Saturday, December 10, 2016

Dec. 10, Saturday

Been a very busy time. I will try to get you all updated.

Phoebe--She had her vet appt. on Friday. We had good results. All her snorting and snoring was from a rather large polyp that was at the very far back of her soft palate. Took a bit of undoing to get it removed. Since then, I have not heard her breathing those loud sounds! She's on antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory for a week.  If all is going well and she starts showing a weight increase, we will spay her on Saturday.  She also had a full nasal passage flush done. 

We took in a new kitten that was seen to be run over (accidently) by a vehicle in a local business parking lot. His name is Peanuts. He is 4 months old and is white with black pokie dots on him. His birthday is 8/2/16. He has multiple bruises and a few puncture wounds. Those will heal just fine. His front legs are a problem. He arrived here 12/9 and went to the vets the next day. An x-ray was done. His front right leg has some radial nerve damage. For this we can only do 2 things--anti-inflammatories and time. Time will tell how this leg will end up. In a week, we should know how the final healing will be with this front leg.  His front left leg has a full fracture at the top of the humerus. Peanuts will be making another trip back to the vets on Monday morning for surgery to pin that leg. We are hoping for recovery of both legs.  Time will tell. He is also on soreness meds.

We have had 4 more adoptions since last blog!
Grisho and Asher were adopted together on 12/7. They went to a great home. We've already heard back from them and both are doing good!

Trill was adopted 12/9 to my granddaughter, Ashlyn and her fiance Josh. Ashlyn has loved Trill from the beginning of his arrival here. I'm quite sure Trill will be very loved!

Mandisa also was adopted 12/9. She went to a couple that has time to devote to this sweet cat.

Just wanted to let you know, with a heavy heart, that our sweet Breanna passed away this morning. It's been obvious this past 3-4 days that she hasn't been doing very well. This morning, she made that decision by herself. It's with sadness, yet a little relief that this kitty is no longer suffering. I know in my heart she knew she was loved. I appreciate our volunteers who helped care for her--holding her, making sure she got to the litterbox, cleaning up after her when she didn't get to the box, for making sure she ate and most of all--for letting her know she was loved. You are truly the best volunteers anywhere. And thank you all "out there" too for loving her from afar. 

For the first time in a very long time, we have the back Thumper's Room empty. That means the 3 kittens (Lucy, Ethel and Betsy) are now up in the Main Area. Last night was their first night to be out of their room.  We also brought up Chester, Spiker and Gavin, the 3 CH boys. They spent parts of 2 days in Cat's Corner Room to help them acclimate to being in the Main Area. They are now up all the time in the Main Area and are doing great. 

Chester is a fun cat--he's here, there and everywhere. Everyone's friend! Gavin is a tiny bit shy but he sure likes cruising about! And Spiker--he has just fit right in like he's always been here. These are 3 very nice teenager kittens who are very sweet.

We are in the middle of our December Fun-Raiser!  It ends Monday morning at 9 am.  BOXES will be Monday evening at 5:30 and the Fun-Raiser will be at 6:00.  Check out our Chatters FB page for details or watch the cam and see the video that is ran periodically!  Thanks so much! 

We have some thanks to give!  You are very appreciated!
Conii G--donation in memory of sweet Breanna
Newfiedogmom--donation in memory of those kitties we have loved and lost too soon
Fran D--donation in memory of our sweet Breanna
Gusti--donation for surgery and/or vets cost/meds for Peanuts
Tom W--donation for FFRC
Sharon H--donation for FFRC
Nigel from UK--donation to FFRC
Ron & Pat and Mirage--Christmas goodies
Viera W--visitor--4 cases Friskies
Lynn R--donation for FFRC

We also had BOXES on Weds. evening. Many thanks!
Mr. & Mrs. Medic--2 cases Fancy Feast
Snoopybaby/Maria, Barry & Preakness & kitties--From Preakie--a beautiful heartshaped keepsake music box that plays Memory, containing whiskers!  Christmas card with a donation & a book of Snoopy stamps, Card for vols from Preakie & kitty family
Zoeysmomma1 in PA--3 bags kitty snackers, smartykat toy, lots of toys, gift cards from Tim Horton, Dollar General & Dominos to use for volunteer fun!
Erin K--a beautiful blue runner rug
Tom from IL--donation for FFRC
Schinn & kitties Ralph & Chloe--Christmas box for Jones--6 bags Party Mix, 2 - 2 packs cat toys, crinkle balls, play cube, 2 boxes Purrfectly Fish packets    Jones says thanks!
Jacksmom from FL--bag of ProPlan, bag of Greenies, 32 cans Friskies, 6 cans Wellness
Msaster/Valerie--donation in honor of her mom's 93rd birthday
Tom C from OH--annual donation in memory of his aunt and her kitty Boots
Phillip & Linda from Defiance--donation to FFRC
Leann and Shadow & Patches--Christmas card
Barry, Lorie and their kitty Petey from IA--donation for FFRC
Shona--Christmas card
Dan, Katie and kitties Shelby and Dexter--donation to FFRC with kitties pictures!

Only 25 more days of putting in your daily votes at the Eagle Rare Life contest. Wow---that time is going so fast.  Please vote at:    Your vote is appreciated. It ends on Jan. 4th. Thanks. 

Have a great Sunday.  We're suppose to get some snow---the first snow to stay on the ground. All is buttoned down on the farmyard and we're ready!