Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday, November 24

Today is the Moss Italian Thanksgiving dinner! So happy and grateful to have family and friends close by. Because of our festivities, this blog will be rather short!

Our Generator/Jenna Rator Fundraiser is progressing right along. I am in awe of you all. Your support is gratefully received and I will always stand up to doing the best that we can for the cats and kittens that we take on--our responsibility to them is important. 

Here's the Generator donors for 11/22.  Our total for this day is $1,360
Ruffles29, Janice O'B, KittiesMom, Pat/John K, Kathy J, Julie C, Tom & Lori D, Denise H, Igecko, thesixofus, christom3, eaglewatcher, Arden & Charmaine, Ronald R, SusiePat, Purple_Cat, Oilsandsgirl, Feistershawna, guccismom, Priscilla G, Cindym1, Roostergirl, Ruth B, Jennifer S, foot55, pjpanda, anne-in-uk, susan g, ad861, Thomas P, KarenTN, jt2101, Sharon Z, vrs1cats, msowl, Barbara M, ZTerwil44, Dave S, Anonymous Friend, Knittinkitten2, Nigel W, Norma F, Caren F, DelawareEagle and Adrienne.  

The total for this day was $1,360, which now brings our Grand Total to....(drumroll!)...$6,340. I am sending claps claps and many hugs to you all! 

I just got the estimate for this new generator. As you know I've spent several years dragging my feet about this because of the expense. Now, we're committed to it, but I've also found our cost is going to be higher than thought. We were told about about $8,000 (just over the phone while investigating it). Gustwiler Electric was here this week to get the nitty gritty details and because of the complexity of setting this entire place on a Smart Pad to run smoothly, the estimate is higher.  It will also take 110 feet of fuel line to the new generator location.  It's $9,380.  I still feel like we can do this. If there's any surplus, we would love to fill that 500 gallon propane tank!  It's gonna happen!

Here a wreath, there a wreath, everywhere a wreath! Angie has been super busy making these gorgeous wreaths. Today sometime and tomorrow we will be showing them to you. They are beautiful and they ship easily. Small wreaths are $50 and the big ones are $75. I understand that we may have close to 30 to show you! The Wreath Sale starts at 5:00 pm (ffrc time) Monday. We will run it pretty much like a Day Sale, but we will only do wreaths! We'll probably show 4 wreaths at a time--all will have a letter on them. The moderators will help with this event as always. 

We also completed our Afghan Auction Friday night. Wow--a very super ending! Here's the results:
Afghan A--$305  Hull
Afghan B--$245  Eaglewatcher
Afghan C--$545  Lynn S
Afghan D--$220  NYC-coco
Afghan E--$505  Maddysnana
DebbieDear and Pat & Ellen also donated extra to round up! This will help us get some of those bills paid before the end of the year, to let us hopefully go into 2014 in the black. 

We had BOXES Friday night. So many thanks to be giving!
Kris--Holiday card with Amazon gift card
Kikimycat--Handmade Thanksgiving card with note and a box of very awesome Christmas FFRC cards, For the volunteers, kids and grandkids--fancy bags with peppermint candy, poinsettia & kitty angel earrings, gold boxes with hersheys kisses
Liz G/Naturelover from TX--card with donation in memory of her mom Jean who passed away 11/15--a special thanks toyou.  Petstages tunnel scratcher, skinny chick, lobster & other toys, crinkle tunnel, kickeroo, under cover mouse toy, kitty tree, 2 snuggies, grooming pouch, Greenie snackers, Pet bandanas for volunteer's dogs, 10-C batteries, 2 trail mix bags. Book: 4 copies Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Caring For Your Pet
Dawn_Oregon--Thanksgtiving Kitty card with donation, pictures of her beautiful kitties
JanO/farmgirl49 from IL--Thanksgiving card with donation
Pat & John K from GA--card with note and donation
Phyllis B from MI--Buddy and Kitty--Thanksgiving card

I'd like to say a special thanks to our wonderful artist friend, Wanda at  She is so kind--she donates (certain times!) $50 for each drawing that she does for our FFRC friends. We recently received a check for $250 from Wanda!  Thanks so much. 

Our Ernest is doing awesome. His incision is clean and healing. We should find out Tuesday or Wednesday the results of his lump biopsy. He and Alaska both ate a great breakfast today. Our Mellow is coming along and getting braver at making friends. Miata, our mama-to-be is now out of her pen to explore a bit. It'd be great if she became use to the Rescue Center before her babies are born. She loves her tummy to be rubbed.

Our sweet Shamballie is doing great. He is scheduled for surgery tomorrow morning. We'll pick him up in the afternoon. His front right leg will be pinned to hold the top "wing" of the elbow together. He's resting alot. It's very difficult for him to walk right now--actually he doesn't. He either lays on his side or "lunges" about to get to litterbox and food. We have him very comfortable in Paul's Condo Pen.

We also brought in a new kitten yesterday. She came from Fort Wayne (yes, while I was there yesterday, from my sister's friend). This little girl is a torti, about 6 weeks old and has two fractures in the femur bone (rear leg). Here's our problem. She only weighs 1.06--just too little to feel comfortable to do a major leg surgery. When I found out we were getting this kitten, I had already made a surgery appointment for her--for Wednesday. So, I will talk to our vets today and see what they'd like to do. I'll keep you posted.

Beautiful Suzanna