Sunday, September 21, 2014

September 21, Sunday

We had 2 adoptions on Friday. Tim, a webcam friend adopted Teva and Purrza. He is a young man traveling to his new home in the state of Washington. His dad is along to help with getting his new home set up. And along with them are our 2 wonderful cats. I've heard from Tim a couple times now--sounds like the traveling is going pretty good. Tim has a heart full of love for cats!

I am in need of telling you about Sadie, with a heavy heart. Sadie has had a very rough week--her behavior episodes have grown worse and worse. We've been trying so hard to work with her--using meds, keeping her calm, etc., to no avail. It hit me hard towards the end of the week that Sadie is not living a quality life. She is just existing in a tormented state. With sadness, Sadie was released from her life on Saturday morning. On this particular cat, I feel a sense of relief for Sadie. I feel her life now is more peaceful than she's been here. Thank you all for caring about this special girl.

Oh dear---what a hard time we've been having with Ustream. Our admin Rita/Canton said it way better than I could, so here goes, from Canton:

"Ustream, Iscream, we all scream at Ustream….but for now, it is what it is. We’ve expressed our concern to them, hopefully everyone will enter a support ticket with them and express your frustration.
We all want to watch the cats and chat (unless we are lurkers and we just want to watch the cats!) Well meaning people have provided different links to ways to ‘get around’ ustream. These links are to “back doors” where FFRC does not get any ad revenue, cannot promote as it is a violation of ustream rules, putting FFRC in a very difficult position. As a result, until further notice:
Please do not post to other means to access the cam. Please fill out a support ticket with ustream so we can put pressure on them to resolve the difficulties.
Posts with additional links to non-authorized sites will be removed.
The only authorized site is or thru ustream itself:
As always, we will get through this (we’ve had this happen in the past and come through stronger than ever!)
Thank you for supporting FFRC, we know it’s frustrating and we know we are all here to watch and support our beloved cats. As Sevaun always says “sometimes the litterbox is full and sometimes it isn’t.” We really don’t know what she means by that, but hey, let’s focus on it for a while!"

Thank you, Canton.  And the following is from me!: 
There is a lot of hub-bub about our Petfinders and Ustream. And our chatters are finding ways to access it in different ways. The fact is, right now, we cannot change the chat. We're stuck with whatever Ustream gives us unless, because of complaints filed, they change it. When you access other sites, even though there may be ads, FFRC does not get the revenue from the ads.  Monthly, we normally receive about $2,000 from UStream for the ads. That figure for this month, is already down.  And on some of these sites, we do NOT have permission to use that person's pictures that may be on it.  That happened before and it was not a pleasant experience for FFRC.  Of course, we cannot control this or what our viewers do, but I'd; like you to encourage folks to use the regular chat. Thank you for your help with this. Hopefully, soon, things will straighten out.  So.......let's just deal with it, keep a smile on, hang onto your patience and just enjoy the cats! Yep, that's what Anony and Derecho want you to do too! 

We have lots of thanks to give! You all are just awesome, caring people!
PSW--a donation to help with FFRC's "Helping Hand" Spay & Neuter Fund (this is for spays/neuters OUTSIDE of FFRC
Conii--donation to FFRC
PSW--sends a special thanks to you all for the feathers she's been receiving. Project underway! 
Mary H from Archbold--3 towels, soft and big!
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 4 boxes Purrfectly Fish, big bag of Purina One
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--note, 8 bags of Party Mix snackers with bacon for Cita and friends
Christine P--case of 9-Lives
LJ323--note, large pck scrubbie sponges, ziploc bags, 8 cans Chicken, pre-cooked bacon for Cita/friends, kitty snackers, 2 bags Sunkist Gems, 4 bags Nutter Butter Bites
Pat our Thursday Vol--set of handwarmers/scarf
Christine & David with Yuki, Anya & Miyu--3 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 2 cases Iams kitten, case of Friskies adult
Vagabond Village--donation from their 50/50 drawing at their Car Show
Shawn--made a very nice BD for all the Covies!
Ellen E--donation to helpwith the "Helping Hand" spay/neuter Fund

We had our RAFFLE Friday night.  What a lot of fun. And I have tons of appreciation for you all--whether you bought a ticket, won, lost, watched---you are all appreciated! Our raffle was worth $3,400. Isn't that just amazing! Many thanks to you. I promise to always use every single penny wisely.
A--afghan and certificate (2 winners)  Aimee R from London & Linda V from USA
B--Candy Stripe Rug--Rainyday28
C--Brocade Afghan--Dava M
D--Laurel Burch bags--Ladydoc
E--Mink soft blanket--Oilsandsgirl
F--Kitty Goard light--JustMe
Donnajb bumped the $3285 by $115 to make it $3,400! Thank you.
Our consolation prizes were won by: Nigel W, Linda V, Ellen, Susan B, Debra M, Pamela T, June K and Carol O.  

FFRCNation=One Nation, One Heart=One group of people who have tremendous hearts for each other and for the FFRC cats. I am beholden to you all. 

Our new 6 kittens have a little friend. His name is Columbus and was rescued by our own volunteer, Julie. He's a dandy--so cute and sweet. He's about 6 weeks old, silver, white and black, long hair. And he loves to be held. 

Our little Dashielle will have to have his rear leg looked at soon. He's way too small for surgical repair, so we will have to get the advise of our vets. Doesn't stop him though--he scampers everywhere! I talked to the man that was involved with his rescue yesterday, sounds like he too was stuck in a car motor, like Caleb. Caleb's front leg is involved. We'll see what is recommended for him too.

Saturday is our next surgical date. It's different in that it will be in the afternoon, instead of morning. Will make for a long day, but it's important. We'll get as many spayed/neutered as time permits. 

Do you know who was the first Covie? Jonah. What Porchie cat is it that was named for what he did the first five days he was here? Mew--all he did was talk to us--had a big long story to tell us! What kitten was found on the road, injured and brought in by our carpenter friend? Bella. WHo is the last kitten left of the Werlor kittens? Punita. Who is Karena's sister? Ratchet. Which cat was found between a store outside wall and a cement wall, stuck? Zelda!