Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct. 1 Tuesday

Walter is back home! We're happy, thrilled but most of all extremely thankful. He's safe and unharmed. Our heart wrenching ordeal ended about 12 hours after it started. It's hard enough to lose any cat but when you add his CH and being deaf on top, ohhhhh, it made for much worries. But, he's home, he's happy and he's still wiggly!

I have so many thank yous to give. The minute word got out that Walter was missing, volunteers started showing up. Friends of Walters arrived to search too. A neighbor took his pontoon along the river edge to look up in the brush. People scanned the big woods over and over again. The mail lady, trash man were notified. A lost ad was on the radio stations. Eighty posters were given to each and every neighbor on both sides of the Rescue Center. The farmyard was searched. Pizzas arrived for lunch for all the volunteers.  A "thank you cake" will arrive today. There were so many people everywhere looking and looking. The one thing that was missing, is the constant calling of Walter. We knew he wouldn't hear, so all eyes were pealed looking for him.

Big thanks to the mods for helping overtime with the chat. I know the viewers were also very concerned about Walter. While we were searching, the mods and chatters were keeping everyone's spirits uplifted on the chat. I am thankful for you all too. And I know the lurkers were also very concerned. Thanks also to the admins of fb for helping with the extra load of posts about Walter. We are so blessed to be surrounded by caring people. 

I mentioned to the mods that the "feeling" of the cam at times comes across loud and clear. I thank you for that. The love, concern, compassion is truly felt by us, on this side of the cam.

I stood at the fence yesterday, with a phone in each hand waiting for a call about Walter, and overlooked the grounds. I saw people everywhere searching. My heart was so full with gratitude as it still is today. Our volunteers and FFRC friends rock. They saw a need and they arrived to help. I'm grateful.

How was Walter found? He was sleeping, curled up tight in a tall spot of weeds. Many of us had walked along the path of where he was many times, so it was obvious that he had moved about. But, there he was, sleeping! His "spot" was about 4 feet from the edge of the road, along the river side. When he was touched, up popped his head, just like he does here. What a wonderful boy!

Walter is back home, right where he belongs. So.....what did we learn from this? There's a few things that will be done. We're going to look into different GPS programs. I will also, hopefully today, make new name tags for all of the residents with a phone number on them. Right now, all they have are their names. Also a big laminated sign will go on the back door where it's thought Walter exited at. A big caution--don't let any cats out sign. I am also going to get better flashlights. While we have a couple good flashlights, we were limited by poorly lit flashlights at first for everyone to use. It was dark out yet and foggy---we need a few more strong flashlights. So that will be taken care of. It's always important to learn something good from hard times.

We had BOXES last night! Many many thanks!
Kim C/coloeagle--donation in memory of Justme's Aunt Evelyn, 2 beautiful afghans for Day sale or auction
Oilsandsgirl--5 cases of Fancy Feast turkey kitten food, 3 boxes of gallon size ziplock bags, case of Nantucket k-cups, Newman's k-cups, case of coffee cups and lids
Ms. Bekkah's Corner from Virginia--6 crocheted toy balls
DayDreamz/Susan M from Iowa--lots of K-cups
Mayumi from Japan--2 cases plus 4 extra packs of Tulle cat food
Summer & Tessa & family from OH--kitty snackers!
Ellen and Pat from FL--personalized mug with Saint Gertrude, Patron Saint of Cats--love it
WarpedinMN--3 sizes of polybag mailers--lots of each size
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--birthday card and a $5 bill for Alaska
Colleen MP from CA--lots of coupons
Sandra L/friend of Sammy & Fion's momma--donation in memory of Meg M
Trudy S from Bryan, OH--donation
Susan TC from Defiance--donation
Nadine/electraPA and kitties Conner, Tommy and Jakey--kitty beds for Walter, Jersey & Merri, garbage bags, ping pong balls, a beautiful rose quartz rock and a tie dye cat shirt for Janak
Martha M from Arkansas and kitties Tuck, Isabella and Maisie for LilyAnn--Donation for soft food, 2 extra soft blankies, stuffed brown bunny. For Angie--extra fabric for blankets
Kikimycat--a "volunteer Delight Box"--12 pack of variety cookies, pack of cookie/crackers packages, 80 juice packs, 20 pack mixed chips. Also 5 cans of salmon and a flashing butterfly light
Gusti from Germany--a donation to help with drinks for surgery day and later on!

More about the other cats later! This blog is simply to give thanks!  Garsh, we sure love that Walter! 

Taken from Facebook, posted by Diana CR