Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Tuesday, April 29

The little ones are out quite a bit now. Jemima's babies are stronger and running more and more. They are also eating very well by themselves. The Menard kittens and Dora's kittens are a wonderful blend together. They are out much of the day. I know we are having a bit of trouble with a couple of the cats being a bit rough with them.  This is something that we're working on. Don't want any babies to get hurt. 

Smallisha has been coming into the Main Area for beginner-cruise-abouts. Thursday has been up in the Main Area more than not the last couple days. She seems very contented.  She has also gone into heat. Dr. Darcy and I are trying to get a date that works for our next surgery day. 

Cutie is doing wonderful. She has her full fur coat and has a wonderful FFRC belly, even if it's on the small side! She spent quite a bit of time on my desk yesterday!  Farrah is once again on my desk today--she's napping in the sunshine that's coming thru the door.  It's beautiful outside right now. The birds are singing. Possible severe thunderstorms later today. 

We had BOXES last night! YOU are all appreciated!
Rebecca & Willow from UK--kitty card. For the Catathon--baby boy items by George--such cute clothing, especially the little Taz Camo jacket!
Dewitty--for Catathon: 3 framed gorgeous pictures from Easy Street Studios of Florida. One is donated by the Studios for the Catathon! These are absolutely beautiful pictures!
Beth/Eaglewatcher---kitty gate !, 2 sleeves natural Balance, 2 cases Natural Balance tubs and a case of max Cat adult.  We're trying to find something that Jemima likes! Also a very nice tote/purse with 2 smaller pieces that match for the Catathon.
Great Aunt Julie/tiger cat from IA--for the volunteers--2-20 count bags of chips, cookies and 2 bags of candy bar varieties
Jatcat from CA--2 Thermal kitty houses for the Covies--they love these & 2 orange cutters
Pat & Ellen--1800 paper 6 inch plates
Shari/sillysticks & Valerie--for the Catathon--2 bottles of their local BBQ sauce and 2 for Steve too!
Leah P from CT--donation in memory of Kay Elkins
Pat, our Volunteer--$250 from Walmart for her volunteer service
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Fances T from TX & kitties--card with note & donation
Kristin H from MN--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Buckeyecat/Pam--day visitor--donation for Catathon--Laurel Burch purse
Michelle P--laundry HE detergent
Lois L from IA--donation in memory of CGcry

Wednesday evening Eric and Carrie will be going to CG's house to pick up Kizzy, her cat and bring her here to FFRC.  We will take good care of her cat for CG. 

Oriah is right now on the window shelf in Kitty Kabana Room watching outside! So nice to see her doing this. The Covies are doing great. They love being out in the Covie---it's their favorite place! The Barnies are also doing great. We just got in a load of straw and hay and they sure enjoy being on top of the piles.

Julie, our visitor from Florida left today. Beth/eaglewatcher is now here for a visit. We surely do enjoy our visitors! They are such a joy to have. 

Felicity just strolled by me. She loves to play! I haven't seen her playing with the other cats....yet, but she is all over the Rescue Center now. A happy girl! Coralie loves the catnip bananas. I also saw Jimmy James outside yesterday rolling on one. They love their catnip bananas! 

We have 95% of the Day Sale from last weekend already packed and ready. The USPS will be coming by this morning to pick up all the packages! A big thanks again for your support. 

Lorenzo has decided that he's now Uncle Lorenzo. He loves going into June's Room and right into the purple basket where Jemima's kittens nap at. He cuddles and naps with them. Camvi has become Auntie especially when she's laying in the Moses basket.  Camvie and babies climb in and Camvie becomes a cleaning machine! I love to see this kind of interaction! 

Here's some info on early spay/neuter:
Q: What is the best age to spay or neuter a cat?
A: According to many Veterinary Medical Associations, as early as eight weeks old.

Q: Is it difficult for veterinarians so spay/neuter young kittens?
A: No. All the feedback from veterinarians performing early age spay/neuter emphasize how much easier and faster the procedure is when done at a very early age.

The important thing too is---if you have a pet that is yours or that you are feeding, please take care of it. We get cats in that are near death. When asked who the owner is, frequently we are told--well, we feed it but it's not mine.  IF YOU ARE FEEDING A CAT, THEN THE OWNERSHIP IS YOURS.  Be responsible, teach your family this too--along with owning a cat is getting vet care. 

Have a wonderful day. The window shelves are full at the moment with napping cats! They're soaking up the sunshine! 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday, April 27

FFRC received news yesterday afternoon about our friend CGcry. A nurse called and asked if I knew her. I of course, said yes. She proceeded to let me know that CG had just passed away. This past week has been a tough medical week for CG. She has been a viewer/chatter and friend for several years. We shall miss her. She was here for Catstock and had such a good time. CG is also the person responsible for FFRC having Asha. She had heard of Asha and wanted to help so asked if FFRC could step in and become her family and home. She considered herself Asha's "other mama".

CG has a cat there at home which we have said we will take on. Sometime this week, a trip will be made (she's only about an hour away) and bring her cat here. 

Here's the thing---the first number that the nurse and aide found was FFRC's. The aide said that CG talked very much about FFRC and considered us ALL her friends. This left me a bit breathless. The reason?  It brought home the priviledge of what we ALL have here thru our webcam. A friendship. A friendship that extends past that plastic globe on the wall. Those names we see in chat, the visitors we have come, the emails we get from lurkers and supporters, the posts made in facebook, the mods and admins that help FFRC---somehow, over time, we have formed a wonderful friendship. And it's known as FFRCNation. I thank you for this privilege. I thank you for your kindness, your compassion, your politeness, your willing to befriend us here at FFRC and those on FB and the chat. It truly is a privilege. Rest in peace, CG, our friend. 

Kitty Kabana Room is known today as the CH Room.  Right now, there are NINE CH cats in this room--lounging, watching the birds, playing.  They are: Lorenzo, Jackson, Jersey, Cozarelii, Derecho, Felicity, August, Walter and Wrigley. Just amazing!  They're probably having a secret meeting of how they can talk the volunteers out of extra snackers! 

We had our DAY SALE yesterday. I thank you so much for the successful results! This Sale will help FFRC a lot. It was a 2 hour and 20 minute sale. We have already started on organizing the packing up and will be shipping out starting on Monday. I'd like to thank all the people who donated items for this Day Sale and then of course, to the people who put bids in. Whether you "won" or not, each bid showed support and we love that! These Sales are always fun for us too! We do enjoy ourselves here! The technique for the Day Sale isn't 100% perfect, but we try. Thanks for your patience and understanding!

We also have some other thank yous to give!
Gusti--a PayPal donation in memory of CG, may she rest in peace
Napa from MA--donation in memory of CGcry
Jodi L from MN--donation for taking CG's cat
Shannon S from OH--donation for Leonard and other FFRC needs
Jennifer S from MA--donation for FFRC 

Oriah has been making her way more and more by her own choosing into the Main Area. She is a leg/ankle rubber. Loves to wrap around your legs! Sometimes I think it's grand central station at the door going from the Main Area to the Welcome Room Office, between Oriah, Thomas, Walter and Joline. It gets to be quite interesting! 

Today is the first day that Jemima's kittens have been out of their room. They're investigating and being very curious! Their eyes are big in wonderment! Jemima doesn't mind at all. She's been such a devoted and laid back mama. She's a real sweetie. They'll have in and out times--sometimes in their room and sometimes out of their room! 

We took in another new cat yesterday. This cat was found by a man who fed her for a couple months, then decided he didn't "want" her anymore. So he dropped her off in a different neighborhood. It turns out his friend found her and cared for her and then brought her to FFRC. She's a young teenager, all black cat. Her name is Smallisha. She has such a tiny frame and a very big heart of love. 

We also took in a litter of 4 kittens. Talk about cute! They are 3 golds and 1 torti. 2 boys and 2 girls. They are about 4 weeks old, appear healthy, already tested and bathed. They love to eat. They were born under someone's porch and then mama disappeared. After 2 days, they came out from under the porch and were gathered up. They are doing great! 

Please, help every shelter and rescue everywhere by joining in the cause--make it a goal to spay or neuter at least ONE cat. Please...do it now.  There are too many kittens being born every day. 
MYTH: It's expensive to have a cat spayed or neutered.
FACT: Many low-cost options exist for spay/neuter services. Most regions of the U.S. have at leastone spay/neuter clinic within driving distance. The cost to house, feed and care for a litter of kittens is huge compared to a one time fee of spaying/neutering. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Friday, April 25

Jersey just came over and looked straight at me.  Sat there while I talked to him. That was wonderful! Coz is also right here by my desk. The way to his heart is with snackers! He loves those snackers! Oriah is doing great. She was in the main area twice yesterday. She seems very comfortable in her new surroundings. Oriah enjoys head rubs and back scratches.

Tomorrow is our Day Sale. It starts at 11:00.  We've done a couple previews of some of the items in the last couple days. HEre's a few helper notes about the Day Sale.
You will need to be logged in with your chat name.
This is not an auction, each item has their own price set on them.
It works, as a first "bid", first serve.  (example--if there's 3 items all the same, the first 3 people who put it up on the chat, gets it")
We have designated mods that will print the "bid names" up for us to see here.
Be patient with the time lag. We all have to deal with it! Be understanding.
Please keep chat confined to bids only.  
There will be designated mods that you can PM with questions, etc. 
You can pay by PayPal or send a check or money order. 
We will have a thumbs up and thumbs down for when a set begins and is over. 
Remember to refresh your screen fairly often. 
This is important--YOU need to keep track of what you have gotten! 
Prices and codes will be on each item. Price includes shipping.

