Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday, November 29

It is with great sadness to hear of the death of a wonderful FFRC friend--Anna Marie. Anna Marie and her husband Neil have been to FFRC several times and have become such good friends. They both had a place in my heart as well as so many of our viewer friends. She was loved by many of us. Her daughter Sarah called this morning and said that Anna Marie passed last night about 10:30 pm while in the care of Hospice. Please send a prayer for Neil, Sarah and family. She was a person who loved life and will be missed.

We have received the news about Ernest. Dr. Darcy called this morning. His lump/tumor is indeed a sarcoma. I'd like to explain this to everyone so that we are all of the same understanding. This is still a very hopeful situation. A sarcoma is a lump that has a very low potential of being a metastatic nature. It is a clinically aggressive tumor that has a high rate of recurrence. So, our sweet Ernest is scheduled for another surgery--probably on Tuesday. This surgery will be a removal of 2-3 cm's (not mm's) of tissue around the margin of this site, with 1-2 tissue planes deep. This tumor has a high chance of simply being gone altogether from his life if enough tissue is removed. So....I've had a talk with Ernest. He's not worried.  Dr. Darcy isn't worried about a life-altering "thing" with Ernest. And I've talked to Deb--his mama-to-be. She also understands what is going on. Our job is to be hopeful and positive and to send a prayer and/or good thoughts for Ernest. He's going to be just fine!

Tonight is our wonderful, fun name drawing raffle from the Generator/Jenna Radar fundraiser! It starts at 5:30 pm. We will first draw names for the 2 afghans, then the 3/4 wreaths, then start with the 10 items and work down to 1. We will finish with a couple surprises! We will also give the very wonderful update of the amount!!
But, we do have some thank yous to give! I have to apologize though. I found a whole page of donor friends that arrived earlier this week that got "lost". Unfortunately, when PayPal gets quite a few donations at one time, they "stack" them into one entry. This is what happened. I did the first one, marked it as "done", then I got called away from my desk. Unfortunately, it looked like that whole page was marked as done. But, the lost is found and we're back on track!
So, I have some thank yous to give!
Tammy /bellabell, chiel74, Brenda R, Conii G, Nikka, Daniella T, Liz G, christal4, thunderrunner, wolverinegirl, dede701, piperjo1999, daystar2020, Herbert B, Gentlesong, splashNZ, Sonya A, Cheryl L, Kikkocat92, catatonic_cajun, Cameo D, ju-in-ji, Eartheyes, Sandy D, Judeanlee & Phil, marmytoo, Gisela, Mary H, sherlocksmom, mls9690, wacats, Dorothy P, twiggysmom, killiegirl, Yvonne A, PeppyCali, Mike G, PinkyBear, Bonnie M, Dave M, Michael M, catlvr14, wolfpatch, Elle99, frenchsilk, Heta B, CatHouze, Michelle B, MsNiceinVA, Shelley H, sunnyjack, Agnes K, Janet S, Sabine S, Bonnie P, Tuomo V, Ruth Ann D, Patricia S, AnnKoala, DeEtte P, autumnkitty, svcathy, Colleen P, Meredith S, bamagirl, prisotis, JenniB619, Shirley P, sunlighten56, Donna H, Karla M, Janet B, mckane19020, Janet K, Fergiesguardian, lucytoons, twkitty, Linda C, Leenie (in memory of Anna Marie), Darlene M, Miau123
Todays mail has not arrived yet due to the holiday. So we will do another update of donors on the next blog. Please don't ever hesitate to email me if I would happen to miss your name. 
We will announce the Grand Total tonight at the Drawing! 

This has been floating around on facebook and I just love it. 
"I am a forever cat, not an "until" cat.
I am not an..
...until you get bored cat
...until you find a boy or girlfriend cat
...until I get old cat
...until you have to move cat
...until you have a baby cat
...until you get a new kitten cat
I am a forever cat. If you cannot promise forever, I am not your cat!
Author Unknown

This is for Ernest from Deb B
Inline image 1

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday, November 28

Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with joy, gratefulness and fun! Enjoy your family and friends. 

When I think of this "thing" called FFRC Nation, it makes my heart swell and I get such an unbelievable feeling of pleasure, friendship and gratitude. If someone would've told me 3 years ago about the place where FFRC is at now, I would've been in doubt. But the friendships made is unbelievable. We literally have friends everywhere in the world. The sense of commitment to FFRC is still very strong in me--I love this rescue center and will continue to do what I can to bring about good things for cats. I have a force of people that "have my back" and it gives me courage and stableness that we can continue our mission. For all of this....I give you my thanks on this special day.

Our Generator/Jenna Radar Fundraiser continues to grow. I have another update! First, let me give thanks to the following:
11/27:  Tabbycatkid, Belltime/Pam S, Gina/catlvr14, Kikimycat/Ellen, Locket33, Little Frank, Gusti, Diane F/Hull, Mary/olgraymary, Shari/sillysticks, scoobyuk, Andrea S, firedawg21, Lorraine A, Cache Maine, Catslife, Tabbylin, Marisa R, Blanche A, Aj2birds, Pat L/Mike's mom

Here's the totals:  As of 11/26 we had $11,055.  Today (11/27) we get to add on another $540!!  Our Grand Total right now is $11,595. Many thanks to you all. It's amazable! 

Tomorrow at 5:30 pm (ffrc time) is the big name drawing! We're so excited as this is in a small way, how we can say thank you to you all. As listed before, we have 
1-Deck of FFRC cards
3-wreaths (now at 4)
4-cat nip pads
5-pet first aid kits
6-leggy dews (large)
7-catstock CD
8-Putter pouches
9-FFRC travel mugs
10-pet ribbon magnet
Plus we have a couple surprises! See you at the drawing!

We also had BOXES last night! Awesome evening of wonderful items. Many thanks!
Beth/Eaglewatcher--kitty knobs for the new cabinets
Cameo/cachemaine--case of Fancy/Feast Kitten turkey
Tanya B/dutchy--large bag of kitty snackers, 2 cases Fancy Feast Turkey & WHitefish
Blanche A from PA--Christmas card, 12 cross stitch snowflakes for the Day Sale (beautiful!)
Mike & Barb C from CA (Mike did a concert here in 2012)--donation, lots of awesome toys for the cats, 2014 calendar, framed catstock CD and cover to promote sales and as a remembrance
Kris/spiritwolf--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, case of gravy sensations, 2 cases Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, 4 cans Kitty Kaviar (!), Bonito Flakes--1 sm & 1 giant package, kitty snackers (Temptations & Party Mix), kitty butt magnets and For the Covies--mylar heat retention blankies 
Maggie/magspa from PA--Christmas card, for the Day Sale--awesome, wonderful round rugs of all colors that she made for various uses!
Mayumi from Japan--2 boxes of Tulle packets
Arden & Charmaine--5 cases of Friskies variety and 4 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten turkey
Laura E--2 cases Friskies turkey & Giblets
Mindy/MBstarr & Nestle--2 Simon the Cat books signed by Simon Tofield, the author. These are awesome books--so pleased with these! Will use one as a fundraiser!
Trudy & Roger with Doon & Willy S--Thanksgiving card
Holly M/hsm66 & Marina from NJ--handmade signs for Kitty Kabana & BUtterfly Room--these are really wonderful!

MBStarr & Nancyerin sent a card and a wonderful portrait of Paul and Wilson (the horse). They sent a picture to Wanda who did the drawing. I am so grateful to Mindy, Nancy and Wanda. Thank you.

I talked to Dr. Darcy yesterday late afternoon.  It appears we may not now find out Ernest's biopsy until tomorrow. Ernest isn't worried, so I believe that we shouldn't either. The kittens and cats had a wonderful turkey breakfast this morning. The Covies and Barnies and Porchies did as well. Every piece was eaten with pleasure!  Magenta's turkey (yes, it was bought with her gift card) is now done and is waiting to be cut up. More turkey coming up!  

Okay, Putter--you're turn. He told me this morning that he has something to say. It's your turn, Putter boy! "The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved" by Victor Hugo.  So, I believe what Putter is saying is that he is hoping for each and every cat that enters our door, a lifetime of love. 

Kiara: This is what happens after eating a belly full of turkey!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday, November 27

Tomorrow is a special day. I would like to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Day, filled with gratitude, fun and family/friend time.

We are still waiting on Ernest's biopsy report. A real good possibility of it being in today. He's doing wonderful. Next week we will take out his sutures. He's a busy boy though--doesn't bother him at all.

Pasha is velcroed to my desk, at least that's what she's thinking. She's great at making me correct my typing at a dozen times a day. And I have a good excuse--if you send me an e-mail and say that you haven't heard back from me.....that would be Pasha's fault too! She's an expert at hitting the delete button. So, I really do have a good excuse! She's here right now pretending to nap.

