Friday, December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016 Friday

Joyful is here on my desk again, napping and purring! I never tire of having her here on the desk. Magic and Trucker too are here as is Paddy Purr--my morning buddies! And comes Vernon. He's a frequent flyer of desk-time!

 We had BOXES Weds evening! Many thanks to each of you.
Pingpongballer--12 packs Meow Mix variety pack
Rebecca P from UK--for Vern--4 boxes of Bondi-Licks--he says a big thanks!
Zoolove/Pam--a really neat hoodie for Jacci--thanks!
Gusti--card for my mom
Phyllis V, Rachel and Kit--Christmas card, 2 wand toys, 3 bags snackers, 18 cans Fancy Feast, 6 very nice fleece blankies
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Wanda the portrait maker--donated to FFRC for 2 portraits

Yaiza-moon, Sonia-paws & kitty Jasper and Mom from Spain--Christmas blankets!  Lots of the cats have received a special very soft blanket that Mom made for their comfort & also both dogs! Elsie received balls with bells inside, Magic has a bag of his poof balls, volunteers--snackers. For a Flash Sale--handmade kitty doll and a container full of crocheted catnip empanadas.  For Jacci--jar of suckers in a kitty container, cat t-shirt, Trucker mouse pad, gold kitty pen, note book, hand painted nesting dolls & palvorones for the family. Big thanks!

CincyCat--made a donation to FFRC for a fun thing for the cats. A new Catalpa Tree furniture arrived and has been assembled. The cats sure enjoy it. It's been placed in the Kitty Kabana Room. It will be easy to clean too!

Santa/LJ via way of RI--In response to a letter sent to Santa from Zeke, Zany and Zest which was delivered by a peacock to the North Pole, a framed picture made of fur from kitties at FFRC spelling out Zeke, Zany and Zest in a half circle with a purple blankie on the bottom with 3 lumps--one for each of the Z's!!  I love it!

Do you shop Amazon and go thru our site to order your items?  It can be used for any order, not just for FFRC! Each month, FFRC receives a deposit from Amazon from these orders. For October, we just received $530.52. I appreciate this! 

Another way to help FFRC, is to walk, jog, bike! There's a free app called ResQwalk.  For each mile given, it benefits FFRC! It's simple, fun and good for you! So far, FFRC has earned $582.30. We have accumulated 50,903 miles so far! Thanks for each mile you have given us!

This year has gone so very fast. We started FFRC in September 1999. That means we are going into our 18th year of rescue. Doesn't seem possible. We started in one single room and slowly but surely worked up to what we have today. I am constantly in awe of the support you give us and the trust. I hold that trust in very high regard and will always do right by FFRC. I have much passion for this Rescue Center and want to reach as many as we can to help. This year we broadened our desire to spay/neuter more cats. Our total now for 2016 is 563--335 spays and 228 neuters. While not a gigantic number, each of those surgeries represents saving many lives. There are simply too many kitties being born without a home. We will continue our effort in this direction. 

Skippy is now in the Main Area. He seems to be relaxing and is happier. Cricket is now also up in the Main Area 100% of the time. He's decided this is more fun that the front Thumper's Room and is beginning to make friends with the other cats.  Right now we have 3 black cats---Koda (biggest), Cricket (medium and just a splash of white on his throat) and Easton (smallest with a bigger patch of white on his throat). All are sleek and shiny!

We took in 4 new kittens on 12/27. They are 9 weeks old and born on 10/25/16. Their mama already has an appointment to be spayed.  We have 3 girls and 1 boy.  No names yet! While 2 are still a bit shy, 2 are not. But with our wonderful visitors, they are being lavished with TLC and are really coming around! 
Grey tiger, male
White/grey, white face & ears, pokie dots on back, female
White/grey, white body, grey tail, female
White/grey, white muzzle, top of ears grey, female
They are having a huge amount of fun of running, leaping and playing in the back Thumper's Room. They'll be there yet a while for their next vaccines to be done. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016 Weds.

Cricket sure loves the front Thumper's Room--we've showed him the Main Area several times, put him on the countertop near that door and he goes back to the Welcome Room! He's very relaxed and playful. He'll venture up eventually!

We had ENVELOPES last night. I am grateful for each and every one.
Joyce A--Christmas card and donation
Adrianne & Linda from MI (day visitors)--gift card for Pet Supply Plus
Vuokko M from FInland--Christmas card
Needtoretire--Christmas card with donation toward vet bill & sponsorship for Jones & Sea Turtle
Rosanna & Roy from CA--Christmas Card
Xenamolina & furbabies from IL--Christmas card
Lindsay H from WI--Christmas card
Annette B from NC--Christmas card
Barbara W & furbabies from IA--Christmas card and donation
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Ashley & Panda from SC--Christmas card
Elaine & Alan B from FL--Friendship card & donation in memory of Little Kat
Lisa K with Cocoa & Noah--Christmas card with gift card for Walmart
Craig M & family from MI--Christmas card with Daisy, Hope, Solee & Mr. Fluffy
Sophieandlucysdad from MI--Christmas card with picture of kitties & gift card to Applebees!
Ellis & Barb I from OH--donation to FFRC
Joey3100 with Tanner, Zeus, Dina & Hailey--Christmas card with pics of her doggies!
Courtney/calico17 from ME--Christmas card with donation to FFRC
Tina H from IL with her pets--Christmas card with chicken $5
Jill M from OH with Mr. G!!--Christmas card with picture of Mr. G
Jan B & Alleycat--2 boxes of juicy, yummy oranges for the volunteers
Jo L --donation to FFRC

We took in a new kitten yesterday. His mama could not keep him any longer and with much saddness relinquished him to FFRC. His name is Skippy and he's a beautiful grey (not tiger) and white kitten. His birthday is 6/25/16. I'm sure it won't take long to have him come to the Main Area (unless he becomes friends with Cricket! lol)  Skippy is a Name a Cat name.

We had a wonderful adoption 2 days ago. Xongile was adopted to a very nice couple. They were looking at younger kittens when Xongile made his presence known to them--it was love at first sight! I so enjoy that when an obvious match is made!

This Monday we have our HumaneOhio Transport surgery day. We have a full packed schedule--hoping it stays that way! We never know for sure because many of these cats are outside cats that are sometimes hard to catch. 

Giovanna is beginning to feel much better and she is looking better too! So nice to see this. I'm anxiously awaiting her spay/dental date that is yet 2 more weeks away. I think she'll feel much better when those teeth are taken care of.

Spiker has empty legs---or at least he must think so. He's feeling so good again and just can't seem to "fill up". He's like a teenage boy--always eating! He so enjoys it! He's quite the character and is a bit of a clown!

Alice Mary was weighed this morning and she weighs the most she ever has here--3.09.5 (yep, we're going to even count that half of an ounce!). This is the most she's ever weighed for us. Let's hope we keep going up in weight.

The outside cats are all doing great. The Porchies so love their heat lamp in their sunroom. Sometimes there's 9-10 cats in there all snugged up. And the Porchie Haven is also a big hit for naps and eating. It's so nice knowing we now have good shelter for all the outside cats. The Red Barn cats sure enjoy all the hay bales piled high. They too though have heat lights in safe areas, away from the hay. 

Make your life better with a cat! Having a pet has been attributed to significantly lowering blood pressure, as well as lowering the risk of heart disease. Plus, the mere act of stroking a cat for a few minutes has been shown to release "feel good" endorphins in the brain. Reach out a pet a cat!

Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26, 2016 Monday

I hope you all had a joyous Christmas and a wonderful time with family, friends and your pets! The cats here had a super breakfast yesterday--Steve and I picked out some really yummy assortment of cat food cans for them. We had enough to share with all the cats--inside and outside! I believe every bit was eaten. And they had plenty of chicken for desert and tuna balls! This was also amongst bonito flakes. Sounds yummy! To top it off, their Aunt Judy brought in a ham bone--of course Alice Mary was one of the first to dive in!

