Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Weds., September 10

Wow---what a lot has happened in this last week.  Catstock was an absolute blast! I so enjoyed it. We had tons of children here, enjoying all 24 carnival games. We also had the extras of tattoos, face painting, movie popcorn, etc.  The Strawberry Hill band was terrific. I think I could listen to them for a whole week! The attendance was fantastic. We actually had to close down the horse rides so we could open up a panel of fencing so people could park in the big corral! Never thought I'd see that happen! At one point alone, there was over 130 cars here. Many Defiance and surrounding people were here.

Another great part of Catstock was meeting so many people from our webcam. We had moderators here, lots of family, many volunteers, neighbors, and lots of webcam friends from all over. Yvette was here from the Netherlands! We had lots of places represented: Canada, California, Washington, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Georgia, Idaho, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois--oh, just lots of places! And it was wonderful to meet and chat with so many. Lots of good friendships. We still have visitors/friends here! It's been great to put a face with the names of people we've talked to for so long!

We had bonfires both Friday and Saturday night. Many pudgie pies, roasted marshmellows and hot dogs and s'mores were made and enjoyed. The friendships made there at the backwater were many. We rented a couple golf carts to make sure everyone get could back to the backwater. Have to watch out for Peggy S's driving though!

We also had our Goat Poo Bingo.  #6 won!  I have not caught up yet, but will be contacting those who I have not been able to email, about their winnings. Each person won $64.  It was great! This year poo happened within 10 minutes! Jimmy also met the challenge of wearing a new blue tu-tu, which he graciously did! Somehow or another, Diana (from S. America) and I got talked into wearing the red and purple tu-tus.  All in the name of fun!

The tractor ride was fun. Anthony toted around many people, taking them clear down to the backwater. Food was great and shared with many. We served food for lunch and the entire afternoon.  Pizza supper was provided Saturday evening to our volunteers and visitors. The cats also had many visitors here in the Rescue Center as did the Covies. The Porchies ate up all the pets that was given to them.

We also had a peaceful march during the Catstock! What fun! 17 of us marched around to that great 60's music from the band, displaying signs, all decked out for Catstock. All were related to giving pets a home, spaying/neutering, be kind to animals, adopt from a rescue, etc.

It was indeed a wonderful day. I thank you all for the support you have given to make this happen.

During the weekend too, Mich and Vern did a surprise flash sale on Saturday evening for our webcam friends. Then on Sunday, Deb 1x5 and Warped did a sale with svCathy and

We also had 2 adoptions on Sunday. Our dear Seymour went to his new home. He is back with his real 4 legged mama and he has a new 2 legged mama, Rita. Jatcat was also adopted. She is doing great!

Monday, Samara had her pin removed from her front left leg. She's doing great, although still has a bit of a limp to that leg and her rear right leg where 2 fractures were. She was on cage-rest for 6 weeks and is free to be out now. Her spay is scheduled for next Weds. Also next Weds., we have Gusti scheduled for her eye removal surgery, IF her weight is sufficient.

I have so many thanks to give, that I think it's impossible to tell you how grateful I am for all the items that were given to FFRC during this past week.  It's been tremendous and has helped to fill our shelves back up. I am deeply beholden and thankful to you all.  I do have to apologize. In all the excitement of the weekend, not everything was written down. For that, I am very sorry.  The best I can do is write down what was given to me.  If I have missed you, please don't hesitate to let me know by email. It's always easy to add on later! I am one very happy and thankful person!
Denise & Christopher--5 cases water & 6 gallons of bleach
Shelly, Val Hunter and their Mom--2 bags Purina One, 5 cases Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast, cat snackers and some awesome mousepads to sell with FFRC cats on them! It was wonderful to see them and their mom too!
Lewbeth and Betsy--Friskies, 9-Lives, Fancy Feast, kitty snackers, scratcher/assorted toys, baby food, turkey from the Deli, dog can food and 3 bags dog snackers. For Volunteers: 3 cases Capri Drinks and a whole watermelon (which is already gone!), tabs for Kellen.
Jane, who is Leweth's sister--electric clippers, toys, treats, donut bed and a travel litterbox.
Rascalboots/Heather H from Cinci, OH--3 cases Fancy Feast, 10 cases Sheba, 3 cases appetizers, 6 trays baby food, spring toys and some corn/seed for the squirrels and birds
Billypogo and Bonnie from FL--2 paw prints stepping stones which are beautiful. One for Magenta and one for Putter
Rich & Rose F--a donation to FFRC and a very nice card
Diana from S. America--many personal items which was so very kind, a gift certificate for a raffle for a drawing by Wanda,
Widdletigger--2 cases Friskies Pate
Zsa Zsa and her mama Kathy--12 gallons vinegar, 10 gallons bleach and 3 cases baby food
Roberta S from FIndlay--plastic silverware, napkins, pipe cleaners, Clorox wipes, roll of cat paw wrapping paper, 2 cases of water, PT, and a box of Cat's Meow buildings for raffle later!
Brent & Jenny from Canada--awesome load of items, completely filled their vehicle. There was everything, by the case, from our want list. Absolutely fun and wonderful. We set up a brigade of people to unload. My deep thanks and for being the kind of kitty owners you are.

