Wednesday, December 21, 2016

December 21, 2016 Weds.

4 more days to Christmas! The cats are all getting ready and being so nice! Paddy Purr has already groomed 2 kittens today. Kiara shared the warm laundry towels with 3 kittens just so she'd stay on the "nice" list. Derecho is watching over all the kittens in hopes that they keep behaving. Coralie has only swatted one kitten (so far) today. Pania did a biggie today---she was very good at sharing the Bonito flakes with the other cats! And Zavatar shared his breakfast with Fabio--that was wonderful to see! Nice things going on too in The House That Jonah Built--Sevaun let Markie and Victor play with the Track Toy!  They are sure hoping for an extra yummy breakfast come Christmas morning!

We had BOXES Monday evening! Wow! I'm so very grateful and so are the cats!
Jan T from Hawaii--card, 5 handtowels, 2 scrubbers, kitty books, 3 calendars, travel bag, Biscotti treats for the volunteers, 2 beautiful glass balls for Alberts Garden

Fran D from FL--cards that sing!, slippers, kitty jammies, magnets with pretty sayings & gift card for restaurant---thank you bunches!  To use as needed: kitty toes, magnets, kitty sticker tabs, kitty book, 2 wine marker sets, adult kitty coloring book & pens

Pckrbckr--Reeses for Jacci, PB pretzels for Steve, M&M Peanuts for Lynnette.  Also snackers, washcloths, box tops & 2 bags of pop tabs

Billie K-K-Cups 4 boxes of Angelino Variety of flavors--vols love it already! And a delivery from Bath & Body of Body Cremes for the volunteers!  Many thanks. 

Mary D from CT_-Christmas card, donation in memory of Tiny Toes
Realty Five, Defiance--donation from a house sale
Mary OD from FL--Christmas card, donation in honor of Marti Whitlock
Joe & Elskates with Bridgett, Natasha & Savanna--Christmas card
Kerswell and Tom with Shawnee & Domino--Christmas card
Jane/Calico17--Christmas card and donation
Pat L/Sophieandlucys grandma--Christmas card
Fran S & Daylight, Headlight, Buglight & Starlight--card, donation in honor of Schinn
Robotman from CA--Christmas card and stickers
Vern & MIch and Cheddar & Simon--Christmas card
Phyllis & Emmy from MI--Christmas card and donation
Raven652 from CA--Christmas card
Anita S from NY--Christmas card
Sandra/krnk400 with Betty Bernie & Sigfrie--Christmas card and donation
Trace, Phil & Bella--Christmas card and donation
Zoesmama from PA--Christmas card
Melissa W/Nalamina --Christmas card
Happyflame--long distance vol--Christmas card & donation for treats
Mike & Betsy S with Tate & Gracie--Christmas card and donation
Phil & Judeanlee--Christmas card
Jazz13764 & Susan from UK--Christmas card of St. Pauls
Pat D/Elviscat--Christmas card & gift card to Walmart
JoanneZ from NY with Betsy, Jenny & Mitzy--donation for Dryer fund

I am moved by the generosity of you folks. We are trying to get all our medical suppliers paid before the end of the year and also our veterinary bill.  Your donations are helping with this. And Steve and I are both grateful. 

BIG news! We received an email from Eagle Rare Life in regards to the Award Ranking. Here's what they have to say:  "Your Eagle Rare Life Award story made it in our top 30! Be sure to keep up the voting momentum so that we are eligible for the grand prize. Don't forget that voting ends on January 5th. That leaves you a few weeks to spread the word and rally your supporters to secure your spot in the top 30!"   Here's more info:  we do not have to have the most number of votes in order to be a grand prize winner. We only need to be one of the top 30 nominees with the most votes! We will be contacted in the next few weeks for additional interviewing.  We are so excited about this!  Let's keep the daily votes coming at:

We have some more thanks to give too! 
Billie K--donation to help with Giovanna's medical expenses.
Lori N from NE--donation to be used as needed.
Brian & Liz B from NY--donation to FFRC
Pam/CincyCat--donation for the kitties to pick out something fun! (it's coming next week!)
Mark C--donation for FFRC
Shannon & Donavon--donation for FFRC
Maite from Spain--donation for the Paddys
Judith M--donation for FFRC
Tammy & Keith and cats--donation for FFRC

Audrey P--donation to FFRC in honor of The Moine Family
Dave S--donation to FFRC
Vixanna/Bagobear--donation to help towards Peanut's medical expenses and in honor of Eaglewatcher & Belltime for being such great friends. 

