Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Tuesday, November 26

What a busy time we've been having here. Yesterday was Shamballie's right front leg surgery day. He did awesome--recovered just fine. Admittedly, he's a rather sore boy, but he has a right to be. His rear right leg, his pelvis, his rear left leg and his front right leg and his head have all been injured. His bruising is just starting to get a tad bit lighter. His surgery leg is a mite swollen, but hopefully will be feeling pretty good in another day or two. He is of course, on pain meds. What a wonderful cat he is. All you have to do is just glance at him, and his purr engine is revved up in high gear. Loves his tummy to be rubbed.

Little Missy Molly was a topic of conversation yesterday at the vet's office. I sent her x-rays over and two of the docs took a look. Here's the worried part--she's only 1.07 now.
Our treatment is 1 of 3 choices:
1--do the surgery and pin the leg. The risk is very high, worried about respiratory distress because of her very low weight/age. Possibly may lose her.
2--do nothing (except bed rest). It's possible that the leg will heal in a fairly normal position, may have a distinct limp, wondering about the pain level for this ???
3--do nothing now, sit back and wait and see.  If the leg doesn't heal in a comfortable way, can do a leg amputation when she has more body weight. Better to be 3 legged, than not to survive the surgery.
So, my call is option 2 or 3, preferably 2 will work! So, for now, she's resting, making friends with Emma Jo. She's another purr-in-izer kitty!

We had our wreath sale yesterday. Oh my--it was wonderful. It had a bit of a slow start, but by the time we were done, all the wreaths were sold. My deep thanks! Total intake for the wreaths is: $1,772. The cost of making the wreaths was $750. Boxes and mailing will be approximately $375. So our profit will be about $647.  Many thanks to Angie for creating these beautiful wreaths.

We need to do an update on our Generator Fundraiser. This fundraiser has just thrilled me!
Total had been: $6,340
11/23, Saturday, took in $700, raised total to $7,040
11/24 & 11/25, took in $2,455, raised total to $9,495  Simply amazing! I figure I have a whole bunch of hugs to give!

Thanks to these generator donations for 11/23:
Tana F, Pat P, Ireys B, Paula A, jwilli667, Merry_Marvin, Pam R, Chip970, Lynn S, Ju-in-ji, Twkitty, Gabe B, catcrazy63, ladydoc17, ipurr2, tigercat54, Mary M, Barbara G, Leah M, Susan B, KrisNF44444, nermallove, toastmonster, DebbiDear, Robin D, Diann B

Many thanks to the following for their generator donations for 11/24 and 11/25:
Hiabbe Km Don & Joy D, Penny V, Halosmom & dad, Justme, Cindy Y, daydreamz2, Aunty Fi, Susan T, Colin00, Gloria K, Sandra Lee A, Patricia M, Alice S, Tabbyo, littleonemine, Barbara B, Bensam, Janet P, Loricat13, Joe & Beth M, Denise C, Glenn & Kathy R, annette20, Diann G, Luvmykat, Andrea Y, Isabelle H, Janelle C, Lynne W, Kate F, Keith C, Little Bit, Schinn81, Carmel, Leenie, Laurie G, 
Beatriz B, Peggy K, Jeff B, Amando G, Kathie3103, Sarah P, Norma B, Cantoncat, Mayumi T, Adrian M, Catslife, lannml, Jane W, Goober, Docdur, Adrienne N, Carmela H, ABQCat, Gail E, Julie E, Jennifer S, Lou S, Jerry S, Ally S, Cassady S, Loucas S, timsprincess, Gemini, Val H, Arden & Charmaine, Gloria K, Judy B, Eaglespirit

Remember, our accurate quote for the generator is $9,380. We would also like to purchase the extended warranty and to fill up the 500 gallon Propane tank. Many many thanks. Let the winter begin---oh no, wait, maybe we better wait until the Generator is actually in!