We always have fun at these Day Sales. If you have any questions now, don't hesitate to ask me or a mod. We always have a quickie first session, so everyone can see how it works!

We had BOXES last night. THese things are a huge help to us--thank you!
Jobear--thank you card. In honor of her birthday she gave FFRC a Walmart gift card! Also 3 mega bags of kitty snackers, 6 inch plates, 9 inch plates & Clorox wipes
David R--for Catathon--a picture of Sunday Creek in Ohio. David painted it 40 years ago--beautiful
Pat L from MI--2 gal. VInegar, 3 gals Bleach, Clorox Wipes
Mike/sophieandlucysdad from Mi (day visitor)--3 bags Purina One indoor, 2 bags Purina One kitten, Volunteer candy and bubble gum, case of Sheba, coupons
Kerswill--For Catathon or Day Sale--Box full of collectors kitty plates. Also kitty purse, bird clock, book: Cuddle Your Cat. Black kitty shoes and a purple kitty shoes--both MUDD 8 1/2 size, case of Friskies, case of baby food, sardines and 2 pks of long pipe cleaners.  Also an afghan of blues and whites--beautiful!
Eaglewatcher/Beth A from IL--odo ban gallons and the solid odo bans, case of Lifes Abundance and a bag of Lifes Abundance for Oriah!
Karen C from KS--a HB card!  For the Catathon--3 sets of kitty sale/pepper shakers, Fenton Glass--2 kitties, Mousie and bird, 2 cans of Barkeepers Friend
Kathy R from CA--for the Catathon--Kitty hat with movable tail, soft black scarf, kitty sock slippers, 3 locker mirros, Hellor Kitty items, Sphero robot, organizers for small items, Huge eraser, task pads, sticky flags, case of Sheba Pate
Diane/hull--a donation to buy paper towels, baby wipes and whatever else is needed!
Cher F-day visitor--laundry detergent, hand soap, Mr. Clean Eraser, Lysol Wipes, Coach Purse,   hand cream/perfume, cat snackers, candy for volunteers, towels, K cup coffee, Chief slips,  tea
Darcia, Brandan and Nicholas, Day Visitors--yummy homemade cookies, can cat tubs, cat snackers, dog snackers, Magic Mr Clean, lysol wipes, Dawn soap, cat springs, Fancy Feast. Thanks for the service work!
Sue--Fresh Step Coupons--extra thanks
Roger & Trudy S from AZ and kitties--donation for FFRC
Calico17--Kitty Easter Card with donation
Ann F from NJ--donation for FFRC
Alan C from UT--donation for FFRC
Sherry & David W from NY--an Easter Card
Phyllis B/kittiesmom from MI--Easter card with hug and donation
Sheine S & Shawn M--donation/order for store
Anenome--Finland Easter Card
Cheryl L from WA--Easter card
Julie /Aunt Julie--card with 2 walmart gift card for Miss Magenta and stamps for Mama Jacci!!
Patchesmommy/Gwen & Mike R with Patches & Angel from FL--coupone for litter from Pet Smart and a whisker from Patches!
Cliff B from CA--card with coupon for bag of Purina One
Aunty Fi from UK--for the catathon--a rainbow watch
Kelly L--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Arden & Charmaine--donation thru PayPal for Oriah!
Diana D--donation thru PyPal in memory of Paul

Let's talk  Thomas! We all know that when a person or animal has a seizure that it affects the brain cells. Short circuits the brain. Before Thomas was rescued from the hoarder rescurer, he was on meds only intermittently. Then when the good rescuers came to their rescue, they had no idea what cat was on what. They finally found meds for Thomas and he was given them, but only once a day. It wasn't discovered till he had his flight exam to come here that he was to be on TWO meds TWICE daily. This is why he had day long seizures. Who knows how many seizures he went thru with the hoarder rescue person. The good rescuers are Thomas' real heros--getting him out of that situation. I've been told at one time, he was a "normal" type cat---just a CH cat with seizures. But, it's very obvious that things are not normal for Thomas now. He is on 2 meds twice daily without fail. But, his poor brain has taken the toll of not good care before. When he has a seizure now, they are short. I give him an injection and they stop very very soon. So minimal length of seizures. But he does get these "wound up" episodes. Before we couldn't get him to slow down. The good news is now we can help him when we see that he's revving up and he can't stop. There's a difference in him being silly as to how he is with his "episodes". We can see at times that is is going to rev up to these episodes and maybe a seizure coming,but most times not. We now have medication I can give when I see him in one of the "revved up episodes". He settles down nicely after his medication. So.......we're making headway with him! Our goal is to be seizure and episode free. We love this boy and he loves us. We'll work things out. Thanks for caring about our Thomas boy. He is an extra extra special boy.

Someone asked me about Cami the other day. Cami is my black dog--Janie and Camvie's  best friend. Cami arrived here Feb. 2, 2010 with puppies that were born 12/21/09.  We were involved in a dog rescue where 14 dogs were removed from a very bad situation. Cami was 8 years old then.She and most of the dogs had heartworm upon arrival.  She was the first one removed. I picked her up and put her in my truck which was already warmed up for her. It was a very snowy day. This medium size dog weighed 18 pounds, her current weight is 38 pounds. She was so so thin she couldn't stand up. I remember when on the first night I pulled her into my lap she looked like she had no idea what a hug was. I will never forget that. Her puppies were the only thing on this property that had any weight on them. The reason is they probably were scavenging from all the dogs there. All the dogs were chained up except for these pups. We found good homes for them (they were spayed/neutered before adoption)  but I decided Cami was mine forever. Her real name is Cameo because she has value in this life. Thank you for asking about her.

By now, I do believe everyone realizes that Coralie is here to stay. Yes, it's true. There is no way that in my heart I can let her go. She has gone thru so so much--both ears half removed, many toes removed on her front feet, both back legs removed and half of her tail, that I could ask her to also leave this place that she knows as her home. She is officially Coralie Moss. I love her and she loves us. I realize that she isn't too keen to have those rascally kittens and cats too close, but that's ok.  She's a happy cat that gives many eye kisses. Welcome, sweetie girl. 

I am sitting here at my desk, with a white neck wrap. It's Farrah. For some reason she has decided my shoulders are her roost. I'm not going to tell her anything different! Her purring feels good! She's a good friend. Speaking of friends--treasure them along with your pets. Friends are understanding, forgiving and encouraging. Friends can become our chosen family. Thank you for what FFRCNation is all about--friendship among a common love of cats!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

THursday, April 24

Oriah is here and what a sweetie she is! Oh my goodness, she is a very relaxed girl already and has been cruising everywhere checking things out. We started her in the back Thumper's Room but she also had about an hour in the Main Area to start getting use to things. She did very well. She seems to get along good with the other cats.  Many thanks to Rita/WiscCat for bringing her. Rita spent the night last night and will head back late morning. Remember--she adopted Patricia/Tricia who is Seymours mama.  

Whisk spent the night in Kitty Kastle last night with Julie. He did very well. He's a talker at times here and that's what he did to Julie last night. He had lots to tell! He's back here in the Rescue Center now. 

We found something that Jemima will eat! A webcam friend sent a donation for hamburger and turkey to be browned, drained and shared with everyone. She likes it! All the cats got a bit of it this morning, including the Porchies. 

The trench is now dug and the gas line is buried. It runs from the Jenna Radar to the main propane tank. Now to squish all that dirt back in the ground so we can put grass seed on it and have it green!  We have someone coming in next week sometime to drag the ground where the dirt had to be graded to reduce the amount of water laying on the ground. They will drag, seed and cover with straw. The stone base is in for the Shelter House. Friday they'll come and place the poles and put in the form for the concrete that will come next week. I've decided we just must like dirt! It seems like we have dusty dirt here all the time! 

We had BOXES last night! Big time thanks to you!
Amelia--for the Catathon--books! Lots of books to put in various Catathon baskets! 
Rebecca & Willow--duck card & kitty/puppy card.  For the Catathon--6 felt coloring boards for the kids basket. For a baby basket--kitty bib, kitty shirt, 2 onsie hoodies with kitties and a veggie onesie
Joey3100--lots of reams of printer paper, all different colors!
Arden & Charmaine--4 containers BarKeepers Friend cleanser and a ream of green printer paper
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie from IA--box of BFF tuna turkey tickles and 2 cases Fancy Feast
Jodeann M from MI--6 giant rat toys, 2 lg packages q-tips, syringes and 200 syringes with needles, case of Tiki cat food
JZ-NYC/Joann Z from NY--3 temptation snackers, sponges, Mr. Clean MagicErasers, 12 bottles Dial liquid soap, 100 (yes 100!) AA batteries
Zoolove/Pam with Bootsie, Snowy, Cali, Princess, Smokey & Blackie with a note.  All for Catathon, Store or Day Sale---lots and wonderful lots of different items from Cats Welcome Plaque, Sleeping kitty statues, kitty banners, kitty plates, kitty salt/pepper, Boyd Angel kitties, snowbaby, kitt kitty cookie jar, crystal Lenox statue   Thanks so much!
Justme/Kathy K--Catathon--Portraits by Wanda of Derecho and Seymour.  For me (!!)--a portrait of Coralie and of Zap and Zaney
Terese/yankeechick--a yummy pizza lunch for everyone!
Dave/wolfpatch--a special anchovie pizza for Jamima and friends
Putter and Friend--sent a wonderful fruit basket for the volunteers 
Kathy M from Ontario--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Angie M from ND--donation thru PayPal
Philip P from NJ--donation in honor of Buddy's (his bird) first birthday, in memory of Einstein

All is well here and a rather healthy bunch of cats and kittens! We have started our new protocal with vaccinations. This is all in hopes of staying a step or two ahead of those nasty viruses that we know are out there.  Won't be long until we move Joey up to the Main Area. We'll see how he does--it may be a little bit at a time or not--it all depends on him. Thursday is also ready to come to the Main Area--she is truly a sweetie! 

