb and Cita, the two buddies, are happy kittens. Caleb's leg is still limpy but able to put weight on it. It seems to be in fairly good alignment. He's way too small for a surgical fix, so time will be his treatment. Niffie, the new grey tiger/slight torti has fit right in. Her tail wound is healing and her dressing is now off of her tail. She was so hungry that she's making up for lost time---always eating! Dashielle's leg is also improving. We will have this looked at on the surgery day, but he too is way too small for any surgical fix.

Esmee, Joanne Ellen and Mathias are still good friends. They like everyone, but come naptime they are frequently cuddled in the same round ball of sleep.  Hillsborough is one ornery boy---love it! He's here, there and everywhere, just playing his heart out. Jarvis and Luige have become good playmates. Liberti is sleeping soundly beside me on the desk.

We have some thank you!
Jacqueline NR--kitty litter box & scoop, water/food bowl, fun tunnel, dry cat food (a new chatter, moved to our road Power Dam!)
Zelda Belda and friend!--lots of nuts, cashews, pistachios, Russel Stovers chocolate, BBQ pork jerky, many cans of salmon, sardines, clams and chicken.  All the cats say thanks!
TomP from NJ and Buddy & Ashley--Halloween kitty card, pop tabs for Kellen, box tops for Caryn
Lauren/Clydsdale & Andy from CO (found Holiday)--6 cases of Fancy Feast variety
Joann C/Joco--bag of Old Dutch Puffed Corn Caramel corn---yum
Anonymous Friend--kick toys for Pania, Joey, doggie snackers, 6 blankies, pillow cases, band-aids, triple antibiotic ointment, wall charger surge protector with USB ports, duct tape, 2 boxes K-cup teas, 2 bags Jelly Belly popcorn flavor, chocolate & popcorn candy bar
Carla C/beachcat with kitties--card with donation and feathers
Henry R Peeps & Oh My Guinness--birthday cards with $5 for snackers for LeLe, LaDonna, Honey, Fabio
Jwilli--eye glass cleaner and wipes for cam screen, HE laundry soap
Jean and Neil S from OH--donation for kitty care
Marcia S--donation to be used where most needed
Julie & David P from UK--donation for chicken for Trucker and friends

Just another reminder---if I have not used your Name a Cat name and you paid for one, please let me know.  Remember--we had an "accident" with the name paper (yes, I can honestly blame it on a cat!).

Samara's spay is today. She is expected to be adopted this Monday. Her mom/dad comes frequently to visit her which is so nice. Samara already loves them. Cameron is now on hold! He will go later next week!

Who is the only cat that can go outside in the dog kennel?  Bella. Who is our oldest cat here?  Ada Jane (bd 1995)  What cat came to us because of our friend cgcry? Asha. What cat came with Solee, from Columbus, OH?  Cozarelii.  What cat is actually adopted by Gregg by stays here at FFRC? Cutie. Who is our seizure cat that was found in the woods? Farrah.