We have an update on our Generator/Jenna Radar Fundraiser!  I am completely blown away with this.
I gave an updateon the blog yesterday morning, so I'll just do last night's update!
The previous update was for 11/24 and 11/25.  This was $9,495!
Yesterday, 11/26 we had an update of $1,560 which brings our GRAND TOTAL TO: $11,055!! Simply amazing!
We have many thanks to give for backing our Generator Fundraiser:
Napa, Kazz, ReverenceLife, Donez M, pfkat, Theresa C (in memory of Gnuby), selkiebluemist, Jean S (and extra for Feliz Navidad Fund), Silvia H, Lorenzo and friends, Dawnstar, Cheryl G, kimkost, Billypogo, Rose F, Sonja M, Kay B, Marcia S, Val H, Chrissy Casper, Joanne P, Terwil, Peggy K, Pat L, Erika B (Willard's mama), Betz, Trudy S, Frances TSherry W, David W, Krissi & Julia (nurses), Paula P, tabbylin, Magenta

Please don't ever hesitate to let me know if I've forgotten someone's name. I will be the first to tell you that I try very hard to keep all these facts and figures straight, but that I certainly am good at making errors but always willing to fix them. 

Dion was here today and fixed (hopefully) the problem that we've had with the previous year's frozen pipes in the front Thumper's Room. Time and cold temperatures will tell if it's successful or not.

That Clark--I've figured out something about him. He actually has WINGS...yes, wings. That's how he can leap into the air and grab a leg for a tree.  This boy is amazing. Just love him to pieces.  He just doesn't understand that he should keep those feet on the ground. This kitten was born to be air-borne! 

Keeley, Sasha and Markie are playing in the crinkle tunnel together--zip in goes three cats, zip out goes three cats--back and forth.  Just like little kids playing! Fiesto, Jemison and Bugg are on the small red poof--all slurping away on the fibers! Derecho and Lorenzo are completely hooked on their dollop of baby food every morning....must have their baby food! Solee has found a cushie bed that is hers for the night time sleep. Remember the nice bed that was recently given to Merri? She is in it every morning when I come out to get breakfast started!

The Covies are doing awesome--they love their Kitty City. It's not heated but their heat lamps and heated beds keep them warm. They love their new Yeow Banana catnip toys. Jimmy has the Barnies all fixed up too for the winter. They should all be snug. 

Paddy Purr appears to be feeling better. His tummy feels much better, his eyes are better and he even snuck into the house like he likes to do today! Wayne and Garth are not only good brothers, they are good friends--always piled up taking a nap. Rian is growing so much. His Auntie Beth did an awesome job of giving him a good start!

Handsome Fiesto!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 26

What a busy time we've been having here. Yesterday was Shamballie's right front leg surgery day. He did awesome--recovered just fine. Admittedly, he's a rather sore boy, but he has a right to be. His rear right leg, his pelvis, his rear left leg and his front right leg and his head have all been injured. His bruising is just starting to get a tad bit lighter. His surgery leg is a mite swollen, but hopefully will be feeling pretty good in another day or two. He is of course, on pain meds. What a wonderful cat he is. All you have to do is just glance at him, and his purr engine is revved up in high gear. Loves his tummy to be rubbed.

Little Missy Molly was a topic of conversation yesterday at the vet's office. I sent her x-rays over and two of the docs took a look. Here's the worried part--she's only 1.07 now.
Our treatment is 1 of 3 choices:
1--do the surgery and pin the leg. The risk is very high, worried about respiratory distress because of her very low weight/age. Possibly may lose her.
2--do nothing (except bed rest). It's possible that the leg will heal in a fairly normal position, may have a distinct limp, wondering about the pain level for this ???
3--do nothing now, sit back and wait and see.  If the leg doesn't heal in a comfortable way, can do a leg amputation when she has more body weight. Better to be 3 legged, than not to survive the surgery.
So, my call is option 2 or 3, preferably 2 will work! So, for now, she's resting, making friends with Emma Jo. She's another purr-in-izer kitty!

We had our wreath sale yesterday. Oh my--it was wonderful. It had a bit of a slow start, but by the time we were done, all the wreaths were sold. My deep thanks! Total intake for the wreaths is: $1,772. The cost of making the wreaths was $750. Boxes and mailing will be approximately $375. So our profit will be about $647.  Many thanks to Angie for creating these beautiful wreaths.

We need to do an update on our Generator Fundraiser. This fundraiser has just thrilled me!
Total had been: $6,340
11/23, Saturday, took in $700, raised total to $7,040
11/24 & 11/25, took in $2,455, raised total to $9,495  Simply amazing! I figure I have a whole bunch of hugs to give!

Thanks to these generator donations for 11/23:
Tana F, Pat P, Ireys B, Paula A, jwilli667, Merry_Marvin, Pam R, Chip970, Lynn S, Ju-in-ji, Twkitty, Gabe B, catcrazy63, ladydoc17, ipurr2, tigercat54, Mary M, Barbara G, Leah M, Susan B, KrisNF44444, nermallove, toastmonster, DebbiDear, Robin D, Diann B

Many thanks to the following for their generator donations for 11/24 and 11/25:
Hiabbe Km Don & Joy D, Penny V, Halosmom & dad, Justme, Cindy Y, daydreamz2, Aunty Fi, Susan T, Colin00, Gloria K, Sandra Lee A, Patricia M, Alice S, Tabbyo, littleonemine, Barbara B, Bensam, Janet P, Loricat13, Joe & Beth M, Denise C, Glenn & Kathy R, annette20, Diann G, Luvmykat, Andrea Y, Isabelle H, Janelle C, Lynne W, Kate F, Keith C, Little Bit, Schinn81, Carmel, Leenie, Laurie G, 
Beatriz B, Peggy K, Jeff B, Amando G, Kathie3103, Sarah P, Norma B, Cantoncat, Mayumi T, Adrian M, Catslife, lannml, Jane W, Goober, Docdur, Adrienne N, Carmela H, ABQCat, Gail E, Julie E, Jennifer S, Lou S, Jerry S, Ally S, Cassady S, Loucas S, timsprincess, Gemini, Val H, Arden & Charmaine, Gloria K, Judy B, Eaglespirit

Remember, our accurate quote for the generator is $9,380. We would also like to purchase the extended warranty and to fill up the 500 gallon Propane tank. Many many thanks. Let the winter begin---oh no, wait, maybe we better wait until the Generator is actually in!

Mark your calendars for the Name Drawing Raffle Fun! The cats are already talking about a front row seat to watch!  We'll be giving away 1 deck of FFRC playing card deck, 2 afghans, 3 afghans (now 4!!), 4 cat nip pads, 5 pet first aid kits, 6 large leggydews, 7 Catstock CD's, 8 Putter pouches, 9 FFRC travel mugs, 10 pet ribbon magnet. Plus, there's extra at goodies at the end!  Fun, fun, fun.  It's Friday at 5:30 pm.  Come join the fun! 

Little Miss Marta is on my desk--she's a little fuzz ball. She's sitting right in front of the monitor. Camilla is laying on a bed on the desk belly up, on top of the mail. Kiara is laying with her and giving her a good bath. Pasha is also on the desk, laying on the printer paper. I tell them these are not good workable conditions, but they're not listening!

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you all!
$50 donated by Pat for Jacci and everyone singing a version of 12 days of Christmas. We sang, she donated and probably no one wants to hear us sing again!
Sheri B--goodies from Spoiled Rotten--shrimp snackers, greenies, Chicken snackers, 4 raffia balls, catmouse & rings
Juby B--box tops for Caryn, coupons, 4 cans Fancy Feast, Cheeky Lemon drops, a rock painted like a ladybug!
Wolfspirit--case of 11 oz. KMR, 2 cases 32 Friskies variety, 2 cases of 24 Friskies filets & bits
Autumnkitty--8 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Jobear from MN--for Day Sale--gorgeous handmade note cards with her photos of MN, 4 pairs silver earrings with pawprints
Tigercat54/great aunt Julie from IA--case of 9 Lives variety, case of Large Canidae slices for Shamballie
Jeannette B & Furr Haven family--For Thanksgiving kitty meal--10 cans Evo chicken & turkey cans, 10 cans of Merrick Thanksgiving kitty Dinner, bag of Natures Choice--duck & potatoe.  We'll use these for Thanksgiving breakfast!
Kelly R from CA--spring toys, bsketall poofy bed, 2 soft kitty blankies, kitty snackers, 6 lg. cans Friskies, 6 cans Sheba, M &M's milk chocolate, M & M candle for Lynnette, 40 AA duracell batteries, 2 battery operated under-the-counter lights
Eaglespirit from WI--poem by J Hubert "Happiness You Give Me", note from all the kitties and viewers, 8 gig flash drive, kitty snackers
Joann C--Thanksgiving card, Desert Essence soap for Judy & Jacci, CD's of her stories
Weyasmom--Thanksgiving card with Octavia on it
Gloria K from PA--donation for Feliz Navidad fund /medical
Wolfpatch--Kitty card picture taken by Dave--nice!
Joanie C from IA--kitty card thank you with a donation
Sherry & Dave W from NY--Thanksgiving card
PinkyBear--a story/poem of her rescue kitties Minew & Fay
Aunt Julie from MA--Thanksgiving card for Miss Magenta with gift card, 2 sheets stamps (from Magenta to Jacci)
Ju-in-ji--donation for little Callen kitten

What does thankful mean to me? a sweet feeling of gratitude for the support shown to FFRC. 

Pat & Ellen left today to go back to Florida with their 2 cats that they brought with them. We sure did enjoy their visit. We have more guests coming up!

