Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday, October 27

Our new treatments are still on-going, but starting to be checked off the list! As you know, all tapeworm injections are now done. As of 6:00 last night, all Bordetella intra-nasal vaccines are now done. Both of these treatments are a one-time deal with the Bordetella being repeated in a year if still here. The antibiotic treatment is half way done! They have all received their first week of this "sensitive" antibiotic. Today is an off day with it being given again this coming week on Monday, Weds., Thursday or Friday! So, we are nearing the end. I'm very grateful as this is all very time consuming. We've had very minimal coughs/sneezes from the modified live vaccine of the Bordetella. All in all we appear to have a very healthy group of cats and kittens!

Our Afghan Auction was awesome! It ran 24 hours, with wonderful results! Afghan A went for $260 (Billypogo). B went for $253 (Lynn). C went for $205 (Nikko).  D went for $305 (Hull).  E went for $301 (Oilsandsgirl). We also had $276 pitched in extra by Maddysnana, Aunty Fi, Gusti and Justme. The grand total came to $1600--wow, just fantastic! We had over 140 bids from 40 different people! 

We had BOXES too on Friday. Many thanks to each of you for this awesome support.
Hannah & mom Jennifer from IN--Halloween card with stickers, bag of Reese's PB cups and Hershey's Minis, paper plates, box of 13 gallon trash bags, bottle of HE Tide, 2 big cans of tuna and 2 big cans of chicken, 12 jars of baby food meat, Bag of Purina Kitten Chow, 10 cans of Friskies and a large package of kitty wipes
Donia/wickedwings from PA--2 jars of baby food meat, 3 cans of KMR and 3 cans of Iams cat food (from her kitty Thunder who went to the Rainbow Bridge)
JodiAnn from MI--2 bags of pop tabs for Kellen, 4 kitty harnesses, 9 bags of kitty snackers, 2 cases of Wellness packets, 24 cans Canyon Creek Ranch kitty can and 10 cans of Wellness 
Shirley W from Defiance--donation for "the dear little souls"
Missy MJJ & TemmyKitty12--sponsorship of Farah in honor of her daughters upcoming birthday
Carole O from CA--coupons and box tops
MLS/Linda--egg cartons, 20 cans of Fancy Feast kitten turkey, box tops and hole free potty bags!
Janet M from FL--donation for help with Paul's kitties and in memory of Minto.
Barbara W from WA--donation in memory of Scott W
Janet/janak--a donation in honor of her Honey cat
Janet W from AL--donation to give Kiko a special treat
Maddysnana & Papasteve-donation in celebrtion of Paul's birthday in Heaven
Curtice Advertising & Design--donation to help with the cost of meds
Silvia H from TX--donation in honor of Paul's birthday
Deb N from NH--donation to help with the meds and other expenses
Aunty Fi--in honor of Paul's birthday
Lisa, our baker friend, came bearing gifts of cookies and pies! 

Be on the alert!  Something fun is going to happen and it will start on November 1st! Keep your eyes open! Be on the alert! More info coming your way very soon!

OCTOBER 30--IS OUR NEXT CAP DAY!  Yes, we will allow caps on the chat for this fun, mischief day on the kittycam! We did this once before and had some fun with it. We promised our viewers we would do it again, so now you have the date for it! 

Check into our Zazzle account at   The new 2014 FFRC calendar is now available in this site. It's all FFRC related and really nice! Thanks to Goss, Wanda and Larissa for making this happen! 

It appears we had quite a problem with Octavia the other night. Due to some "poor behavior choices" on her part, she was put in jail (pen) and had to have help with her bond! We truly need to hire a detective as now I understand there's a different story to be heard. Maybe Octavia wasn't quite the "bad girl" as thought of for her crime. LBG (Little Brown Guy) had to have his vaccination (Bordetella) yesterday too and felt pretty sorry for himself and asked for a bandage on his nose, which also covered his mouth. Well, it turned out that Zelda may have had a part in this and wanted LBG to have that bandage put on to keep him quiet. Hmmmmm, now I'm not sure what to believe, but the second story is that Zelda might've done the "bad crime" that Octavia was blamed for and LBG was witness to it. Hmmmmm......not sure which cat to believe now!
But, we have lots of people to thank for sending in Octavia's bond money! So, thanks to the following for helping our girl get her freedome: Karie B from IL, Joan N from NY, Billypogo, Julie P, Oilsandsgirl (for attorney fees), Tammy C, Amy H, Wacats, Ju-in-ji from Netherlands, Laurie H from WA, Faith M from MD, Kathie S from FL, Debra T from OH, pupnkittylovr from TX, Anna B from France, Gusti from Germany, Laurie G from ME,Colleen P from CA, Cheryl L from WA, Marilyn B from IL, Maddysnna from NC, June K from NY.  This came to a grand total of $310--isn't that just wonderful! Thanks for the fun that we had with this! 

We had an adoption yesterday! Our wonderful Viola went to her new home. She is going into the home that also has Theo. What a wonderful girl she is. This new mom of Viola's will give her lots of loving!

We have several other cats on hold--Gancache, Trusty & Puzzone, Venus and Camilla and Sasha. 

Our 3 "arkey" kittens are doing great. They are growing and so very active. Shiloah, the mama to Sasha, Sunny and Sadler is a wonderful young adult. Her 3 babies are growing and love to run and jump out at our feet. They are play-machines! Faraday, the Snoops look alike, is such a calm boy. He is gorgeous and loves to watch the kittens play. Venus, the new siamese kitten is wonderful and has just fit right in. She's very comfortable now and loves to play with all the cats. What a purr-girl she is! 

Dodger, Harley and Keeley are slowly but surely feeling better each day. They're the ones that came in with massive diarrhea and fleas. It'll take a while to get their fur coats in good condition, but their body weight is increasing and they're happy now! Pasha will have her shoulder sutures removed this week. This little kitten can fly on 3 legs. 

The 3 "arkeys"---Markie, Barky and Zarkey!