Speaking of Alice Mary.....she is back to "food face", which pleases me very much. This morning she dove right into many different food plates. We continue to have her on the antibiotics per Dr. Darcy. I believe soon, her med dosages will change. Let's hope she continues this! She was playing this morning too!

We had BOXES Friday evening. What a great evening that was---you are appreciated.
David P from OH--donation to FFRC
Mary, Fri vol--2 cans lysol wipes, antibiotic oint, 2 inch tape, 6 cases water
Audrey/ajpritting & Gary --huge tin of popcorn, 3 flavors!
Amelia M from ND--donation to FFRC
Macncheesendoodles mom--donation to the S/N fun in memory of Macaroni & donation to be used where needed
Mary D & Randi M from PA--Christmas card with donation--use where needed
Janet S with Toby & Harley, singing Christmas card & donation for Feliz Navidad Fund.
Francis T & Kittens from TX--Christmas card with donation
Jenni B from CA--Christmas card & photo of her kitty Brandon
Paula A from OK--Christmas card with note
Rich & Rose/roseSF6cats with Marble, Blackie, Fluffy, Brownie & Checkers--Christmas card
Joyce R/stinkygreycat from TX--Christmas card
Teresa S from IL with Posie, Jean, Jessie & Major--singing Christmas card, donation in memory of Jeruska
Julie C from IN with Anna Marie & Miss Mellow--a very nice note & Christmas card/donation

Justme & Eaglewatcher--an awesome Fellowes Comb Binding Machine & all the equipment to do this! We will use this for The Hundred Storybook! Very excited about this. Many thanks.

Annette B from NC with her cat Elsie--card for Rory & Covies--5 snackers, mouse toys, Fancy Feast Broth, Whiskas packets, Meow Mix cups, 6 cans FF--all taken to the cove! For Elsie, from Elsie--Fancy Feast Broth. For Eddie White--Fancy Feast broth.  Box of candy for all the vols.

Beth/eaglewatcher--birthday presents for Shamballie's BD (on Christmas!).  My mom enjoyed this so much. Toy, snackers and a bed (which he has slept lots on already!)  a beatuful kitty pop card from Derecho & all the FFRC kitties, letter from Derecho, and a pop up angel card. Plus 10 reams of 3 hole printer paper

I still have more thanks to give!
Lucy Poole and Benny from UK---donation to FFRC
DoubleydibleydooUK--donation to FFRC
Kristina S from CA--donation to FFRC
Jeffrey F--donation to FFRC

Tuomo V from FInald--donation to FFRC
Alison OT--donation to FFRC in hnor of her mother--she enjoys the site
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Peverley H from OH--donation to FFRC
MaryAnn B from SC--donation to FFRC

We took on a new kitten. He's all black with just a few sprigs of white fur on his neck. His birthday is 7/16/16 which makes him 5 months old. He came from a family that had him since a wee kitten. They moved and then found out they couldn't keep their sweet kitten. With much sadness, they relinquished him to FFRC. I promised we would love him and find him a home.  He's a very nice kitten and is just today out of his pen in the front Thumper's Room. He's running and running with his tail straight up in happiness. Won't be long until he's in the Main Area. His name is Cricket (a Name a Cat name).

Our snow is melting quickly. It's in the 40's right now and is suppose to reach almost 60 today. We've opened the windows for some nice fresh air (we're pretending it's spring!). The cats love it and are looking out the windows. 

I am amazed at Phoebe. She is doing so well now. Zooming around like a kitten should be. And her appetite is great. It's like she cannot get enough of running now. It must feel good to her to be able to breathe and play and eat without worry!  Spiker is a nut! He loves his big red poof and attacks it--he'll roll on it and bite it and then bounce to another spot and start over again. Such a sweetie! Coralie and Merri still are the 2 girls that love to go into the towel cabinets after breakfast. 

Eddie White is spending more time in the Welcome Room and the front Thumper's room. He feels very comfortable there. Trucker is here on the desk with me--he likes being up high sometimes! Makes him feel like a big boy. You might see Franklin Thomas and Elsie playing rough. No worries---they are pretty evenly matched and seem to enjoy it. Jessie is doing great--she loves the big house to nap in above the 2 sets of condo pens.  

We're in trouble and have to play peacemaker! Walter, Walter, Walter has his much beloved bed in the front Thumper's Pen. That is HIS and only His and he does not share it. This morning another cat took THAT bed. Oh no. Walter sat there and did his stare down---no luck. So....we had to relocate the cat to the table and make up a new fluff bed. Walter promptly reclaimed his bed. He's a happy boy again. Gotta keep Walter happy!

Just a note of explanation---my time is a bit more restricted lately as Steve and I are spending much more time with my mom. Please, if there's a problem with anything, email me. It may take me a bit longer to get answers back, but I do answer every email. If I've overlooked something that normally wouldn't be, don't hesitate to ask me about it. Thank you for your understanding. 

This morning I saw Tabitha on the very top green cat walks. I saw her looking at the tree below when she suddenly "flew" off the top ledge and onto the tree. Made me gulp but she was very happy with herself!  This morning I couldn't find 2 of the grey kittens--Hoover and Harvey. No where to be found. And then they were spotted. We have the window in the dog's room raised up so Camvi can go in and out with "her dogs". Hoover and Harvey figured that out--they were having a zipping good time in there playing and romping amongst the 2 dogs!  The fun side of kittiness!

On to the New Year! 6 more days to 2017! 

Friday, December 23, 2016

December 23, 2016 Friday

Two days before Christmas! I have a long line of cats here at my desk---each are asking to pass on wonderful thoughts of joy, peace, love and gratitude to each of you. They really feel your love and so appreciate you all! 

We had BOXES Weds. evening......and envelopes too!  Many thanks to you all!
Beth/eaglewatcher--for Shamballie's birthday (12/25), octopus play toy and kitty snackers and a comfy bed for him. I will have mom open these for Shamballie on Christmas!  Thanks, Beth.
Herta B--2000 potty bags, guaranteed hole-free!
Pam T/zoolove--lg. container (500 loads) of Nellie's All Natural laundry soap
Andrew S--For Janie & Cammie--bag of Beggin' Strips and box of biscuits
Rob, Sarah/Romeomom, Sean, Rachel & kitties from MO--2 lg containers Temptation snackers, gift card from WalMart, lots of red and green kitty toys, sardines
Matt, Darcia from MI & family (they adopted Ruby from FFRC--Christmas card and donation in honor of Dawn S and Tom
Bopeeps from FL--Christmas card and donation
Glynette from CA--Christmas card and doantion for all the kitties
Clark, Jessie & the rest of the gang--BD card for Shamballie, Felicity and chicken $5's for each, Christmas card with a donation for more adoption blankies!
Dave from NY--a special made Christmas card and a chicken $5
Dave, Sherri, his teacher Debbie & his nurse Julie from NY--card & WalMart gift card
Tom and Chris W from AZ and kitties Anna and Grady--Christmas card & donation
Tom, Donna and Katie Rose from OH--donation for FFRC

And..........more thanks!  We are grateful! 
Brittany W from OH--donation to FFRC
Heather U--donation to FFRC
Kathy M--donation in honor of Audrey & Gary P for Christmas
Lorraine LoBianco--donation in memory of her dad, John L. He enjoyed watching the kittycam
Charmaine & Arden B from IN--donation to FFRC
Brenda Q--donation for FFRC
Ferole P from OH--donation for FFRC to be used as needed
Alice D/TwoCats--donation to FFRC, use where needed most
Brenda R from VA--donation to FFRC--use where needed
Billie K--donation to get some turkey/chicken for the kitties and cats for Christmas!

We had another adoption! Kelvin went to his new home---he has a Dad! And I do believe will be a pampered boy! 

Chewbacca/Bacca is doing better. He is a bit shy but once you touch him, he head butts and purrs and is so happy. He will be in the Main Area soon. 

