Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thursday, November 28

Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be filled with joy, gratefulness and fun! Enjoy your family and friends. 

When I think of this "thing" called FFRC Nation, it makes my heart swell and I get such an unbelievable feeling of pleasure, friendship and gratitude. If someone would've told me 3 years ago about the place where FFRC is at now, I would've been in doubt. But the friendships made is unbelievable. We literally have friends everywhere in the world. The sense of commitment to FFRC is still very strong in me--I love this rescue center and will continue to do what I can to bring about good things for cats. I have a force of people that "have my back" and it gives me courage and stableness that we can continue our mission. For all of this....I give you my thanks on this special day.

Our Generator/Jenna Radar Fundraiser continues to grow. I have another update! First, let me give thanks to the following:
11/27:  Tabbycatkid, Belltime/Pam S, Gina/catlvr14, Kikimycat/Ellen, Locket33, Little Frank, Gusti, Diane F/Hull, Mary/olgraymary, Shari/sillysticks, scoobyuk, Andrea S, firedawg21, Lorraine A, Cache Maine, Catslife, Tabbylin, Marisa R, Blanche A, Aj2birds, Pat L/Mike's mom

Here's the totals:  As of 11/26 we had $11,055.  Today (11/27) we get to add on another $540!!  Our Grand Total right now is $11,595. Many thanks to you all. It's amazable! 

Tomorrow at 5:30 pm (ffrc time) is the big name drawing! We're so excited as this is in a small way, how we can say thank you to you all. As listed before, we have 
1-Deck of FFRC cards
3-wreaths (now at 4)
4-cat nip pads
5-pet first aid kits
6-leggy dews (large)
7-catstock CD
8-Putter pouches
9-FFRC travel mugs
10-pet ribbon magnet
Plus we have a couple surprises! See you at the drawing!

We also had BOXES last night! Awesome evening of wonderful items. Many thanks!
Beth/Eaglewatcher--kitty knobs for the new cabinets
Cameo/cachemaine--case of Fancy/Feast Kitten turkey
Tanya B/dutchy--large bag of kitty snackers, 2 cases Fancy Feast Turkey & WHitefish
Blanche A from PA--Christmas card, 12 cross stitch snowflakes for the Day Sale (beautiful!)
Mike & Barb C from CA (Mike did a concert here in 2012)--donation, lots of awesome toys for the cats, 2014 calendar, framed catstock CD and cover to promote sales and as a remembrance
Kris/spiritwolf--2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten, case of gravy sensations, 2 cases Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, 4 cans Kitty Kaviar (!), Bonito Flakes--1 sm & 1 giant package, kitty snackers (Temptations & Party Mix), kitty butt magnets and For the Covies--mylar heat retention blankies 
Maggie/magspa from PA--Christmas card, for the Day Sale--awesome, wonderful round rugs of all colors that she made for various uses!
Mayumi from Japan--2 boxes of Tulle packets
Arden & Charmaine--5 cases of Friskies variety and 4 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten turkey
Laura E--2 cases Friskies turkey & Giblets
Mindy/MBstarr & Nestle--2 Simon the Cat books signed by Simon Tofield, the author. These are awesome books--so pleased with these! Will use one as a fundraiser!
Trudy & Roger with Doon & Willy S--Thanksgiving card
Holly M/hsm66 & Marina from NJ--handmade signs for Kitty Kabana & BUtterfly Room--these are really wonderful!

MBStarr & Nancyerin sent a card and a wonderful portrait of Paul and Wilson (the horse). They sent a picture to Wanda who did the drawing. I am so grateful to Mindy, Nancy and Wanda. Thank you.

I talked to Dr. Darcy yesterday late afternoon.  It appears we may not now find out Ernest's biopsy until tomorrow. Ernest isn't worried, so I believe that we shouldn't either. The kittens and cats had a wonderful turkey breakfast this morning. The Covies and Barnies and Porchies did as well. Every piece was eaten with pleasure!  Magenta's turkey (yes, it was bought with her gift card) is now done and is waiting to be cut up. More turkey coming up!  

Okay, Putter--you're turn. He told me this morning that he has something to say. It's your turn, Putter boy! "The supreme happiness in life is the conviction that we are loved" by Victor Hugo.  So, I believe what Putter is saying is that he is hoping for each and every cat that enters our door, a lifetime of love. 

Kiara: This is what happens after eating a belly full of turkey!