Tuesday, December 13, 2016

December 13, 2016 Tuesday

Peanuts--what a brave kitten he is.  His wounds are healing quickly on his back legs and body. Bruises are almost gone.  Yesterday was a big day for him. He went to the vet's office where Dr. P did his mighty works on him. He's an awesome orthopedic vet! The report is that he feels the pin in his upper left leg is firm and secure!  In 10 days we will remove his sutures. He is to have limited action time. But that isn't a problem as he is resting alot. Part of that reason is that his other front leg is still trying to heal from the nerve damage. So, rest is good but moving about is also good as it promotes healing.  He will purr in a half a second just by touching him! He usually has some cushie bed friends that nap with him.  We place him periodically in the litterbox and he uses that well! A real sweetie pie.

We took on a new kitten yesterday. His name is Jasper and he is 3 1/2 months old. What a very unusual color he is. At first, I thought he was a torti, but now that he's had a bath, he appears to be many shades of brown---so so pretty. I mean handsome! He has very long fur. And a wonderful personality. He is so happy to be here. Purrs and purrs and rolls over. He was at a feral feeding station. The person doing the feeding knew he was not feral and brought him here. He is thin, was very hungry, earmites 2/4 , diarrhea and a very very sore/inflammed bottom. His name is a Name a Cat name. His birthday is 9/2/16. 

Wow--what a wonderful evening we had last night. We had BOXES at 5:30 and the Fun-Raiser at 6:00.  Here's the BOXES update:
Julie L, vol--a case of sardines for myself and the cats!
Anonymous Friend--case of Sheba packets
Anonymous Friend--144 ping pong balls--they've already had a ping pong fun time this morning! 

Mayor Anony, Derecho, Paddys, Zavatar & the whole of the cat FFRC population & Anonymous Human Friend--conceived, planned and carried out an awesome idea--a wonderful Christmas stocking for each volunteer.  What a very very nice thing to do for the volunteers!

Conii and Elliott & Izabella--Things for a future Fun-Raiser: 2 beautiful felted cat beds. These are sooooo very nice and a Sleepy Pod that is a bed and zip on top for taking places!
For the volunteers: lots of snackers.  For the cats: kitty snackers, bag of kitty toys, kickeroos, crinkle toys, Yeowww toys, laser lights, lots of soft blankies.

Many people were asking where those beautiful felted beds came from. Conii said they are from Yuliya Kosata in Kharkiv, Ukraine. Have to contact her directly. 

And now..........ta, da........the Fun-Raiser!  Here's the winners:
Item A, Canon Selphy printer--sold 59 tickets, $295  Won by patcat, volunteer
Item B, Cheerful Apple afghan--sold 48 tickets, $240   Won by Nuthatches
Item C, 2 canopy cat beds--sold 81 tickets, $405  Won by Zoolove & Nuthatches. 
Item D, Warpedeedoo--sold 89 tickets, $445   Won by Napa
Item E, handmade cat bed--sold 110 tickets, $550   Won by Barb Wil
Item F, 2 Kindle Fires--sold 61 tickets, $305   Won by Anonymous Friend for vols & Wandiful
Item G, Ice Crystal afhgan--sold 68 tickets, $340   Won by Kerswill for Connie D
Item H, Hello Kitty Quilt/pillowcase--sold 50 tickets, $250   Won by Romeomom
Item I, iPadAir2--sold 194 tickets, $970   Won by iPurr
Item J, 50" Samsung Smart TV--sold 126 ticket, $630   Won by Jacqueline

This came to a whopping $4430!!!!!  Just thrilling! Then we had 2 bump ups from an Anonymous Friend ($50) and Jueannlee ($20).  Then a wonderful donation by Deb11111 for $500 (to help with Phoebe and Alice Mary's vet bills).  

Now, our total came to $5000.  This Fun-Raiser will go towards our ever growing veterinary bill and for the winter propane to keep us all warm. What a relief to know our vets will be paid for their services---very important part of rescue to have the vets we have. And to know we can cover the propane gas bills. 

We also had consolation prizes--our way of saying thank you!

I am grateful for the whole "village of people" who made this Fun-Raiser possible---the people who donated the items or made the items, those that purchased tickets, the people who cheered and congratulated the winners, the video maker for the cam, Canton for the FB help, the mods for giving out the information, Pat, Martha L., Lynnette and Julie L.  So many people--I thank each and everyone.  The cats are grateful too---I caught them opening cans of sardines and having a party. Pania helped by adding in Bonito Flakes! 

Wow---we have more thanks to give too---this blog is full of thanks-giving!
Marcia S--donation to FFRC
Lana H--donation to FFRC
Joco--donation to FFRC
Cheryl B from AZ--donation for Merry Christmas and for FFRC
Mark S--donation in memory of Breanna and in appreciation for helping Peanuts
Billie K--donation to help with Peanuts surgery & in memory of precious Breanna
Kelly I--donation to FFRC

And we had BOXES on Saturday evening! Big thanks to you all!
Zoolove--case of babyfood
Keiko--24 cans sardines
Justme--6 boxes Bondi Licks for Vernon
Buffypotter from UK--3 teddycats, 2 designed by Angelface, 1 designed by Leanne in Canada
Margaret D from CT_-donation in memory of Tiny Toe
Priscilla D--donation in memory of Donna Hodgkins
Josh, Kimmy & Scribbles from OH--Christmas card & donation
Julie & David--Happy 2nd birthday to Magic and his chicken $5
Ruffles--Christmas card
Trudy S--donation to FFRC
Craig, Maryann & family--donation to FFRC
Clark, Jessie & the rest--Happy birthday to Mayor Anony with his chicken $5
Trudy & Roger with Doon from AZ--Christmas card & donation
cjcat from PA--Christmas card and donation for a plaque
Bert & Jim S, visitors--lg. bag dry food, 2 cases Friskies, 4 pkgs snackers, toys, plates

We also had Troop 20152 Girl scouts visit and brought donations--paper towels, 2 cans chicken, 2 cans tuna, bag of dry food, snackers & a donation

As I sit back and look at this blog, I double realize how many people are involved in this rescue. I remember in 1999 when Dawn and I started FFRC--we were really tiny small potatoes and scrimped furiously for every penny. Slowly, we built and added on, made more friends, welcomed people to our rescue, built our volunteer base.  But, always, the top priority are the cats. Loving them, caring medically for them and finding homes for those that can be adopted. While the work is hard and crazy at times, the rewards are multiple. Seeing them come in in such poor condition and then soon, seeing a bright, healthy, happy cat emerge---it's what we want to do. But, this would not be possible without our "village of people" who help make this happen. I thank you for being a part of what we do here. 

Good news--have heard from Djak's family! He is doing good. He and Fred are good friends and are a good match! Way to go, Djak!