Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday, November 1st

Happy First of November! A month to be very grateful for family, friends and pets! Where did this whole year go so far? It's astounding how fast time can go. Better grab your family, a friend, your pet and give out some hugs! 

The kittens and cats are all doing really well for which I'm thankful for. I haven't heard any serious sneezing or coughing here at all for days now. All that time consuming "work" paid off. I feel the loss of Mingo, but he certainly has played a huge part in our health protocol here. 

We had two adoptions today! Pat, who is a lurker/part time chatter adopted both Trusty and Puzzone. She even bought some small white paper plates for Puzzone to carry around! Pat is getting two wonderful kittens. I don't know who I'm happier for--the kitties or Pat! 

We still have others on hold. They would be:
Ganache--leaving on November 10
Venus--oleaving late November
Camilla and Sasha--leaving on 12/9
Harley--leaving on 11/7 at noon
London & possibly a friend--soon!
Juby--end of November
We also have 2 other families looking but undecided yet.

We had BOXES last night--wonderful, awesome boxes and we appreciate you!
Cathy O/Erica B from FL  (Willards family)--a card and a "I love you" in sign language for Walter, so he can "read" it!  We will be hanging this up today!
Amy D from PA--a book "Uncle Whiskers", coupons and a letter
Mindy/mbstarr--"goodies" to represent different cats that are here. Curious GEORGE fruit snacks, LONDON Fruit and spice tea, SUNNY D drinks, Trident SPLASH gum, KONA Kcups coffee, Lemon DAISY cookies, DENNIS Farms maple covered nuts, JUBY candies, Harbor gummy BEAR camdies, Ghirardelli Peppermint BARK for (Barky)   Thanks MB for the fun!
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--a purple berry house hut (which was slept in last night!
Anonymous Friend--a 20 piece cat toy assortment
Deb B from Georgia--letter and pictures of Phoebe, donation to buy a "leaf" for the Tree of Giving, 2 bags Purina One Adult, 20 guage needles, 8 boxes Bondi Licks, Webbox Cat delight, NF cat food, Clinicare milk, 1/2 case Sheba and some Friskies can
Beth/eaglewatcher46--2 packs of shipping labels, assorted sizes of poly mailing envelopes--600 in all!!  Wow!
Caren F--Hersey candy mini bars, case of Friskies, case of Fancy Feast kitty and case of Friskies 13 ounce size
Catsownme--300 Nipro brand 1 ml syringes with needles (extra thanks)
Anonymous Friend--2 Clorox wipes (3 packs)
Erin & MIchael L from TN--big bag of Reese's PB cups, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitty turkey, 1 case Fancy Feast Classic, 2 cases Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers and 4 bottles of TIde HE!
Ruth F/luvanml from WV--Halloween card, 3 packages of Party mix snackers, 10 beautiful handmade kitty pillows, assorted sizes, a Chase the Mouse toy/game
Roger & Kate C--3 cases of liquid KMR
Oilsandsgirl--3 (3 packs) of Lysol wipes and 3 (2 packs) of Lysol wipes!
Teresa S/TeresainIL, Jean W, Sparky & Lily from IL--donation to use wherever needed
Kathy K from IA--donation to use towards our medicine needs
Lisa, our baker friend--who is spoiling us rotten and we love it. Lisa brought us fresh pies and cookies today! Yum.

We have a new arrival! A brown kitten, about 12 weeks old. He was abandoned at a Goodwill Store and needed a new home. He's been tested, vaccinated, wormed and clothed. His name is LBC (little brown cat). His best friend is LBG (little brown guy). !!

Have you joined our new site yet? Check it out--it's

Hip hip hooray! I've talked to Dr. Darcy and she says we are DONE! We're done with the antibiotics! The cats overheard the phone conversation and were high-fiving each other! 

We had the Running of the Covies today! Zoom--they were so very quick. They missed one outing so they were super happy about getting out. They've visited the horses, geese, ducks, donkey, goat--just everyone! 

Kukster has a new friend! His best friend is Janie, the dog. When Janie comes out of her room, Kukster rubs and rubs on her. The two little calico babies have become fast friends and play together. Camilla and Sasha look like sisters. Right now there are 4 kittens stuffed inside the Purple Berry Hut--so cute piled up on each other.

Our beautiful Raza!