Friday, December 23, 2016

December 23, 2016 Friday

Two days before Christmas! I have a long line of cats here at my desk---each are asking to pass on wonderful thoughts of joy, peace, love and gratitude to each of you. They really feel your love and so appreciate you all! 

We had BOXES Weds. evening......and envelopes too!  Many thanks to you all!
Beth/eaglewatcher--for Shamballie's birthday (12/25), octopus play toy and kitty snackers and a comfy bed for him. I will have mom open these for Shamballie on Christmas!  Thanks, Beth.
Herta B--2000 potty bags, guaranteed hole-free!
Pam T/zoolove--lg. container (500 loads) of Nellie's All Natural laundry soap
Andrew S--For Janie & Cammie--bag of Beggin' Strips and box of biscuits
Rob, Sarah/Romeomom, Sean, Rachel & kitties from MO--2 lg containers Temptation snackers, gift card from WalMart, lots of red and green kitty toys, sardines
Matt, Darcia from MI & family (they adopted Ruby from FFRC--Christmas card and donation in honor of Dawn S and Tom
Bopeeps from FL--Christmas card and donation
Glynette from CA--Christmas card and doantion for all the kitties
Clark, Jessie & the rest of the gang--BD card for Shamballie, Felicity and chicken $5's for each, Christmas card with a donation for more adoption blankies!
Dave from NY--a special made Christmas card and a chicken $5
Dave, Sherri, his teacher Debbie & his nurse Julie from NY--card & WalMart gift card
Tom and Chris W from AZ and kitties Anna and Grady--Christmas card & donation
Tom, Donna and Katie Rose from OH--donation for FFRC

And..........more thanks!  We are grateful! 
Brittany W from OH--donation to FFRC
Heather U--donation to FFRC
Kathy M--donation in honor of Audrey & Gary P for Christmas
Lorraine LoBianco--donation in memory of her dad, John L. He enjoyed watching the kittycam
Charmaine & Arden B from IN--donation to FFRC
Brenda Q--donation for FFRC
Ferole P from OH--donation for FFRC to be used as needed
Alice D/TwoCats--donation to FFRC, use where needed most
Brenda R from VA--donation to FFRC--use where needed
Billie K--donation to get some turkey/chicken for the kitties and cats for Christmas!

We had another adoption! Kelvin went to his new home---he has a Dad! And I do believe will be a pampered boy! 

Chewbacca/Bacca is doing better. He is a bit shy but once you touch him, he head butts and purrs and is so happy. He will be in the Main Area soon. 

So far, we've given away 6 outdoor cat houses to people. We still have some more---want to target cats that are outside and need the warmth. And again, at the same time, we can encourage spays and neuters.

Is there a more regal cat than Eddie White? His posture, his looks are so magnificent. He spends more and more time here on the desk with me---he likes to be talked to.  Jones and Sea Turtle are both doing good. That Jones---what a boy.  He sometimes reaches up to pat your leg and over his back he goes. And then he stays there for a tummy rub. He is just an awesome cat. Between Paddy Purr and Trucker, I think all the kittens have had baths in the last couple of days! They are doing their "job"! 

Elsie is here in the office with me, way up high on the purple cat walk. She KNOWS there's a kuranda tower there and is trying to judge the distance to get down. She is incredibly smart. Joyful is here by my desk too, sleeping peacefully. And Magic....he taps my leg to tell me he wants up on the desk. Love these cats!

WE will be taking some surgeries up soon to Dr. P's. 
Xongile (neuter), Jasper (neuter), Phoebe (spay) and Easton (neuter) on Jan. 4th
Geovanna (spay and dental) on Jan. 11

Short blog---busy day! Enjoy this wonderful Friday!