Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday, October 31

Boo!  Happy Halloween!  Our wonderful black cats Arden, Bear, Dennis, Jemison, Remison, Poppy, Solee, Cashel, Big Al and Riley all say have a fun, safe day and keep those black cats inside where they are safe. 

Unless we hear different from Dr. Darcy, we are FINALLY done with all the antibiotics, the vaccines and wormer injections! I am glad, glad, glad! And so are the cats and kittens. It's been a very long treatment program. Right now, we have a very very healthy group of cats, for which I'm so thankful for. 

We had LOTS of BOXES last night. You never cease to amaze me with your support and generosity. YOU all make a huge difference to this rescue center.
Connie S and Hannah and Tookie--a card and for Pasha a baby cuddle blankie, a Lamb Chop stuffed toy and yarn for Pat
Kelly R from CA--Halloween card, M&M's Reeces peanut butter pumpkins, 3 kitty treats, candy corn M&M's, Wellness packets, baby food jars, lot of toys, spring toys, appetisers, Sheeba can food, lots  of Halloween candy, 3 KMR cans, scotch tape, q-tips, sardines, bubble gum
PSW--large giant bag of Bonita flakes
Anonymous Friend--Nonny Biscuits (great for tea/coffee dunking!)
TippynTraylor and Ashley too--for Farrah: Halloween card, 2 collars and a new tag with phone number, toys for Farrah and friends
Maggie J and fur kitties Mickey, Frankie and Maggie from MA--2 packages of stickers for Hannah, Fancy Feast cans, lots of Halloween candy!, 4 extra mega bags of cat snackers, lots of doggie snackers, case of Purrfectly fish, Wellness packets, fun toys for Kitties, Pet stages Scratchers, 2 kitty warmers, birthday card to all kitties at FFRC, sardines, salmon, case of Fancy Feast and case of Halo can food
Anonymous Friend--2 cases of chicken baby food
Erin K and Michael L--2 large packages of assorted chips
Anonymous Friend--24 K cups, 1 box of breakfast blend K cups, case of Fancy Feast turkey, case of Fancy Feast classic and a box of assorted K cups
Anonymous Friend--12 Temptation snackers
Stephanie J/Steffer--case of 12 giant rolls of Bounty Paper Towels
Anonymous Friend--5 gallons of Vinegar
Oilsandsgirl--3 pack of Q-tips, lots of microfiber towels, 2 of the 24 rolls of Paper Towels, 2 12/count Cottonelle toilet paper, 2 cases of Huggies wipes, 8 big boxes of kleenex tissues (this helps our paper products immensely!) 
Gloria & Geremy from WI--Halloween card/letter and donation
Kelly R from CA--"hello" card and payment for order
Phyllis B--payment for order and card
Ellen/kikimycat--birthday cards for Dovie, Fabio and Viola
Sherry & David W and kitties--Halloween card
Austin W from Pldg--donation
Mary G from IN--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Lisa G from Germany--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Nancy & Tom G from MI--donation for medical fund in memory of Tom's dad David. Thank you. 
Allan T from NY--donation in memory of Linda Bolioli
Nancy B from MI--donation in memory of Linda Bolioli
Susan F from NY--donation in memory of Linda Bolioli
Merry Christmas!  What? Yes, this is something that Goss has helped FFRC with, knowing that Christmas is not all that far away.We've been waiting until today to post it!  Please visit this site:
Announcing the new FFRC Nation website!
We now have our very own community site, off from Facebook.
The site is located at
You can either create a new account or connect your Facebook login to the site.
It is preferable that you use your chat name as your username on the site. If you don’t chat, just create a unique username.
Please make sure to use your real name in the name field when registering. Only usernames are shown on the site but we use real names for deciding if you are a real person.

First up for our FFRC Nation is a Holiday Surprise for FFRC….with Jacci’s blessing.
“At Christmas time, I know people enjoy giving gifts. But for myself, while I appreciate gifts, the Rescue Center needs them more than I do. I hope you understand--the kitties will appreciate this!” -- Jacci

Our goal is to stock up FFRC going into next year!
Can you believe it takes 20,000 cans of cat food a year!!!!
How about 10,000 lbs of Kitty litter?
…..and that is just two items.

So go to the site and sign up!
Read the 2013 Holiday Surprise tab and join the conversation using the forum.

One note, if you have problems with the site, please let us know. It’s new and shiny but might have a few bugs to work out still. Just email and we’ll try to help you out!
When you run into a moderator or an admin, please pause a second to say a big thanks to them--they spend many many hours a week helping FFRC!

The kittens and cats are doing great. Breakfast times are filled with high energy and very hungry tummies! The young kittens can't hardly wait to get their gruel. And the salmon---it's a free for all! Little Lorenzo has a special craving for it and he WILL get his share! Bella always gets her jar of baby food. Cutie lately has been going for a late breakfast--she prefers to sleep in a bit. Derecho and Lorenzo still get their jar lids full of baby food. Turtle and Faraday already have breakfast figured out and like their plates in a special spot! 

The latest on Jingies, Maurice and Snoops is good! I'm so very relieved. I'll keep monitoring these three though. Suzanna, one of the newly returned cats, is also doing great. She's a beauty. The cats are getting a major groom today. Judy S is here and beautify-ing them! 

Our three oldsters are doing good too. Ada Jane has her "meow" back least for now! Magenta is still eating 10 times a day! Her thyroid is good, she's just a very small girl with a big appetite! Putter is awesome. He's been in the rescue center a couple times lately and has swatted a few of the kittens--that means that Putter is just fine!