Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday, October 6

Fiona and Sammie left yesterday to begin their journey to reach their new mama, Faith! Her friend, Sandy picked them up and proceeded on their way to join up with Faith, Such excitement!

This coming week we will have more visitors. Courtney (calico mama) and her friend Carol will be arriving on Wednesday to adopt little Kwee and a friend. 

Remember this Saturday is our next Day Sale! We have lots of items available. Think Christmas presents too! The 13th at 2:00 is Paul's Memorial Service here at FFRC. Then on the 19th is our next surgery date. 

This morning, we removed the sutures that were in Paddy Purr's nose. I was so proud of him--he sat there and didn't squirm at all. Such a big boy! He deserved 10 kisses for that. His nose looks a little bit better--a bit less swollen.

We took in 3 new little kittens. Two boys and one girl. Two are brown tiger (boy/girl) and the third is a boy tiger with white toes  All 3 are so sweet. Diane and Penny have taken over their syringe-feeding while they've been here.

We had BOXES last night! Many thanks heading your way.
Ellen/furkitty & Pat/cathouze from FL--5 red flashlights, 9 LED flashlights, 8 smaller flashlights and batteries. We will be prepared!
FaithyMD--Digital wireless RF Universal locator and a "pocket thing"  for it! As soon as things settle down, we will be looking at this and the one that arrived a couple days ago!
Electicat/Karen & David and kitties Harley, Kody, Bonnie, Gracie & Teddy--a note and a gorgeous white and mint green afghan for Day Sale or auction.
Ted E--2 cases of Temptation treats for the Covies and 2 cases for the Rescue Center
Anonymous Friend--2 BIG cases of Friskies Shreds, 2 cases Temptation snackers and 2-32 pound boxes of A&H litter
Michlynn/Lynn from MI--card with note, coupons, bunch of really nice cat toys, ruffle scarves for the Day Sale (love these!) and 3 Catstock kitty tie dye shirts for the Day Sale
Laurie/felinetoyz from WA--3 cases of Friskies, assorted flavors
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--rechargeable flashlight and 4 sleeves of hot cups with lids (we're prepared for winter now!)
Arden & Charmaine--10 cans of Reeses Sardines, case of Tiki cat can food, 2 cases of Fancy Feast and a case of Friskies
Karen B from Defiance--Chief tapes and coupons
Rob & Sarah P from MO--coupons and pop tabs for Kellen
FaithyMD--new variation of FFRC Nation--really awesome
Sheriff Putter also had a special letter for Wayward Walter that was wonderful!
Kathy S & Laura S from MI--donation for FFRC (visitors)
Penny from Ottawa, Canada (visitor)--5 packages plates, 2 gallons of vinegar, 2 teddy bears & 2 blankies for the new kittens, laser pointer and a String Fling toy
Diane from Ottawa, Canada (visitor)--5 packages small plates, 4 packages styrofoam plates, 3 blankies, 5 gallons of vinegar, 2 small Purina One dry food, 2 large Purina One dry food
Chrissy & Doug from Wis (visitors)--4 blankets, 6 bags of Temptation snackers, 1 bag of healthy weight snackers, Party mix snackers and 3 boxes of Fancy Feast.
Diane & Penny also brought together sardines (!), package tape, postie notes and felt pen markers
Patcat--brought 20 of the Catstock tie die shirts for the next Day Sale!
Pat & Ellen from FL--donation sponsor for Farrah
Ingrid S from Netherlands--donation for World Animal Day
Janet A--donation made in honor of Pat the volunteer for making her two scarves
Lisa K--brought us very yummy cookies and pieson the day that Paul passed away. So nice of you. 

I would also like to say a big thank you to the following for their donations. These donations were made to FFRC, some to be used for Paul's needs/cats, some for FFRC in memory of Paul. Because of space, I hope you do not mind that I will list in rows. Thank you so much for caring. 
Barbara Wicklung from WA, mkmouse from NJ, Nancy L, Lynn R, Mamie from VA, JillR27, Caren F from CA, Kathy M from MN, Glynette M from CA, Eugenia S from Russia, Bantry, Joanne V from AZ, Janet from NZ, Neil & Jean S from OH, Lucinda H from Nova Scotia, Ingrid S from Netherlands, Oilsandgirls from Canada, Miau23 from Germany, Felinetoyz from WA, Randolph & Winston from NY, Sharon S from MI,Daydreamz2 from IA, Thomas P from NJ, Mary R from LA, Bamagirl153 from AL, Vaunita from PA, Nancy S from MD, Dianne W from OK, Beth A from IL, Gusti from Germany, northpolemn from MN, Ruth S from IA, Susan C from ME, Brenda R from CA, Napa from MA, Dawnstar from UK, Ruth B, Arden & CHarmaine B from IN, Ron & Cecily from CT, Theodore E from CA, Sandra E from Canada, Kate & Patrick E from Flintshire, Lu-Little & Benny from UK, Mudjie, Pam T from VA, Lesa S from MN, Elisabeth A from MD, kittygirl7 from Canada, Bernard G from NY.  This list simply amazes me and I'm grateful. 

If at any time I have missed a name, never hesitate to e-mail me. 

Today we moved the 6 kittens and their mama Viola to Cat's Corner Room. It's about twice as big and since the kittens are growing with lightning speed, they needed more room! They can toddle about now on pretty steady legs. They sure like to play! 

Those grey kittens are doing great. They are super ornery, especially in the mornings--always trying to foil my best laid plans to prepare breakfast! Dovie Girl loves people! Yes, she does. She will reach out to get attention! Every day at least twice, Asha will get on my desk and give me head butts. So very sweet. 

I have just in the last day been able to go onto facebook and read the entries about Paul. Feelings are still rather raw and open but reading your entries is very healing. On our website, is a new memorial page for Paul. Please copy your pictures, posts, stories about Paul onto this page. At his memorial service, I will copy these and put onto a table among other items of Paul's. If you have any trouble entering your information, please let me know by e-mail. Thank you very much.

Oh what a beautiful girl--Asha.