Don't forget this Saturday at 11:00 is our Day Sale. We have some different items that will be available. See you then! 

Spay/Neuter Talk:
Myth:  But my pet is a purebred.
Fact: So is at least one out of every four pets brought to animals shelters/rescues around the country. There are just too many cats and dogs--mixed breed and purebred.  About half of all animals entering shelters/rescues are euthanized. Please...save lives by spaying and neutering. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tuesday, April 22

Baby baths and baby bubbles! All 8 of the kittens had baths yesterday. They smell so good! But it doesn't take long to get mussy again--they're at the stage where walking thru the food makes it yummier! 

The 8 bunch are just all hyper! They are now in Cat's Corner. It's almost impossible to get in the room without a few of them squirting out the doorway. They are just so tiny. They run about for 10 minutes then they're ready to nap and nap and nap. They are developing their own personalities. Francis is the braveheart. Carla Mae and Genevieve are snugglebums. Mathew Scott can go like the wind on those tiny legs. 

We had more of the big move yesterday. Jemima and her 5 babes are now in June's Room.  The empty cabinet makes a perfect place for blankies. A little step-up for the kittens and they can go in and out as they please. They are starting to eat a bit by themselves and doing pretty good about it. They have a lot more room and are now enjoying playing together. Fantasia likes to sneak up on the feather toy. Jessie enjoys being fussed over. 

The 4 golden kittens look huge next to all the babies! It's so sweet, many times after a vigorous playtime they seek each other out for cuddlenap time. All 4 of these little ones are super sweet.

We have some big thanks to give!
Betz--9 cases of Friskies and 9 cases of baby food
Aunty Fi--donation in honour of the 1st birthdays of Catsparella's babies--Fiona, Sammie, Meg, Patches, Archer, Kenco and Kiko, to be used for medical expenses.
Vicki B--a wonderful surprise Easter basket full of chocolates--soooo good!
Laura S--donation thru PayPal for FFRC
Nigel W from UK--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Neil and Jean S from OH--donation for FFRC thru PayPal
Phil/marmytoo and Judy/judyeanlee--Sunday visitors--TP, PT, paper towels, green cleaner, Lysol TB cleaner, Scrubbing Bubbles BR cleaner, Sheba (salmon & whitefish), Friskies can and misc pens/paper/post-its

Our new comer, Oriah will be arriving tomorrow. After a couple change of plans, I believe tomorrow is the day! Chris/dewitty will be picking Oriah up in Wisconsin tomorrow morning  and will probably arrive here at FFRC late afternoon. She'll keep us posted during the day how things are going. We will start Oriah out in the back Thumper's Room where she can get to know us all and become comfortable. This is a special cat. She has been at the same rescue as their mascot for 7 years, ever since she was a baby. We need to make sure she is helped with this transition. 

Felicity had a cold. Poor baby. But, she's feeling better now. I am so pleased with how playful she is becoming. She's such a beauty with a sweet personality. Putter is feeling better too. It's easy to see that he is aging, but he's doing so gracefully.

Today will be a busy day here at FFRC:
Gustwiller's will be coming to bury the gas line from Jenna Radar to the propane tank.
Dion may be coming to start the footers for the Shelter House.
Surveyors will finish the job of staking out the property.
Our next guest, Julie will be arriving.
The hay and straw delivery will come for the big red barn.
Possibly a company may come to drag our clay-rock-dirt where the sewer line was put in so we can plant grass seed. 

Canton is here sleeping on my desk. She has the most gorgeous face (other than Zelda's of course!). Seymour is cruising about, looking for his milk ring toy. Found it for him--he's already got it in his mouth! There are 8 cats lined up on the low cat walk looking out the open windows in the Kitty Kabana Room. They love having the windows open! 

Please reach out and ask a friend or neighbor if you could help get their cat spayed or neutered. Even ONE spay/neuter will help.
Myth: But my cat is so special, I want a kitten just like her.
Fact: Your cat's kittens have an unlikely chance of being a carbon copy of your pet. Even professional breeders cannot make this guarantee. There are shelter/rescue cats waiting for homes who are just as cute, smart, sweet and loving as your own. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday, April 21

This is a Catathon Blog! Our 4th Catathon is coming up. The date is June 22 which is a Sunday. What is a Catathon you ask? Well.....it's something like a telethon. It 100% benefits FFRC and is our main fundraiser for the year. It's an auction telethon! We will have approximately 6 rounds of Baskets--possibly as many as 30-35 baskets total. These baskets all have a theme. We will also have Big Ticket Items. These generally go for 2 rounds instead of 1 round. Lots of extra cool things go into this section.

Phone lines will be open during a select time to take your bid. The highest bid, of course, wins! We will have about 8 people working the phones. We also have many many people volunteering this event to make it work. This event is a lot of work, but it sure is fun and we enjoy it! We will have Basket people, people helping with the cam/computer, the FFRC store, parking, Bid recording people, people that will call the winners--lots of helpers! 

We will also have and encourage visitors! There are 4 main hotels here in Defiance along with a beautiful Bed & Breakfast.  These numbers are:
Hampton Inn                 419-784-1515
Comfort Inn                  419-784-4900
Holiday Day Express      419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel                419-782-8000
Def. Bed & Breakfast    419-956-9981

Pld. Bittersweet Inn       419-399-2861

The Catathon runs from 1:00 to 4:30. It's right there on the webcam. The site is ustream.tv/ffrc  There will be a BIG pizza celebration for all those who are here after the event is over. 

If you would like to send in any items to go towards a basket, that would be wonderful. I deeply appreciate this. Listed below are some of the baskets already in progress and maybe not completed. You can, if you'd like, make up a new basket title.  We may need to rearrange some items so all fit and make a complete basket. Please, to help us be organized and so we can get pictures of all the Baskets and Big Ticket Items displayed for all to see, please try and have items to us BY MAY 31st. This is much appreciated! It takes time to get all this done. 

Troyer Country Market Basket
Bird Interest Basket
Black/white Cat Basket
Cat Basket (probably 2 of these)
Dog Basket
BBQ/Grill Basket
Kitchen Fun Basket
Wisconsin State Basket
Hello Kitty Basket(maybe 2 of these)
Mickey Mouse Basket
Laurel Burch  Basket (maybe 2 of these)
Nine West Purse stuffed full of great items
Rainbow Basket
Family Game Time Basket
Summer Fun Basket
Older Girl Basket
Young kids Basket
Simply--I Love Cats Baskets
Feel Good/Inspirational Basket

Other suggested basket themes are: Garden, Baby, Sewing, Sports, stationary/cards--the list could be endless (and fun!).

We are also starting to line up the Big Ticket Items. Some of these are:
2 Signature FFRCNation Quilts (extra special items!)
2 Cat Fans
Light House Collector plates
Larissa's painted Harlequin cat/framed
4 books by Simon Tofield--Cat Vs. The World, all autographed and designs by Simon
Awesome Quilts--maybe 2

I know there will be more added to both Baskets and Big Ticket Items as the time moves on! We are just beginning to get organized. Come join the fun! If you have any questions, suggestions, etc. feel free to email me at ffrcmoss@gmail.com  Thank you. This Catathon is successful because of YOU, our wonderful FFRC friends. 

And by the way--the cats and kittens are wonderful and doing great! 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Sunday, April 20

Happy Easter. I hope you all have a wonderful, blessed day. A bonus to this special day--as I'm sitting here at my desk the birds are singing non stop. This is one of my very favorite sounds ever--the morning sounds. 

We had BOXES last night. You are much appreciated!
Oilsandsgirl--for the Catathon--Laurel Burch kitty socks, cosmetic bag, cat head shoulder bag, tote with kitties and a horse tote (all Laurel Burch)  Ceramic kitty measuring cups, pewter kitty measuring spoons, 2 mugts and teapot with Chester the cat and 5 kitty/1 mouse cookie cutters
Tigercat54/Great Aunty Julie from IA--2 boxes of Weruva cans and 12 Tiki can cat
Cheri B--for the Catathon--a book Quilting Cats & Dogs and a Puzzle-Raining Cats & Dogs
Wolfpatch/Dave--Gruel Guards--pretty neat idea!
Rebecca & Kitty Willow--for Catathon--a Hello Kitty Back Pack
Arden & Charmaine--4 cases Fancy Feast and 3 cases Friskies Pate
Kris/Kjurland, our visitor--2 pkg Scotch Brite sponges, 3 pk Clorox Wipes, 2 pkg kitty wipes, 2 dozen baby food jars, box of individual assorted chips and a big bag of assorted candy!
Caren F--pkg of spring toys and 2 cases Friskies Pate, 1 case of Magenta's Salmon & 2 cases Fancy Feast
Jatcat--2 small dog houses for the Covie cats!
Beth A/eaglewatcher--a donation to help with tolls and expenses to get Oriah here
Carla C from OR--donation to help with gas to bring Oriah home
vrs1cats--donation to help with meds or food or whatever is needed
Ramona S from MN--donation to help with some expenses for Oriah
Diane/hull--donation to FFRC, in great thanks to Pat who drove her to Fort Wayne, to Pat & Ellen for picking her up (wouldn't accept gas money and told her to "give it to the kitties"). 