Little quirky kitty things:  Weeja loves to follow Sarah around box to box--she even waits for her at the beginning of the litterbox trail! Merri loves Elizabeth and gets a bit disgruntled when she is put down, Octavia snagged 3 Appetizers last night, Cutie has a bit of a round tummy, Kukster loves to get inside the dry kitten big container and pop up when it's opened. Joline so enjoys "asking" to go into Thumper's Room, then the back Thumper's Room, then into the Mail Room, then thru that door onto the porch, to go into the front Welcome Room office and then do it all over again! Porchie Hank is wonderful and so smart. He likes to have his Porchie breakfast and then go out to the farmyard for 2 more breakfasts! Tabitha made a new paper-nest this morning. Just gotta love these cats! 

It's her eyes, her beautiful eyes!  Tabitha

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday, November 24

Today is the Moss Italian Thanksgiving dinner! So happy and grateful to have family and friends close by. Because of our festivities, this blog will be rather short!

Our Generator/Jenna Rator Fundraiser is progressing right along. I am in awe of you all. Your support is gratefully received and I will always stand up to doing the best that we can for the cats and kittens that we take on--our responsibility to them is important. 

Here's the Generator donors for 11/22.  Our total for this day is $1,360
Ruffles29, Janice O'B, KittiesMom, Pat/John K, Kathy J, Julie C, Tom & Lori D, Denise H, Igecko, thesixofus, christom3, eaglewatcher, Arden & Charmaine, Ronald R, SusiePat, Purple_Cat, Oilsandsgirl, Feistershawna, guccismom, Priscilla G, Cindym1, Roostergirl, Ruth B, Jennifer S, foot55, pjpanda, anne-in-uk, susan g, ad861, Thomas P, KarenTN, jt2101, Sharon Z, vrs1cats, msowl, Barbara M, ZTerwil44, Dave S, Anonymous Friend, Knittinkitten2, Nigel W, Norma F, Caren F, DelawareEagle and Adrienne.  

The total for this day was $1,360, which now brings our Grand Total to....(drumroll!)...$6,340. I am sending claps claps and many hugs to you all! 

I just got the estimate for this new generator. As you know I've spent several years dragging my feet about this because of the expense. Now, we're committed to it, but I've also found our cost is going to be higher than thought. We were told about about $8,000 (just over the phone while investigating it). Gustwiler Electric was here this week to get the nitty gritty details and because of the complexity of setting this entire place on a Smart Pad to run smoothly, the estimate is higher.  It will also take 110 feet of fuel line to the new generator location.  It's $9,380.  I still feel like we can do this. If there's any surplus, we would love to fill that 500 gallon propane tank!  It's gonna happen!

Here a wreath, there a wreath, everywhere a wreath! Angie has been super busy making these gorgeous wreaths. Today sometime and tomorrow we will be showing them to you. They are beautiful and they ship easily. Small wreaths are $50 and the big ones are $75. I understand that we may have close to 30 to show you! The Wreath Sale starts at 5:00 pm (ffrc time) Monday. We will run it pretty much like a Day Sale, but we will only do wreaths! We'll probably show 4 wreaths at a time--all will have a letter on them. The moderators will help with this event as always. 

We also completed our Afghan Auction Friday night. Wow--a very super ending! Here's the results:
Afghan A--$305  Hull
Afghan B--$245  Eaglewatcher
Afghan C--$545  Lynn S
Afghan D--$220  NYC-coco
Afghan E--$505  Maddysnana
DebbieDear and Pat & Ellen also donated extra to round up! This will help us get some of those bills paid before the end of the year, to let us hopefully go into 2014 in the black. 

We had BOXES Friday night. So many thanks to be giving!
Kris--Holiday card with Amazon gift card
Kikimycat--Handmade Thanksgiving card with note and a box of very awesome Christmas FFRC cards, For the volunteers, kids and grandkids--fancy bags with peppermint candy, poinsettia & kitty angel earrings, gold boxes with hersheys kisses
Liz G/Naturelover from TX--card with donation in memory of her mom Jean who passed away 11/15--a special thanks toyou.  Petstages tunnel scratcher, skinny chick, lobster & other toys, crinkle tunnel, kickeroo, under cover mouse toy, kitty tree, 2 snuggies, grooming pouch, Greenie snackers, Pet bandanas for volunteer's dogs, 10-C batteries, 2 trail mix bags. Book: 4 copies Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Caring For Your Pet
Dawn_Oregon--Thanksgtiving Kitty card with donation, pictures of her beautiful kitties
JanO/farmgirl49 from IL--Thanksgiving card with donation
Pat & John K from GA--card with note and donation
Phyllis B from MI--Buddy and Kitty--Thanksgiving card

I'd like to say a special thanks to our wonderful artist friend, Wanda at  She is so kind--she donates (certain times!) $50 for each drawing that she does for our FFRC friends. We recently received a check for $250 from Wanda!  Thanks so much. 

Our Ernest is doing awesome. His incision is clean and healing. We should find out Tuesday or Wednesday the results of his lump biopsy. He and Alaska both ate a great breakfast today. Our Mellow is coming along and getting braver at making friends. Miata, our mama-to-be is now out of her pen to explore a bit. It'd be great if she became use to the Rescue Center before her babies are born. She loves her tummy to be rubbed.

Our sweet Shamballie is doing great. He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. We'll pick him up in the afternoon. His front right leg will be pinned to hold the top "wing" of the elbow together. He's resting alot. It's very difficult for him to walk right now--actually he doesn't. He either lays on his side or "lunges" about to get to litterbox and food. We have him very comfortable in Paul's Condo Pen.

We also brought in a new kitten yesterday. She came from Fort Wayne (yes, while I was there yesterday, from my sister's friend). This little girl is a torti, about 6 weeks old and has two fractures in the femur bone (rear leg). Here's our problem. She only weighs 1.06--just too little to feel comfortable to do a major leg surgery. When I found out we were getting this kitten, I had already made a surgery appointment for her--for Wednesday. So, I will talk to our vets today and see what they'd like to do. I'll keep you posted.

Beautiful Suzanna

Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday, November 22

The Generator/Jenna Rator Fundraiser is on! Oh my goodness, what excitement this is for me! We are in the middle of this fundraiser event which will be over on Friday, Nov. 29 at noon. So we have one more week to go. At 5:30 pm 11/29, on the cam, we will pull out names from a box. For anyone that has donated, your name will be put in the box for each $5 donation! Then we'll start drawing names! Here's what we're giving away:
10--ribbon car magnets
9--FFRC travel mugs
8--Putter Pouches
7--Catstock CD's (from Mike!)
6--Large Leggy Dews
5--Pet First Aid Kits
4--Cat Nip Pads
3--Beautiful Wreaths
2--Awesome Afghans
1-Deck of FFRC Playing Cards
To add to this, there is a really cool surprise that will happen at the end of the name-drawing for a final super winner! (the 2 Awesome Afghans will go first followed by the 3 Beautiful Wreaths, then we start at #10. 

We are making great strides in the Generator Fundraiser for which I am deeply grateful. We already listed the first day results (11/19--$445). 
So here are the last two days:
11/20--($2,840)--Pat L, PinkyBear, Rochele C, Dawn E (vol.), Dawn H, Marlane J, Sevren, Kerswill, Kate E, CJ M, Msnice, Newfiedogmom, RaceCat, Rhonda S, CacheMaine, Joni R, Karen C, BearMN, kiwinanz, Joanne P, Karen M, Betsy P, Dixie D, Mizboots, SiSue, Toytown, Larissa B, Erin F, Jo Ann C, Tom/Laurin H, Theodore E, KB_ld, Northpole, Cheryl L, Patricia K, Faith M, Colleen P, Pam T, Tami L, CatHouze, Furkitty, Andrea W, Holly Ann
11/21--($1695)--Mudjie, Dewitty, Barb W, WarpedinMN, Jane L, Dianne E, Scotty_Oz, Nancepants, jakesmeowmy, Gossamer, Timothy M, nyc-coco, Jaquelin M, Jay H, Gillian H, Kelley F, Eartheyes, Gerricross, Sabine S, luv4vcsyd, Stephanie J, EclectraPA/Connor, Tommy & Alistair, Lynnszs, Lorraine L,widdletigger, Justme, Amy B, Sandra E, Pat D, PSW, Hencass, Sanjd, Marilyn B, Connie S & Hannah S, Nicole B, TokTuB, Jill D, Lewbeth, Wyoeaglefan, Marilyn S, Patricia S, Grammie57, Lucy P, Gusti, Jim & Debbi B

Total so far is $4,980 --this is amazing, simply amazing and I'm very grateful. If we end up with extra $$, we will then have the 500 gallon propane tank filled for the Rescue Center (afterall, we have to have propane to run this generator!) and will purchase the extended warranty. 
We have 2 extra wonderful donors and that would be Arden & Charmaine and Deb11111. I so appreciate you all.  

Have you ever heard of a Sucker Poof? Well, we have 2 of them here at FFRC. The description of this: a poof bed filled with kittens that are sucking away on the fiber pieces! Oh my goodness, after every meal, they band up and head to a poof bed and the sucking begins. It's even audible in the next room! Oh, how they love this!

We had an adoption yesterday. Our London went to his new home. He was a bit of a mush for his new mama! Just as an FYI--the adoption for this weekend for Ernest and Alaska is on hold for a little bit. OnWeds., Ernest went in for a dental. In the process of handling him, a lump was found on his right side, on ribcage but near the armpit. So, back to the vet's today to have a biopsy. We will be anxiously waiting for the results which will probably come back on Tuesday or Wednesday. 