As you may have heard, we launched our One Hundred Storybook on Monday.  Remember the Catapalooza that we did 2 years ago?  We read about 150 stories of various cats that had a history with FFRC.  Well, we took 100 of those stories, added colored pictures of each of those 100 cats, made 62 copies and put them in a story binder. Some cats are residents, some are CH, some have passed, also added Porchie/Covie cats.  We put these Storybooks out there for $25. The reason we did this is because we thought you may like to have these stories yourself ! Good news--we sold them all already! This money will go towards our Dandy, Dazzling Dryer Fund!

Now........more good news! We were given a donation to help with the making of 100 copies of this One Hundred Storybook!  Isn't that wonderful! And many thanks to this kind person. We will begin making these 100 copies this week. If you'd like to wait until the first week of January to send in a check or PayPal, if you're interested in having one, that would be fine! As soon as we have them printed and put together, we can start sending them out! I thank you for your support of this project. We've been excited about it--to spread the stories of many of our cats!

We had an adoption this past Sunday. Little Lucy went to her new home. I've been in touch with her new mama and she is doing great. The pictures are so nice. 

We also took in a new cat. His name is Chewbacca or as we've been calling him, Bacca.  He's a black/white cat that was found under the hood in the motor.  The family that found him was worried about his safety.  So......Bacca is now here, safe and sound.  His birthday is 10/3/15.  He's a bit shy at first, but then he turns into a mush.  I wonder if something happened that causes that first reaction to be careful. Once the petting starts though, he soaks it up.

We had an ad in the paper on Sunday to help with housing for outside cats. We were gifted some cat houses specifically for us to use at our discretion to give away. When someone calls about a need, we can also give info out on low cost spay/neuters. A double good thing!  Afterall, we want outside cats to be warm in this cold weather. 

Wow---we've had some visitors this morning! Christmas visitors!  Big thanks for your gifts!
Jessie & Wes W--big bag of dry cat food, kitty litter, kitten powder milk and a cat-toy scratcher

Jean L from Williams County--she collected items for FFRC, doing the 12 Days of Christmas theme!  Calming collars, bath towels, cat toys, dry cat food, canned food, fleece throws, PT, lysol, Laundry soap, Clorox wipes, baby wipes, Paw Points!

The House of Ruth, Defiance--brought over volunteer Christmas goodies! And a homemade tuna snacker for the cats---will hold this for Christmas morning!

Sue King Family, Harmon family, Gregory family and Starner family--a Christmas drop off of goodies! PT, snackers, bleach, laundry soap, lysol wipes, trash bags, can cat food, dry cat food, glass cleaner, volunteer snackers & juice, baby meat food.

You might've noticed we have a little kitty cold going on here. Nothing serious. And when they are better, their immune system will have been boosted up! All are much better today. 

Have you seen that black/white blur zooming by?! That would be Phoebe! It's amazing how much better she is now that the polyp is gone. And still no snorting, snoring or weird sounds from her! She is amazing and eating good.

Little Alice Mary is once again diving into the food dish. It's totally impossible to keep this kitten clean! She enjoys her food too much!  She has the most sweetest look on her when she wants her baby food! And it doesn't bother her at all to be messy! 

Giovanna is doing a bit better. She's eating good. Still napping alot and that is ok. We're letting her rest and feel better. She sure loves her soft cushie beds. 

Take care! 4 more days! The cats are on their countdown!