Mark your calendars for the Name Drawing Raffle Fun! The cats are already talking about a front row seat to watch!  We'll be giving away 1 deck of FFRC playing card deck, 2 afghans, 3 afghans (now 4!!), 4 cat nip pads, 5 pet first aid kits, 6 large leggydews, 7 Catstock CD's, 8 Putter pouches, 9 FFRC travel mugs, 10 pet ribbon magnet. Plus, there's extra at goodies at the end!  Fun, fun, fun.  It's Friday at 5:30 pm.  Come join the fun! 

Little Miss Marta is on my desk--she's a little fuzz ball. She's sitting right in front of the monitor. Camilla is laying on a bed on the desk belly up, on top of the mail. Kiara is laying with her and giving her a good bath. Pasha is also on the desk, laying on the printer paper. I tell them these are not good workable conditions, but they're not listening!

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you all!
$50 donated by Pat for Jacci and everyone singing a version of 12 days of Christmas. We sang, she donated and probably no one wants to hear us sing again!
Sheri B--goodies from Spoiled Rotten--shrimp snackers, greenies, Chicken snackers, 4 raffia balls, catmouse & rings
Juby B--box tops for Caryn, coupons, 4 cans Fancy Feast, Cheeky Lemon drops, a rock painted like a ladybug!
Wolfspirit--case of 11 oz. KMR, 2 cases 32 Friskies variety, 2 cases of 24 Friskies filets & bits
Autumnkitty--8 cases of Fancy Feast Appetizers
Jobear from MN--for Day Sale--gorgeous handmade note cards with her photos of MN, 4 pairs silver earrings with pawprints
Tigercat54/great aunt Julie from IA--case of 9 Lives variety, case of Large Canidae slices for Shamballie
Jeannette B & Furr Haven family--For Thanksgiving kitty meal--10 cans Evo chicken & turkey cans, 10 cans of Merrick Thanksgiving kitty Dinner, bag of Natures Choice--duck & potatoe.  We'll use these for Thanksgiving breakfast!
Kelly R from CA--spring toys, bsketall poofy bed, 2 soft kitty blankies, kitty snackers, 6 lg. cans Friskies, 6 cans Sheba, M &M's milk chocolate, M & M candle for Lynnette, 40 AA duracell batteries, 2 battery operated under-the-counter lights
Eaglespirit from WI--poem by J Hubert "Happiness You Give Me", note from all the kitties and viewers, 8 gig flash drive, kitty snackers
Joann C--Thanksgiving card, Desert Essence soap for Judy & Jacci, CD's of her stories
Weyasmom--Thanksgiving card with Octavia on it
Gloria K from PA--donation for Feliz Navidad fund /medical
Wolfpatch--Kitty card picture taken by Dave--nice!
Joanie C from IA--kitty card thank you with a donation
Sherry & Dave W from NY--Thanksgiving card
PinkyBear--a story/poem of her rescue kitties Minew & Fay
Aunt Julie from MA--Thanksgiving card for Miss Magenta with gift card, 2 sheets stamps (from Magenta to Jacci)
Ju-in-ji--donation for little Callen kitten

What does thankful mean to me? a sweet feeling of gratitude for the support shown to FFRC. 

Pat & Ellen left today to go back to Florida with their 2 cats that they brought with them. We sure did enjoy their visit. We have more guests coming up!

Little quirky kitty things:  Weeja loves to follow Sarah around box to box--she even waits for her at the beginning of the litterbox trail! Merri loves Elizabeth and gets a bit disgruntled when she is put down, Octavia snagged 3 Appetizers last night, Cutie has a bit of a round tummy, Kukster loves to get inside the dry kitten big container and pop up when it's opened. Joline so enjoys "asking" to go into Thumper's Room, then the back Thumper's Room, then into the Mail Room, then thru that door onto the porch, to go into the front Welcome Room office and then do it all over again! Porchie Hank is wonderful and so smart. He likes to have his Porchie breakfast and then go out to the farmyard for 2 more breakfasts! Tabitha made a new paper-nest this morning. Just gotta love these cats! 

It's her eyes, her beautiful eyes!  Tabitha