So far, we've given away 6 outdoor cat houses to people. We still have some more---want to target cats that are outside and need the warmth. And again, at the same time, we can encourage spays and neuters.

Is there a more regal cat than Eddie White? His posture, his looks are so magnificent. He spends more and more time here on the desk with me---he likes to be talked to.  Jones and Sea Turtle are both doing good. That Jones---what a boy.  He sometimes reaches up to pat your leg and over his back he goes. And then he stays there for a tummy rub. He is just an awesome cat. Between Paddy Purr and Trucker, I think all the kittens have had baths in the last couple of days! They are doing their "job"! 

Elsie is here in the office with me, way up high on the purple cat walk. She KNOWS there's a kuranda tower there and is trying to judge the distance to get down. She is incredibly smart. Joyful is here by my desk too, sleeping peacefully. And Magic....he taps my leg to tell me he wants up on the desk. Love these cats!

WE will be taking some surgeries up soon to Dr. P's. 
Xongile (neuter), Jasper (neuter), Phoebe (spay) and Easton (neuter) on Jan. 4th
Geovanna (spay and dental) on Jan. 11

Short blog---busy day! Enjoy this wonderful Friday! 

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21, 2016 Weds.

4 more days to Christmas! The cats are all getting ready and being so nice! Paddy Purr has already groomed 2 kittens today. Kiara shared the warm laundry towels with 3 kittens just so she'd stay on the "nice" list. Derecho is watching over all the kittens in hopes that they keep behaving. Coralie has only swatted one kitten (so far) today. Pania did a biggie today---she was very good at sharing the Bonito flakes with the other cats! And Zavatar shared his breakfast with Fabio--that was wonderful to see! Nice things going on too in The House That Jonah Built--Sevaun let Markie and Victor play with the Track Toy!  They are sure hoping for an extra yummy breakfast come Christmas morning!

We had BOXES Monday evening! Wow! I'm so very grateful and so are the cats!
Jan T from Hawaii--card, 5 handtowels, 2 scrubbers, kitty books, 3 calendars, travel bag, Biscotti treats for the volunteers, 2 beautiful glass balls for Alberts Garden

Fran D from FL--cards that sing!, slippers, kitty jammies, magnets with pretty sayings & gift card for restaurant---thank you bunches!  To use as needed: kitty toes, magnets, kitty sticker tabs, kitty book, 2 wine marker sets, adult kitty coloring book & pens

Pckrbckr--Reeses for Jacci, PB pretzels for Steve, M&M Peanuts for Lynnette.  Also snackers, washcloths, box tops & 2 bags of pop tabs

Billie K-K-Cups 4 boxes of Angelino Variety of flavors--vols love it already! And a delivery from Bath & Body of Body Cremes for the volunteers!  Many thanks. 

Mary D from CT_-Christmas card, donation in memory of Tiny Toes
Realty Five, Defiance--donation from a house sale
Mary OD from FL--Christmas card, donation in honor of Marti Whitlock
Joe & Elskates with Bridgett, Natasha & Savanna--Christmas card
Kerswell and Tom with Shawnee & Domino--Christmas card
Jane/Calico17--Christmas card and donation
Pat L/Sophieandlucys grandma--Christmas card
Fran S & Daylight, Headlight, Buglight & Starlight--card, donation in honor of Schinn
Robotman from CA--Christmas card and stickers
Vern & MIch and Cheddar & Simon--Christmas card
Phyllis & Emmy from MI--Christmas card and donation
Raven652 from CA--Christmas card
Anita S from NY--Christmas card
Sandra/krnk400 with Betty Bernie & Sigfrie--Christmas card and donation
Trace, Phil & Bella--Christmas card and donation
Zoesmama from PA--Christmas card
Melissa W/Nalamina --Christmas card
Happyflame--long distance vol--Christmas card & donation for treats
Mike & Betsy S with Tate & Gracie--Christmas card and donation
Phil & Judeanlee--Christmas card
Jazz13764 & Susan from UK--Christmas card of St. Pauls
Pat D/Elviscat--Christmas card & gift card to Walmart
JoanneZ from NY with Betsy, Jenny & Mitzy--donation for Dryer fund

I am moved by the generosity of you folks. We are trying to get all our medical suppliers paid before the end of the year and also our veterinary bill.  Your donations are helping with this. And Steve and I are both grateful. 

BIG news! We received an email from Eagle Rare Life in regards to the Award Ranking. Here's what they have to say:  "Your Eagle Rare Life Award story made it in our top 30! Be sure to keep up the voting momentum so that we are eligible for the grand prize. Don't forget that voting ends on January 5th. That leaves you a few weeks to spread the word and rally your supporters to secure your spot in the top 30!"   Here's more info:  we do not have to have the most number of votes in order to be a grand prize winner. We only need to be one of the top 30 nominees with the most votes! We will be contacted in the next few weeks for additional interviewing.  We are so excited about this!  Let's keep the daily votes coming at:

We have some more thanks to give too! 
Billie K--donation to help with Giovanna's medical expenses.
Lori N from NE--donation to be used as needed.
Brian & Liz B from NY--donation to FFRC
Pam/CincyCat--donation for the kitties to pick out something fun! (it's coming next week!)
Mark C--donation for FFRC
Shannon & Donavon--donation for FFRC
Maite from Spain--donation for the Paddys
Judith M--donation for FFRC
Tammy & Keith and cats--donation for FFRC

Audrey P--donation to FFRC in honor of The Moine Family
Dave S--donation to FFRC
Vixanna/Bagobear--donation to help towards Peanut's medical expenses and in honor of Eaglewatcher & Belltime for being such great friends. 

As you may have heard, we launched our One Hundred Storybook on Monday.  Remember the Catapalooza that we did 2 years ago?  We read about 150 stories of various cats that had a history with FFRC.  Well, we took 100 of those stories, added colored pictures of each of those 100 cats, made 62 copies and put them in a story binder. Some cats are residents, some are CH, some have passed, also added Porchie/Covie cats.  We put these Storybooks out there for $25. The reason we did this is because we thought you may like to have these stories yourself ! Good news--we sold them all already! This money will go towards our Dandy, Dazzling Dryer Fund!

Now........more good news! We were given a donation to help with the making of 100 copies of this One Hundred Storybook!  Isn't that wonderful! And many thanks to this kind person. We will begin making these 100 copies this week. If you'd like to wait until the first week of January to send in a check or PayPal, if you're interested in having one, that would be fine! As soon as we have them printed and put together, we can start sending them out! I thank you for your support of this project. We've been excited about it--to spread the stories of many of our cats!

We had an adoption this past Sunday. Little Lucy went to her new home. I've been in touch with her new mama and she is doing great. The pictures are so nice. 

We also took in a new cat. His name is Chewbacca or as we've been calling him, Bacca.  He's a black/white cat that was found under the hood in the motor.  The family that found him was worried about his safety.  So......Bacca is now here, safe and sound.  His birthday is 10/3/15.  He's a bit shy at first, but then he turns into a mush.  I wonder if something happened that causes that first reaction to be careful. Once the petting starts though, he soaks it up.

We had an ad in the paper on Sunday to help with housing for outside cats. We were gifted some cat houses specifically for us to use at our discretion to give away. When someone calls about a need, we can also give info out on low cost spay/neuters. A double good thing!  Afterall, we want outside cats to be warm in this cold weather. 

Wow---we've had some visitors this morning! Christmas visitors!  Big thanks for your gifts!
Jessie & Wes W--big bag of dry cat food, kitty litter, kitten powder milk and a cat-toy scratcher

Jean L from Williams County--she collected items for FFRC, doing the 12 Days of Christmas theme!  Calming collars, bath towels, cat toys, dry cat food, canned food, fleece throws, PT, lysol, Laundry soap, Clorox wipes, baby wipes, Paw Points!