We had BOXES on Weds. night! Myheartfelt thanks to you---
Joyce D from CA--Puppy card with donation, stuffed toys to use wherever needed, box of lots and lots of Kuerig K-Cups
Ellen/Furkitty & Pat/Cathouze--jumbo can of Tuna, pompom toys, lots of misc. kitty toys, big jug of laundry soap, 22 bottles hand sanitizer, pack of wash cloths, box of disposable gloves, carpet samples for doorways, bag of blood oranges, lots of Kuerig K-cups, jelly belly candy canes, Blow Pops.  For the Day Sale--2 quilted tote bags, Oprah Winfrey shirt, 2 hunting knives with dragon on blade & sheath
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--2 boxes appetizers, 12 cans of salmon & 12 cans of chicken
Cheryl L from WA--850 styrofoam plates & 6 ottles Mr. Clean Meadow Rain
Anonymous Friend--12 durable solar Luci outdoor inflatable lanters!!  neat!
Hollyann from MI--Fiesto card
Missy/bengalmom--laundry detergent and misc donations (day visitor with family)
Joyce D--pizza for surgery
The Beachkatz family--a gift of food given to Riversong Foundation in honor of Paul 

We took in another cat 2 days ago. He's an all buff cat, an American short hair mix that is 10 months old. His name is Shamballie. Unfortunately he has been HBC (hit by car) and has a list of injuries. His nose and mouth have abrasions, his right elbow has a fracture that has caused the tip of the ulna (the cap) to pop off, large open wound on right hip, a compression strain on the right rear growth plate, left rear leg shows deep tissue wounds, x-rays shows a mass amount of stool and a small fracture on the right side of the pelvis.  What do we do about all this? rest, rest, and more rest plus surgery on Monday to pin the cap back onto the front right elbow. The pelvis will heal, the large wound and abrasions will heal and the fracture of his pelvis and right rear leg will also heal with rest. He's a lucky kitty that he wasn't killed by this accident. He's a nice boy that loves to be petted. 

We had  BOXES on Thursday night. Many many thanks to each of you---
Chris T (a good friend of mine and works at Dr. Pettigrews). A donation for her cats that have passed away. Chris puts a weekly amount in for a year then it's given to FFRC on the anniversary of the passing of one of her cats.
Lorenzo & his friends--2 cases appetizers, case of large cans of Friskies, 2 lint rollers with refills, 7 mega bags of kitty snackers
Pat/Cathouze & Ellen/Furkitty--4 gallons bleach, 4 gallons vinegary 4 cans of BarKeepers Friend
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat from IA--2 cases of Fancy Feast kitten
Caren F--jug of catnip, Kong toy, packages of coil toys, 2 cases Friskies Pate, case of Friskies Senior Salmon, case of Fancy Feast kitten, 2 of 20 lb jugs of Tidy Cat
Ellen H/ABQcat from NM--kitty card with note, coupons & box tops
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Paula S from Defiance--Chief tapes
Connie H from OH--CHief tapes

Ernest had his biopsy this morning. He will be coming back home soon. Dr. Darcy has already called and said that we should know the results on Tuesday or Wednesday. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers that it will be negative. 

The Afghan Auction is on! It will be done at 6:oo pm sharp tonight. Winners of each of the 5 afghans will be announced shortly after that. It's always an exciting 24 hours!

Their beloved poof!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 19

Gooble, gooble. Yes, it's getting close to turkey day and we have lots to be thankful for. Mainly our families, volunteers, lurkers, chatters, fb friends, moderators, admins and supporters! And of course the cats and kittens! Octavia went and told everyone that we're going to surprise them with turkey that day. So now, they are all being extra sweet to Octavia for her revealing the secret. Wait till Putter finds out that she did this....there will be a price to pay for that!

We have many thank yous to give from BOX time last night.
Tabbytween (daughter of Tabbycatkid, who used her birthday money for ffrc)--a really neat fish kitty house.  This morning Melia was sleeping in it!
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--4 big jugs of Mr. Clean and a case of 24 large cans of tuna!
Butterfly Class of 2013-14 from Belgium--kitty placemats, made by the class with kitties on them!
Barnies with help from an anonymous friend--2 K&H weather kitty pads, heated so they keep snug and warm
Judy/judeannlee & Phil--day visitors--case of PT and a case of TP, poofy blanket from granddaughter Stephanie, 40 lbs of Precious cat litter, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp, case of Friskies & 6 bags of kitty snackers
Dawn/volunteer--lime green tote on wheels, to help with Day Sales
Anonymous--5 bags of organic coconut palm sugar
Mudjie/MJ from TX--birthday card for Whiskers & a $5 donation (he wants extra tasty snackers)
Tigercat54/gAuntie Julie from IA--4 packs coil toys, krinkle tunnel, case Friskies Pate and a nylon burgundy hooded kitty bed for Sweet Merri, who loves it! She fell asleep last night in it and was in it this morning too!
Conii--1,000 sytrofoam plates!
Kelly R from CA--zebra card, coupons, stamps and Paw Points
Kikimycat--Happy birthday card for Whiskers with his picture and a nice saying
Connie H--Chief tapes
Peggy K--sponsorship of Riley

Little Rian just smacked the nose of Kukster--that takes a lot of nerve, but Kukster was staring at him and Rian didn't like it. Rian is doing really good. He eats just like the big kittens now. Fiesto has fit right in like he's always been here. Mellow is feeling better and has begun the "out and about" routine. Faraday is awesomely handsome and is becoming kinder to the other cats. Markie and Zarky got into a little tiff this morning, but are now good siblings again. I believe it was over a catnip mouse.  Ernest is snoring above my desk--yes, he is a snorer! Mis Marta has joined the kitty gang and fits right in. What a playful sweet girl she is. And beautiful.

Okay, we're going to do it. We're going to purchase a generator for the Rescue Center. We've been 4 times just this fall without electricity. We have a major donor to help this be possible, but we still will be short of funds. The total is $8,000. So, we are going to have a Generator Fundraiser Raffle. It actually starts now! It's simple. For each $5.00 donation, your name will go in a basket. If you donate $10, your name will go in twice! On Friday, 11/29 at 5:30pm  (Black Friday) we will draw names.  We have lots of give-aways for the raffle! Here's the prizes: 6 leggydews (most are bigger leggydews  36 x 36), 5 First Aid Kits, 4 Catnip pads, 3 beautiful wreaths, 2 awesome afghans and 1 FFRC deck of cat cards.  (Yes, you can sing it to the 10 days of Christmas, but starting at 6!!)  So we will have 21 items to give away. Feel free to send your Generator Fund donations now! It ends on 11/29 at noon so we have time to prepare for the Big Drawing at 5:30 on 11/29. 

This generator is big, strong, tough and durable! It's big enough to meet our big need. It's a Generac 6244 and is a 20,000 watt generator. It comes with a 5 year warranty. Included in this $8,000 are a 200 amp Smart Switch, an external outlet and fuel line, the electrician's bill to do his work and the propane company to run it to the existing propane tank, the pad it will sit on, a car-size battery. and anything else that is needed to make it ready. It has taken me years to be in the generator-mode as I always declined it. But when we have no electricity, we also have no phone, water, heat or a/c.  It's time to move forward to a generator for emergencies. 

I will keep you all posted as to how our progress is doing on this fundraiser. I am, as always, totally grateful for what you, as supporters, make possible for this Rescue Center. My heart is full of gratitude. 

I think it'd be nice to give a little run down of upcoming dates:
Nov. 21-22   Afghan Auction 6 pm to 6 pm (check Chatters FB page)
Nov. 25    Wreath Sale 5 pm (Angie's beautiful wreaths, 15-18 of them) Monday
Nov. 19 to 29  Generator Fundraiser.  Ends noon 11/29 with Big Drawing 11/29 at 5:30 pm
Dec. 7    Day Sale  Saturday 11:00 am 
Then we're done for the year! The funds raised by these events will go towards the Generator Fund or for the General Fund (we want to not be in the red going into 2014!). 

Generator Donations:
Carla C, Judy M, Andree B/Sonnykat, Vicki B, Elskates & family, Terri & Steve E.  Many heartfelt thanks.

The Covies are doing great being in the City. They're enjoying the warmth and their cushie beds.They're all getting along just fine. It's amazing how they become so cuddly with each other when the air is chilled! They have toys scattered about too and Kuranda towers in front of the windows.

Paddy Purr ate today twice by himself and filled his tummy. George has become an extra cuddle-bum. He just can't get enough. Our group of black cats are all awesome--so sweet and friendly. Kiko must've run at least 5 miles on the black wheel while Keesha has run 5 miles on the orange wheel! 

Merlyn and his poof!

Monday, November 18, 2013

Monday, November 18

Grab a snack and a drink and a chair! We have lots to talk about. It has been an extremely busy last week. I'll try to hit on many subjects to get you all caught up. 