We've had a change of plans. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will not be able to get Oriah here today from Wisconsin. New transportation plans will be made and she will indeed arrive sometime soon! We are looking forward to having Orion here at FFRC.

We had two more adoptions yesterday. Sweet Bear and Florida (now known as Sunny Florida) both went to their new home together with Pat and Ellen. I've already heard from them and it sounds like things are going great!

Our newest intake cat, Thursday, is doing good. What a sweet girl she is. She's been eating good and doesn't look quite so emaciated. It's lovely to have enough food to eat, so she says! 

Very soon we will be changing things around. Jemima will go into June's Room with her kitties. They need more space to cruise about. The 8 kittens in the back Thumper's Room will be coming up to Cat's Corner Room. This is just a natural progression to getting them in the Main Area. 

The sewer line to correct the drainage problem in Kitty Kastle is done! We've a little yard work to do due to the digging, but that's ok. Won't be long until DIon and crew starts the much awaited shelter house. This was decided last fall. Instead of spending money for all the tents for events and happenings here, it was decided to put that money towards a permanent shelter house. 

All is fine here. The cats are happy, kittens tummies are full and healthwise we're doing real good. For that, I'm very thankful. Eagles are spotted frequently flying above the property or over the river--what a beautiful site to see. The Covies were out and about Friday and will get another day to cruise today. The Porchies are enjoying their windows being open now on the sunporch. The peacocks were up last night looking into the Kitty Kabana windows. The cats were all on guard! 

Myth: My pet will get fat and lazy if I spay/neuter her/him.
Fact: The truth is that most pets get fat (err, I mean fluffy) and lazy because their owners fee them too much and don't give them enough exercise. It is far healthier to spay and neuter!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday, Aparil 18

We just must like dirt here!  That's all I can think of. We are again digging up the yard.  We've been having serious draining problems in Kitty Kastle. So, another big digging project with the backhoe. We've had to dig about 75 feet for a new sewer line to go from the one that was dug last year to Kitty Kastle. This will solve the problem but we'll have dirt piles above ground again for awhile. While Russ is here, we're also having him put in a drainage tile right over the fence, in the farmyard. We seem to have a pond that is growing there. This water is not draining (from the rain and snow), so drain tiles are needed. 

Lorenzo has been playing with a milk ring for over 2 hours! Such fun! This is also Pania's favorite toy too. Boxes, milk rings and dust bunnies--these make such good toys! The 3 black/white kittens and the 5 Dora Explorer kittens are now eating 100% from the dish! Kris is still tending to them. The babies of Jemima started eating a bit yesterday from the plate!

We had BOXES last night. Big thanks to you all!
Pat the volunteer--blue/white Cat on a Fence scarf and a Teal and Cream kitty pad
Jan from HI--card with a note. 2 magnets--aloha license plate and Hula girl clip. Human snackers--macadamia varieties of all kinds. Already tried and given the YUM grade A+.
Cleopatra Sasha & family --Easter card with note, large white bath towel, 6 sponges, Dawn soap, kitty snackers, kitty wipes
Sandra A/Tazman--note with donation, hand towel and 2 bath towels.  For the Catathon--2 Charles Wysoki puzzles and lots of family games--dominoes, Uno, Angry Birds cards, Monopoly with cat/dog pices, Hello Kitty Creativity Set, Wonder Loom, Sand Art Kit, Bead Pets Kit, Paracod Bracelet Kit
Anonymous Friend--For the FFRC--4 bath towels, 4 hand towels, 8 pillow cases, 3 ugs, 2-10 pks AA batteries, Variety of markers, Blankies for Janie & Camvie, 6 kitty blankets.  For the Catathon--Mickey theme--shower curtain, curtain rings, rug, soap/lotion dispenser, soap dish, cup holder, bath towel, hand towel, 6 face cloths, flash drive.  For the kids basket--washable sidewalk chalk
Hannah, our special friend from Indiana with her mom Jennifer--a note, basket made by Hannah using her adapted scissors to cut strips of paper and put them on a balloon.  The theme is Dora the Explorer with 4 bags of cat snackers for the kitties Easter.  An Easter card with rainbows and stickers. For the volunteers--bag of Reeses and bag of variety of candy, Easter "boing" decorations, bag of kitten dry food, 8 jars baby food, 3 cans of tuna and 3 cans of chicken.

We are taking on another CH cat. This sweetie, named Oriah, has been a resident and much loved cat in Wisconsin. She arrived when she was 6 weeks old and is now 7 years old. This is their mascot cat and so treasured. The rescue center that has her is closing due to the health of the owner. We received the official go ahead for her today so transport will be arranged. Welcome to Oriah!

Thomas had another seizure this morning. It was fairly short but a full seizure. I'm so thankful that we have his meds here that we can give him to help stop the seizures. He'll now spend some time pacing then he probably will take a nice long nap. Poor buddy--I so don't like him having to go thru this. It's been 10 days since his last one. He hasn't missed a single dose of his morning and evening meds. He'll be ok. Sure love this boy. 

We had another adoption yesterday! Our sweet Dodger went to a new home! His new mama has already sent an email and it sounds like all is fine. Apparently he found it interesting to listen to the train whistles and traffic noises! He's a great cat. So glad he found a home!

Myth: I want my children to experience the miracle of birth.
Fact: The miracle of birth is quickly overshadowed by the thousands of animals euthanized in animal shelters in communities all across the country. Teach children that all life is precious, by spaying and neutering your pets. 

We took in a new cat yesterday. Her name is Thursday. She was found by our volunteer Jenni.  She's a skinny girl--so we'll help her gain that FFRC belly! She's had her bath, vaccines, etc and is so happy! Loves her cushie bed! She's about 1 1/2 year old and is a tiger/torti. She LOVES people.  Thursday also has a slight URI but we can help her with that. Welcome to Thursday! 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thursday, April 17

People who have never had pets or who don't really pay attention to them, have no idea how deep their personalities are. It's quite amazing to sit back and observe the interaction between the cats and the cats with humans. They don't have to verbally talk to help us understand their wants. A chirp--come pet me. A slow blink--here comes a kiss! Whiskers forward/tail up--I really like you. Ears back, little crouch--oops, you're scaring me.  Tap, tap on the arm--sure would like a pet or a snack.  There's all kinds of body language that is fun to learn!

I've had a few people asking about Wriggly and his hearing. I've done several hearing checks on him. You have to be careful doing this so it's for sure all hearing and not sight stimulated. Everything I've done sure does indicate that he does not hear. He's so cute--then when he's touched, he gets so excited! He's a special boy. 

We had BOXES last night. I am always very grateful for your support.
Menami from Japan--Kitty sticker, drawings of Paddy Purr & Paddy Cakes, an oragami Paddy, Japanese kitty book, 4 dress up collars for kitties, Kitty Captain's hat with collar and tie! Bonito flakes and people snackers--bag of crackers, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry jam cookies and other goodies that will be fun to try. Thanks so much! It's fun to explore other foods!
Zoolove/Pam T--case of Fancy Feast classic
Anonymous Friend--4 cases Fancy Feast and 2 cases Fancy Feast adult
Anonymous Friend--case of Friskies, 2 cases Fancy Feast kitten, 4 cases Friskies Tuna and Beef & Liver
Hencass, for Catathon--Lots of Troyers Country Market food items! This will be another terrific basket! Lots of items including, Bean & Ham soup, blackberry syrup, Apple, cherry, blackberry pie fillings, pickled baby beets, pasta sauce, veggie soup, salsa, banana pepper rings, BBQ sauce, corn relish, noodles, candy fruit slices, buttermilk pancake mix, soup mix, potato soup.  A great basket coming up!
Susie from WV--card & store payment
Mona/MDW20--Easter card with 3-D kitty bookmarker, note
Jean M from FL--store payment
Carole & Jack B from WI--nice letter and a donation
Sandra T from TOledo--donation
Joy D from NY--store payment
From Tenzyn's mom--case of food and paper plates (day visitor)
Eric, Carrie & Jimmy--day visitor--Sheba for Magenta & friends, juice drinks, poptabs, wipe on pens, Multi-Tool Wallet Set (for Catathon), baby food, small lates, doggie treats, quart plastic bags
Halos Mom & Dad--a PayPal donation for FFRC to use where needed 
Henry R Peeps and Oh My Guinness--sent Birthday cards to their friends--Coz, Merri, Joyful, Mew, Pania, Kerry Kat.  Each also received $5!  This will go toward a hamburger/turkey treat for all of them! They are all so excited!

JustMe treated us to a pizza lunch yesterday.The real reason, you ask?  It was so Jemima could have her pizza crust that she loves! Thanks JustMe! We all appreciated this. 

We have names! The black/black/white kittens have names! The black & white male is Mathew Scott. The little black female is Genevieve. The bigger black female is Josephine. These 3 kittens have now joined the Dora Explorer's group--makes for one big happy family of 8. The sweetest thing--they love to snug up to Thomas. He'll lick them then go back to sleep to help keep them content. Derecho also lets the kittens snuggle in. 

The babies of Jemima's are growing. Yesterday they left their bed and was walking about in their pen. They'd wiggle and pounce and explore! Their fur is growing too--I do believe a few of them will be long hairs.