The House of Ruth, Defiance--brought over volunteer Christmas goodies! And a homemade tuna snacker for the cats---will hold this for Christmas morning!

Sue King Family, Harmon family, Gregory family and Starner family--a Christmas drop off of goodies! PT, snackers, bleach, laundry soap, lysol wipes, trash bags, can cat food, dry cat food, glass cleaner, volunteer snackers & juice, baby meat food.

You might've noticed we have a little kitty cold going on here. Nothing serious. And when they are better, their immune system will have been boosted up! All are much better today. 

Have you seen that black/white blur zooming by?! That would be Phoebe! It's amazing how much better she is now that the polyp is gone. And still no snorting, snoring or weird sounds from her! She is amazing and eating good.

Little Alice Mary is once again diving into the food dish. It's totally impossible to keep this kitten clean! She enjoys her food too much!  She has the most sweetest look on her when she wants her baby food! And it doesn't bother her at all to be messy! 

Giovanna is doing a bit better. She's eating good. Still napping alot and that is ok. We're letting her rest and feel better. She sure loves her soft cushie beds. 

Take care! 4 more days! The cats are on their countdown! 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

December 18,2016 Sunday

It's so so hard---the cats and kittens are trying so very hard to be extra good. One week to Christmas. The growlies and orneriness got to them this morning though---Derecho put a stop to it. The word is out, he said---the more purring and sweetness we give out, the more chicken and turkey we will get!  Derecho calmed down all the grumbles and now we have peace once again here. What an awesome bunch of cats we have!  Even Annabelle stopped pawing at the upside-down tree!

We had surgeries yesterday. IWe ended up doing 8 boys and 4 girls. Plus 8 physicals for FFRC plus 3 cats and 1 dog were looked at that belonged to volunteers.    This now brings our total spays/neuters so far for 2016:  333 females and 226 males=559 !  This just makes me so happy.  THIS is what it takes to help control the cat/pet overpopulation problem---spaying and neutering.

Here's the breakdown:
Harvey, Q-Tip, Kelvin, Spiker, Jasper, Xongile, Easton and Shadow (public's cat) were neutered.
Louisa, Ethel, Lucy and Betsy were spayed. 

We were not able to do 3 cats that we were hoping for:  Tiana still a bit small so we elected to wait. Lamula just wasn't 100%. And Jasper's hiney isn't healed enough.

Jasper's hiney was red and very inflammed when he arrived---almost like a burn. It extends down his leg a bit too. While it's healing very quickly, because this would be the surgical site, we did not want to introduce any bacteria.  He will be neutered as soon as his hiney is healed.  It's been decided--he's a cinnamon long hair kitten. He is one extra handsome boy.

Those that had physicals:
Chester--good, does show his K9 teeth are a distinct round ridge on them--will keep a check on.
Gavin--physical good
Anna Belle--physical good
Eddie White--sm. amt plaque--will keep an eye on it
Livingston--good!  He is now ready to be up for an adoption!
Paddy Purr--good, shows a grad 2/6 heart murmur-very slight
Peanuts--doing great, healing nicely and showing some weight on both front legs.

Giovanna--our sweet black/white cat.  She has a few issues going on. We believe she is about 9 years old. We gave her the birthday of 12/2/07. She needs to be spayed but we could not do it yesterday as her health is not up to par yet. She also badly in need of a dental but that too must wait till she is more stable. She is also missing her lower right K9 tooth.  Her missing leg is a bit of a mystery--can't tell exactly how this happened but whatever happened, it's not quite "right". We will have a "tidy up surgery" on that stump when she is healthier. In the meantime, she is eating good and napping a lot. She has picked (for now) the Welcome Room to anchor at. She is a real love and so enjoys being loved on.  

We had BOXES Friday evening! Many grateful thanks!
Littleonemine from CA--Christmas card, 4 quarters for the swear jar (lol!), 16 cans tuna, bag of freeze dried chicken (the cats said an extra yum!)
Jeannine S from NY--Card and donation for FFRC
Amy W from OH--card and donation for FFRC
Joyce R from OH--card and donation for FFRC
Terry W and Kitties from CA--card and donation for FFRC
Tracy L from OH--coupons

We also have these thanks!
Fran D--donation for Feliz Navidad Fund, given in honor of Fran by a co-worker Belinda for Christmas!
Olga & Mamo from Netherlands--donation to FFRC
Marisa R from CA-donation to FFRC to help Giovanna
Marv & Penny S from NM--donation in memory of their Aunt Ruth Feeney
Bradley L--donation to FFRC in honor of Fran D as a Christmas gift to FFRC

As you know, Alice Mary went to the vet's office a few days ago. You may remember when she arrived, she had aspiration pneumonia. We have treated her for this for quite some time. Our big concern was she just hasn't been growing--still at 3.07.  So, off to the vets she went again.X-rays were taken again.  It was discovered that her aspiration pneumonia is still present. She is now on 2 antibiotics and does seem to be better already. Showing more interest in food again. Hoping this will help complete her medical problems. We want to get her on the right track so she can be up for adoption.

We took in 2 new kittens. 
Xongile (pronounced Shon GEE lay), an African name meaning exquisite (a Name a Cat name). He is buff and white and was found under a porch deck, all shivery cold and hungry. Xongile arrived on 12/16.  He is 6 months old with a birthday of 6/4/16. He was so hungry and so very thirsty. He's already up in the Main Area. Talk about a sweetie--he has a great purr and loves to be held up close. He also sticks his nose in your ear and purrs like that! A great kitten.  He is indeed exquisite!

Easton--(a Name a Cat name), a black kitten with a white neck and tummy spot. He is a little butterball--so round and stocky! He came here after being found by himself. Easton acts like he's always been here---very comfortable with people and all his kitty friends. He's 11 weeks old with a birthdate of 10/1/16.  He also arrived on 12/16. There was no holding him back--he insisted yesterday on coming to the Main Area to have friends with him to play with. 

Please remember to vote daily at:     We only have a couple weeks left!  It's over on Jan. 4th. 

Have a joyful, peaceful Sunday.  The cats are planning on that too! 

Thursday, December 15, 2016

December 15, 2016 Thursday

It's brrrr-y cold outside.  Single digit degrees.I'm so thankful we have warm areas for all the outside cats.  It's so important that outside pets have a place to get out of the rain/snow, cold and wind. And have warm food to eat and water. Those electric water bowls are wonderful!  Can even put the dry food in those! This morning when I went into the Porchie Haven to feed breakfast, instead of the normal 2-3 cats, there were 7 of them. And many of these are from the grey barn. It's interesting how they have changed their location!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!  Our upside down tree is now in place and decorated. It was decided not to decorate the very top. The reason--Annabelle! She discovered if she goes up high on the cat walk and leans way way over, she can touch the tree. We didn't want to entice her to do this by hanging decorations! Those rascally cats--always into something! 

We have Alice Mary at the vet's office today. Still trying to figure out what is going on with her. Her appetite goes up and down. She is still 3.06 pounds---so very small and lightweight. Hoping to get some answers today and hoping it's something we can fix.

Super wonderful news! I've been asked frequently if there is a 2017 calendar for FFRC. I've sadly, have had to say no. But.....our wonderful Goss is working on one right now, with Sherri's pictures! Guaranteed to be an awesome calendar! She is working full speed ahead on it! So very happy about this!

