Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tuesday, November 12

It's getting closer to Thanksgiving Day! The cats are already talking about having turkey on this special day of thanks! We won't disappoint them.

This blog will be mostly thank yous and a little catch-up time. It's been a bit of a crazy time here and I have been unable to blog. 

As you know we had the Day Sale this past Saturday at 3:30. This was an extra long one, which ended about 7:30. We had a lot of Christmas items and much variety of other items. Because the main printer is temporarily down, it's taken me longer to print off PayPals. Be patient please! We will get every single order out. As the orders start reaching their destinations, please let us know if there are any errors. The total is not in yet, but I believe we took in between $5,000-$5,100 for this Day Sale. Wow--so impressive and so gratefully received! This money will go into our general funds for those mundane but very needed things (utility bills, insurance, etc.).

We were without electricity last night. Very soon after boxes were done, the lights blinked once, came back on then went out for good. We did not get electricity until near breakfast time. The cam didn't get back up till about 5:30 am or so. This is the third time we've had a power outage this fall season. Seems like winter though--we got about an inch of snow on the ground. Hope it melts, we still have leaves to rake! Thinking that a generator sounds pretty good about now....we'll put this up for discussion at one of our meetings. When FFRC's electric goes out, in addition to all things electrical, we also have no land phones, no water, no heat. We used our donated flashlights!

We had another 2 adoptions! Whobe went home with Nance, a moderator that was visiting. He traveled well and is now in his home. And another one of our kittens--Ganache--went with Connie/Warped and Joe who was also here visiting. All safe and sound and in his new home too. 

Our mama-to-be cat, Miata is doing well. Not as shy as shehad been. She'll even roll over for a tummy rub. No babies yet. When this event happens, we will try and put it on the cam. Don't worry--it won't bother her and she'll still have a quiet birthing. Our new girl, Mellow (black/white) arrived this past weekend. She was tossed out by an apartmentrenter. When the other people in the complex started feeding her, they were threatened with eviction. So, Mellow came here. She's a sweet, quiet girl. The other latest arrival, Rian, is doing great. Beth is feeding him many times during the day and evening. Rian is just now starting to eat a bit by himself. Such a handsome little guy. He has a friend--Sadler goes back to the Thumper's Room sometimes to romp with Rian.

This Saturday is our next surgery date. Hopefully, tomorrow, we will be weighing all those that are not spayed/neutered and see which ones will be on the list. 

We have many thanks to give since I missed doing the blog for a couple days. THis rescue center is so very grateful for your help. You make a difference to us!
Friday night:
Wonderteac--book "I could Pee on That"--a great little book!
Kelly R from CA--case of Kitten Fancy Feast, 3 cans of KMR, 3 bags of Purina cat Hairball
Arden & Charmaine--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 2 bags Purina One Adult hairball
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze--For Day Sale--2 quilted totes, 2 sherpa throws, 2 crocheted Gallants, Christmas quillow. For FFRC--gingersnaps for Butter & friends, 2 packages Doggie snackers, Case of Whiskas, kitty snackers, 4 appetizers, pom pom toys for the kitties, candy canes and a tin of popcorn for Jacci & Caryn
Anonymous--large box of #10 envelopes
Middiemom--2 cases of Friskies Fillets
LJ323/LJE from RI--afghan shades of brown with kitties on it, another afghan purple squares with kitty in each square (both beautiful) 2 cat bowl beds crocheted (one is for Juby from Madison), 2 kitty toys, case of tuna, 1 1/2 cases of Fancy Feast gravy lovers, kitty snackers, Queen Anne choc covered cherries for USPS, UPS & Fed Ex delivery people!
Carol D/ckitties from OH--4 cases Friskies and 2000 paper plates!
Deb11111--case of TP, case of PT, 4 gals of Odoban, 2 big bottles of hand lotion, 4 boxes of #10 envelopes, chips for volunteers, also Snyders pretzels and a big lot of cookies, pink kitty carrier, 2 cases of Friskies
Connie/warpedinMN & Joe--case of Sheba, bunches of yummy grapes, 2 reams of colored paper.  For Day Sale--6 warpedeedoos, 24 crate pads, 49 catnip spider toys
Madisonpepper--donation for Juby to keep the bed he claimed!!
Nancepants--donation for FFRC

Monday night:
Chris--4 jumbo jugs of Clorox wipes
Laura/Medic--3 cases of Fancy Feast, gravy lovers & grilled
Lois L/lannml--case of Fancy Feast fish, bag of Royal Canin kitten, 2 cases Fancy Feast kittne, case of Royal Canin Kitten cans
Deb11111--1500 of #10 business envelopes
Fergies Guardian--package of coil toys, case of Friskies Pate, 10000 6 " paper plates
Anonymous Friend--2 cases Royal Canin Kitten can, 4 cases Friskies fish variety, 4 bags Royal Canine Mommy & Baby
Middiemom--4 cases of Friskies (2 of fillets, 2 of Pate), 6 cases of Friskies (all varieties!)
Anonymous Friend--6 cases Friskies--big variety!
Betz--speciald elivery
MsBekkahscorner--crocheted snowflakes for the volunteers
John & Joey/Joanna K from MI--kitty card, donation in memory of David G
Jim & Carol B from OH--a "Paddy" card
Janet R from OH--who rescued Mellow, card with cross stitched cross 

Jennifer T/jt2101--donation for FFRC, for whatever is needed
Carla C from OR--donation to help a cat!

Pania loves to play in the water bowl. The bigger the wave, the more the fun! Solee is all curled up in one of the cardboard bowl beds--very sound asleep, the kittens can't even wake her up. Ginger is a mush! She loves to be petted and made a fuss over. She's a fun cat. George and Dodger are friends--always tussling together. Meowser loves the coil toys and will carry them around. Carlton is doing great. He's not a straggler any more--he can keep up with his siblings. Right now there are 4 tortis sitting close together on the shelves in Kitty Kabana. They're watching the bird feeders.

You know, I was told once to be careful that our viewer friends didn't climb too high as we could lose our sense of FFRC personality. I didn't believe that then and I sure don't believe it now. I see the kindness given to people in the chat, the fun that you have.  I see the great facebook postings--sharing some of your life with us all.  I see how the viewers appreciate the volunteers. I see the generosity of people and their kindness. I certainly see how you love the cats and kittens and your concern for them. I see how hard our mods and admins work to help with our sites--they work as a team and with kindness to one another too--it shows in their attitude for which I'm deeply grateful. We are a positive group of people--we are the FFRC Nation and I am so proud to be a part of what you have helped us be. 

Sleepy Kona on the palm tree.