Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday, September 15

Happy Birthday! Wow--today is a big birthday day.  And they are all Covies. They will get an extra special treat for the whole Covie gang and the Porchies too since they're all friends. LaDonna (torti) is now 7 (she arrived 9/08),  LeLe (torti) is now 10 (she arrived the summer of 2005). Honey (black/white) is now 11 years old (she arrived 6/24/04). Charlie (brown tiger) is now 7 years old (he arrived 3/08). A tuna/chicken feast is going to happen! 

I have some sad news to share. Our little Pablo has gone on to our heavens. He had another "episode" this weekend. That made 3, each progressively worse. In between he would improve but never made it back all the way. After many conversations with our vets, his diagnosis is the Dry form of FIP.  He has the classical symptoms. Remember--the tests for FIP is very complex and never 100% definitive. This last episode this weekend added more confirmation of this diagnosis.  Remember, whether it's the wet or dry form of FIP--it's unpredictable, unpreventable and untreatable. Pablo is in a much better place now, as he was no longer enjoying life. These decisions are extremely hard for me. But, I promise every cat and kitten that comes here a good quality of life--we don't want suffering, We rarely euthanize but when life is in the process of passing, I feel "right" in helping them pass in peace and surrounded by compassion. Please also be assured that what Pablo had is not contagious to the other cats. 

We are in the process of thinking ahead to winter. We want to make sure that all is ready, especially for the Covies and Porchies and Barnies.  The Barnies are pretty easy--they have heater boxes/beds that keep them toasty and they love the hay bale piles. The Covies will go to Kitty City where they are protected against the rains, winds and snows. We usually move them in late November/early December and take them back to Cat's Cove in early April. It all depends on the weather. Now, the Porchies are another matter.  Their sunporch (hence their name) is nice, but Kuranda towers don't offer much snuggle places for winter. Last winter was ok as we only had 6 Porchies and we were able to do heated beds. This year we now have 16 Porchies. Steve and I are hoping to be looking at a different "system" of keeping them warm this winter. More on this later when we have it figured out. 

Do you know all of the Porchie names?  Here they are: Fabio, Cliff, Mew, Hank, Big Al, Olaf, Azar, Zavatar, Whiskers, Shamballie, Jimmy James (JJ), Defi, Austin, Blake, Grady and PB. Notice they are all boys!

We have some thanks to give for donations to FFRC: Sheila/oilsandsgirl, Renee C, Arden & Charmaine, Andrea F, Joanne V and Elskates. You are appreciated! 

Our webmaster, Clay, would like to do something fun in memory of Catstock. If you have pictures of Catstock, feel free to send them to this email:  He will then take them and put them together. When he's done, everyone will be able to view them! If you are sending pics, I won't be taking those specific emails, so don't send anything but pictures (like if you have questions, etc.).  Label them CATSTOCK PICTURES. 

We are going to have a quick Raffle. We're in the process of putting it together right now. Diana is still here for her visit from S. America. She has kindly donated a certificate for a portrait from Wanda. We'd like to have this raffle while Diana is still here.  It will start Tuesday and end Thursday at midnight. The drawing will be Friday evening at 6:00.  BOXES will be at 5:30 that evening.  Come join the fun! 

Which Porchie has a clipped left ear? Grady.  Which Porchie is the only long hair cat? Fabio.  Which Covie is the only long hair cat? Oliver. Which Covie is Connie's favorite (shhh, don't tell the others)? Charlie. Which cat in the Rescue Center use to get "stuck" in a corner and couldn't find his way out? Ming (but he's much better now!). Which cat loves dogs? Camvie 

Remember--each and every one of us can make an impact in this world. Choose your "thing" and do something positive for it. No matter how small of an impact you may think you're making, it's still an impact--and that can grow and grow! Makes for a good feeling!