Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tuesday, October 8

We truly are kitten runneth over. The 3 newbie tiger babes now are named (compliments of Kelly!). The boy brown tiger is called Barky. The girl brown tiger is Markie. The boy brown tiger with white toes is Zarkey. Yes, these are real names! THese 3 kittens are an absolute joy! They are already spoiled--just how we like them!

We also have a new kitten in that we tested this morning. Test results are in and he is negative for FIV and leukemia. He arrived yesterday.  A friend of a FFRC friend found him. He spent the day in an office until he could be brought here. He has stunning black and white markings--really striking. His name is Ganache, a Catathon name. He's about 5 months old.

Sammie and Fiona have reached their destination! They are now home with their mama Faith in Maine. It sounds like all is well and both sides are happy and doing great!

Paul's cats are doing a bit better. We have now progressed to opening the back door so the front and back Thumper's Room is together. They are becoming braver and starting to explore more. Here are their names:
Jingles/Jingies---solid grey
As you can see, they all have nicknames! Jingles was the special cat to Tyna. Turtle was Paul's special cat.

We have a busy rest of the week. Thursday and Friday are Paul's garage/apartment sale, Saturday is the Day Sale and Sunday is Paul's Memorial/Celebrate his Life at 2:00.  We will be broadcasting this ceremony, as I know he made many friends thru the kittycam. During the ceremony, all chat will be stopped and then resumed after the ceremony.

I'd like to give you a run down of the things we will be putting up for the Day Sale.
Christmas Hallmark Keepsake Ornaments (collectibles)   $8 to $65
2 packs of crocheted hotpads    $9
Gallant crocheted cat toys  $10
Leggydews    $12
Weaved Coasters, set of 4    $12
Lavender Bags   $12
Crocheted scarves  $12
Crocheted Hand warmer/scarf sets   $15
Pat's crocheted blankies   $15
Ceramic Coffee Mugs (2 sets)    $15
Catnip Pads    $15
Partylite Candle Set    $15
Catstock tie-dye t-shirts   $15
Country Quilt    $2-
Placemats (4) and Tablerunner    $25
Quillows    $30
Brown Fresh water Pearls Necklace & Earrings    $35
Blue Fresh water Pearls Necklace & Earrings    $35
Blue crocheted Pearls and Quartz Necklace   $40
AAfghan aqua    $40
Handmade full shell necklaces (2)    $150
Plus more!!!!!!!!!!

We have had two adoptions today! Chrissy & Doug from Wisconsin have been here as visitors and just couldn't leave without two new kitties to take home! Doug chose Toby and Chrissy chose Rosie! Two awesome new family members!

We have had some additional donations made to FFRC, thru PayPal in memory of Paul. Some of these donations are to go for Paul's cats, his memorial service, medical bills or for FFRC. Those would be from: Kellyssong from MD, Amanda S from Defiance, Lois L from IA, Bianca D from WA, Andrea W from PA, Kazz72, Marcia S from MI, Brenda C from LA, Kim K from MI, PSW from CA, Barbara D from NH.  I am so very grateful to each and everyone of you.

Remember if you need a place to put your vote for The Animal Rescue Site, consider The Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary  at St. Pauls, NC.

We have an opportunity to do a fundraiser! There are grocery stores in northwest Ohio and Northern Indiana that sells products with the SPARTAN label on them. We can receive money for these labels. Simply remove the UPC from the labels. We collect them and when we reach 1,000 of them, we turn them in. For every 1,000 UPC's, we would receive $20.

One of my favorite sayings:  Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened....happiness never decreases by being shared.  Buddha

Bella got to go outside today for her "sunshine stroll". She loves it. Jersey has been out and about all day today, just strolling around! What pleasure to see him doing this. Molly's been here for a visit today and took her afternoon nap on the flower, with a multitude of kittens keeping her company!

Well, this blog has taken the entire day to do! Lots of stops and starts, so it's time to get it published before it turns into Weds.!!

Molly and Minto taking an afternoon nap.