Saturday, October 19, 2013

Saturday, October 19

Surgery Day today! Busy, busy! The females that were spayed are: Kona, McSplish, Poppy, Bugg, Anna Marie, a new Siamese kitten and the new mama calico/tiger. The last two will be named soon.  The boys that were neutered are: McSplash, Lorenzo, Ganache, Dodger, Harley, Clayton, Clark and Cashel.

Clayton, Clark and Cashel were the smallest and they did just fine. Already back on the floor running around. While Dodger and Harley were recuperating, we were able to bathe and clip all their awful mats out. I believe they've had a daily bath due to the diarrhea. That's getting better though. We ended up not spaying Keeley as she had a vomiting spell. Didn't want to further upset her tummy. 

We had two new arrivals. The first one is a calico/tiger mama cat that is a nice young adult. Her 3 kittens are stunningly cute. One is a calico (beautiful markings), a male (gold tiger, very long fur) and the third is a male (very long fur, orange/white). Names will be given soon. The babies are about 4 weeks old and just starting to eat a bit by themselves. The mama has a systolic murmur but it's rated as only a 1/6. So very mild. 

The second new kitten is a Siamese. She arrived when a family that had found her no longer could keep her due to allergies. She has a tremendous purr, gorgeous blue eyes and so people-sweet. She is about  old. She's already received her distemper and leukemia vaccination.

McSplash also has a 1/6 functional heart murmur. A background squeak can be heard. This too is very mild. Dodger (the second) is extremely friendly. He went down purring and woke up purring and wanting to be petted, petted and more petting! 

Pasha had her front leg amputation done. Dr. Darcy did a superb job.After seeing the inside of her leg, we made the right decision to amputate versus doing a pin. There was major damage to the joint. 

Many thanks to Lisa for the cookies and pies for today, to Joyce D for the pizza for everyone and to Gusti for drinks for today.

This morning, with great difficulty, I was able to get LillyAnn into a crate and sedated. Upon checking her tummy, there is a definite scar line. She also has not gone into heat, so we are declaring her as spayed. LillyAnn will be a farm cat where she will be much more comfortable. She is definitely not happy being in the situation she's been put in--being housed with so many people near her. She will be a much happier girl and we have lots of barns and food to share with her. 

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you all!
Lannml--2 cases of Fancy Feast Kitten Turkey
Great Aunt Julie/tigercat54--case of Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers, 2 packages of coil toys, a warm buddy for Pasha and a self warming kitty bed for the upcoming winter
Caren F--case of Fancy Feast Turkey kitten and a case of Chicken Soup for Kitten Lovers Soul
Pat and Ellen/furkitty/cathouze from FL--2 dozen jars of baby food meats
Arden and Charmaine--5 cases of Fancy Feast kitten turkey and ocean fish
Oilsandsgirl--6 cases of Fancy Feast kitten turkey
Piperjo--2 packages of coil spring toys and 2 cardboard bowl beds
Sherry and David from NY--sympathy card in loss of Minto, Lowes gift card in memory of Paul, Halloween card
Tom & Betty W from VA--sympathy card for Paul and a donation for Paul's cats
Bud and Bits--sympathy card for loss of Paul
Kathy K/zsa zsa's mom--a leaf for the Tree of Giving
Holly W--donation in memory of Paul, for meds for the kitties
Susan G--donation in memory of her mother who passed in September, to get meds for the cats and kittens  (I'm so sorry for your loss, Susan)
DebbieDear--donation for meds for the cats and kittens
Aunty FI--donation in memory of Paul
FaithyMD--donation to help with the necropsy for Minto

It takes a real man to wear a tu-tu! We had such a good laugh last night. As you may know, Elizabeth is a dancer and she and Jimmy were going over the ballerina poses, which Jimmy caught on to rather quickly. Next thing we know, a tu-tu arrived in the mail for Jimmy (thanks maddysnana!!). He was good enough to model it and show us those 5 ballerina poses again. We had a good time! That's part of what FFRC is all about--enjoying life!

Many good wishes and thoughts are with our volunteer, Jenni who will be running a Marathon tomorrow. It's 26 miles--unbelievable. It starts at 7:30 tomorrow morning. We're with you in spirit, Jenni! 

We have Walter's Loc8tor on his collar. We have also put one on Bella, just in case she goes astray while basking in the sun (we always cat-sit her when she's outside). It's pretty cool. Just press a button and do a circle--it'll tell you which direction to walk. Then as you become closer to the cat, it beeps louder, faster and greener.  The tag itself also beeps and has a flashing red light!

Made by Aunty Fi