Monday, December 26, 2016

December 26, 2016 Monday

I hope you all had a joyous Christmas and a wonderful time with family, friends and your pets! The cats here had a super breakfast yesterday--Steve and I picked out some really yummy assortment of cat food cans for them. We had enough to share with all the cats--inside and outside! I believe every bit was eaten. And they had plenty of chicken for desert and tuna balls! This was also amongst bonito flakes. Sounds yummy! To top it off, their Aunt Judy brought in a ham bone--of course Alice Mary was one of the first to dive in!

Speaking of Alice Mary.....she is back to "food face", which pleases me very much. This morning she dove right into many different food plates. We continue to have her on the antibiotics per Dr. Darcy. I believe soon, her med dosages will change. Let's hope she continues this! She was playing this morning too!

We had BOXES Friday evening. What a great evening that was---you are appreciated.
David P from OH--donation to FFRC
Mary, Fri vol--2 cans lysol wipes, antibiotic oint, 2 inch tape, 6 cases water
Audrey/ajpritting & Gary --huge tin of popcorn, 3 flavors!
Amelia M from ND--donation to FFRC
Macncheesendoodles mom--donation to the S/N fun in memory of Macaroni & donation to be used where needed
Mary D & Randi M from PA--Christmas card with donation--use where needed
Janet S with Toby & Harley, singing Christmas card & donation for Feliz Navidad Fund.
Francis T & Kittens from TX--Christmas card with donation
Jenni B from CA--Christmas card & photo of her kitty Brandon
Paula A from OK--Christmas card with note
Rich & Rose/roseSF6cats with Marble, Blackie, Fluffy, Brownie & Checkers--Christmas card
Joyce R/stinkygreycat from TX--Christmas card
Teresa S from IL with Posie, Jean, Jessie & Major--singing Christmas card, donation in memory of Jeruska
Julie C from IN with Anna Marie & Miss Mellow--a very nice note & Christmas card/donation

Justme & Eaglewatcher--an awesome Fellowes Comb Binding Machine & all the equipment to do this! We will use this for The Hundred Storybook! Very excited about this. Many thanks.

Annette B from NC with her cat Elsie--card for Rory & Covies--5 snackers, mouse toys, Fancy Feast Broth, Whiskas packets, Meow Mix cups, 6 cans FF--all taken to the cove! For Elsie, from Elsie--Fancy Feast Broth. For Eddie White--Fancy Feast broth.  Box of candy for all the vols.

Beth/eaglewatcher--birthday presents for Shamballie's BD (on Christmas!).  My mom enjoyed this so much. Toy, snackers and a bed (which he has slept lots on already!)  a beatuful kitty pop card from Derecho & all the FFRC kitties, letter from Derecho, and a pop up angel card. Plus 10 reams of 3 hole printer paper

I still have more thanks to give!
Lucy Poole and Benny from UK---donation to FFRC
DoubleydibleydooUK--donation to FFRC
Kristina S from CA--donation to FFRC
Jeffrey F--donation to FFRC

Tuomo V from FInald--donation to FFRC
Alison OT--donation to FFRC in hnor of her mother--she enjoys the site
Kelly L--donation to FFRC
Peverley H from OH--donation to FFRC
MaryAnn B from SC--donation to FFRC

We took on a new kitten. He's all black with just a few sprigs of white fur on his neck. His birthday is 7/16/16 which makes him 5 months old. He came from a family that had him since a wee kitten. They moved and then found out they couldn't keep their sweet kitten. With much sadness, they relinquished him to FFRC. I promised we would love him and find him a home.  He's a very nice kitten and is just today out of his pen in the front Thumper's Room. He's running and running with his tail straight up in happiness. Won't be long until he's in the Main Area. His name is Cricket (a Name a Cat name).

Our snow is melting quickly. It's in the 40's right now and is suppose to reach almost 60 today. We've opened the windows for some nice fresh air (we're pretending it's spring!). The cats love it and are looking out the windows. 

I am amazed at Phoebe. She is doing so well now. Zooming around like a kitten should be. And her appetite is great. It's like she cannot get enough of running now. It must feel good to her to be able to breathe and play and eat without worry!  Spiker is a nut! He loves his big red poof and attacks it--he'll roll on it and bite it and then bounce to another spot and start over again. Such a sweetie! Coralie and Merri still are the 2 girls that love to go into the towel cabinets after breakfast. 

Eddie White is spending more time in the Welcome Room and the front Thumper's room. He feels very comfortable there. Trucker is here on the desk with me--he likes being up high sometimes! Makes him feel like a big boy. You might see Franklin Thomas and Elsie playing rough. No worries---they are pretty evenly matched and seem to enjoy it. Jessie is doing great--she loves the big house to nap in above the 2 sets of condo pens.  

We're in trouble and have to play peacemaker! Walter, Walter, Walter has his much beloved bed in the front Thumper's Pen. That is HIS and only His and he does not share it. This morning another cat took THAT bed. Oh no. Walter sat there and did his stare down---no luck. So....we had to relocate the cat to the table and make up a new fluff bed. Walter promptly reclaimed his bed. He's a happy boy again. Gotta keep Walter happy!

Just a note of explanation---my time is a bit more restricted lately as Steve and I are spending much more time with my mom. Please, if there's a problem with anything, email me. It may take me a bit longer to get answers back, but I do answer every email. If I've overlooked something that normally wouldn't be, don't hesitate to ask me about it. Thank you for your understanding. 

This morning I saw Tabitha on the very top green cat walks. I saw her looking at the tree below when she suddenly "flew" off the top ledge and onto the tree. Made me gulp but she was very happy with herself!  This morning I couldn't find 2 of the grey kittens--Hoover and Harvey. No where to be found. And then they were spotted. We have the window in the dog's room raised up so Camvi can go in and out with "her dogs". Hoover and Harvey figured that out--they were having a zipping good time in there playing and romping amongst the 2 dogs!  The fun side of kittiness!

On to the New Year! 6 more days to 2017!