Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November 5, Tuesday

These cats and kittens are absolutely nuts today! I do believe something must've been in their water last night--they are all powered-up. I feel like I need a head shield here in the office--they're running laps on the overhead cat walks. I actually saw Lorenzo even leap today--in the air. Ganache is practically spinning circles while playing with a toy. The kittens are tag teaming their play attacks. Jemison just jumped off and on the file cabinets 3 times in a row.  Have no idea why. Hankster and Little Hank have been full of themselves--what one doesn't do, the other does! What a comedy act we have here today!

We now have 10 cats on hold. They are: Ganache, Venus, Camilla, Sasha, Harley, Hookie, Pasha, Juby, Malia and London. Each and every one of these 10 are wonderful!  We also still have a couple families in the deciding-mode.

There goes Purrzer, Weeja, Melia and Kiko--they're running like the Kentucky Derby on the green catwalk. I just have to close my eyes. 

We took in a new cat on Sunday night. Someone left a very pregnant beige cat in a carrier at the side door. I have no idea how long she'd been there, as we don't use that door often. A volunteer pulling in the parking lot spotted the crate. She's been tested (neg for FIX and leukemia), wormed, bathed. We have her in the back Thumper's Room for her to acclimate to us. She probably has a couple weeks to go. We'll have her vet checked when Dr. Darcy comes.

Preakness is walking around with a coil in her mouth (hope it's not stuck) with 4 kittens trailing her--flicking at her tail. I know she's going to turn around and smack them all.  I swear there's an elephant here in the office snorting. Oh--it's just Ernest. Sleeping and snoring!

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks to you for your support.
Nancepants (visitor this week!)--Reeses Cups 2 1/2 lb. cups!, bag of volunteer candy snackers, kitty snackers and 2 cases of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers
Fiona/Aunty Fi--kitty bear with shirt that says I Love Clayton....for Clayton to take to his forever home
Mindy/MBStarr--EMILYs Chocolate caramel candies and SNAPPY GINGER spice tea
Yamiko I from Japan--letter to FFRC, kitty postie notes, 2 packages finger covers and 2 clip on pens.
Conii--16-3 packs of Lysol wipes
Laura/Medic and her mom Belinda--visitors Sunday/Monday--Pet Supply Plus gift card, 4 cases Fancy Feast, 4 gallons bleach, 6 gallons water, 100 syringes with needles, dog snackers, throw rug for Derecho, Reeses umpkins & European cookies
Sonja--visitor this week, from Canada--2-32 pack of Friskies, kitty snackers, lots of 6 inch paper plates, 32 pk of chips for volunteers, aple, orange, berry juice, Kureig Hot Choc. & Cider cups
Nancy B from NY--donation in memory of Linda B
Mimi & Buddy from FL--coupons
Colleen P--box tops for Caryn and coupons
Barbara D from NY--donation in memory of Linda B
Calico 17 from MA--donation for FFRC
Jim R--donation to FFRC, to help care for the cats
Robin S/M from MA--donation in memory of Linda B
David N from MA--donation for FFRC
Jo Ann C from MN--donation for FFRC

Ratchet has crawled up my leg--yes, this big boy decided he could do the kitty crawl up my leg.  Help!
dfsgwre--I've erased most of it, but that's what Allie just typed. They just want to type today!

Mark your calendars! We have some dates coming up!
Nov. 9--next Day Sale 3:00 (FFRC time)
Nov. 16--surgery day
Nov. 21/22--Afghan Auction  6 pm to 6 pm
Dec. 7--Day Sale 11:00 (FFRC time)

London has jumped on my lap and down again at least 10,000 times. And in the process has succeeded in jamming my keyboard. I swear he is smiling! 

The Covies are doing great. Twice this week we've washed down the inside of Kitty City. We want it clean for when they move back in. When we move them, we'll probably use that time to also update vaccinations and wormings. Once in the Kitty City, they'll have their winter electric beds back on. The porchies are already using theirs. 

Okay--I'm off. I'm going to go get Putter and ask him to put these cats in their place! He'll whack them and put down the law for me! Have a good to everyone. Is it really only 8:00 am?  Seems like we've had 3 days of orniness already today! 

Magenta does this at least 20 times a day!