Thursday, December 15, 2016

December 15, 2016 Thursday

It's brrrr-y cold outside.  Single digit degrees.I'm so thankful we have warm areas for all the outside cats.  It's so important that outside pets have a place to get out of the rain/snow, cold and wind. And have warm food to eat and water. Those electric water bowls are wonderful!  Can even put the dry food in those! This morning when I went into the Porchie Haven to feed breakfast, instead of the normal 2-3 cats, there were 7 of them. And many of these are from the grey barn. It's interesting how they have changed their location!

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree!  Our upside down tree is now in place and decorated. It was decided not to decorate the very top. The reason--Annabelle! She discovered if she goes up high on the cat walk and leans way way over, she can touch the tree. We didn't want to entice her to do this by hanging decorations! Those rascally cats--always into something! 

We have Alice Mary at the vet's office today. Still trying to figure out what is going on with her. Her appetite goes up and down. She is still 3.06 pounds---so very small and lightweight. Hoping to get some answers today and hoping it's something we can fix.

Super wonderful news! I've been asked frequently if there is a 2017 calendar for FFRC. I've sadly, have had to say no. But.....our wonderful Goss is working on one right now, with Sherri's pictures! Guaranteed to be an awesome calendar! She is working full speed ahead on it! So very happy about this!

We had BOXES and lots of ENVELOPES last night! Our FFRCNation is great--the compassion, support and friendship is very appreciated.
Faithy--2 bags of CET Chewies--a favorite of Derecho's!
Miranda--2 bottles 7th generation non-chlorine bleach
Darkcat--for me!!! A kitty with a fish ornament!
Shawn, our long distance FFRC volunteer--Christmas shirt & a little red sports car!
Bianca--24 rolls of paper towels for Tabitha
Elaine & Alan--Christmas card with donation for dryer in memory of Little Kat & Delight
EHpowers from IA--Christmas card for FFRC & card for Camie & Janie
Buddy R from OH--Christmas card, chief tapes & donation
SonJamac, our mod--Kitty Christmas card
Judy R from FL--coupons & donation
Rodger & Marjorie M--card and donation
DoublyDibblyDoo--Kitty Christmas card
Tom P, BUddy & Ashley from NJ--2 singing meowy cat Christmas cards
Mike & Gwen R, Patches & Angle--Christmas card with donation for dryer
Don & Joy D & furbabies from NY--Christmas card
Margo F and Gabby--Kitty Christmas card with donation
Webcam viewer from OH--Kitty Christmas card with Walmart gift card
Dianna C from OH--Christmas card & donation for outside kitties
Melissa L from NY--donation for FFRC
Rita, Johnny, Sparky, Lenni, Squiggy, Nancy --Christmas card, donation in memory of her mom
Dennis, past FFRC vol--Christmas card
Jane H--Christmas card with donation
Neil & Jill W with Piper & Zoey from OH--Christmas card with donation
Painteddaisy/June--donation for FFRC
Gary P--donation in memory of Ruth "Pinky"
Gusti--donation for surgery day for drinks & a donation to help with the Dazzling Dryer Fund!
Tim from Warwick England--donation in memory of little Breanna
LJ323--bag of Fruit Gems, 4 memory foam rugs, 1 kitty bed, 3 soft kitty blankets, 4 spatulas, 3 cans sardines.  And then........her ever wonderful awesome framed felted kitties (done with FFRC fur!)  9 of them!  You'll see some of these at a Flash Sale!

Little Jasper is doing much better. His respiratory infection is very minimal now. He's playing and so wants some friends to play with. Won't be long until we can have some playmates for him! 

We took in another cat yesterday. What a sweetie.  This poor sweetie was so so dirty--it took a couple bubble baths to get her whiter.  She is a black/white adult cat, appears to have a little age on her. We will have Dr. Darcy help with aging her on Saturday. She has earmites, lice, roundworms, dehydrated and a moderate upper respiratory infection.  She is on antibiotics and is already showing improvements. Lice are gone and we're working on those earmites. She's already been wormed and will have more treatments for that coming up.  Her name is Giovanna (a Name a Cat name) which means a gift from God.  She is also a 3 legged cat. This appears to have been from a past accident. This too will be looked at by Dr. Darcy. She's a sweetie--spending a lot of time napping on her heaterpad.

Peanuts is doing wonderful! He is amazing! He is doing a bit of walking around--this is ok for him as it encourages muscle movement which helps in this healing process.  But.....not too much! What a sweet boy he is. He's still on soreness meds for a couple more days. 

Joyful is doing great. What a sweetie! She has most definitely decided that we can be friends. It's such a pleasure to pet her and know that she is enjoying it! Who is the shiniest/sleekest cat here?  (well, one of them at least!!) That would be Koda. He is so shiny. Just picking him up produces a deep rumbling purr. Magic and Trucker did a few sprints thru here--truly amazing how fast those boys can go--truly were in zoom mode!  Phoebe is feeling good. Haven't heard a snore or nasal sound from her since her polyp was removed--so happy about this. 

Saturday is our surgery day. Here's the list (tentatively)--
BOYS: Harvey, Q-tip, Hoover, Kelvin, Spiker and Jasper
GIRLS--Louisa, Lamula, Tiana, Ethel, Lucy and Betsy

We also have a few physicals to do--Cester, Gavin, Alma, Annabelle, Dusty, Eddie White, Livingston, Paddy Purr, Pippi, Vernon, Peanuts and Giovanna.

Will be a busy day. Have the possiblity of volunteers bringing in a couple cats too for surgery. 

Take care and have a great day. You all are important to this Rescue Center!