We had BOXES and lots of ENVELOPES last night! Our FFRCNation is great--the compassion, support and friendship is very appreciated.
Faithy--2 bags of CET Chewies--a favorite of Derecho's!
Miranda--2 bottles 7th generation non-chlorine bleach
Darkcat--for me!!! A kitty with a fish ornament!
Shawn, our long distance FFRC volunteer--Christmas shirt & a little red sports car!
Bianca--24 rolls of paper towels for Tabitha
Elaine & Alan--Christmas card with donation for dryer in memory of Little Kat & Delight
EHpowers from IA--Christmas card for FFRC & card for Camie & Janie
Buddy R from OH--Christmas card, chief tapes & donation
SonJamac, our mod--Kitty Christmas card
Judy R from FL--coupons & donation
Rodger & Marjorie M--card and donation
DoublyDibblyDoo--Kitty Christmas card
Tom P, BUddy & Ashley from NJ--2 singing meowy cat Christmas cards
Mike & Gwen R, Patches & Angle--Christmas card with donation for dryer
Don & Joy D & furbabies from NY--Christmas card
Margo F and Gabby--Kitty Christmas card with donation
Webcam viewer from OH--Kitty Christmas card with Walmart gift card
Dianna C from OH--Christmas card & donation for outside kitties
Melissa L from NY--donation for FFRC
Rita, Johnny, Sparky, Lenni, Squiggy, Nancy --Christmas card, donation in memory of her mom
Dennis, past FFRC vol--Christmas card
Jane H--Christmas card with donation
Neil & Jill W with Piper & Zoey from OH--Christmas card with donation
Painteddaisy/June--donation for FFRC
Gary P--donation in memory of Ruth "Pinky"
Gusti--donation for surgery day for drinks & a donation to help with the Dazzling Dryer Fund!
Tim from Warwick England--donation in memory of little Breanna
LJ323--bag of Fruit Gems, 4 memory foam rugs, 1 kitty bed, 3 soft kitty blankets, 4 spatulas, 3 cans sardines.  And then........her ever wonderful awesome framed felted kitties (done with FFRC fur!)  9 of them!  You'll see some of these at a Flash Sale!

Little Jasper is doing much better. His respiratory infection is very minimal now. He's playing and so wants some friends to play with. Won't be long until we can have some playmates for him! 

We took in another cat yesterday. What a sweetie.  This poor sweetie was so so dirty--it took a couple bubble baths to get her whiter.  She is a black/white adult cat, appears to have a little age on her. We will have Dr. Darcy help with aging her on Saturday. She has earmites, lice, roundworms, dehydrated and a moderate upper respiratory infection.  She is on antibiotics and is already showing improvements. Lice are gone and we're working on those earmites. She's already been wormed and will have more treatments for that coming up.  Her name is Giovanna (a Name a Cat name) which means a gift from God.  She is also a 3 legged cat. This appears to have been from a past accident. This too will be looked at by Dr. Darcy. She's a sweetie--spending a lot of time napping on her heaterpad.

Peanuts is doing wonderful! He is amazing! He is doing a bit of walking around--this is ok for him as it encourages muscle movement which helps in this healing process.  But.....not too much! What a sweet boy he is. He's still on soreness meds for a couple more days. 

Joyful is doing great. What a sweetie! She has most definitely decided that we can be friends. It's such a pleasure to pet her and know that she is enjoying it! Who is the shiniest/sleekest cat here?  (well, one of them at least!!) That would be Koda. He is so shiny. Just picking him up produces a deep rumbling purr. Magic and Trucker did a few sprints thru here--truly amazing how fast those boys can go--truly were in zoom mode!  Phoebe is feeling good. Haven't heard a snore or nasal sound from her since her polyp was removed--so happy about this. 

Saturday is our surgery day. Here's the list (tentatively)--
BOYS: Harvey, Q-tip, Hoover, Kelvin, Spiker and Jasper
GIRLS--Louisa, Lamula, Tiana, Ethel, Lucy and Betsy

We also have a few physicals to do--Cester, Gavin, Alma, Annabelle, Dusty, Eddie White, Livingston, Paddy Purr, Pippi, Vernon, Peanuts and Giovanna.

Will be a busy day. Have the possiblity of volunteers bringing in a couple cats too for surgery. 

Take care and have a great day. You all are important to this Rescue Center! 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 13, 2016 Tuesday

Peanuts--what a brave kitten he is.  His wounds are healing quickly on his back legs and body. Bruises are almost gone.  Yesterday was a big day for him. He went to the vet's office where Dr. P did his mighty works on him. He's an awesome orthopedic vet! The report is that he feels the pin in his upper left leg is firm and secure!  In 10 days we will remove his sutures. He is to have limited action time. But that isn't a problem as he is resting alot. Part of that reason is that his other front leg is still trying to heal from the nerve damage. So, rest is good but moving about is also good as it promotes healing.  He will purr in a half a second just by touching him! He usually has some cushie bed friends that nap with him.  We place him periodically in the litterbox and he uses that well! A real sweetie pie.

We took on a new kitten yesterday. His name is Jasper and he is 3 1/2 months old. What a very unusual color he is. At first, I thought he was a torti, but now that he's had a bath, he appears to be many shades of brown---so so pretty. I mean handsome! He has very long fur. And a wonderful personality. He is so happy to be here. Purrs and purrs and rolls over. He was at a feral feeding station. The person doing the feeding knew he was not feral and brought him here. He is thin, was very hungry, earmites 2/4 , diarrhea and a very very sore/inflammed bottom. His name is a Name a Cat name. His birthday is 9/2/16. 

Wow--what a wonderful evening we had last night. We had BOXES at 5:30 and the Fun-Raiser at 6:00.  Here's the BOXES update:
Julie L, vol--a case of sardines for myself and the cats!
Anonymous Friend--case of Sheba packets
Anonymous Friend--144 ping pong balls--they've already had a ping pong fun time this morning! 

Mayor Anony, Derecho, Paddys, Zavatar & the whole of the cat FFRC population & Anonymous Human Friend--conceived, planned and carried out an awesome idea--a wonderful Christmas stocking for each volunteer.  What a very very nice thing to do for the volunteers!

Conii and Elliott & Izabella--Things for a future Fun-Raiser: 2 beautiful felted cat beds. These are sooooo very nice and a Sleepy Pod that is a bed and zip on top for taking places!
For the volunteers: lots of snackers.  For the cats: kitty snackers, bag of kitty toys, kickeroos, crinkle toys, Yeowww toys, laser lights, lots of soft blankies.

Many people were asking where those beautiful felted beds came from. Conii said they are from Yuliya Kosata in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Have to contact her directly. 

And now..........ta, da........the Fun-Raiser!  Here's the winners:
Item A, Canon Selphy printer--sold 59 tickets, $295  Won by patcat, volunteer
Item B, Cheerful Apple afghan--sold 48 tickets, $240   Won by Nuthatches
Item C, 2 canopy cat beds--sold 81 tickets, $405  Won by Zoolove & Nuthatches. 
Item D, Warpedeedoo--sold 89 tickets, $445   Won by Napa
Item E, handmade cat bed--sold 110 tickets, $550   Won by Barb Wil
Item F, 2 Kindle Fires--sold 61 tickets, $305   Won by Anonymous Friend for vols & Wandiful
Item G, Ice Crystal afhgan--sold 68 tickets, $340   Won by Kerswill for Connie D
Item H, Hello Kitty Quilt/pillowcase--sold 50 tickets, $250   Won by Romeomom
Item I, iPadAir2--sold 194 tickets, $970   Won by iPurr
Item J, 50" Samsung Smart TV--sold 126 ticket, $630   Won by Jacqueline

This came to a whopping $4430!!!!!  Just thrilling! Then we had 2 bump ups from an Anonymous Friend ($50) and Jueannlee ($20).  Then a wonderful donation by Deb11111 for $500 (to help with Phoebe and Alice Mary's vet bills).  

Now, our total came to $5000.  This Fun-Raiser will go towards our ever growing veterinary bill and for the winter propane to keep us all warm. What a relief to know our vets will be paid for their services---very important part of rescue to have the vets we have. And to know we can cover the propane gas bills. 

We also had consolation prizes--our way of saying thank you!

I am grateful for the whole "village of people" who made this Fun-Raiser possible---the people who donated the items or made the items, those that purchased tickets, the people who cheered and congratulated the winners, the video maker for the cam, Canton for the FB help, the mods for giving out the information, Pat, Martha L., Lynnette and Julie L.  So many people--I thank each and everyone.  The cats are grateful too---I caught them opening cans of sardines and having a party. Pania helped by adding in Bonito Flakes! 

