Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thursday, October 3

The kittens are growing! The Ten Group that spends their night times in Cat's Corner Room will now be out and about at night, except for Minto. We'll try it tonight but if there's too much rough housing, we'll put them back in their room for the night for another week. 

Viola's kittens are growing and eating better and better by themselves! They are such fun little players--the world is a big playground to them, all in the confines of June's Room. Viola has turned out to be an awesome mama. She is so relaxed and enjoys her away time from the kittens but is keeping up totally with their care. 

We will have a few visitors coming in this weekend. Fiona and Sammie's Aunty Sandy will be here on Friday and leave with the two kittens on Saturday for their journey to their new mama Faith. Di will also be visiting for 2 days. Di will be bringing a friend. Jobo and Jobo's mom will also be here this Saturday for a day visit. We love visitors!

You would all be very proud of Minto. That little one goes around all the time with a food-crusty nose! That's because he always has his nose and mouth in a food plate! He's doing great! LillyAnn is also eating quite well. We're feeding her a combination of baby food mixed in with soft food and she's eating this just fine. Her tongue is looking good. She is quite shy and finds comfort in her pen where she feels safe and sound. She possibly may become a Porchie as inside living is definitely not her thing. She tolerates being held and loved on, but given the chance, she wants to escape right back into her pen on her bed. 

We had BOXES last night. Thank you! Your help is truly appreciated. 
Weya from FL--a webkinz kitten that looks like Kona. We marked the ear with "Kona"!
Anonymous Friend--big bag of Purina Indoor Cat,a 40 lb box of cat litter, 2 Lysol 3 packs, a box of 13 gallons Kitchen bags, bottle of Dawn soap, GPS tracker for Walter!, Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, another case of Fancy Feast.  Thanks!
Vickie B/nyckitty45 from NY--4 cases of Fancy Feast kitten, bag of Royal Canon dry kitten food, case of canned Royal Cannon Babycat
Kathy K/JustMe--4 boxes of ziplock bags and two 50-count boxes of drink cups (for Keurig) with lids
Brenda C/catatonic_cajun from LA--two big boxes of Bounce fabric softener
Susan345--4 sleeves of coffee cups with lids for Keurig
Hannah our friend from IN--pack of cool cat stickers with card and letter, 2 big bags of Temptations. Hannah also made a very nice Hello Kitty basket and pillow for the baby kittens, 2 very large cans of Tuna. Thanks to our sweet Hannah!
Austin W--a donation to FFRC
Betty L--a happy birthday card and note with 2 pictures. One of birthday boy Ollie who is 1 and one of Ollie and Mom Betty.  Happy Birthday to you both!

We also had some PayPal donations--a big thanks!
Gerri R/GraceToo--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Daystar2020--donation in honor of the tireless search effort by the volunteers for Walter, to restock their supplies with their favorite goodies
Kathy K from IA--donation for a cake for the volunteers for the rescue of Walter (yummy!)
Gusti--donation for Walter's Return-Party!
Mary K WC from TN--for a giftcard from McDonald's for Paul
Dawn H from MI--to go towards anything, in honor of Walter's return
Janet S from IA--for whatever is needed, in honor of the safe return of Walter
Elisabeth A from MD--however we need it, in honor of Walter
Phyllis W from AZ--to offset costs of finding Walter, or any other needs of FFRC
Gary B from Canada--a donation to ffrc thru PayPal
Cn1919 from PA--a donation for Happy October! 
Sarah P from MO--for the flashlight fund!
DeEtte P from OH--to help buy flashlights for FFRC, in celebration of Walter's safe return

Here are a couple dates for you! Our next Day Sale is Saturday October 12 at 10:00 am. We will later give you lists of what will be available, as some as Hallmark Collectibles. A fun day! The next surgery date is Saturday, October 19. This will be another busy surgery day.

We had a report from PetFinders. The top 15 cats that were viewed are: Ginger, Toby, Whobe, Kenco, Temba, Kiko, Little Hank, Karena, Weeja, Melia, Intrepid, Archer, Navi, Whisk and Dove. 

From Jimmy: He said Timothy (Covie cat) got a "free pass" and had a day of play out on the farmyard. He helped Jimmy round up the loose donkey too! Eric got to pet Cliff, even his tummy! 

Dovie is laying close to my desk, purring her head off! I love how she reaches out her paw for a pet. Asha is also close by as usual. She never misses an opportunity to be loved on. Zelda was on my desk, all stretched out, but is now sleeping on the file cabinet. There were just 2 cats on the new orange wheel, making it spin in the Kabana Room. 

Update on Paul: yesterday while visiting him, we pulled up lots of pictures and stories on facebook and showed him. He really enjoyed this. He also asked me to show his nurses the pictures so they would know what he looked like before he became ill. Paul's appetite wasn't too good yesterday. He is very weak, but still smiling. 

Our sweet little Lorenzo.