Tinker is here beside me spinning in circles. He's trying so hard to catch his tail. Jersey is sitting nearby watching him--probably trying to figure out what that young whippersnapper is doing! 

Success! Yes, Fondant had a successful surgery on Tuesday. They did indeed find that MIA ovary, but not the tube as it simply is not there. Now, things should settle down for her and she'll feel much better. I'm so glad this is over for her. She and Weeja will be adopted tomorrow. Fondant came up on my desk with that look of "feed me".  She ate a nice plate of chicken!

We had an adoption yesterday. Dodger went to a wonderful home. The young lady who adopted him has had her eye on him for a couple months. She's been waiting for her move to be completed. She is now in a house and came--Dodger was still here and made himself known to her! He's a special boy!

We had a great outside work day yesterday. Many thanks to Kris, Diane, Anthony, Steve and Jimmy for helping. We pulled out all the rocks, cleaned up the rock beds and put some fresh stones on top before we replaced the rocks. This was done to all the rock beds (remember I can't grow flowers, so I "grow" rocks!). Then we removed all the markers and statues in Albert's Garden and laid down many bags of fresh mulch. Then we replaced everything--it looks so nice. Next we hope to start painting the FFRC sheds. They all need a coat of paint. 

A MYTH about spaying & neutering:
Myth: It's better to have one litter before spaying a female pet.
Fact:  Medical evidence indicates just the opposite. In fact, evidence shows that females spayed before their first heat are typically healthier. Many veterinarians now sterilize cats as and dogs as young as 8 weeks of age. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tuesday, April15

We had BOXES last night--ever so grateful to you!
Zoolove/Pam--2 cases Fancy Feast
Nona--2 boxes of 2 inch packing scotch tape and 10 cases of baby food!
Shomor/PatriciaM from IL--a really cool sock Kitty and Horse (for catathon or day sales)
Helman/Helen--2000 poly mailing bags, bag of Wellness Kitten, box of black Sharpies and box of 2 inch packing tape
svcathy/Cathy D--for Steve: 2 bags PB pretzels, 2 bags chocolate covered potato chips, 2 bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. For Volunteers & Staff--2 coyboy dark chocolate almonds, 4 bags chocolate covered potatoe chips, 3 gummie bunnies, 3 caramel bites, 2 bags of Movie popcorn, 2 mini PB cups, 4 bags of trek mix--all Trader Jo's things---yuuuuum!
Lovebugs/Pam T--12 bags of cat snackers, 12 big cans salmon, bag of Purina One Indoor
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--for the volunteers--crystal lite individuals and 3 boxes of assorted teas (can be poured into water bottles)
Gusti, drawn by Wanda using Nikkaross' photos--for the Catathon--drawing of Coralie, Joline & Joyful.  This portrait is absolutely stunning--will be a welcome addition for the Catathon. Thank you!

Today is Kerri Kat's birthday. She is our only long hair black cat. She arrived here originally 2/21/09 and was adopted 3/11/09. Unfortunately she was returned 12/21/13 thru no fault of her own. She's still looking for her new forever home.

Camvie---plain and simple--she loves the dogs. She has for a long time scooted into their room as they go in and out. Now though, she follows them clear thru to the back door where the dogs go out into their fenced in area. She absolutely loves them! The dogs have been discussing adopting her, but I told them if they could fill out an adoption form then they could adopt her. They've been practicing with the pen but I don't think it's going to happen! 

The Covies are back to their wonderful spring/summer/fall Cat's Cove. Lots of smiling and happiness there! We did it a bit differently this year. After putting the final touches on the cleaning Sunday morning, we went back and opened the door to Kitty City to let them cruise about. Late afternoon, instead of calling them back to the Kitty City, Connie called them to the Cove. In they went--one after another! They love their Cove! We now have everything that is in the Cat's Cove all resin material or washable material. We've ordered a cleaning/disinfectant spraying wand. We can then once a week simply spray the Cove down--top to bottom! Will help us keep this area sparkly clean! 

It snowed.  That's right--it snowed and has covered the grass--maybe 2 inches, although Elizabeth says its more like 17 inches! The sun is shining and it will soon be melted. That's good. Steve and I are going to get the new mulch for Albert's Garden and the fresh pebble stone for all the rock areas. We are all so ready for spring to be here.

Bear, our sweet little boy is on hold. I'm so happy for him--he will be going with Ellen and Pat. What a wonderful home he will have!

We made snow today! Yep, from the snowmaking can that we received last week. It really does look like snow. But then we brought in a couple handfuls of snow from outside and had a mini-snow ball fight. 

Take care, everyone and have a joyous day. Enjoy your family, friends and your pets. They are precious. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday, April 13

Surgeries went just fine yesterday. Although two of our little boys tried to pull a fast one on us. Liberti and Rocky Top were angels! Then comes Tinker and Merle--they were tricksters. Between them, they were hiding deep and hard, 3 out of 4 tic tacs. But Dr. Darcy won the battle and we can now say all 4 kittens are completely spayed/neutered. Whew--what a job. We also neutered two male cats that belong to 2 of our volunteers. We had Coralie all prepped for her spay when we were able to see a definite surgical scar. Using the clippers to shave completely and wetting the skin, a very visible scar was there. So, she's a happy camper--no more surgeries!

Dr. Darcy also did many physicals. These cats were: Treesa, Canton, Weeja, Camvie, Felicity, Florida, Merri, Solee, Cozarelii, Asha, Derecho, Walter, Zelda and Emma Jo. Nothing out of the ordinary on any of these, other than a few teeth chips of the CH cats. A new coarse of action is on for Camvie. My biggest worry was that Camvie may be still contagious which caused worry due to the kittens that will be soon coming into the Main Area. Dr. Darcy assured me she is no longer contagious! She also commented that our whole health status seems very healthy--always nice to hear that. 

Pania had a birthday yesterday! She was born 4/12/12, so she is now 2 years old. She had numerous treats of her favorite snacker--the Baby cat kibbles. She'll come running when she hears the crinkle of the bag! Happy Birthday to our girl.

We had BOXES last night. Wow--so much to be thankful for.
Betz--donation for can cat food --will be getting very soon!
Yankeechick/Terese from NJ--a note and a beautiful mobile with heart and paw prints--love it!
Brenda C--for the Catathon--Olympus BG160 Digital Camera with SD card and a watch with interchangeable bands.  Both these items will go into the 9-West tote for Catathon!
Anonymous Friend--Two kitty rocks for FFRC. Lots and lots of "good stuff" for the Catathon--books for the kids basket, Hello Kitty items, Marie Kitty Bank, 2 cat shirts, kitty puzzle, make up brushes, kitty key cover, sidewalk chalk, Rainbow lotion and Rusk Calming Shampoo. These will go in various baskets.  For the Kiten Basket--kitty apron, 2 purple pokie dot oven mitts, BBQ tools, ice cram spoons and matching scoop, jar opener, kitty sugar & creamer with matching sale/pepper, jar of peach pecan butter & Raspberry Peach Chipotle Glaze.  For the Mickey Mouse basket--band aids, 3 totes, mug, tshirt, note cards, stickers, play pad, Jim Shore original Mickey statue.  Big big thanks!
SonJamac from Canada--3 cases Fancy Feast Kitten
ElectraPA with Conner, Tommy & Alistair--10 memory foam rugs in bright pink, purple and lime green
Neuromom/Sherry and Dave W from NY--for the Catathon--8 lighthouse plates with stands. These are an awesome collection.
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila from Canada--For Catathon or where needed--2 very cool kitty fans
Guccismom/Chantel L from Canada--Easter Kitty card with note & picture of Gucci kitty--Canada snackers! Moose droppings, beaver droppings and maple kisses!
Aunty Fi--For Catathon rainbow basket--ID tag LOVE in rainbow colors
Judy & Phil L--note with stamps
Joy & Don D from NY---kitty card with note and donation
Jean T from AR with kitties Marie & Leah--kitty card with note and donation
Bencat2012--kitty card with coupons
Vicki R from Defiance--card with a note and donation
Madge B from IN--card with donation
Robert & Denise W from PA--card with note and donation
Janet R from Defiance--lion card with note and donation
Glynnette M from CA--Iris card with note & donation
Eugenia S from Russia--donation thru PayPal
Jamie M from PA--donation in memory of Gizmo--her friend Julie's beloved friend

We took in 3 new kittens yesterday. They are 3 little ones that we've been working with Menard's here in Defiance. They are now 4 weeks old. Mama cat is feral--they have a trap set to try and catch her so we can get her spayed. These 3 little ones are: 2 black female, 1 black/white male.  The male is called Mathew Scott. The other two will have names very soon. Yesterday, they joined the Dora Explorer's litter. So cute to see them all sleep together. All of them are about the same pace for eating--1/2 plate and 1/2 syringe. Wolfpatch/Dave has become their Uncle Wolf. 

The Cat's Cove is sparkly clean and almost ready for the Big Move of the Covies. We have been working at getting all furniture in the Cove to be very washable. We can then spray everything down once a week and keep it really squeaky clean. Today the Covies will have the whole day to cruise about the farm yard. Hopefully to bring them back in, we can call them to the Cove.  Still have a couple of things to do first though. Happy day for them! 

Just an FYI--the new goat, Pickles, is doing great. She and Butter are now good friends. The farmyard animals are so glad for this beautiful weather and warmer temps. CHickens are laying, geese are dropping eggs galore, horses are shedding out as are the goats too. The donkey looks great. The guineas have resumed their crazy run-around while squawking so loudly. Peacocks are displaying their beautiful feathers. All is well on the farmyard. 