Wow---we have more thanks to give too---this blog is full of thanks-giving!
Marcia S--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Joco--donation to FFRC
Cheryl B from AZ--donation for Merry Christmas and for FFRC
Mark S--donation in memory of Breanna and in appreciation for helping Peanuts
Billie K--donation to help with Peanuts surgery & in memory of precious Breanna
Kelly I--donation to FFRC

And we had BOXES on Saturday evening! Big thanks to you all!
Zoolove--case of babyfood
Keiko--24 cans sardines
Justme--6 boxes Bondi Licks for Vernon
Buffypotter from UK--3 teddycats, 2 designed by Angelface, 1 designed by Leanne in Canada
Margaret D from CT_-donation in memory of Tiny Toe
Priscilla D--donation in memory of Donna Hodgkins
Josh, Kimmy & Scribbles from OH--Christmas card & donation
Julie & David--Happy 2nd birthday to Magic and his chicken $5
Ruffles--Christmas card
Trudy S--donation to FFRC
Craig, Maryann & family--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy birthday to Mayor Anony with his chicken $5
Trudy & Roger with Doon from AZ--Christmas card & donation
cjcat from PA--Christmas card and donation for a plaque
Bert & Jim S, visitors--lg. bag dry food, 2 cases Friskies, 4 pkgs snackers, toys, plates

We also had Troop 20152 Girl scouts visit and brought donations--paper towels, 2 cans chicken, 2 cans tuna, bag of dry food, snackers & a donation

As I sit back and look at this blog, I double realize how many people are involved in this rescue. I remember in 1999 when Dawn and I started FFRC--we were really tiny small potatoes and scrimped furiously for every penny. Slowly, we built and added on, made more friends, welcomed people to our rescue, built our volunteer base.  But, always, the top priority are the cats. Loving them, caring medically for them and finding homes for those that can be adopted. While the work is hard and crazy at times, the rewards are multiple. Seeing them come in in such poor condition and then soon, seeing a bright, healthy, happy cat emerge---it's what we want to do. But, this would not be possible without our "village of people" who help make this happen. I thank you for being a part of what we do here. 

Good news--have heard from Djak's family! He is doing good. He and Fred are good friends and are a good match! Way to go, Djak! 

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dec. 10, Saturday

Been a very busy time. I will try to get you all updated.

Phoebe--She had her vet appt. on Friday. We had good results. All her snorting and snoring was from a rather large polyp that was at the very far back of her soft palate. Took a bit of undoing to get it removed. Since then, I have not heard her breathing those loud sounds! She's on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory for a week.  If all is going well and she starts showing a weight increase, we will spay her on Saturday.  She also had a full nasal passage flush done. 

We took in a new kitten that was seen to be run over (accidently) by a vehicle in a local business parking lot. His name is Peanuts. He is 4 months old and is white with black pokie dots on him. His birthday is 8/2/16. He has multiple bruises and a few puncture wounds. Those will heal just fine. His front legs are a problem. He arrived here 12/9 and went to the vets the next day. An x-ray was done. His front right leg has some radial nerve damage. For this we can only do 2 things--anti-inflammatories and time. Time will tell how this leg will end up. In a week, we should know how the final healing will be with this front leg.  His front left leg has a full fracture at the top of the humerus. Peanuts will be making another trip back to the vets on Monday morning for surgery to pin that leg. We are hoping for recovery of both legs.  Time will tell. He is also on soreness meds.

We have had 4 more adoptions since last blog!
Grisho and Asher were adopted together on 12/7. They went to a great home. We've already heard back from them and both are doing good!

Trill was adopted 12/9 to my granddaughter, Ashlyn and her fiance Josh. Ashlyn has loved Trill from the beginning of his arrival here. I'm quite sure Trill will be very loved!

Mandisa also was adopted 12/9. She went to a couple that has time to devote to this sweet cat.

Just wanted to let you know, with a heavy heart, that our sweet Breanna passed away this morning. It's been obvious this past 3-4 days that she hasn't been doing very well. This morning, she made that decision by herself. It's with sadness, yet a little relief that this kitty is no longer suffering. I know in my heart she knew she was loved. I appreciate our volunteers who helped care for her--holding her, making sure she got to the litterbox, cleaning up after her when she didn't get to the box, for making sure she ate and most of all--for letting her know she was loved. You are truly the best volunteers anywhere. And thank you all "out there" too for loving her from afar. 

For the first time in a very long time, we have the back Thumper's Room empty. That means the 3 kittens (Lucy, Ethel and Betsy) are now up in the Main Area. Last night was their first night to be out of their room.  We also brought up Chester, Spiker and Gavin, the 3 CH boys. They spent parts of 2 days in Cat's Corner Room to help them acclimate to being in the Main Area. They are now up all the time in the Main Area and are doing great. 

Chester is a fun cat--he's here, there and everywhere. Everyone's friend! Gavin is a tiny bit shy but he sure likes cruising about! And Spiker--he has just fit right in like he's always been here. These are 3 very nice teenager kittens who are very sweet.

We are in the middle of our December Fun-Raiser!  It ends Monday morning at 9 am.  BOXES will be Monday evening at 5:30 and the Fun-Raiser will be at 6:00.  Check out our Chatters FB page for details or watch the cam and see the video that is ran periodically!  Thanks so much! 

We have some thanks to give!  You are very appreciated!
Conii G--donation in memory of sweet Breanna
Newfiedogmom--donation in memory of those kitties we have loved and lost too soon
Fran D--donation in memory of our sweet Breanna
Gusti--donation for surgery and/or vets cost/meds for Peanuts
Tom W--donation for FFRC
Sharon H--donation for FFRC
Nigel from UK--donation to FFRC
Ron & Pat and Mirage--Christmas goodies
Viera W--visitor--4 cases Friskies
Lynn R--donation for FFRC

We also had BOXES on Weds. evening. Many thanks!
Mr. & Mrs. Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast
Snoopybaby/Maria, Barry & Preakness & kitties--From Preakie--a beautiful heartshaped keepsake music box that plays Memory, containing whiskers!  Christmas card with a donation & a book of Snoopy stamps, Card for vols from Preakie & kitty family
Zoeysmomma1 in PA--3 bags kitty snackers, smartykat toy, lots of toys, gift cards from Tim Horton, Dollar General & Dominos to use for volunteer fun!
Erin K--a beautiful blue runner rug
Tom from IL--donation for FFRC
Schinn & kitties Ralph & Chloe--Christmas box for Jones--6 bags Party Mix, 2 - 2 packs cat toys, crinkle balls, play cube, 2 boxes Purrfectly Fish packets    Jones says thanks!
Jacksmom from FL--bag of ProPlan, bag of Greenies, 32 cans Friskies, 6 cans Wellness
Msaster/Valerie--donation in honor of her mom's 93rd birthday
Tom C from OH--annual donation in memory of his aunt and her kitty Boots
Phillip & Linda from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Leann and Shadow & Patches--Christmas card
Barry, Lorie and their kitty Petey from IA--donation for FFRC
Shona--Christmas card
Dan, Katie and kitties Shelby and Dexter--donation to FFRC with kitties pictures!

Only 25 more days of putting in your daily votes at the Eagle Rare Life contest. Wow---that time is going so fast.  Please vote at:    Your vote is appreciated. It ends on Jan. 4th. Thanks. 

Have a great Sunday.  We're suppose to get some snow---the first snow to stay on the ground. All is buttoned down on the farmyard and we're ready! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

December 7, 2016 Wednesday

Today is Phoebe's big veterinary day. She and I will be going to our vet's office for a morning appointment where she will have (hopefully) some diagnosis made. She is still so very snorty and snores alot with some nasal drainage yet. She will be sedated, x-rays taken, a full sinus flush done, checking her soft palate and maybe a scope too.  We need to know if there's something we can do to help her with her breathing. Until we get this all settled, we cannot adopt her. Also will have her platelet count done again. If it continues to be good, we could possibly do her spay on the 17th.