We had our surgery day this past Sunday. The female cats that were spayed were: Camila, Markie, Keeley, Pasha, Sasha and Mellow. We also did a volunteer's female cat Marvella. The male cats that were neutered were: Carlton, Callen, Barky, Zarkey, Fiesto, Wayne, Garth. We also did a volunteer's male cat Riley. Juby also had his umbilical hernia repaired and a microchip placed.  To add to all of this, we also did lots of physicals.
Magenta--physical good, both kidneys are small
Paddy Cakes--physical good, no heart murmur detected, mild gingivitis, no dental tartar
Suzanna--physical good, will keep an eye on her upper left premolar 4
Ada Jane--physical good, both kidneys are small
Alaska--physical good, body weight is good
Camvi--recheck on eye. She will probably always have some slight respiratory issues, but it doesn't affect her heart--she has lots of love to give!
Paddy Purr--probably has an immune system problem. We have changed his meds and are continuing to syringe feed him. This is resulting in a slight weight gain. His heart murmur is still 3/6, but is functional. We will continue to treat him with antibiotics and a special ointment for his nose and eyes
Ernest--has slight dental tartar, no gingivitis.

All in all, our cats look great! Ernest is scheduled Wednesday for a dental cleaning. All the cats recovered very nicely. Mellow was a bit....well, mellow and slow, but yesterday her appetite picked up and she has eaten good today. 

Our next Afghan Auction is coming up! What fun! The date is this Thursday 11/21 at 6:00 pm (FFRC time) and ends 6 pm on Friday 11/22.  Here's the scoop:
Afghan A--earth tones hexagons, donated by Kate & Roger, made by Karen D, in memory of Paul. 4 ft by 5 ft
Afghan B--spice color squares, made by Pam/Buckeye, 9 ft by 4 ft
Afghan C--purple, lavender, creme Cat on Fence, made by Pat (volunteer), 6 ft by 5 1/2 ft
Afghan D--SouthWest design, made by Nance/Kerswill, 5 1/2 ft by 3 1/2 ft
Afghan E--black, grey, white Cat on Fence, in honor of Pat (vol.),  donated by Kate & Roger, 5 ft by 6 ft

The Covies are now in their winter home, the Kitty City. We decided on the spur of the moment Saturday morning to make the big move. A terrible storm was predicted for the afternoon and so we decided they needed to be moved before the storm. Many thanks to Martha L, Jimmy and son, Beth, Gem and her mom, Linda T for helping to make the big move. The City was cleaned, restocked, swept, mopped, shelves washed and blankies put out along with their electric beds, cats given flea prevention and all moved in a 2 hour time. We were speedy! 

Miata is still a mama-to-be. She still may draw this out for a couple weeks. So hard to predict without doing an x-ray. I never feel that this is necessary if mama is in good health. It'll happen when it happens. Little Rian, the gold tiger kitten that Beth/eaglewatcher has taken such good care of, is doing wonderful. He graduated to the main area today. His very best friend is Sadler. 

We took in a new kitten. Her name is Miss Marti, after the person who picked her up off of a busy road. She's a gorgeous long hair calico. She was playing so hard in her pen, it was decided that she too needed to be out to rock and roll.  Her birthday is 9/27/13. 

We have a few cats on hold: Alaska and Ernest (leaving 11/24), Juby (leaving 11/30), Pasha (leaving 12/7), Venus, Sunny & Sadler (together), Camilla, Keely & Sasha (together, with Camilla & Sasha leaving first on 12/10), Clark (leaving on 11/23). We also have a couple other cats on tentative holds.  More on this later!

Just an FYI--we received $401.48 from Goodsearch, from people using this site!  Check it

We have so many thank yous to give. We've had two BOX times since my last blog. I'm so sorry for my tardiness.
Mary G from IN--donation for FFRC
Russel & Sandy A (whose mother is 104 and enjoys FFRC)--supplies for the cats
Paul W from UK--donation for FFRC
Paul W from UK--donation for FFRC
Halosmom & Halosdaddy--donation in memory of Paul for medical needs or where needed
Jakesmeomy--donation to use wherever is needed  
Catherine & Scott D--a wonderful lantern to use if we have a power outage (came in handy last night!)

Last Thursday night:  
Beth/eaglewatcher--lots of Thanksgiving paper plates for the upcoming holiday, gallons of water in case it's needed for emergencies
Ruth D from NC--2 beautiful cat plates and holders from the Hamilton collection for next Day Sale, and a Resin Kitty Trio for the Rock Gardens
Patrick B--4 cases of Royal Canin kitten food
Rosemary B from South Africa--4 stunningly beautiful afghans for an Auction! Special thanks
Jatcat from CA--for Jacci/Steve--12 cans of assorted almonds) and a box of individual bags of almonds for the volunteers
Diana R/ranacomun--for Juby, his very own cat hooded bed for his new home
Janet R from OH--thank you card with donation
Terri U & family from OH--donation in memory of Connie W, their mothers' roommate at the care facility
Octavia (queen of thieves!) and friend--batteries for our Kitty heart beat and laser lights, 1440 of 6 inch plates, 1800 of 9 inch plates

Last Wednesday night:
GermanSiggy from FL--2 cases of Friskies, paper plates, 3 boxes of litter, 2 packs of paper towels, 3 Clorox wipes, Purina One dry kitty food
Kelly R/littleonemine--3 cases Fancy Feast kitten food, 12 large cans of KMR, case of baby food
Chris P--bag of Royal Canin Adult indoor dry cat food, 7 kitty Temptation snackers
Anonymous Friend--paper plates, 2 packages spring toys, 2 boxes of 13 gallon trash bags, 6 containers of Gerber baby rice cereal
Middiemom--500 count large business size envelopes, case of Fancy Feast grilled, 20000 of 6 inch paper plates
Gerricross--300 count 6 inch paper plates, assorted extra yummy K cups, 2 cases Friskies Pate
Theresa H from IN--card and donation
Trudy S from Bryan--card and donation
Mike/Sophie&Lucysdad--card and coupons
Diane/ruffles--Thanksgiving card and donation
Justme from Zsa Zsa--4 cases of Appetizers
Kate & Roger (Venus' new mom/dad)--3 cases of large KMR

Thanks every one for just being YOU! When we got the word to open up the lantern box last night, it was just so overwhelming to me. The support you show this rescue center is just so wonderful. 

FFRC Nation!
Many Countries
One Heart
One Mission
One Nation


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday, November 12

It's getting closer to Thanksgiving Day! The cats are already talking about having turkey on this special day of thanks! We won't disappoint them.

This blog will be mostly thank yous and a little catch-up time. It's been a bit of a crazy time here and I have been unable to blog. 

As you know we had the Day Sale this past Saturday at 3:30. This was an extra long one, which ended about 7:30. We had a lot of Christmas items and much variety of other items. Because the main printer is temporarily down, it's taken me longer to print off PayPals. Be patient please! We will get every single order out. As the orders start reaching their destinations, please let us know if there are any errors. The total is not in yet, but I believe we took in between $5,000-$5,100 for this Day Sale. Wow--so impressive and so gratefully received! This money will go into our general funds for those mundane but very needed things (utility bills, insurance, etc.).

We were without electricity last night. Very soon after boxes were done, the lights blinked once, came back on then went out for good. We did not get electricity until near breakfast time. The cam didn't get back up till about 5:30 am or so. This is the third time we've had a power outage this fall season. Seems like winter though--we got about an inch of snow on the ground. Hope it melts, we still have leaves to rake! Thinking that a generator sounds pretty good about now....we'll put this up for discussion at one of our meetings. When FFRC's electric goes out, in addition to all things electrical, we also have no land phones, no water, no heat. We used our donated flashlights!

We had another 2 adoptions! Whobe went home with Nance, a moderator that was visiting. He traveled well and is now in his home. And another one of our kittens--Ganache--went with Connie/Warped and Joe who was also here visiting. All safe and sound and in his new home too. 

Our mama-to-be cat, Miata is doing well. Not as shy as shehad been. She'll even roll over for a tummy rub. No babies yet. When this event happens, we will try and put it on the cam. Don't worry--it won't bother her and she'll still have a quiet birthing. Our new girl, Mellow (black/white) arrived this past weekend. She was tossed out by an apartmentrenter. When the other people in the complex started feeding her, they were threatened with eviction. So, Mellow came here. She's a sweet, quiet girl. The other latest arrival, Rian, is doing great. Beth is feeding him many times during the day and evening. Rian is just now starting to eat a bit by himself. Such a handsome little guy. He has a friend--Sadler goes back to the Thumper's Room sometimes to romp with Rian.

This Saturday is our next surgery date. Hopefully, tomorrow, we will be weighing all those that are not spayed/neutered and see which ones will be on the list. 