I almost forgot--Mayor Anony asked me to pass this on--he's on a mission with Putter. He says, "Prevent a litter, fix your critter!  Be a responsible pet owner--the choice is yours." And I would like to say--even spaying/neutering just ONE cat is huge.  It can make a BIG difference in the lives of cats. 

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday, April 11

The Dora Explorer's ate two fairly good meals already today from their plate. They certainly love people! Farrah has been a bit insecure lately--been wanting to ride around on shoulders.  She does that every once in a while. And then purrs and purrs.  

Coralie discovered Tonio's Den yesterday. She spent a good part of the day there yesterday. Each time I checked on her, she would be all stretched out. If I had a nickel for every time that THomas and Walter and Joline goes in and out of the door going into the Welcome Room Office, I'd be rich! They have a constant "need" to investigate whatever is on the other side of the door! We of course, oblige them.

We had BOXES last night. I am so grateful for your help.
Pat, our volunteer--an afghan--blues and white Cat on a Fence. It's beautiful!
June/painteddaisy--doggie snackers, post it notes, roll of labels, Catstock PEace stickers!
Dutchy/Tanya from Canada--yeah--medical supplies--3 ml syringes!
Nona--case of KMR and a a container of KMR powder
Ted E--battery back-up for Computer and Cam--many thanks!
Betz--for the Catathon--3 bottles of soap/lotion from Bath & Body Works for one of the "relaxing" baskets
Susan345--6 large containers of Gerber Rice Cereal
Eaglespirit2011 from WI--a cool pink fur rug, gerber cereal, Iams Dry kitten, a blue poof pillow for the Cat's Corner Room, Fancy Feast kitten (2 cases), baby food, Whiskas packets, an Appetizer for Joyful's birthday, purple postits for the purple office and cat snackers
Anonymous Friend--wet and dry cat food, 5 cases of Appetizers and dry cat food bag
Aunty Fi ( kitty Lily, from UK--rainbow light projector and a rainbow tea light set (rainbow glows) for the Catathon Rainbow basket
Kathie3103--self groomer for Bella, Coralie and Seymour
Tana--day visitor--6 inch paper plates
Domingo F--donation thru PayPal for FFRC

Dave/wolfpatch is our visitor this week. Indy, before he left, showed Dave how to care for the Dora Explorers. Dave also sent COOKIES!  We opened them last night--lots and lots of good cookies, chocolate, chocolate chips and almond crescent. Big Yum!  Also 3 big bathmat rugs--very soft.

Jemima has been out cruising a bit each day. She's doing real well with mixing with the other cats. She's doing a good job being a mama to her sweeties. 

Surgery is tomorrow. Dr. Darcy will be here early---about 7:30. We have 5 boys and 1 or 2 spays. So the schedule will be very light. The busy part of the morning will be the physicals that we need done. We have about 18 of them to do!  Busy day tomorrow.

Short blog, busy day. Forgive me if I don't get emails all answered today. Have a day that will take me away from the Rescue Center today. Have an awesome day. YOU are appreciated. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Thursday, April 10

Coralie is awesome. She's on the move! This morning she went from Kitty Kabana to the Main Area and then down the hallway! I love to see her explore. I especially love when you talk to Coralie, she will look directly at you and do that wonderful slow blink. That's her kitty-kiss! This morning she let Wrigley nap right beside her.

Yesterday was Joyful's birthday. She is now 12. She had extra treats and the promise that I wouldn't clean her eyes for that day. She really liked that gift! She really enjoys the back Thumper's Room. Yesterday we opened the windows in this room and she so enjoyed watching and hearing the birds chirping.

Randy is doing better. He's eating good. His poor bum caused a problem. His severe road rash on his bottom caused much soreness and swelling. He's such a good sport though. What a really nice cat.

We have a new Palm Tree and the cats are thrilled. Jimmy was very clever. After putting it together, he added an extra support sisel pole to support the shelf. These cats and their jumping on the shelf many many times a day is what eventually did the old tree in. Our cats here are hard on things! This extra support should give the tree a long life.

We had BOXES last night. I am so very grateful.
Medic/Laura--case of Fancy Feast
LJ323--note of thanks to FFRC, kitty snackers, 2 cases Fancy Feast, Bounce dryer sheets, Fruit Gems (extra thanks!), Scotch Brite sponges. Also a couple funt hings--4 tiny orange traffic cones and caution tape for Coralie (to preserve her space!!) and also 2 cans of instant snow (because she heard our snow all finally melted!). She also sent things for the Catathon--dish mats/towels, timer, measuring cups, peeler can opener, tongsk slotted spoon, spatulas, ice cream scoop--things for the kitchen basket!
Mayumi from Tokyo--2 boxes of TUlle, peanut butter candies. For the Catathon--a cute black kitty pursette (for the girls basket!)
Gillian from the UK--for the Catathon--4 pairs novelty socks!
Gerricross--case of Fancy Feast & a bag of Royal Canin Kitten
Ms. Beccas Corner from VA--5 yarn ball toys for the adoption bags
Tigercat54/Great Auntie Julie--K-cups, lids and sleeves
Arlene--for the Catathon--4 Yankee candles, CD of Backyard Birds, books (4 wonderful books) and a beautiful afghan that will be called The Afghan of Many Colors!  Her items will go towards the Inspiration basket, Bird basket and others!
SonJamac from T-dot Canada--smartie kat 3 fish flop crinkle toys, 2 Kong crinkle balls with feathers (Bear was quickly taking the toys off of the cardboard!)
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila from Canada--bag of Max cat dry and bag of Purina One Indoor dry, 24 large cans of tuna (extra thanks from the kitties!) and Pet Stages twinkle balls
Wanda, our wonderful portrait friend--donated for another portrait order
Gusti--a donation in honor of Joyful's Birthday and for Coralie's meds, in honor of her Father's birthday
Jakesmeowmy--donation to use wherever needed

We love that Precious Litter! There is a contest going on right now where, should we come in first place, we will receive coupons for free Precious Litter!  I'm all for that. Here is the link---facebook.com/PreciousCatLitters?v=app_448952861833126&rest=1
Check it out.  I cannot find how long the contest runs for. Apparently you're able to vote for more than 1 picture a day. We have a Derecho picture, submitted by Beth and another picture with 2 cats in it, submitted by Jo Ann. Feel free to vote for both!  Have fun with this and keep those kittypaws crossed that we win! 

Here's a date for you that you might be interested in. Our next Day Sale is 4/26, Saturday at 11:00.  Remember too, that all tshirts in the FFRC store is now $12, not $20. If it doesn't come up with the $12 cost, go directly thru PayPal and add your own amount! Our JoAnn Stories and Canton's Stories are now $15. The cookbook II is on sale for $18.  We're trying to push items to help us be ready for the Catathon! While we're talking dates, remember the Catathon is June 22 and the Catstock is September 6. We'd love to have you come for these events.

Here's the hotel numbers:  (all about 15 minutes from FFRC)
Comfort Inn   419-784-4900
Hampton Inn     419-784-1515
Holiday Day Express     419-784-0782
Super 8 Motel     419-782-8000
Defiance has a wonderful B & B that gives discounts to FFRC guests (and is only about 10 minutes from here)  Call Diana at 419-956-9981
Please, if interested in coming, make those reservations as last year it was hard to get a room. We'd love to have you.

The Dora's Explorers are doing good. Still beimg about 1/2 plate and 1/2 syringe feeders. They are starting to play more and more. Jemima is eating great now. Her babies' tummies are so so round! The 4 goldies are also doing great--getting to be very ornery!

Canton looks wonderful--her weight is good and she's such a happy girl. So is Treesa. I think they're both glad to be here. I just know they have a good home "out there", waiting for them. 

Our goal is to move the Covies back to Cat's Cove this weekend. First though, we have a lot of work to do to get ready for this. The Cove still needs water blasted and then dried out. The sun is shining right now but we're expecting rain this afternoon.  We're going to give it a try though to start on this huge job today. The Covies are chomping to get back to their spring/summer/fall home! 

Putter is again being quite vocal. He spent some time with me this morning on the couch, being petted. Then he said ---"Tell the viewers this---Please Neuter and Spay....because all the other answers are stupid." Now, believe me, I told him that stupid wasn't a nice word. But, he said if they don't Spay or Neuter, then that's the word to use. I always listen to Putter. 

"At times our own light goes out and it's rekindled by a spark from another person. Each one of us has cause to think deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us."  Just wanted to let you all know that I appreciate each and everyone of you. The FFRCNation is strong and full of friendship. 

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tuesday, April 8

I enjoy checking in the chat several times a day. To see the friendships that are there is quite wonderful. I enjoy seeing the politeness that is used and the wanting to help others. The compassion, kindness and friendship shown means a lot to me. 

I also enjoy checking into the fb FFRC pages. It's nice to see a part of your lifes there. I think it's wonderful how we have come together to form such a friendship family. 