We have thanks to give!! We are a very grateful bunch!
Brenda R from VA--donation for FFRC, wherever needed.
Tracy L--donation to FFRC
David D--donation to FFRC
Hallie G--donation to FFRC
ABQcat/Ellen H from NM--donation to FFRC, use where needed most
Shannon S--donation to FFRC for the care of Leonard, Victor, Jackson, Markus & their friends
Gusti--donation in honor of Rosemary & Endure's adoption & to help with their meds
Melvin S--donation to FFRC
Michael JW--donation to FFRC

We are moving along with our Dapper, Dandy, Dazzling Dryer Fund! lol  These numbers are approximate only:  We had $2,000 left from the Kitty Christmas, after the washer was paid! We do not have an estimate for the dryer yet, but we're thinking $5,700 (with the gas line we have to do).  Since then, we've received about $1,800!  We have a "surprise fun thing" that I've been mentioning to the viewers on the cam which is just about ready to launch.  What monies we get from this can help pad this Dapper, Dandy Dazzling Fund! So....we're on our way to the dryer!  I've already told Walter that he will have a much bigger window to look at while he "plays" with the tossing clothes in the dryer. He may need a step stool though!

Yesterday I posted some interesting pictures of the before and after look of the shelves/inventory from Kitty Christmas. They are on the FB Chatters page. Here's some more fun facts:  we took in 18 gallons of bleach, 21 packs Clorox wipes, 9 bottles of Dawn liquid soap, 23 gallons Odoban, 17 cases paper towels, 26 bags of litter, 28 containers of baby wipes, 6 cases toilet paper, 49 packs of plates, 15 packages of people snackers, 14 boxes of various garbage bags, 5 black rugs, 9 jugs of detergent! This is only a partial list but one of interest!

Two adoption updates! Both Rosemary and Endure are doing wonderful in my home. They are fitting in very nicely with my other cats. Rosemary loves her tracker ball.  Endure loves this cave bed that she curls up in for a nap. Love both of these girls.

I understand there have been many speculations about the death of our sweet Delight.  Let's just suffice it to say, that her passing was not cat-created or human-created.  It was in all sense an accident.  I think we can leave it at that and just be grateful that she knew what love was.

This Saturday is a cat show in Maumee that I would like to attend. Hoping to be able to leave in the morning to go!  A nice few hours of fun and maybe for finding some new interesting cat toys!

The cats have been having fun with our Gratitude Christmas Tree from Kitty Christmas. I've brought it out a few times and have read the names on it of the donors.  While out in the Main Area, the cats are enjoying pulling at the tags and the garland.  It's all for the fun of the cats!

We've been spending extra time the last week working on the kitties beauty schedules! Many have been brushed and combed, toenails trimmed, ears cleaned and told that they look beautiful!

Hoping to get the 3 CH cats up here to Main Area very soon.  We'll start them in Cat's Corner Room. And then, we will move the 7 kittens from up here to the back Thumper's Room for a day so they can have bonding friend time! And then they too will be up in the Main Area.  Let the action begin.....soon!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

December 4, 2016 Sunday

Grab a snack and a chair and join us for this long Blog! Kitty Christmas was an awesome event. I simply cannot express how much it meant to me. This Rescue Center would not be what it is today without what you do for us. You not only help us with supplies, but you give us your compassion, your friendship, your support---these things mean so very much to me.

Before we started yesterday, I went and did a survey (again) of our "holding" areas--Kitty City, shed #1 and shed #2.  Kitty City holds the can food, vinegar, bleach, Mr. Clean and other things that would freeze.  Shed #1 holds all the dry food and kitty litter.  Shed #2 holds paper products, etc.--things that are ok to freeze for wintertime. 

What I saw was a big worry.  Our can food was almost non-existent. Dry adult food was very very low. Many paper products were wiped out.

But........then came Kitty Christmas and we are bulging with your generosity! It makes me feel "safe". I know first hand how quickly we use supplies and to have these items makes me feel like we are ok again. 

It was the most thrilling thing to see that big big red truck on Power Dam and when that big horn blared---wow, that was wonderful! And when the back truck door opened and revealed all the boxes---it was breath-taking.  

Big thanks to Hornish Brothers Trucking for the use of their truck. Thanks to Brian who drove it and helped load and unload all the boxes. And we had Santa Claus in the truck too--a right jovial fella! I understand we had over 10,000 pounds of box weight and approximately 480 boxes--just amazable! 

And a super big thanks to Angie and Bill who handled this Kitty Christmas and let their home be flooded with all the boxes.  Truly appreciated by me and the cats. We had so much fun during this whole event yesterday--unloading, opening up and seeing the wonderful gifts, sharing a supper together.  We even had a surprise visit from Agnus, our oldster lady who sometimes forgets her manners but we love her dearly!!  LOL

A super high-5 to all the volunteers, family and friends that came yesterday to unload the truck (and to those that helped to load it on Friday night)! Many hands do indeed make for fast work. There were so many "parts" of this event to keep it organized and it all went smoothly.  All due to the Awesome People that helped! 

Agnus, after being unwrapped from a huge box, presented FFRC with information about an awesome washer.  It's an amazing B & C INDUSTRIAL OPL washer--and it's paid in full by some generous friends of FFRC--a value of $6,534.  I understand a representative from the company will be here tomorrow to go over all the ins and outs of this washer! I was also told that there's already $2,000 raised to go towards an INDUSTRIAL dryer, which is approximately $4900! With hope, we can raise the rest of the money so we can dry as well as we can wash.  Now....we have to hope the old washer will hold out another couple of weeks! 

I've been given a gift that it's okay to do a blanket acknowledgement of thanks to all those that helped us with Kitty Christmas by sending boxes. I truly am beyond words with my gratitude. The feeling of being cared for by you all is a wonderful feeling.  

You know, it takes a village to keep this FFRC running as it is. We have our volunteers, Steve and my family, the chatters, the mods, the lurkers, the admins, our vets, our voters,  the tweeters, FB friends, our prayer givers/good thought people and our community---so so many people involved and all very appreciated! 

I just would like our FFRCNation to know that none of you are alone---you have friends here amongst us! It's a wonderful thought to know that you can each reach out and ask for friendship and/or help.  

We had BOXES on Friday evening!  Many thanks---
Mary vol. on Friday--plates, sink strainers, 10 laser lights, 2 turbo tracks, cat balls, crinkle bags, crinkle tunnel, snackers, 32 cans of food, 17 pks of Sheba
VRS, our wonderful mod--2 framed beautiful cross stitch Black Kitty surrounded by Pansys. 
Clark, Jessie & Tthe rest--happy 4th birthday to Walter, Walter, Walter  and happy 2nd birthday to Magic--both received their chicken $5
CJ?Carla M--crocheted items--25 bags kickeroo & 2 spirals in each bag, 10 kitty blankets
Zoolove--horse & Kitty card with donation for FFRC
Alan & Elaine--2 tubs snackers, 4 cases Friskies, case Fancy Feast

And more thanks!
Gusti--donation in memory of Betz & Walter's birthday and in memory of Delight for Feliz Navidad Fund
William W from IA--doantion to be used for our veterinarian bill!
LostGirl--13 cans of Salmon for the outside cats
Renee/jakesmeowmy--donation to FFRC
Melvin S Jr.--donation to FFRC

Big thanks to the family of Bridgette, a little 14 month old girl (Russ, Mary, Dave, Vickie, Sherri, David, Carrie).  They wanted to help FFRC and brought--litter, vinegar, sponges, tuna, juice, plates, PT, can food, snackers, toys, Mr. Clean, trashbags, glass cleaner, wash cloths!

