Friday, December 30, 2016

December 30, 2016 Friday

Joyful is here on my desk again, napping and purring! I never tire of having her here on the desk. Magic and Trucker too are here as is Paddy Purr--my morning buddies! And comes Vernon. He's a frequent flyer of desk-time!

 We had BOXES Weds evening! Many thanks to each of you.
Pingpongballer--12 packs Meow Mix variety pack
Rebecca P from UK--for Vern--4 boxes of Bondi-Licks--he says a big thanks!
Zoolove/Pam--a really neat hoodie for Jacci--thanks!
Gusti--card for my mom
Phyllis V, Rachel and Kit--Christmas card, 2 wand toys, 3 bags snackers, 18 cans Fancy Feast, 6 very nice fleece blankies
Janet M--donation to FFRC
Wanda the portrait maker--donated to FFRC for 2 portraits

Yaiza-moon, Sonia-paws & kitty Jasper and Mom from Spain--Christmas blankets!  Lots of the cats have received a special very soft blanket that Mom made for their comfort & also both dogs! Elsie received balls with bells inside, Magic has a bag of his poof balls, volunteers--snackers. For a Flash Sale--handmade kitty doll and a container full of crocheted catnip empanadas.  For Jacci--jar of suckers in a kitty container, cat t-shirt, Trucker mouse pad, gold kitty pen, note book, hand painted nesting dolls & palvorones for the family. Big thanks!

CincyCat--made a donation to FFRC for a fun thing for the cats. A new Catalpa Tree furniture arrived and has been assembled. The cats sure enjoy it. It's been placed in the Kitty Kabana Room. It will be easy to clean too!

Santa/LJ via way of RI--In response to a letter sent to Santa from Zeke, Zany and Zest which was delivered by a peacock to the North Pole, a framed picture made of fur from kitties at FFRC spelling out Zeke, Zany and Zest in a half circle with a purple blankie on the bottom with 3 lumps--one for each of the Z's!!  I love it!

Do you shop Amazon and go thru our site to order your items?  It can be used for any order, not just for FFRC! Each month, FFRC receives a deposit from Amazon from these orders. For October, we just received $530.52. I appreciate this! 

Another way to help FFRC, is to walk, jog, bike! There's a free app called ResQwalk.  For each mile given, it benefits FFRC! It's simple, fun and good for you! So far, FFRC has earned $582.30. We have accumulated 50,903 miles so far! Thanks for each mile you have given us!

This year has gone so very fast. We started FFRC in September 1999. That means we are going into our 18th year of rescue. Doesn't seem possible. We started in one single room and slowly but surely worked up to what we have today. I am constantly in awe of the support you give us and the trust. I hold that trust in very high regard and will always do right by FFRC. I have much passion for this Rescue Center and want to reach as many as we can to help. This year we broadened our desire to spay/neuter more cats. Our total now for 2016 is 563--335 spays and 228 neuters. While not a gigantic number, each of those surgeries represents saving many lives. There are simply too many kitties being born without a home. We will continue our effort in this direction. 

Skippy is now in the Main Area. He seems to be relaxing and is happier. Cricket is now also up in the Main Area 100% of the time. He's decided this is more fun that the front Thumper's Room and is beginning to make friends with the other cats.  Right now we have 3 black cats---Koda (biggest), Cricket (medium and just a splash of white on his throat) and Easton (smallest with a bigger patch of white on his throat). All are sleek and shiny!

We took in 4 new kittens on 12/27. They are 9 weeks old and born on 10/25/16. Their mama already has an appointment to be spayed.  We have 3 girls and 1 boy.  No names yet! While 2 are still a bit shy, 2 are not. But with our wonderful visitors, they are being lavished with TLC and are really coming around! 
Grey tiger, male
White/grey, white face & ears, pokie dots on back, female
White/grey, white body, grey tail, female
White/grey, white muzzle, top of ears grey, female
They are having a huge amount of fun of running, leaping and playing in the back Thumper's Room. They'll be there yet a while for their next vaccines to be done.