We had BOXES last night. I'm very grateful to you all.
Angelface52/Linda--1000 paper plates 6 inch, 2 reams of colored copy paper
Brenda C--for the Catathon, to add to the purse!  A Nook Reader from Barnes & Noble
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--1000 6 inch paper plates, case of PT for Tabitha and friends. Tabitha was smiling ear to ear!
Medic 101/Laura--case of Fancy Feast
Pat/Cathouze & Ellen/Furkitty from Defiance--Happy 3rd birthday to Coz--he received a card with a giftcard from Walmart! Case of Fancy Feast fish & shrimp, kitty snackers, Bag of cat toys and laser toy and 2 jars of babyfood which were promptly given to Coz and friends!
Jeannette B from TN and her Furhaven Kitties-fun -birthday card for Jacci--and a purple clip board, tape dispenser,stapler and scissors (love it!!), kitty garden flag and a roll of bubble wrap
Yaiza/Yaizamoon and Sonia/SoniaPaws and family--blankies, blankies, blankies!! Many blankies made for ALL of our resident cats, plus for the 2 dogs Camie and Janie (in memory of their service dog Tanya) and even 2 blankies for the Z's and some for the rest of the housecats!  Wow--so wonderful!  Also doggie snackers, kitty snackers, bag of Royal Canin Kitten, toys!!!!, 2 pks of plates 9 inch and 6 inch, 3 microfiber towels, a Russian handpainted china thimble with a kitty onit (it's beautiful), postie notes, pad of paper, bag of candy barns and a beautiful scarf with yellow mousies and cats on it!
Tigercat54/greataunt Julie from IA--bag of assorted K-cups, plastic spoons, 2 bags ofcups, lids and sleeves
Kelly R from CA--coupons, 2 wonderful soft cat carriers, multi color picture frame, ornament, iridescent mug and a white/gold mug, a travel mug from Starbucks, lamb bed with matching blankie (for Dora's Explorer's) and a Laurel Burch tote. Some of these items are for Catathon!
ChrisP218 from Canada--for the Catathon: cards and envelop0s all handmade by Chirs--for Birthdays, Christmas, Thank yous, Wedding and Misc.  So very pretty and made with such care!
Timothy M from FL--donation thru PayPal for a birthday gift for Cozarelii!
Faith M from MD--a donation, in honor of Alma's first solo walk! Alma's doing great.

Our friends, the Fun Flyers (BJinFTW, LKG, scSue, Viknik, ColoEagle, Moutain Bluebird, Morning Person, Autumnchild, AthenaOR and Elsedeb) donated for FFRC to purchase a memorial tree in memory of Paul. I so appreciate this. Not a day goes by that I don't think of Paul. It will be a White Oak tree--and it will grow mighty and big. 

All is fine here. Baby Explorer's are doing great--they are 1/2 on plate food and 1/2 syringe fed. The 4 golden kittens are growing and will be spayed/neutered this Saturday. Jemima and her babies are also doing good. More info later. 

Please remember to spay/neuter your pet. Be responsible. Do it now before that one single cat problem becomes 6 or more. 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday, April 6

Life is great! As with humans, all of our personalities are so different. Same with cats! We know these cats here and want so much for each to find the right home for them. We know Canton needs a home where there is great love to give--she takes love and she gives love. Whisk doesn't like to be carried about but he loves to be petted. He'd also sleep on the bed with his family! Emma Jo would need someone that doesn't mind her being on the counter--she has a need to see what's going on all the time! Emily--she needs a petter, big time. She requires at least a thousand pets a day! They're all so different which is something to appreciate. 

We had an adoption yesterday. Venus went with her new family. She is going to be one loved on cat! The little girl who Venus is specifically for, is quite a cat lover and Venus recognizes that. A good adoption!

We are in the process of changing our furniture around. The Cat's Cove is in need of furniture as much of the past furniture was in very bad condition. We've been fortunate to have a couple new Kuranda towers that will go in Cat's Cove. Here in the Rescue Center, we've been able to get a very good discount on 3 Activity Center Towers. They're very nice and they're very easy to keep clean. The furniture that was removed from the Rescue Center will go to Cat's Cove! A good thing as it will give the Covies some new furniture for them. We are looking to move the Covies soon. We need some warmer temperatures. We'll water blast it, then dry it out for a day and get it all ready! It's always exciting to move the Covies. We love those Covies!

We had BOXES on Friday evening. Super big thanks to you!
Brenda C--to add to the great purse for Catathon--a tote cover for a Nook, an umbrella that when opened looks like a big flower!
Widdletigger/Elizabeth--30 catnip infused balls, 10 packages spring toys, 2 packages of cat crazy rings
Susan345--2 cases (2000) 6 inch paper plates
Beth/eaglewatcher--2 Petstages Nesting blankets (one for the Z's and one for the Center!)
Rebecca & WIllow from UK--yellow bird pillow, metal bird statue, striped pillow, ivory colored 4 birds pillow, 10 LED birdhouse lights, Hello Kitty drink cup
Beca--4 cans KMR
Great Aunt Julie/Tigercat54 from IA--case of turkey baby food
Andrea S & Jan C from NY--Zelda's Easter card, 225 paper plates 6 inch, 2 wand toys, remote controlled mouse toy, 2 pkg. kitty toys, lots of kitty snackers, bag of Purina Kitten, bag of Purina One, 12 cans Purina One (Magenta approved!), 4 pretty blue rigs (2 round/2 rectangles)
Barb W/Phleb--4 bags Royal Canin Kitten
Oilsandsgirl from Canada--30 catnip infused toy balls
Vicki B--6 bags of Royal Canin baby kitten
Abigail B from Defiance--Chief tapes
Patricia K from NY--box tops for Caryn
Connie K from Defiance--donation
Thomas & Linda C from IL--donation with a note
Mary W from Cecil--donation in memory of Georgianna
Phyllis B--coupons
Robotman from CA--note with donation, Rickie Tickie Stickers from the 60's and 70's for the wheel and special kitty whiskers!
Kathy/JustMe, our guest--donation in honor of Bill and Angie
Kathy/JustMe--donation in honor of Jimmy and Lynnette for their dedication to FFRC
Joni from IA, our guest--donation in honor of BIll and Angie
Joni from IA--donation in honor of Jimmy and Lynnette for their dedication to FFRC
Marelizabeth--donation to be used as needed thru PayPal
Heather B from CT--donation in honor of my mom, Eleanor F for her birthday!!
Billie K and her 3 cats from TX--donation for Putter to have a special treat and hug

We had lots of visitors yesterday which we always thoroughly enjoy! They also brought supplies for us!
Amber & family--cookies, catnip bubbles, can food, cans of chicken, powdered KMR, laundry soap, kitty litter, dry kitten food, huggies kitty wipes.
Mary S (Dance Studio Owner)--can cat food
Connie K--RC kitten dry food, Wellness kitten dry, litter, can cat food, trash bags, hand lotion, TP, windex, lysol wipes and a donation
Anonymous Friend--3-3pk lysol wipes, bag of Royal Canin kitten dry, 14 bags of cat snackers, 4-12 cup Tim Hortons K-cups
Whitney & Jenni--from Cincinnati--disinfectant wipes, can food, cat snackers, soap--there were actually many items, but their gifts were put away before I could write them all down. But they really helped us refill our shelves. They LOVE Derecho and so enjoyed all the cats and kittens. 

We enjoyed all of our Saturday visitors so much! And so did the cats! We try very hard to keep track of who brought what so proper thanks can be given. I'm so sorry if we've made any errors. Please don't hesitate to email me and let me know!

Coralie is here beside me giving herself a good grooming! Alma is out and about--she is so so determined to do things HER way! Love it. Derecho can now easily get up on the low shelf to watch the birds at close range. Navi has made friends with all the cats--what a sweet girl she is. Many times during the day we leave the door open to Dodger's Pen so Jemima can go in and out. If you clump her babies together now, they about equal the size of their mama! 

Yes, we are aware that Walter has been doing alot of circling lately. It's nothing to worry about. It's part of his how his brain is wired. Right now we're just observing. We're also know that Magenta has been falling more lately. Oh my garsh, we so love this oldster. We always pick her up, give her lots of hugs and let her be herself. We try to protect her but it's impossible to 100% of the time. She's a wonderful cat. 

They did it!  The best breakfast ever! The Dora Explorer's ate their breakfast by themselves! They will no doubt still need some syringe feeding the next couple days, but we're almost there for self-feeding! Many many thanks to both Kathy and Joni. Other than the breakfast that I feed them, they have taken total food care of these 5 babies and have done a marvelous job. When they walk in the room, all 5 kittens cry for them--they recognize them! Wonderful kitties and we're so proud of them! They did it! 

Putter would like you all to know that he is feeling better. His appetite has picked up too. He and I are grateful for your concern. Putter keeps asking for me to post something for him. I tried to tell him maybe he needed to reword his thoughts a little, but he's insistent, so here goes: Putter says, "Don't be a sissy. There are plenty of rude, crude, neutered dudes!  Join the rank of being neutered!".  So.....if you know any intact boys out there, get them neutered!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday April 4

It worked!  I'm still beaming! Our electric went down last night (right in the middle of BOXES) for about 10-15 minutes. It had just went down for about 10 seconds and va-roooom! The Generator (Jenna Radar) kicked in, lights came on, furnace continued on, water still ran, Kitty Kastle lit up--just perfect! It was so wonderful to hear that machine noise and everything working! When the electric came back, the Generator simply turned off and all continued on. Thank you again, my friends, for making this possible!

Happy Birthday to Merri! She is now 7 years old. Merri came from Long Island along with Jersey. They both arrived 7/16/13.

