Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December 28, 2016 Weds.

Cricket sure loves the front Thumper's Room--we've showed him the Main Area several times, put him on the countertop near that door and he goes back to the Welcome Room! He's very relaxed and playful. He'll venture up eventually!

We had ENVELOPES last night. I am grateful for each and every one.
Joyce A--Christmas card and donation
Adrianne & Linda from MI (day visitors)--gift card for Pet Supply Plus
Vuokko M from FInland--Christmas card
Needtoretire--Christmas card with donation toward vet bill & sponsorship for Jones & Sea Turtle
Rosanna & Roy from CA--Christmas Card
Xenamolina & furbabies from IL--Christmas card
Lindsay H from WI--Christmas card
Annette B from NC--Christmas card
Barbara W & furbabies from IA--Christmas card and donation
Susan C from OH--donation to FFRC
Ashley & Panda from SC--Christmas card
Elaine & Alan B from FL--Friendship card & donation in memory of Little Kat
Lisa K with Cocoa & Noah--Christmas card with gift card for Walmart
Craig M & family from MI--Christmas card with Daisy, Hope, Solee & Mr. Fluffy
Sophieandlucysdad from MI--Christmas card with picture of kitties & gift card to Applebees!
Ellis & Barb I from OH--donation to FFRC
Joey3100 with Tanner, Zeus, Dina & Hailey--Christmas card with pics of her doggies!
Courtney/calico17 from ME--Christmas card with donation to FFRC
Tina H from IL with her pets--Christmas card with chicken $5
Jill M from OH with Mr. G!!--Christmas card with picture of Mr. G
Jan B & Alleycat--2 boxes of juicy, yummy oranges for the volunteers
Jo L --donation to FFRC

We took in a new kitten yesterday. His mama could not keep him any longer and with much saddness relinquished him to FFRC. His name is Skippy and he's a beautiful grey (not tiger) and white kitten. His birthday is 6/25/16. I'm sure it won't take long to have him come to the Main Area (unless he becomes friends with Cricket! lol)  Skippy is a Name a Cat name.

We had a wonderful adoption 2 days ago. Xongile was adopted to a very nice couple. They were looking at younger kittens when Xongile made his presence known to them--it was love at first sight! I so enjoy that when an obvious match is made!

This Monday we have our HumaneOhio Transport surgery day. We have a full packed schedule--hoping it stays that way! We never know for sure because many of these cats are outside cats that are sometimes hard to catch. 

Giovanna is beginning to feel much better and she is looking better too! So nice to see this. I'm anxiously awaiting her spay/dental date that is yet 2 more weeks away. I think she'll feel much better when those teeth are taken care of.

Spiker has empty legs---or at least he must think so. He's feeling so good again and just can't seem to "fill up". He's like a teenage boy--always eating! He so enjoys it! He's quite the character and is a bit of a clown!

Alice Mary was weighed this morning and she weighs the most she ever has here--3.09.5 (yep, we're going to even count that half of an ounce!). This is the most she's ever weighed for us. Let's hope we keep going up in weight.

The outside cats are all doing great. The Porchies so love their heat lamp in their sunroom. Sometimes there's 9-10 cats in there all snugged up. And the Porchie Haven is also a big hit for naps and eating. It's so nice knowing we now have good shelter for all the outside cats. The Red Barn cats sure enjoy all the hay bales piled high. They too though have heat lights in safe areas, away from the hay. 

Make your life better with a cat! Having a pet has been attributed to significantly lowering blood pressure, as well as lowering the risk of heart disease. Plus, the mere act of stroking a cat for a few minutes has been shown to release "feel good" endorphins in the brain. Reach out a pet a cat!