We also had some PayPals that came in that I would love to send out a big thank you for:
Domingo F, Shari L from CA, Julie B from CA,  Billypogo & Bonnie, Itnujrse/Dava, Tommy L from GA, Coralie P (for the other 2 legged Coralie), Mary Elizabeth I from AZ, Pat & Ellen for Farrah,

We also have a donation to FFRC from Just Me/Kathy, in honor of Pat & Ellen.

I have also missed 2 BOXES of thank yous. (wow--talk about being behind!)
From last Thursday evening:
Connie/warped and Joe from MN--3 packages of much needed mop heads, 100 single chips. Joe made 2 beautiful stained glass windows for a future Raffle (a tulip and a kitty)--just beautiful.
Bianca D/TokTuB--lots of Catstock shirts, different sizes/designs, cat snackers, baby food for Bella & friends, box of 13 gal garbage bags, 2 rolls peace sign tape, trimmers for the cats and kitty toys
Carolyn/pckrbckr--note, 6 bottles Tide HE, peace sign shaped pasta, gift for Bill
David & Christine and their 3 cats--4 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 2 cases kitten Fancy Feast.
Conii with her 2 cats--6 bottles Dawn soap, 4 cases appetizers,
Linda C--note, donation dedicated to Emaline, 2 bags Purina One
Yvette from Netherlands--heart shaped rock for Jacci's garden (I LOVE this!), 3-d pic of tiger cat
Wolfpatch from his Wolf Batch Bakery--cookies, cookies, cookies. 5 different kinds (and they're almost all already gone!)
Justme/Kathy K--logitech globe cam--awesome!

From Monday night:
Angelicat20--3 very comfy kitty beds
Svcathy--2 boxes of yummy See's chocolates, 2 bags See's Butterscotch Chews, 2 bags Brittle and 2 bags Peppermint twists--we love our snackers!
Heather H/rascalboots from OH--3 cases Fancy Feast, 10 cases Shea, 3 cases Appetizers, 6 trays baby food, spring toys, squirrel corn & bird seed
Michlynn & Vern from MI--kleenex, towel, Christmas cards, tuna cans and appetizers
Linda C/angelface52--2 cases babyfood
Linda S/mls9690--4 cases Fancy Feast Kitten. 

We weighed Trucker--he is fluctuating betweem 2.15 and 3 pounds! Gusti is so active--absolutely a play machine! Cayden and Vernon are still best buds and both growing like weeds! 

Our 3 new ones are such busy kittens. The grey tiger boy is now called Mathias (meaning Gift of God). The torti is Esmee (pronounced Ez-may & means love). The torti/tiger is Joanne Ellen. All are Name a Cat names. We have also taken on a couple new cats--more on that in the next blog or on the cam. 

Wow--I have been overwhelmed with the items that have come in, but even more so, with the friendships made. I have also so enjoyed scanning thru Facebook and seeing all of your Selfies, stories, pics and good times. Thanks to you all for being a part of our Catstock! Now.....go....spay and neuter all you can! Hugs to you all!