We have many thanks to give since I missed doing the blog for a couple days. THis rescue center is so very grateful for your help. You make a difference to us!
Friday night:
Wonderteac--book "I could Pee on That"--a great little book!
Kelly R from CA--case of Kitten Fancy Feast, 3 cans of KMR, 3 bags of Purina cat Hairball
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 2 bags Purina One Adult hairball
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze--For Day Sale--2 quilted totes, 2 sherpa throws, 2 crocheted Gallants, Christmas quillow. For FFRC--gingersnaps for Butter & friends, 2 packages Doggie snackers, Case of Whiskas, kitty snackers, 4 appetizers, pom pom toys for the kitties, candy canes and a tin of popcorn for Jacci & Caryn
Anonymous--large box of #10 envelopes
Middiemom--2 cases of Friskies Fillets
LJ323/LJE from RI--afghan shades of brown with kitties on it, another afghan purple squares with kitty in each square (both beautiful) 2 cat bowl beds crocheted (one is for Juby from Madison), 2 kitty toys, case of tuna, 1 1/2 cases of Fancy Feast gravy lovers, kitty snackers, Queen Anne choc covered cherries for USPS, UPS & Fed Ex delivery people!
Carol D/ckitties from OH--4 cases Friskies and 2000 paper plates!
Deb11111--case of TP, case of PT, 4 gals of Odoban, 2 big bottles of hand lotion, 4 boxes of #10 envelopes, chips for volunteers, also Snyders pretzels and a big lot of cookies, pink kitty carrier, 2 cases of Friskies
Connie/warpedinMN & Joe--case of Sheba, bunches of yummy grapes, 2 reams of colored paper.  For Day Sale--6 warpedeedoos, 24 crate pads, 49 catnip spider toys
Madisonpepper--donation for Juby to keep the bed he claimed!!
Nancepants--donation for FFRC

Monday night:
Chris--4 jumbo jugs of Clorox wipes
Laura/Medic--3 cases of Fancy Feast, gravy lovers & grilled
Lois L/lannml--case of Fancy Feast fish, bag of Royal Canin kitten, 2 cases Fancy Feast kittne, case of Royal Canin Kitten cans
Deb11111--1500 of #10 business envelopes
Fergies Guardian--package of coil toys, case of Friskies Pate, 10000 6 " paper plates
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Royal Canin Kitten can, 4 cases Friskies fish variety, 4 bags Royal Canine Mommy & Baby
Middiemom--4 cases of Friskies (2 of fillets, 2 of Pate), 6 cases of Friskies (all varieties!)
Anonymous Friend--6 cases Friskies--big variety!
Betz--speciald elivery
MsBekkahscorner--crocheted snowflakes for the volunteers
John & Joey/Joanna K from MI--kitty card, donation in memory of David G
Jim & Carol B from OH--a "Paddy" card
Janet R from OH--who rescued Mellow, card with cross stitched cross 

Jennifer T/jt2101--donation for FFRC, for whatever is needed
Carla C from OR--donation to help a cat!

Pania loves to play in the water bowl. The bigger the wave, the more the fun! Solee is all curled up in one of the cardboard bowl beds--very sound asleep, the kittens can't even wake her up. Ginger is a mush! She loves to be petted and made a fuss over. She's a fun cat. George and Dodger are friends--always tussling together. Meowser loves the coil toys and will carry them around. Carlton is doing great. He's not a straggler any more--he can keep up with his siblings. Right now there are 4 tortis sitting close together on the shelves in Kitty Kabana. They're watching the bird feeders.

You know, I was told once to be careful that our viewer friends didn't climb too high as we could lose our sense of FFRC personality. I didn't believe that then and I sure don't believe it now. I see the kindness given to people in the chat, the fun that you have.  I see the great facebook postings--sharing some of your life with us all.  I see how the viewers appreciate the volunteers. I see the generosity of people and their kindness. I certainly see how you love the cats and kittens and your concern for them. I see how hard our mods and admins work to help with our sites--they work as a team and with kindness to one another too--it shows in their attitude for which I'm deeply grateful. We are a positive group of people--we are the FFRC Nation and I am so proud to be a part of what you have helped us be. 

Sleepy Kona on the palm tree.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Friday, November 8

Alaska is here on my desk--smack dab in front of the screen, looking at me like she has a job to do, besides make me mis-type! And Ernest is watching her from the floor.  He does a good job of keeping track where she is, afterall two cats snugged up makes for great warmth on these cooler days.

We have a new toy--a wobbly bird laser toy. It goes off by itself if there's no motion, only to turn back on when a cat moves close about it. The cats are loving it! Fun times for the cats!

We have a time change! The Day Sale tomorrow starts at 3:30 instead of 3:00. Lots of wonderful items! Please be patient, as we all know we can't control the lag time on ustream! I know we'll all be just fine--just have to be understanding that we're all doing our best! We need our mods for this event! Some are PM takers (Aunty Fi, Billy, Lovebugs and Edna--so these are the mods to contact by PM), some are Relay the Names, Remove Chat (remember--no chit-chat--only "bids" and if there's an error), one is the pause/unpause mod, one is a info copier and one keeps track of overall computer tech stuff. Wow--lots of teamwork! 

We had lots of BOXES last night--I'm so grateful for this help--truly is a huge blessing to us.
Michlynn and Vern from MI--day visitors--big rug, 2 jugs of litter, 4 cases of Friskies, 2 big packs of TP, lots of cat toys, q-tips, soft white blankie, bunch of towels, scarves for the Day Sale, appetizers, kitty snackers and garbage bags
Beth A/eaglewatcher--visitor for awhile!--hot chocolate for Keurig, Planters nut snackers for volunteers, Pringles for volunteers, case Keurig spiced apple cider
Mindy/MBStarr--cadbury BUTTONS milk chocolates, 3 Jammie DODGER cookie packs
Jatcat--new box cutter (I promise to not lose it!)
Arden & Charmaine--2 TIDE EH soap, 40 pounds Precious kitty litter
Caren F--case of large Friskies Pate, 3 cases of Friskies Pate
Cathy/Svcathy--4 beautiful crocheted hats for Day Sale
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases TUlle Tuna/Chicken, 4 packs Tuna/Bonito with tuna jelly, 4 packs Chicken & Bonito with scallop soup
Anonymous Friend--case of 11 ounce KMR liquid
Conii--30containers of Clorox wipes!
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of bby food chicken
Aunty Fi--case of Fancy Feast gravy lovers, bag of Royal Canin Kitten salmon
Carol D/ckitties from OH--case of Friskies Beef and liver with cheese
Leslie--case of Friskies salmon
Ellen/kikimycat from FL--16 boxes Christmas cards, 18 felt gift bags with kitties on them, 2 -12 inch Christmas wreaths made with colorful stockings--all for the Day Sale
Steffer48--2 cases Fancy Feast gravy lovers, Skinny Cow snackers for volunteers
Jan/Eaglewatchers sister--Pirate ship, Pants tunnel, 3 big fuzzy rat toys, 3 bags doggie snackers
Great Auntie Julie/tigercat from IA--case of Canidae cat food and case of Felidae can food
Pat/volunteer--blankie for Venus when she goes home, 7 ear warmers for Day Sale
Dawn C from OR--pop tabs for Kellen, Halloween card, donation and 500 stickers (Opt to Adopt) for us to use on mail
Silkie, BLue and Misty Mae/my siamese kittys--Halloween card, donation from each ofthe kitties
Christine R from NY--donation in memory of Linda B
Rebecca and Willow from UK--4 boxes of Bondi Licks
Anonymous friend from OH--Note and sheet Forever stamps
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes, coupons
Sandra E from NJ--donation in memory of Linda B
Julie P--Kittens' guardian angel ornament (up on doorway with the other angel!)
Widdletigger--2 containers of Precious Cat litter
Middimom--4 buckets of Tidy Cat litter
Deb11111--30000 of the 6 inch paper plates
Lucy P--CHeese Wedge scratcher, 2 rockin Laser bird toys, serpentine scratcher, cat shape scratcher, red shoe kitty house
Lorenzo & friend--bag of Royal Canin Maine Coon food, 3 1/2 cases Friskies, case of Friskies gravy pouches
Walter B from NY--in memory of Linda B, who are neighbors of Linda
Domingo F from Italy--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Anonymous Friend--donation to FFRC, with some to be used for Feliz Navidad medical fund

Emily and Dennis are grand champion wrestlers! One rushes out around a corner and wham....right into the other one. Then it's reversed and the other one is on it's back. They sure do know how to have fun. 

Fiesto is such a handsome boy! We all just love him! Today is the day he gets to come out into the main area. I think he'll do just fine. I have a feeling he's going to liven up the place!

Right now we have a sea of grey, all wrapped up into one "blob"!  Little Hank, Hankster, Daisy and Mogo just happen to be here together, tussling in the office. These are the same ornery kittens at breakfast time that turn into 20 cats to cause mischief at breakfast!

Derecho is wearing his vest today. He was very wobbly this morning. I was afraid he would hurt his head. This seems to have calmed him. The cats have been at the windows in the Kabana Room--lots of birds using the feeders and providing much entertainment! 

Meowzer in sleepy mode! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday, Nov. 7

Somehow the ornier the cats and kittens are, the more they make me smile. The mischief they create is quite amazing! Could anyone possibly come here and not smile? I don't think so!!

We will have BOXES tonight! Tuesday we didn't as it was Movie Night. Last night we didn't because some of us went out to dinner together--was very nice. So, tonight is BOXES! We already have quite a few accumulated, so we will start at 5:30 to give us a head start. Already have two visitors that will help put things away--Beth and Nance!

We have a new cat--actually a new teenager. He is about 4 months old, orange tiger (like an American Short Hair) and sweet, so sweet! His name is Fiesto. Someone had found him and couldn't keep him. When I went out just to see him, he jumped out of the back of the vehicle three times onto my shoulder. He was ready to begin his new adventure! We moved Fiesto up to Dodger's Pen this morning so it won't be much longer until he's out and about with the rest of the kitty gang. I'm sure he will love to be a part of stirring up orneriness! His birthday is 7/16/13.

Our new mama-to-be, Miata (mee-ah-ta) is a sweet girl, but very shy. We will soon be moving her to June's Room to help her be more comfortable with people. She's such a soft beige color. 