We had BOXES last night! Thanks for your generosity and kindness.
Dutchy/Tanya from Canada--48 Tim Horton K-Cups, bag of Royal Canin Baby Cat, 14 Mega bags cat snackers, 3 pack of Lysol wipes
Oilsandsgirl/Sheila from Canada--lots of 6inch plates, 9 pack of Lysol wipes, a cool light up mouse toy, 2 cases Fancy Feast Kitten and 2 cases of Appetizers
Tigercat54/Great Aunt Julie--a great book "Amazing Pet Cures" by Joey Green
Brenda C--2 9-West Shoulder Tote bags with pursette inside. One will be for the CATATHON, filled with alot of special things!
Mayumi from Japan--5 bags snackers for Magenta and friends, 2 bags of candy for volunteers, Mini Madelaine's and Home Pie Biscuits--thanks for the different kinds of treats!
Warpedinmn/Connie--24 cans of KMR
Vicki B--6 bags Royal Canin Baby Cat
Aunty Fi from the UK--mop bucket -- now all our very old ones can be replaced!
Lann--3000 6 inch paper plates!
Anonymous Friend--a wonderful stone, in Memory of "Kitty Kat, an Old Soul"   Special thanks
CatHouze and Furkitty--donation in honor of Farrah
Wanda E--a donation for another portrait!
Janet M--donation to FFRC

Remember, if I ever forget someone or have incorrect info, don't hesitate to email me!

Fondant had her surgery spay yesterday. She was a bit low-gear last night. She had an unusual "happening". Only one uterine horn could be found--should be two. After exploring her entire abdomen, the vet assured me that she indeed only had one. So, instead of a tiny incision, hers is a bit bigger for the exploratory. She's had soreness meds last night and this morning and doing much better now. I just checked on her and she was eating her breakfast! 

The Jemima babies are getting bigger by the day. They really are so sweet. I will always appreciate the hard work that mama cats do for their babies.  Dora's Explorer kittens are doing good. Kathy/JustMe and Joni (our guests) are doing much of their feedings, which I appreciate. All 5 of these babies seem to be doing good too, even Dexter! Francis is definitely the investigator/wanderer of the litter! 

I saw both Alma and Coralie get into the litterboxes all by themselves yesterday! It's a wonderful thing. Putter is hanging in there--very much is a quieter boy right now and is sleeping alot on the couch. He loves to be held and petted. Jersey, August and Jackson are getting so much braver and coming out more to be talked to. Jersey liked his tummy rubbed last night! Joey too is putting his brave shirt on and is enjoying the attention. It's wonderful what time and attention can do!

The Covies will be out and about today--hope they stay out of the lake-puddles. There's so much water laying around. The Barnies have been entertained by a new goat. She's an Alpine goat and her name is Pickles. Her and Butter have become friends. 

Putter asked me to send this thought to you (you know how he loves you all)--LIVE every moment, LAUGH every day, LOVE beyond words. Oh, he also said, "The wise sterilize".  Putter has spoken. 

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thursday, April 3

Yesterday was so nice, today so very rainy and cold. It's the way of Spring. The cats have sure been enjoying watching the bird feeders!

It's the beginning--one of the Dora kittens (Byron) slurped a little food from a plate! The good news too is that they are all starting to use the litterbox more and more--I always find that amazing. No mama to show them, yet they know to potty in the box! Jemima's kittens are all seeing more of the world--their eyes are popping open more each day! 

Fondant is on her way to the vet's office right now. A volunteer is taking her and another volunteer will pick her up this afternoon. She will be spayed. Because of her back to back heat cycles, it was decided--let's just get her done now instead of waiting for the 12th. 

We had BOXES last night! Many, many thanks! We are already getting items in for the Catathon--a big thanks for that too--this is what makes the Catathon successful!
Dewitty--case of KMR for the babies
Mayumi from Japan--case of the extra cute, extra soft tissues
Amanda--6 cans of KMR
Rebecca & Willow--for the Catathon--lots and lots of cool stuff for a kids basket--craft items, sock owl and bean bag animals kits, kids water bottles, etc.  Will be a fun basket!
Betty W from Virginia--donation for the Dora's Explorers, card, Easter candy, framed picture of Rainbow Bridge artwork by Bill Bell which is a wonderful picture!
Cathouze and Furkitty and their cats and 1 dog from Defiance--pie for Jacci, laundry soap, baby food, fancy feast, chicken and rice Purina One, padded cube for Dora's Explorers
Jan from Hawaii--for Dora's Explorers--Pet Stages mini nesting mat
mkmouse--for the Catathon--lots of Disney basket items--puzzle, tote bag, woven throw, oven itt/pot holder, key tag--will be another awesome basket and a kitty mug "Marie" from Aristocats for Jacci
Dave M from CA--a wonderful 5 level Kuranda Tower
Brian B from NY--donation to be used where needed from PayPal
Kelley F from TX--donation to FFRC
Anonymous Friend--3 dozen jars of baby food

We had visitors on Saturday that were Mike/sophieandlucysdad's family! They brought goodies with them. We had Christy, Judy, 2 niece's who brought cat toys, sponges, PT, 13 gallon trash bags, vinegar, bleach, snackers. We also had a donation from his mom Pat L.

Our visitors/guests here are Kathy K (JustMe) and Joni both from Iowa. They brought a whole car load of supplies, some of which were Keurig coffe, Clorox wipes, vinegar, bleach, Fancy Feast, paper plates, baby food, Odoban, tuna, sardines, doggie snackers, volunteer snackers, farm critter snackers

They're back!  They're back!  Jenna and Radar, our two giant black/white cats that sit in the front yard are back. They had a major paint overhaul this winter. They look the same, except their noses are now a pink heart! My sister Judy and her husband Dave did the work on them. So very nice to have them back!

There's something wonderful going on in Van Wert Ohio. They are having The Neuter Scooter do a Mobile Cat Spay and Neuter Clinic. It's April 12, Saturday. The cost is $40 for tame cats and $10 for feral cats. Call www.neuterscooter.com to make an appointment. This is a good thing, folks. Take advantage of this great opportunity!

Because people have been asking the topics of the Catathon's Baskets, here are some ideas! If you'd like to send anything in to add to a specific Basket, that would be wonderful! These are just suggestions--feel free to come up with your own ideas!  Bird, Picnic, Garden, Kids Summer Fun, Kids Winter Fun, Baby, Exercise, Healthy Living, Men's Sports, Relaxation, Coffee/Tea, Family Game Night, Cat, Dog, Inspirational, Car Stuff, the list could go on and on!  The Big Ticket Items are individual things that would be "on it's own" for auction! Fun, fun!  The Catathon is June 22.

Dodger now has his medicine and I'm so happy about that. He has Day One done and has 13 more to go! He took it like a good boy yesterday! 

We are the FFRC Nation! Many Countries, One Heart, One Mission, One Nation!

When you let your pet have litters guess who pays?
Yes, the cats and dogs who every day, lose their lives simply for lack of homes.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tuesday, April 1

We have the sweetest, most cutest, most cuddliest cats and kittens ever.....and that's no April Fool's! 

Dexter ate good last night and this morning! The Dora's Explorer's are all doing great! It's amazing the volume that can come from these tiny little kittens. Each feeding, these 5 babies get to be down ont he floor for a quick spin-around, then back to bed to their heater.

Jemima and her 5 kittens are also doing good. A couple of the babies now have wide open eyes now--the window to the world! Coralie was sitting on the window shelf in the Kitty Kabana Room this morning watching the birds--this was a thrill for her and for me! Seymour has been traveling today--he's here, there and everywhere, playing and grooming and looking out the windows.

13, 14, 15---we're counting!  This is how many times Thomas has gone thru the door from the Main Area to the Welcome Room Office. If that door is opened and he's close by, he does his running/gallop/hop thing he does! Then there's Walter--he's up to 9 today so far, but he does his circle walk thru the door and is so proud of himself. They both have us trained! 

We had BOXES last night! We are so thankful for your friendship and these gifts!
Terri/Maddysnanna and Steve/papasteve--for Coralie--a donation to commission CatHouze to make "Coralie's Ride", a special sling with support for her bottom!
Rebecca & Willow for the Catathon--Hello Kitty blanket, pillow buddy and 3 small HK stuffed toys on rings!
Jan from Hawaii--4 pack of KMR to help with the Dora Explorers
Mimi in FL--coupons
Annette 20 from CA--card with a donation
Brooke from OH--note and money for flash sale
Susan C from Defiance--donation
Michaela--a card with a beautiful personal note
Gisa Z from Germany--BD card
Wendilin from WI and her kitties Twinkie and Ichabod--card with Twinkie and Ichabod whiskers! and a donation
Shannan W--donation to FFRC thru PayPal
Dava M from CA--5 shelf burgundy Kuranda Tower, snuggle kitties & warming pads, nursing bottles
Paula A from TX--donation thru PayPal. FFRC to her means--Family Friends Respect Compassion (I like this!)
Pat/Cathouze and Ellen/furkitty--donation in memory of Kitty kat
Karla M from IA--donation in honor of Canton and Treesa
Angelface52--paper plates 6 inch, paper towels (pick a size) and ultra TP

Did you know that if you order anything thru Amazon, thru our website, that FFRC gets credit for that? There's an Amazon button right there on our site. This past month, we received $362.89 from Amazon! Thank you!

Dercho is singing!  Derecho is dancing! He is featured on lifewithcats.tv!! We were asked to give a write up on one of our cats---it had to be Derecho! Go to: http://www.lifewithcats.tv/2014/04/01/derechos-determination-paves-the-way-for-many-others/

Eleven. Yes, there are 11 cats now on the window ledges in the Kitty Kabana Room. The windows are open--it's glorious fresh spring air and the birds are teasing the cats while at all the bird feeders! We have doors open and the furnace is off!

"There aren't enough homes for them all.
Spay or neuter your pet--just do it!"."