Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday, September 27

It's surgery day! But this one is different. Instead of starting in the morning, it won't be until this afternoon. We should be able to start physicals around 1:15.  As you may know, all physicals are done first, followed by the boy surgeries then the girl surgeries. Here is our list for today:

Females:  Esmee, Mudjie, Niffie, Murphy and possibly the female of the white/tiger group
Males: Mathias, Vernon, and possibly 4 of the white/tiger group

We have also taken on 2 more cats in the last few days.  One is a very pretty white/black female. We will do a surgical shave on her tummy and see if she is spayed already. She was left in the driveway on Tuesday night, in a crate. She appears to be healthy and is tested negative. 

The other one is a big boy tom cat. An all brown tiger that is a bit thin, but still a large cat. He is all-boy and will be relieved of his "parts" today also, so he is added to our surgery list. He's a handsome boy that loves to talk. His name is Bear-Bear (a Name a Cat name). 

I am sad to tell you that we lost one of the 6 white/tiger kittens. It was the grey tiger/white that had mild American Short Hair markings. She just never grew. Her weight stayed at 1.07 while her siblings are all at or close to 2.00. Within 5 minutes of displaying signs that she was in trouble, she was gone. I'm so sorry to have to tell you this. Will talk to Dr. Darcy about this today. The rest of the litter appears to be great. 

Big thanks to Joni for making her awesome FFRC cat tiles and then doing the announced Flash Sales of them too. I so appreciate you!  We've been already packing and shipping! 

We also had a quickie auction yesterday with two of Joni's 4-piece sets of tiles. One small set/one large set. Set #1 went for $150, by Marilyn Sau.   Set #2 went for $110, by Hull286.   I appreciate each and every bid. You all are wonderful! 

Big happy news! We had FOUR adoptions yesterday! First, Cameron went to his new home. His new mama had been waiting for him. It's nice when we do adoptions on Fridays and the new family is home for the weekend to help with the newness. I know Cameron will be so happy! Next it was Karena's turn! Her new mama came in with the thought of adopting a different cat, but Karena made her intentions known. SHE was to be the one and so it was! The third one to go was our awesome Jatcat. Jatcat was acting like a sweet baby in her new mama's arms. It was so nice to see. I'm happy for her. Last, Integrity went home. His new mama was thrilled. She too had been waiting all week to pick him up. He's a purr boy for her! 

We are expecting possibly 3 more adoptions this weekend, probably on Sunday. Will keep you posted. 

I know it bothers people when other people leave cats on the sly here at FFRC. To be honest, it would be nice if we were able to obtain information about the cats that are left here. We are literally clueless if they've had any previous medical care, if there's a current medical problem, etc.  But, at least the cats are safe, hopefully within a crate. We are full here, so we always hope for not many drop-offs. But when it happens, we try our best to do right by these cats. And to be thankful they weren't just dropped off in a woods, in a trash container or tossed out of a car. There's always something good that can be thought of each situation. 

We also remind every person who adopts from us--"If you are no longer able to keep or take care of your FFRC cat, we take back 100% of our cats. It doesn't matter how much time has gone by or for what reason. Just call and we will gladly set up a time for you to bring back your pet. We always hope every adoption is for the lifetime of the cat, but we also understand that things happen."  

We also put on our information that goes home with an adoption---"The volunteers and I love what we do here at FFRC. Our intentions are to only adopt out healthy cats and kittens--their best interest is truly the highest priority for us. We realize that occasionally a cat may become ill after adoption. From the minute a cat arrives at FFRC to the moment they are adopted, we work very hard on their health and happiness. Our intentions are true, in that we really do care about every cat that comes our way, never intending any harm." 

Have a wonderful weekend! Enjoy your family and pets! And thank you for loving our cats and enjoying them!