Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Tuesday, October 22

Busy times! Lots of kittens. Between the kitties and the CH cats, we sure are doing the kitten shuffle here! Lots of action going on that we need to be careful when we walk!

We have a new mama and 3 gorgeous kittens. Their birthdates are 9/14, which makes them 5 weeks old. Mama (calico/tiger) is Shiloah.  Long hair gold, male is Sunny.  Long hair gold and white, male is Sadler. Short hair, calico/white, female is Sasha. These kittens are in and out of their pen all day long--just bouncing all over the place! They are still in the back Thumper's Room. 

We also have another new adult cat. Friends of FFRC found him and he is just gorgeous. He's a male, very long black/white fur and looks alot like Snoopers. Except he has the Octavia dot on the chin--very distinctive. His name is Faraday. 

Our little sweetie Pasha is doing awesome. She is already running and playing and climbing. It's unbelievable her energy level. She chirps just by looking at her! 

We have a few cats on hold.  Venus will be going to Tennessee with a family who is thrilled to have her. She'll still be with us for another week or two. Camilla and Sasha will be going to Courtney, our calico mama. Yes, she loves calicos and has the space/finances/love to give her calico family! I'm thrilled for her and her cats! She'll be moving the first of December so the transportation will be right after that. Ganache is also on hold--he will be going to his new Minnesota home with WarpedConnie and Joe! So happy for Ganache.  Viola will be leaving this weekend and will go in the home where Theo went to.

We also have several other families that are seriously looking at a few of our kittens.  More on this later. This past Sunday, Sara went to her new home and then on Monday, Togo went to his new home. Lots of changes starting to happen! 

We had BOXES last night and I'm so very grateful for this help. 
Joni G/catcrazy63 from WA--2 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten
Piperjo--case of Fancy Feast appetizers
Furkitty/Ellen & Cathouze/Pat--birthday gift for Lynnette, 2 gifts for Jimmy and Eric, gift for Molly.  Book "What my cat has Taught Me about Life" for Zelda, 2 cat teaser wands, 2 catnip tails made by Pat, kitty snackers, 2 big cans of tuna, 24 jars of baby food meat, smarties & sweet tarts for volunteers, kitty plate with 4 cute kitties for Day sale and 30 gallon trash bags
Caren F--8 bags kitty snackers, crinkle play mat for Lorenzo, kitty toys that are interactive!
Sonjamac from Toronto--for McAwwwww kitties and friends--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Oilsandsgirl--2 cases KMR and an electric bed for winter time
Linda/weyasmom from FL--card with a donation for the kitties
Pat K from NY--box tops for Caryn & girls
Alan C from UT--donation
Mimi & Buddy from FL--coupons 
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--2 cases Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Mary H from Archbold (Friday night volunteer)--wash cloths, laundry soap, styrofoam plates, plastic bags, wind chimes, toys, lysol wipes, writing pads, liquid hand soap, 6 cases of water she got for 39 cents(!!). 
Judy & Phil--day visitors--litter, peanut butter cups,magic erasers, bleach, snackers, coupons, Sheba cat food, appetizers, individual licorice snacks
Jeff & Jan from Vermont--day visitors--2 blankets, basket with pad, catnip toys, stuffed Venus, ground coffee, Vermont maple syrup and Vermont Taffy, black/white coffee cup
Connie and Hannah--visitors--laundry soap, bleach, blankies, toys, hand soap and pop tabs for Kellen
Shari/sillysticks and Valerie--will help sponsor Ming!
Deb11111--12 roles of Bounty paper towels
Joe & Connie/warpedinMN--84 catnip pads, 50 small blankies, 12 large blankies, mop heads, 13 & 33 gallon trash bags, Friskies & Sheba canned food, chips snackers, grapes & strawberries!
Catherine D from CA--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Beth A from IL--donation to help pay for the special antibiotics for the FFRC gang!
Kathy K from IA--donation to help pay for the special antibiotics for the FFRC gang!
Gusti--a donation for Janet's birthday
Alison T--donation from PayPal for FFRC
Hencass from IL--donation, in memory of Paul
Rochele C--donation for Janet's birthday--a pizza lunch
Eagle Spirit/Sally H--Fancy Feast Appetizers for Joyful, Meow Mix for Octavia and Mega snackers for all the kittens
Holly W--donation in memory of Paul
Jeannie S from OH--donation for FFRC
Jeffrey F--for kitties, kitties!
Chancecat from MA--donation for Putter, to try and console him for his Tigers losing to Boston!!
Curtice Advertising & Design from NM--donation in appreciation of our work 

I am very grateful for your help and support.  

Markie, Zarkey and Barky are doing much better. The diarrhea is getting better. Another bath is being done on them again today! They will go into June's Room now so they have more room to romp. 

Three days ago, all the cats and kittens received their injection for tapeworms. This will now be a new protocol for all incoming cats--a tapeworm medication whether they have fleas or not. There's only 2 ways of getting tapeworms. One is by having fleas, the other is by eating rodents. Results are not completely in yet for Minto. We will put together a full picture of the findings when we have all the info.

Yep--this is our silly Whoebe!