This is very exciting--we now have 13 cats on hold! They are: Ganache, Venus, Harley, Pasha, Juby, Malia, London, Hookie. Also Keeley, Camilla & Sasha will go to the same home together. And the latest--Ernest and Alaska have a home together. That wonderful word together is awesome!  We also have several families that have filled out applications. October is always (for 13 years) been one of the slowest months for adoptions, then things pick up again, as we are now seeing here in November.

Remember this Saturday at 3:00 is our Day Sale. We are excited about this. We have alot of items to show you--some that are things we've not done before! These Day Sales and Afghan Auctions help us tremendously with our general fund--the utilities, the insurance, the hundred and one things that it takes to keep us going. We are so appreciative of the support shown to us. 

It's only 7:15 in the morning and Magenta has had her 4th nibble of breakfast already! We are at her beck and call! She's doing great and maintaining her little weight. Ada Jane, who is our most senior cat, is over 18 1/2 years old! We celebrate her life every day...and give her anything she wants! She's back to her silent meowing again! 

Conii sent a beautiful card. The saying is: "Be happy in each moment. The essence of life exists in every breath." Thanks, Conii!

Octavia is napping behind me. She must be dreaming of thieving as her paws are super-twitching! Ernest and Alaska are both napping too--all snugged together. Derecho is pretending he's napping, but when a kitten goes by, he reaches out and swats at their tails. Merri was just walking around with a coil spring toy in her mouth--she's so proud of herself! Zelda is snoozing on my desk, with Venus curled up beside her. Preakness is zipping on the orange wheel. Keeley, Kona, Purrzer and Merlyn are staring at the bird feeders. Life is good--so enjoyable!

See you at BOXES at 5:30!

Peaceful George taking a nap. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, Tuesday

These cats and kittens are absolutely nuts today! I do believe something must've been in their water last night--they are all powered-up. I feel like I need a head shield here in the office--they're running laps on the overhead cat walks. I actually saw Lorenzo even leap today--in the air. Ganache is practically spinning circles while playing with a toy. The kittens are tag teaming their play attacks. Jemison just jumped off and on the file cabinets 3 times in a row.  Have no idea why. Hankster and Little Hank have been full of themselves--what one doesn't do, the other does! What a comedy act we have here today!

We now have 10 cats on hold. They are: Ganache, Venus, Camilla, Sasha, Harley, Hookie, Pasha, Juby, Malia and London. Each and every one of these 10 are wonderful!  We also still have a couple families in the deciding-mode.

There goes Purrzer, Weeja, Melia and Kiko--they're running like the Kentucky Derby on the green catwalk. I just have to close my eyes. 

We took in a new cat on Sunday night. Someone left a very pregnant beige cat in a carrier at the side door. I have no idea how long she'd been there, as we don't use that door often. A volunteer pulling in the parking lot spotted the crate. She's been tested (neg for FIX and leukemia), wormed, bathed. We have her in the back Thumper's Room for her to acclimate to us. She probably has a couple weeks to go. We'll have her vet checked when Dr. Darcy comes.

Preakness is walking around with a coil in her mouth (hope it's not stuck) with 4 kittens trailing her--flicking at her tail. I know she's going to turn around and smack them all.  I swear there's an elephant here in the office snorting. Oh--it's just Ernest. Sleeping and snoring!

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks to you for your support.
Nancepants (visitor this week!)--Reeses Cups 2 1/2 lb. cups!, bag of volunteer candy snackers, kitty snackers and 2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Fiona/Aunty Fi--kitty bear with shirt that says I Love Clayton....for Clayton to take to his forever home
Mindy/MBStarr--EMILYs Chocolate caramel candies and SNAPPY GINGER spice tea
Yamiko I from Japan--letter to FFRC, kitty postie notes, 2 packages finger covers and 2 clip on pens.
Conii--16-3 packs of Lysol wipes
Laura/Medic and her mom Belinda--visitors Sunday/Monday--Pet Supply Plus gift card, 4 cases Fancy Feast, 4 gallons bleach, 6 gallons water, 100 syringes with needles, dog snackers, throw rug for Derecho, Reeses umpkins & European cookies
Sonja--visitor this week, from Canada--2-32 pack of Friskies, kitty snackers, lots of 6 inch paper plates, 32 pk of chips for volunteers, aple, orange, berry juice, Kureig Hot Choc. & Cider cups
Nancy B from NY--donation in memory of Linda B
Mimi & Buddy from FL--coupons
Colleen P--box tops for Caryn and coupons
Barbara D from NY--donation in memory of Linda B
Calico 17 from MA--donation for FFRC
Jim R--donation to FFRC, to help care for the cats
Robin S/M from MA--donation in memory of Linda B
David N from MA--donation for FFRC
Jo Ann C from MN--donation for FFRC

Ratchet has crawled up my leg--yes, this big boy decided he could do the kitty crawl up my leg.  Help!
dfsgwre--I've erased most of it, but that's what Allie just typed. They just want to type today!

Mark your calendars! We have some dates coming up!
Nov. 9--next Day Sale 3:00 (FFRC time)
Nov. 16--surgery day
Nov. 21/22--Afghan Auction  6 pm to 6 pm
Dec. 7--Day Sale 11:00 (FFRC time)

London has jumped on my lap and down again at least 10,000 times. And in the process has succeeded in jamming my keyboard. I swear he is smiling! 

The Covies are doing great. Twice this week we've washed down the inside of Kitty City. We want it clean for when they move back in. When we move them, we'll probably use that time to also update vaccinations and wormings. Once in the Kitty City, they'll have their winter electric beds back on. The porchies are already using theirs. 

Okay--I'm off. I'm going to go get Putter and ask him to put these cats in their place! He'll whack them and put down the law for me! Have a good to everyone. Is it really only 8:00 am?  Seems like we've had 3 days of orniness already today! 

Magenta does this at least 20 times a day!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sunday, November 3

The blog is mostly full of thank yous and explanations and thoughts!

Our Afghan Auction is over! I am deeply thankful for the people who made these last 5 quilts and for all the people who placed bids and for those that will receive the afghans!  Here are the winners!
Quilt A, made by Lisa K, won by Leggygal for $160
Quilt B, made by Karen & David, won by Wonderteac for $150
Quilt C, made by ColoEagle, won by SVCathy for $335
Quilt D, made by Wendilin, won by Kittygirl for $126
Quilt E, made by LJ323, won by MsNiceinVA for $361
We also had $68 donation to "round up", by Eartheyes/Saffire. So, our awesome total for this afghan sale is $1200! We had 93 bids with 30 different people bidding! I thank you so very very much for this successful event. We will have another set of afghans yet before Christmas!

We have people to thank, as we had BOXES last night!
Pat & Ellen--cat castle, bowl scratcher bed, bag of ROyal Canin dry food, Bag of Merrick Chicken dry food
Bonnie, Dave and Michael--day visitors--8 jumbo rolls of paper towels, a donation in memory of Bonnie's brothers cat, doggy snackers, 2 bags of cat toys, 3 pillow cases, 2 big bath towels and 32 wonderful crocheted kitty blankies to be given out at adoptions!
Tim M--case of KMR, toys for Snappy, Whisk, Raza and Friends
Joco51--2 packs of Dutch puffcorn snacks for Steve (he really likes these!), 2 packs of Whiska Lickens, pine soap for our cracked hands, Cold-Eeze throat lozenges (no colds for us!), bonito flakes, 2 cans of kitty food, donation to be used for whatever we need
MBstarr--POPPY thyme crackers (we're having fun with this!)
Terry/Steve (maddysnana and papasteve)-package for Jimmy and Eric. "Heavenly wings" color changing gazing ball in memory of Paul for Alberts Garden (it's absolutely beautiful)
Colleen P--lots of coupons!
Ron & Barb W from Virginia--letter and donation in memory of Minto
Joan & Bruce K from NJ--card and donation in memory of Linda B
Mary/missymjj & temykitty12--a refrigerator magnet, in memory of Bravo

We also had BOXES from Friday night that I haven't had a chance to say thanks to yet!
Tina F/peppicali and her kitty Cali--TEN forty pound bags of Precious cat litter--we super appreciate this!
David and mom Sherri--bag of bird seed, a suet holder house with 10 packs of suet, volunteer chip snacks, kitty snackers, and 3 lovely handmade blankies for Kitty kabana
Conii from FL and her 2 kitties--card for Jacci and a donation in memory of Paul for the Feliz Navidad fun, cat nip pads for Derecho, Ming and Jersey
Nancy/Kerswill--a cool notebook & 6 folders, cat toy and nip toys, VERY large pip cleaners, can of cheddar cheese, band aids, tuna, Fancy Feast, sardines, Appetizers, scratcher replacements, Kurig hot cider k-cups
Sonja from Canada, guest--banana breads, chocolate chips (all delicious!), stickers for Hannah, pop tabs for Kellen, paper re-enforcements, ketchup chips and special Canadian candy snackers
Sandra E--3 packs (16 rolls) of paper towels, 3 cans Clorox wipes
MBstarr--24 CLARK bars, lady BUGG and Daisy chocolate candies!
Julie C/auntie Julie from MA--Halloween card, stamps and a Walmart gift card for her Magenta!
Jan and Jeff from Vermont--thank you card
B, ffrc friend--Chief tapes
Chris & Tom W/CA and family--Halloween card
Mary from Archbold volunteer--9Lives, Fancy Feast, kitty snackers, gift bag of fancy Artisan chocolates!

