Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tuesday, November 19

Gooble, gooble. Yes, it's getting close to turkey day and we have lots to be thankful for. Mainly our families, volunteers, lurkers, chatters, fb friends, moderators, admins and supporters! And of course the cats and kittens! Octavia went and told everyone that we're going to surprise them with turkey that day. So now, they are all being extra sweet to Octavia for her revealing the secret. Wait till Putter finds out that she did this....there will be a price to pay for that!

We have many thank yous to give from BOX time last night.
Tabbytween (daughter of Tabbycatkid, who used her birthday money for ffrc)--a really neat fish kitty house.  This morning Melia was sleeping in it!
Sheila/oilsandsgirl--4 big jugs of Mr. Clean and a case of 24 large cans of tuna!
Butterfly Class of 2013-14 from Belgium--kitty placemats, made by the class with kitties on them!
Barnies with help from an anonymous friend--2 K&H weather kitty pads, heated so they keep snug and warm
Judy/judeannlee & Phil--day visitors--case of PT and a case of TP, poofy blanket from granddaughter Stephanie, 40 lbs of Precious cat litter, case of Fancy Feast Fish & Shrimp, case of Friskies & 6 bags of kitty snackers
Dawn/volunteer--lime green tote on wheels, to help with Day Sales
Anonymous--5 bags of organic coconut palm sugar
Mudjie/MJ from TX--birthday card for Whiskers & a $5 donation (he wants extra tasty snackers)
Tigercat54/gAuntie Julie from IA--4 packs coil toys, krinkle tunnel, case Friskies Pate and a nylon burgundy hooded kitty bed for Sweet Merri, who loves it! She fell asleep last night in it and was in it this morning too!
Conii--1,000 sytrofoam plates!
Kelly R from CA--zebra card, coupons, stamps and Paw Points
Kikimycat--Happy birthday card for Whiskers with his picture and a nice saying
Connie H--Chief tapes
Peggy K--sponsorship of Riley

Little Rian just smacked the nose of Kukster--that takes a lot of nerve, but Kukster was staring at him and Rian didn't like it. Rian is doing really good. He eats just like the big kittens now. Fiesto has fit right in like he's always been here. Mellow is feeling better and has begun the "out and about" routine. Faraday is awesomely handsome and is becoming kinder to the other cats. Markie and Zarky got into a little tiff this morning, but are now good siblings again. I believe it was over a catnip mouse.  Ernest is snoring above my desk--yes, he is a snorer! Mis Marta has joined the kitty gang and fits right in. What a playful sweet girl she is. And beautiful.

Okay, we're going to do it. We're going to purchase a generator for the Rescue Center. We've been 4 times just this fall without electricity. We have a major donor to help this be possible, but we still will be short of funds. The total is $8,000. So, we are going to have a Generator Fundraiser Raffle. It actually starts now! It's simple. For each $5.00 donation, your name will go in a basket. If you donate $10, your name will go in twice! On Friday, 11/29 at 5:30pm  (Black Friday) we will draw names.  We have lots of give-aways for the raffle! Here's the prizes: 6 leggydews (most are bigger leggydews  36 x 36), 5 First Aid Kits, 4 Catnip pads, 3 beautiful wreaths, 2 awesome afghans and 1 FFRC deck of cat cards.  (Yes, you can sing it to the 10 days of Christmas, but starting at 6!!)  So we will have 21 items to give away. Feel free to send your Generator Fund donations now! It ends on 11/29 at noon so we have time to prepare for the Big Drawing at 5:30 on 11/29. 

This generator is big, strong, tough and durable! It's big enough to meet our big need. It's a Generac 6244 and is a 20,000 watt generator. It comes with a 5 year warranty. Included in this $8,000 are a 200 amp Smart Switch, an external outlet and fuel line, the electrician's bill to do his work and the propane company to run it to the existing propane tank, the pad it will sit on, a car-size battery. and anything else that is needed to make it ready. It has taken me years to be in the generator-mode as I always declined it. But when we have no electricity, we also have no phone, water, heat or a/c.  It's time to move forward to a generator for emergencies. 

I will keep you all posted as to how our progress is doing on this fundraiser. I am, as always, totally grateful for what you, as supporters, make possible for this Rescue Center. My heart is full of gratitude. 

I think it'd be nice to give a little run down of upcoming dates:
Nov. 21-22   Afghan Auction 6 pm to 6 pm (check Chatters FB page)
Nov. 25    Wreath Sale 5 pm (Angie's beautiful wreaths, 15-18 of them) Monday
Nov. 19 to 29  Generator Fundraiser.  Ends noon 11/29 with Big Drawing 11/29 at 5:30 pm
Dec. 7    Day Sale  Saturday 11:00 am 
Then we're done for the year! The funds raised by these events will go towards the Generator Fund or for the General Fund (we want to not be in the red going into 2014!). 

Generator Donations:
Carla C, Judy M, Andree B/Sonnykat, Vicki B, Elskates & family, Terri & Steve E.  Many heartfelt thanks.

The Covies are doing great being in the City. They're enjoying the warmth and their cushie beds.They're all getting along just fine. It's amazing how they become so cuddly with each other when the air is chilled! They have toys scattered about too and Kuranda towers in front of the windows.

Paddy Purr ate today twice by himself and filled his tummy. George has become an extra cuddle-bum. He just can't get enough. Our group of black cats are all awesome--so sweet and friendly. Kiko must've run at least 5 miles on the black wheel while Keesha has run 5 miles on the orange wheel! 

Merlyn and his poof!