As happy as the day was yesterday, in the evening we had a tragedy happen.  We couldn't find little Delight. After much looking for her, she was discovered. Sometime she encountered an accident and passed away.  While I would like to "soften" this, I cannot. She passed away. It was purely accidental.  Even knowing that, I am totally crushed that this happened.  We work hard on keeping these kittens and cats alive and well. To have this happen has shaken me deeply. I wish for her back, but cannot. This particular death has been hard.  With every death, I try and learn something from it---what can we do to help future cats, what could we do different---I always search for that answer. This particular death will take me a while to figure out.  Thank you for caring about her.

On a happier note, we had an adoption this morning.  Cheri and Bob from PA adopted our sweet Prance who is now known as Maggie Mae. This has been an exciting anticipated adoption. Maggie Mae is an exceptionally wonderful cat and will be so happy in her new home. 

Oh......and we had two other adoptions.  Rosemary and Endure are now Rosemary Moss and Endure Moss and are in our home. They will be given much love and the comforts of a cushie home. I'm thankful for both of them. 

I wish for you all peace, laughter and many friendships. 

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Kitty Christmas Day! 12/3/16

Today is a wonderful day--it's Kitty Christmas Day! The cats and I have been eagerly awaiting this day! I understand Santa will appear a bit after 2:00 this afternoon!  Grab a snack, enjoy this event with us and have fun with us! After it's over, please hang out for a while yet---we have a few other things to show you! 

While we're waiting, here's a wonderful poem that JustMe, one of our awesome mods, created! Enjoy! 

2016 Kitty Christmas Son by JustMe

 'Twas the Night Before Kitty Christmas, when all through FFRC
not a kitty was stirring, not even an Elsie
The stockings were hung from the karanda with care,
in hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there.

The kitties were nestled all snug in their beds,
while visions of snackers danced in their heads.
And Jacci in her 'kerchief, and Steve in his cap,
had just settled down to watch tv and maybe some popcorn

When out in the parking lot there arose such a clatter,
The kitties sprang from their bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the kabana they flew like a flash,

The moon on the breast of the new-fallen snow
gave the lustre of midday to objects below,
when, what to did the kitties' wondering eyes should appear,
but a semi and many volunteers.

With a little old driver, so lively and quick,
they knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than eagles, his coursers they came,
and he whistled and shouted and called them by name:

"Now Bill! Now Angie!
Now, Elizabeth and Beth!
On, Dawn! On, Becky!
On, Mary and Connie!
To the top of Porchie Haven!
To the top of the Cove!
Now dash away! Dash away!
Dash away all!"

As peacock fly on the barnyard,
so carefully he back
not to hurt a volunteer
with the semi full of boxes, and St. Nicholas too.

And then, in a twinkling, the kitties heard
the prancing and giggling of each volunteer.
As they peeked thru the screen,
Into the Center came boxes a glore

He was dressed all in red, from his head to his foot,
and his clothes were all covered with fur and litter
A bundle of snackers was flung on his back,
the smell of catnip was present in the air

His eyes--how they twinkled! His dimples, how merry!
His cheeks were like roses, his nose like a cherry!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a catnip banana
and the beard looked perfect for biscuit making.

He had a broad face and a little round belly,
that shook when he laughed, like a bowl full of gruel.

He was fluffy and plump, a right jolly old elf,
and  Sevaun laughed when she saw him, in spite of herself,

A wink of his eye and a twist of his head
soon gave us to know we had nothing to dread.

He spoke not a word, but went straight to his work,
Filling the shelves to the brim.

As he sprang to his semi you could here him exclaim
"Happy Kitty Christmas to all, and to all a good night!"

Friday, December 2, 2016

December 2, Friday

We had BOXES on Weds. evening---YOU are appreciated!

Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin Baby cat dry food
Erin K from GA--2 tubs snackers, big bag of PUrina One
Judeannlee & Phil--8 turbo scratcher replacements
Billie K--2 - 7 lb bags of Pro Plan Kitten & 2 big bags Pro Plan Adult
Sara S from NC--3 kitty necklaces for FFRC
Connie & John H from OH--chief tapes
Elaine & Alan B from FL--Christmas card

Donna B--donation to FFRC for Coralie 
Janet K & Tacky, Max, Knikkie--donation to FFRC

Midwest Community Federal Credit Union came to FFRC as part of their Do Good Now promotion for Giving Tuesday. They brought cat toys, cash donation & check donations from their employees. It's wonderful to be a part of a town that has a community that cares. 

Did you walk anywhere today?  Run, perhaps?  Please remember you can help FFRC by connecting with ResQwalk!  The app is free--just download and then every time you walk, run and bike, turn it on and help FFRC!  We benefit from every mile done.  For September, FFRC just received $27.37.'s good for FFRC and good for you!  We have made a total of $582.30--and this is all by doing something healthy!  Thanks for your help! 

Lucy, Ethel and Betsy are now on the floor in the back Thumper's Room all the time now. They are doing good.  We're just giving Ethel a little more "relax time" before bringing them to the Main Area.  She's better each day! They are the zooming bunch--I think they must have little wings on each leg---so fast and so fun to watch. 

Update on our next Fun-Raiser. We have postponed it a bit. It will now start on Friday, the 9th and be done on the 12th, Monday at 9 am. This will be a Fun-Raiser with many wonderful things that would be great for Christmas! This will be our last Christmas orientated event. Want to know what's  in it?!!  Ok---a 50" TV,  iPad (64 gb), 2 Kindle Fires (with additional 32 gb that can be added), 2 Rosemary afghans, 2 Pet Cot beds with Canopys,  Bago's Hello Kitty Quilt with matching pillowcase, Mr. Kerswill's handmade cat bed, Canon Selphy Compact Photo Printer and a Warpedeedoo.  More info coming. This will also be posted on Chatters and a slide show will be on the cam for viewing! 

I would like to let you know that we lost Keryn yesterday. What a sweet gentle soul. We have a diagnosis which she could not have survived with. She is now in peace. I'm glad she was here and had all the comforts she wanted these few days. 

Our CH population has been upped.  Here is what has happened the last few days:

Chester arrived 11/30. He's a brown tiger. I do not yet have his birthdate but he is approx. 7 months old. He's been shuffled around quite a bit and has had some rough spots in his young life. He came from Ohio. He's a sweetie and so friendly. If one word would describe him it would be--inquisitive. He's always checking things out, flipping in the air to play, running in his own way and wants all the toys! He's been using the litterbox 100%! He is a mild/moderate Ch boy. Chester is already on the floor in the back Thumper's Room.

Gavin arrived 12/1.  He's also a brown tiger and about 6 months old. His birthday is 5/30/16. Gavin came from the Humane Society of Greater Dayton area.  He is also a sweetie but is rather shy.  He is in the double condo lower pen in the back Thumper's Room while he gains his confidence. He can see what's going on. Hoping he will want to join in the fun soon.  He is a mild/moderate CH and is also using the litterbox.

Spiker arrived 12/1. He's an orange tiger and is about 4 months old. His birthday is 7/28/16. He came from Fat Cat Rescue in N. Chicago. Spider is a mod/severe CH boy. He loves all the action and is trying his best to keep up! What a sweetheart he is. We've been placing him in the litterbox and he's been using it! He gets around by doing some of the flip/flops and he does put a bit of weight on his rear legs. He gets all excited with the toys!

It'll be a little while till these 3 cats come up to the Main Area---we want them to bond and feel at ease which appears to be happening fast.  Then we'll have a quiz on all these names!  lol  

I understand we have a super wonderful day tomorrow---Kitty Christmas! We are soooo excited. The cats know something is up---it's all about the cats and they are excited as well. During this event---don't worry! We will have all kitties and most of the cats tucked away for safety.  We'll use Kitty Kabana, Kitty Campus, back Thumper's Room, front Thumper's Room and the Cat's Corner Room for safety. I've already been dreaming of Santa's jingle bells coming down Power Dam Road!!