Thank you to the following for their PayPal donation!
Pat & Ellen--donation for Farrah! Part of this donation represents their Amazon/Ebay sales--thanks!
Legygal/Margaret H--thanks to Pat & Ellen--use this donation for the Feliz Navidad fund
Shannan W--donation for FFRC
Carol/cn1919--donation for Happy November!
Greg W --donation for FFRC
beachkatz/Carla C--donation for kitty litter
Anonymous Friend--donation for FFRC
Kate & Roger--for the birthday cake for Pat on THursday night--yummmm!

I'd love to address the page. Goodness, it seems we've upset a few people. By far and away, most people are supportive of this new page. It's just an additional page, in no way to take anything at all away from our regular facebook pages. Anyone that knows me, knows that I never ever ask for anything for FFRC unless truly needed or am asked what we need. I've had so many requests about Christmas and Goss has been so extremely kind to put together this FFRCnation page with the thought of Christmas suggestions for FFRC. I am grateful to her, I'm grateful for the support and sure never intended to make it sound like I was "blatantly asking" for items. I like the words of a dear friend: "A non-profit exists by seeking donations. There is no obligation for anyone to give, but those who can give and want to give, are encouraged to give to help us continue to help cats. If not for donations, they could not exist on good wishes alone. There are two real world facts: Cats are in need and FFRC needs people to help them help the cats in need. No one is ever made to feel  obligated and no one needs to be a part of any group, but those who choose to be a part of whatever group FFRC creates can be and those who chose to donate and are in a position to do so should know their donations go to help FFRC do what we see they do every day. If creating a forum that can reach beyond Facebook will help FFRC meet their enormous bills, that is a good thing, not meant to detract or deter other forums, but reach beyond one area and reach out to non-facebook users. If it works, then FFRC benefits, if it doesn't then no harm done." Thank you for your words, Canton. This is by me---If you know me at all or know what FFRC is about, then you would know that we have the utmost good of FFRC at heart. Every little thing donated, every single penny donated, every single volunteer, every good thought, every prayer, every person that lurks, chats or is on facebook is appreciated.

Remember to send your squares in for the FFRCNation quilts! All the information and specifics can be found on the FFRC facebook chatters' page. If you don't have facebook or are not a member of the chatters facebook, you can email Jo Ann at  Thank you!

I would like to say a special thank you to Donia/Wickedwings. She will be visiting FFRC the end of November to adopt a cat. Her eyes right now are on Juby, but as you know that may change. The reason I'm extra thanking her? She has asked many many questions, some of which I've never been asked before! She's going to be an awesome kitty mama.  Her goal is to be a very good cat owner! I appreciate that. 

Here's another thought of mine--if you are going to send a letter to me and you want me to give it serious thought, then be brave enough to sign your name. Your town on the envelope is not enough. While I'm glad you enjoy the kitty cam, it appears you have some concerns. I will only briefly address these. Derecho gets plenty to eat. We actually have to be sure he doesn't gain any more weight. I believe the CH cats are quite happy--their comfort zone is not up high as most have wobbly heads. They feel safer on the lower levels. I realize at times when I am opening boxes that the background noise may be a bit loud. But, at the same time I am opening boxes, we have a rescue center to run. So, if others chat while working, I'm just thankful for people here that are taking care of the cats. If you choose not to watch boxes because of too much noise, that of course is your choice. Please realize that the volunteers that are here working, are here to do their "list", NOT to help me with boxes. Taking care of the cats is the first priority, NOT to put stuff away for me. Have you ever seen their list? Wow--many times there are TWO pages of things that need done. Cat care comes before boxes. Yes, it is wonderful if visitors help us with boxes. While that is not their first priority (petting and paying attention to the cats IS), helping with boxes is always appreciated. They aren't bound down by cat care lists like the volunteers are, so if they care to help with putting things away, then I always appreciate that, but it's certainly not required. We enjoy them, enjoying the cats. While I appreciate your suggestions, it's nice to have a person to respond to by snail mail or e-mail, not thru this blog. 

I just want to send out a special thanks to our volunteers. We've gone thru a couple weeks of some of them being sick or having their own issues to deal with. You all are awesome and I love you to pieces! 

I am sitting here looking around the office. Cozarelii is sitting (like a loaf of bread, all tucked in!) watching thru the doorway to the bird feeders. Dovie is sitting on a chair, with her one front leg looped over the front, squinting her eyes at me. Kiara is sound asleep with her tail wrapped around Kona, Jemison is sitting in front of me starring at me(!), Dodger is playing with a pipe cleaner looking oh so happy, Cutie and Raza are sharing a sun beam. I just checked on my dogs and there's Derecho sleeping right up alongside Janie. Asha is stretched out, belly up, laying alongside Ginger. Life is peaceful here. It's a happy place. I am quite honored to be in their presence and to be a part of this Rescue Center. Thank you for helping us keep this FFRC functioning. 

Our sweet Ming! How we love this boy! 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday, November 1st

Happy First of November! A month to be very grateful for family, friends and pets! Where did this whole year go so far? It's astounding how fast time can go. Better grab your family, a friend, your pet and give out some hugs! 

The kittens and cats are all doing really well for which I'm thankful for. I haven't heard any serious sneezing or coughing here at all for days now. All that time consuming "work" paid off. I feel the loss of Mingo, but he certainly has played a huge part in our health protocol here. 

We had two adoptions today! Pat, who is a lurker/part time chatter adopted both Trusty and Puzzone. She even bought some small white paper plates for Puzzone to carry around! Pat is getting two wonderful kittens. I don't know who I'm happier for--the kitties or Pat! 

We still have others on hold. They would be:
Ganache--leaving on November 10
Venus--oleaving late November
Camilla and Sasha--leaving on 12/9
Harley--leaving on 11/7 at noon
London & possibly a friend--soon!
Juby--end of November
We also have 2 other families looking but undecided yet.

We had BOXES last night--wonderful, awesome boxes and we appreciate you!
Cathy O/Erica B from FL  (Willards family)--a card and a "I love you" in sign language for Walter, so he can "read" it!  We will be hanging this up today!
Amy D from PA--a book "Uncle Whiskers", coupons and a letter
Mindy/mbstarr--"goodies" to represent different cats that are here. Curious GEORGE fruit snacks, LONDON Fruit and spice tea, SUNNY D drinks, Trident SPLASH gum, KONA Kcups coffee, Lemon DAISY cookies, DENNIS Farms maple covered nuts, JUBY candies, Harbor gummy BEAR camdies, Ghirardelli Peppermint BARK for (Barky)   Thanks MB for the fun!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--a purple berry house hut (which was slept in last night!
Anonymous Friend--a 20 piece cat toy assortment
Deb B from Georgia--letter and pictures of Phoebe, donation to buy a "leaf" for the Tree of Giving, 2 bags Purina One Adult, 20 guage needles, 8 boxes Bondi Licks, Webbox Cat delight, NF cat food, Clinicare milk, 1/2 case Sheba and some Friskies can
Beth/eaglewatcher46--2 packs of shipping labels, assorted sizes of poly mailing envelopes--600 in all!!  Wow!
Caren F--Hersey candy mini bars, case of Friskies, case of Fancy Feast kitty and case of Friskies 13 ounce size
Catsownme--300 Nipro brand 1 ml syringes with needles (extra thanks)
Anonymous Friend--2 Clorox wipes (3 packs)
Erin & MIchael L from TN--big bag of Reese's PB cups, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitty turkey, 1 case Fancy Feast Classic, 2 cases Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers and 4 bottles of TIde HE!
Ruth F/luvanml from WV--Halloween card, 3 packages of Party mix snackers, 10 beautiful handmade kitty pillows, assorted sizes, a Chase the Mouse toy/game
Roger & Kate C--3 cases of liquid KMR
Oilsandsgirl--3 (3 packs) of Lysol wipes and 3 (2 packs) of Lysol wipes!
Teresa S/TeresainIL, Jean W, Sparky & Lily from IL--donation to use wherever needed
Kathy K from IA--donation to use towards our medicine needs
Lisa, our baker friend--who is spoiling us rotten and we love it. Lisa brought us fresh pies and cookies today! Yum.

We have a new arrival! A brown kitten, about 12 weeks old. He was abandoned at a Goodwill Store and needed a new home. He's been tested, vaccinated, wormed and clothed. His name is LBC (little brown cat). His best friend is LBG (little brown guy). !!

Have you joined our new site yet? Check it out--it's

Hip hip hooray! I've talked to Dr. Darcy and she says we are DONE! We're done with the antibiotics! The cats overheard the phone conversation and were high-fiving each other! 

We had the Running of the Covies today! Zoom--they were so very quick. They missed one outing so they were super happy about getting out. They've visited the horses, geese, ducks, donkey, goat--just everyone! 

Kukster has a new friend! His best friend is Janie, the dog. When Janie comes out of her room, Kukster rubs and rubs on her. The two little calico babies have become fast friends and play together. Camilla and Sasha look like sisters. Right now there are 4 kittens stuffed inside the Purple Berry Hut--so cute piled up on each other.

Our beautiful Raza!